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Case: Joshbianc Hardware

A. Company Profile
Joshbianc hardware provides hand and power tools, plumbing and electrical supplies, paint
and painting supplies, sporting goods, plus automotive and farm supplies. They also feature
giftware and seasonal items, including lawn and garden supplies. They also offers building
and renovation materials and hardware, as well as furniture. JoshBianc hardware is located
in Lacson St. , Bacolod City. It is owned by the Co family. The story behind their hardware's
name is that JoshBianc is the combined name of their daughter and son's name
B. Customer Profile
Joshbianc hardware is a trading company which provides various hardwares and supplies to
different kinds of entities. The target market of Joshbianc motors are basically professionals
of different fields like farmers, local jeepney line owners, etc. who needs their products in
order to function. The head of local households would also qualify into their customer
profile because Joshbianc hardware offers a variety of products that are needed to keep a
home in good condition. Students and young professionals would also qualify, though not
significantly, into their target market. Basically, their customer profile consists of males and
females aging from 16-55 years old.
C. Requirements
1. able to track sales
2. customers order are easily managed
3. minimize sales order overdues
4. no duplication of a certain sales order
5. able to cater the customer needs either in point sales or delivery sales.
6. discounts to loyal customers is enabled
7. delivered items to customers are all accounted for
8. captures one time sales
9. provides one time customer account
10. all payments by the customers are recorded and monitored
11.Records items ordered
12.Sales order are monitored
13. Credit sales are collected on time
14. provides sales discounts for those who pay earlier
15. Generate packaging docu- mentation for all goods shipped to a customer.

automatic creation of corresponding journal entry with each invoice. inventory counts is monitored 7. make sure suppliers are able to deliver all paid items ordered. 13. all items ordered are accounted for 9. inventory are properly managed 5. able to decide whether you would like to receive deliver. One file per customer to keep track accounts Expenditure 1. provide supplier’s identification number 18. Payments means readily available 17. 14. able to make purchase orders 3. overage and shortage of inventory is minimized 8. where you can create an automatic receipt if the customer chooses to pay only part of the invoice 17.houses 11. Payments are recorded per transaction 15. payments are monitored and properly secured 6. purchase orders constitutes the company's inventory needs 4. Process payments to suppliers when you process supplier invoices. suppliers are identifiable 2. 19. and customs duties) to the FOB cost of each item. Able to create an invoice and receipt in one step by using information from the same document 18. Able to provide receipts per transactions 20. Issue a credit memo to any supplier for returned merchandise. provides document for received goods . 12. able to Calculate the purchase price of merchandise by allocating the various landed-cost elements (such as freight. insurance. To know that all delivered items are received 16. identifies changes in inventory 19.16.Easily import data from the original invoice when creating a credit memo for returned merchandise. 10.ies at one warehouse or multiple ware.

.20. provides A/P invoice or A/P voucher which in this document. accounts payable enters the vendor's invoice information and sets up the payment.