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Abuyon, Michael

Jarder, Adeline
Selibio, Leila
Yema, Jhoanne
1. Identify and briefly explain the problems The Big Corporation could experience with respect to the
confidentiality of information and records in the new system.

The Big Corporation will face problems with the confidentiality of information and records in
the new system if it is to be faced with the risk of computer fraud such as hacking. The
system may be secured but certain risks are still present. This may leak sensitive and
confidential information that might compromise the company. Another is the physical threats
to the system such as fire damage, water damage, power failure and any other damages that
may be brought forth by fortuitous events. System failure will interrupt the operations of The
Big Corporation.

2. Recommend measures The Big Corporation could incorporate into the new system that would ensure
the confidentiality of information and records in this new system.
 The Big Corporation can actually use input controls to ensure the confidentiality of
information and records in the new system by verifying who will be able to access the said
information. They can use validity check, reasonableness check, check digit verification,
prompting and close-loop verification. Batch input controls can also be used especially since
the new system will have multiples source documents at once in a group as an input. The
system can also use processing controls to ensure that correct and most current files are
being updated (File Labels), multiple data values must match before processing occurs (Data
Matching), and so on. All three controls can be used to ensure that the confidentiality of
records and information in the system won’t be compromised.

3. What safeguards can The Big Corporation develop to provide physical security of its (a) computer
equipment, (b) data, and (c) data processing center facilities?

For the corporation’s equipment, they should ensure that these are new technology and are
state of the art. This is because new technology usually have safe components in their build
than those that were previously released. They are more user friendly and much safer to use
thus avoiding accidents from occurring.

For the corporation’s data, they should always have a backup copy of their data in systems
other than those they regularly use. This is to be sure that whenever their current systems
crash, they will not lose the data that they have within the said systems.

For the data processing center facilities, the corporation should ensure that they are sturdy
and are equipped with fire alarms, etc. The sturdy facility will ensure that even through
strong storms and other fortuitous events, the facilities are safe from damage. As for the fire
alarms and the like, it is to alert those who are in charge of the facilities to stop the damage
or to save other files that can be retrieved.