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Reading Journal for Week 1: Introduction to
Strategic HR
2. Read the reading for this week (Miles, Snow et al 1979). Organizational

Strategy, Structure & Process. 546-562), and answer the three questions about
the reading.
a. Outline the three components of the typology mentioned in the
The three typology in the reading are: (1) Typology of Michael Porter; this
typology says that the company should address two basic competitive concerns.
The first is that where should it focus its efforts to remain in the market. Second,
the company should determine that whether it will go for low cost strategy or
differentiation strategy. (2) Typology of Miles and Snow; this typology focused
on four types of strategies. First, the prospector, they try to gain first mover
advantage in the market and are more focused in corporate entrepreneurship or
intraprenuership . Second, the defenders, they want the market to be stable and
certain. They are the complete opposite of the prospectors. Third, the analyzers,
they are expert in imitating the strategies and products of the prospectors and
defenders and try to modify the product in a better version. Fourth, the reactors,
they are poor performers and lack strategies to cope up with the environment.
(3) The organizational adoption typology; this adoption cycle is concerned with
three strategic choices; (a) the entrepreneurial problem (b) the engineering
problem and (c) the administrative problem.
b. What are the implications of thinking about strategy in relation to
HR? Write down some thoughts about this issue after reading the
paper regarding Miles and Snow’s typology.
After reading the Miles and Snow typology I think that the implication of the
strategies in HR is that, if a company wants to gain or maintain its first mover
advantage the company should hire employees who possess entrepreneur skills
and are able to take risks. In case of corporation, the employee should a
corporate entrepreneur.
The second strategy is defenders. These employees are risk averse, they take
only calculated risks and tend to be as certain as possible. They are good for
those companies which tend to maintain its market status and position as they
are certain with their decisions and risks.
Third is analyzer. They capitalize on prospectors and defenders strategies. The
analyzers can help a company in giving a strong competition to its competitors
as they are able to imitate the competitor’s product and create a better version
and attract the market towards it.
Fourth are the reactors. They should be terminated from the company as they
lack strategies and creativity to keep the business in a good shape. They are no

The companies just need to have the right person for the execution of its plans and strategies. Identify what knowledge you gained from this article that you didn’t have before. entrepreneurial. engineering or administrative problems.e. And the application of Miles and Snow model to solve those problems in an efficient way. On the other hand. these models and theories provide an easy and effective way to manage problems and seek opportunities in the market. c.HRM 506 – STRATEGIC HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT JB:SHRM Wk 1 good to the company and can only harm the business as they lack response capability to the competitors actions and market needs. . The knowledge gained from the article is that how the problems can be categorized into different heads i.