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How to Become
SAP FICO Consultant – Part 3: Capabilities of SAP Financials
How to Become

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  So far you probably have an access to SAP IDES and have a basic
understanding for the business processes which are covered in SAP ERP.
Next important knowledge that you should develop is to learn what SAP ERP
Financials modules are capable of. Having good understanding of what SAP
FICO capabilities is critical success factor for every SAP FICO professional. It
is much more important to know what are the functionalities of SAP FICO
than knowing a few more configuration transactions. You will be surprised
how many unnecessary customer ABAP developments exists in the SAP
world, because of missing knowledge in ... Read More »

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ABAP FICO – Part 2: Become a Beginner in ABAP
How to Become

  If you were lucky enough to find the study book for BC100 in realtion with
Part 1 of ABAP FICO series, you will probably be eager for a little more
knowledge in ABAP. It would make sense if you follow the SAP courses
where the next one is BC400 course. By the way, BC400 course is in the
syllabus for getting SAP FI Professional Application Certification in relation
with knowledge in FI Tables and ability to design document print layouts.
Back to the topic, BC400 seems to be wonderful course, but you should take
the on-site training. ... Read More »

ABAP FICO – Part 1: Programming for Non-Programmers
How to Become


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Over 20 years of ERP success in
ON Epicor, Dynamic NAV, GP
and CRM





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How to Become a SAP FICO
Consultant: Prologue

  When we first imagine programming from a person with financial
background view, it could look a bit scary, but probably you don’t realize
that you already have basic skills. If you use VLOOKUP function in Excel then

you could very easy familiarize yourself with relational
databases. If you use
IF statements or even nested IFs, you could very easy catch the topics with
program flow control and logical expressions. There are plenty of functions
in Excel for transformation of the cell contents as VALUE, LEFT, RIGHT, MID,

December 28, 2013

Odoo (OpenERP) vs SAP
July 22, 2014

usually ... Read More »

SAP FICO Consultant – Part 2:
Business Processes Overview
June 8, 2014

SAP FICO Consultant – Part 2: Business Processes Overview
How to Become

SAP ERP 6.0 EHP6 IDES Install on
Oracle and Windows 2008 R2


Becoming a SAP FICO Consultant is not simple and straightforward process.
Just having knowledge about transaction codes for customization and
knowing how to use them will not make you a consultant. SAP FICO
Consultancy is about understanding the business processes and knowing
how to implement them in the system. When we speak about
understanding business processes, FICO is integrated in almost every SAP
ERP Module. Being familiar with other SAP modules is not an option, but
mandatory knowledge if you want to add real value to the project team.
Jumping directly into SAP FICO modules is like becoming ... Read More »

SAP FICO Consultant – Part 1: Access to SAP IDES­to­become/

June 7, 2014

2014: The SAP ERP Future
September 7, 2014

Next Topics
- Company vs Company Code
- Line Items Display
- Controlling Area, Functional Area and Business
- How to find a transaction in menu
- How to add favorite from transaction


it lies in the joy of achievement.96% Oracle Corporatio 43. in the thrill of creative effort. if you are passionate enough like I described in the prologue and you will pursue SAP FICO Consultancy career it will be impossible without access to real system.Export and Import is the Favorites .3 Tier solution .Credit Control area and Controlling area .Dynamic variants .Customization vs Configuration . While the remuneration of the SAP consultants is well known by its attractiveness.16   +1.6.71   +1.Assessment vs Distribution .Negative postings . watch many video tutorials and explanations.Program name => Transaction code and vice versa .Profitability Segment .098   +1.Open item management .29% International Bus 156. Read More » How to Become a SAP FICO Consultant: Prologue How to Become 16 Comments Becoming a SAP FICO functional consultant is not a straightway process.74% Microsoft Corpora 42.Balance in local currency .   You should invest a lot of time and probably money before you could have chances to find a good job in this field. Read More » . you should not expect earning such salary in the first few years. but without direct touch of SAP ERP you will certainly fail.SAP Fiori .Complexity vs Simplicity . Cl 88.Why I love CIMA . How to Become How to Become Leave a comment Getting familiar with SAP ERP system without having access to SAP system will be like getting driving license without driving a car.46% Atos 67. It will be very good if you could find access to SAP IDES (Internet Demonstration and Evaluation .69% Accenture Plc...The power of background jobs .change before go-life .47   +1.Changes (Audit trail) . More importantly.53   +0.000   +0.Centralisation vs Decentralisation in It support „Happiness lies not in the mere possession of money.What ABAP stands for? .Functional Area and Business Area .When is Internal Order and/or Cost Center beeing used . Very often the only reason for many to enter  this field is the lucrative incomes.00% Hewlettpackard C http://sapficonsultant.Transaction vs SAP Tree .Setting parameters for productivity .. but they lose themselves in the sea of the SAP resources.“ Franklin Delano Roosvelt (32nd President of the United States) Financial Market NASDAQ 4765.Open FI Periods in Test System .SAP R/3 .61% Dell 177. You could read a lot of books and materials..03% Sap Se Ads 68.2015 г.95   2/3­to­become/ 37.81   +0.45   +1.How to became SAP FICO Consultant Series . In last few years consulting companies are looking for experienced .Screen variants .Mass change in vendor data .

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