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Life is struggle

1.Opening All praises just be to Allah SWT who had given us


healthy,strenght, and miracle of islam.So we stand
here to receive all goodness and attend to this
peaceful place at this harmony situation.
Peace and regards be upon to the prophet of
god.Prophet Muhammad SAW, Who brought us from
the dark hill called jahilyah to the brightful peak of
islam.Together with his closest friend and all of his
companion all over the world who always protect
islam until the last of their life.
My honorable to the judges
My honorable to all of audiances
And also my respectable to all of my beloved friends.
Ladies and gentlement, why can everyone walks?
have we ever been taught how to walk when we’re
baby?or our parents sent us to go to school to study
how to walk? there’s no one of those single word that
explain how the process of walking are, when we’re a
baby... everyone’s here... what just we did were
trying, trying, and trying... we walked, and we fell, and
then we walked and just got up again... if only when
we firstly learn how to walk and then we stopped or
gave up,nobodies here are able to walk and everyone
here would regret all the time why dont we try once
more that second to struggle until succeed to
walk,that’s makes us realize how important the
struggle for this life is...
That’s why ladies and gentlemen, today... at this fresh
morning i would like to deliver to all my respective
audience about my speech with the title “Life is
Life is a struggle that's Chairil Anwar said in his poem.
Where is the struggle requires commitment and hard
work in living it. Without it we can say that someone
doesn’t have the struggle on their in the world
is a wonderful gift that allah was given.but how we
live, it depends on us. Walk on this life is not
something easy as turning the hand palm. life like the
wheel spin, where sometimes we are on top, and
sometimes we are in achieve a goal or
success in life needed commitment, hard work,
sacrifice and struggle in reach it.remember success is
a result of various aspects such as work hard, hard work we ever found with the name was failed. i even thousands of knowing how to light not flame".it is the result of the struggle of the prophet Muhammad SAW. and a little lucky.dont be desperate. if we go back to the first period of human incident. Thomas Edison was failed 9998 times as much. whatever one's knowledge.but. namely to know how the light is not flame. Edison said: Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. happiness or unhappiness depends largely on one's knowledge about this battle. Thomas Edison replied: "with the failure of such. At the time when found it. Once people lose the courage to go through the . not infrequently he got challenges. Whathever the work of someone in life. one's success. but bless to the struggle that accompanied his the 9999 experiments he was successfully create the incandescent lamp that really lights up bright. he was asked: What is his key success? Thomas Edison replied: "my you know how the genius of Thomas Alva Edison in finding the incandescent lamp. taunts and insults from mecca’s people. planning and careful execution. Thomas Edison looked the failure of the very positive glass eyes. failure. At the time when the success achieved. if someone does not have any knowledge about the battle of life a someone doesn’t have knowledge of the most important of all. Because life is a constant battle. tenacity. it was clearly illustrated the value of the struggle there. Incredibly." Imagine he had got many repeated failures. stop fighting it means you do not want to live anymore. although he has died. Even when he was asked if he was not bored by his failure. Therefore when we have failed in the struggle. when he Taught islam for the first time in is his greatest invention. because i have what is called failure running out. Islam have spread to all corners of the world and become the most widely-dominated religion in the world. rasululah got the success of religious teaching Isam. and patience. Failure not as defeat but viewed from the other side and useful. Do you remember the struggle of the prophet Muhammad SAW. This expression is not an exaggeration. The struggle was identical with hard work.

.Thank you very much for the time you give me delivering my speech.Closing That all that i can present to all my respective audiences and i hope all my explanation will give us a new power to struggle all time we has in this world.I really ask your apologize for the mistakes i made. 4. People who struggled with themself is the most wise. but bounced back when we are fall.Summar All of the explanation it can be concluded that : life is a struggle that never ended. do not ever give up because remember the biggest proud is not never get failure. We will not achieve success without struggle. the burden of the whole world fell on his head. . 5. at least i say Assalamu’alaikum Warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.. others struggle will become easy for us.look a problem as a challenge and fight it..if we ever get the failure. once more i say that life is struggle so whenever we get failed we will never give up to reach the success. once we was struggled with ourself. which is the most difficult struggle. But he continues to struggle through life. even after this y earthly life is over. he alone makes the road.struggle of life.