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Biography of the Author

Dan Brown who is renowned all over the world for his bestselling
novels, was born on 22nd June, 1964. He was the eldest of three
children and was raised in in Exeter, New Hampshire. He did his
schooling from Phillips Exeter Academy, which was considered to
be a highly exclusive. His father was a mathematics instructor at
the same school. His mother on the other hand was a music
Brown's interest in secrets and puzzles stems from their presence
in his household as a child. He spent hours working out anagrams
and crossword puzzles, and he and his siblings participated in
treasure hunts devised by their father on birthdays and holidays.
After graduating from school, Brown then went to Amherst
College to obtain a degree in English and Spanish. Brown spent
his last school year abroad in Spain, where he was enrolled in an
art history course at the University of Seville. Brown graduated
from Amherst in 1986
He then later spent several years trying to get himself established
as a singer, songwriter and pianist, but unfortunately wasn’t very

Musical Career

Brown resorted to switching to a writing career. in 2000 and 2001. his first thrilled-based novel.Brown created sound effects with a synthesizer. • In 1990 self-published a CD entitled Perspective • In 1991 he moved to Hollywood to pursue a career as singersongwriter and pianist. in 1998 ‘Digital Fortress’ was released. . To pursue writing professionally. Its artwork was the same ambigram. It was Brown’s fourth novel. Writing Career Reading the novel ‘The Doomsday Conspiracy’ by Sidney Sheldon. Brown released his next two books ‘Deception Point and ‘angels and demons’. • In 1994. changed the course of Dan Brown’s life completely he was inspired by the writing style and the efficiency with which the storyline was dealt with. it sold a few hundred copies. Brown released a CD titled Angels & Demons. He quit teaching in 1996. • In 1993. Following years. and selfproducing a children's cassette entitled Synth Animals. Brown started working on ‘Digital Fortress’. which he later used for the novel Angels & Demons. Two years later. The Da Vinci Code’ that unleashed the success story of the author to never-experienced-before heights. Brown released the self-titled CD Dan Brown.

‘Inferno’ raced to the top spot at the book charts in the US and the UK. but went on to feature at the topmost position in the New York Times Best Seller list during its first week of release in 2003. the U. Like its predecessors.S. In 2004.. The novel was so successful that it pushed sales of Brown's earlier books as well. It sold 81 million copies worldwide.K. Plot summary of angels and demons Despite his notorious relationship with the Roman Catholic church. the book sold over one million in the U. ‘Inferno’ is the latest book from Dan Brown. my favorite one from Dan Brown’s collection is “Angels and Demons”. the book also has Robert Langdon as the protagonist. Even though “The Da Vinci Code” was the book that really raised him to success. and 5 million overall Released in 2013. Robert Langdon was the central character for Brown’s next novel as well. Like in ‘Angels & Demons’ and ‘The Da Vinci Code’.000 copies in its first two weeks alone. ‘The Lost Symbol’. The Pope has . Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon is once again called upon to decipher the clues to a catastrophic conspiracy.This novel not only outdid its predecessors. Published in 2009. selling 580. and Canada. all four of his books featured on the New York Times list in the same week. This was the first book that he released where he introduced the character of Robert Langdon.

which it had a hand in creating). structures and sculptures. Located in Geneva. who had her powerful and dangerous prototype of the antimatter research stolen. Robert Langdon and the scientist Vittoria Vetra. the conclave has gathered in a locked room to choose his successor among four cardinals designated to take his place. However the cardinals are abducted by the Illuminati. Switzerland. Themes . The second is CERN. 2. They are informed that the Illuminati has threatened to kill each of the cardinals every hour from 8:00 PM and then blow up Vatican City with the stolen antimatter. SETTING: There are two major settings in the novel. a secret brotherhood that was supposed to be extinct. paintings. It also discusses tombs. Robert and Vittoria have a few hours to unravel the clues and discover where the lethal weapon might be hidden.died. 1. are invited by the Vatican police to help them in their investigations. They are received by the Camerlengo Carlo Ventresca. a scientific counterpoint to the Vatican. So now After his death . The first is the Vatican and its surrounding sites of Catholic worship in Rome. CERN is ultramodern and filled with world-class minds and gleaming technological artifacts that extend its reach around the world (such as the Internet.

The character was created by Dan Brown himself for the novels and later movies.Angels and Demons is built around a number of paired/opposed forces that wind through the novel Science Versus Faith Passionate Devotion Versus Obsession Good versus Evil Deception versus Honesty Vengeance Versus Forgiveness Life and Death Character of Robert Langdon Robert. Angels & Demons (2000). The Da Vinci Code (2003) and The Lost Symbol (2009). for example. both right side up and upside down. An example of Langdons ambigrams appeared on the cover of the first edition of Browns . the main protagonist of the novel is a fictional Harvard University professor of religious iconology and symbology (a fictional field related to the study of historic symbols.. a professor of typography at Drexel University who is known for his creation of ambigrams that can be read in multiple ways. Robert Langdon was named after John Langdon.

RESPONSE OF THE AUDIENCE Pros  'Angels and Demons' is a fast paced page turner.novel Angels & Demons.  Brown provides plenty of surprises. Tom Hanks portrayed Robert Langdon in the 2006 film adaptation of The Da Vinci Code.  Cons  If you are put off by graphic violence. and angels and demons and will reprise the role in the upcoming the lost symbol . On the acknowledgments page.  The mix of religious and historical elements adds a unique twist to the mystery. some descriptions may bother you. Brown calls Langdon one of the most ingenious and gifted artists alive who rose brilliantly to my impossible challenge and created the ambigrams for this novel. .

but how it is used makes the difference. mysteries. especially Catholics. You will find it very difficult to put his books down. In the book there might be a breakthrough. Even if you haven’t read his books before. So is the case with religion. because they are full of adventures. In spite of some critics. He is of the view that Science itself is not bad at all. as Leonardo Vetra tried to bring the two closer together by showing his findings. because they are so very compelling.. The religious elements might offend some people. people like his books. Writer’s main purpose The main purpose of the author to write such a story seems as if he is trying to coincide the ends of Science and Religion. Conclusion Dan Brown is one of the best writers of the 21 century. I hope that now you will be glad to start reading them. which most of the times is thought to be a distance apart. He also gives a notion to the readers that Science never confronts religion rather it reinforces its ideas. secrets which take us far from our reality . . The main objective that author wants to achieve is he is trying to tell a new way how to balance between both of these important things.

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