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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

1:19 PM

• Perspiration and sebum contains nutrients
• Salt inhibits microbes
• Lysozyme (Natural product of the body, breaks cell wall-the peptidoglycan wall) hydrolyzes
• Fatty acids inhibit some pathogen
• Plasmolysis*
Mucous membrane
• Lines body cavities
• More moisture, increase in number of microorganisms
• Gram positive, salt tolerant bacteria- commonly found on the skin
Normal Microbiota of the skin
• Grow on oils
• Aerobes on surface
Corynebacterium xerosis
• Anaerobes on hair follicles
• Yeast
Malassezia furfur
• Pustule- may bump, may pus
• Vesicle- mga 1 cm
• Bulla?- greater than 1 cm
• Normal flora- Staphylococcus epidermis- gram positive, coagulase negative
• Staphylococcus aureus- gram positive, coagulase positive
-antibiotic resistant
-resist opsonixation
-survives in phagolysosome
-lysozyme resistamt
-exfoliative toxin
-superantigen-able to stimulate immune system overacting, overstimulate ng immune system
-vancomycin lang ang kayang pumatay
• Staphylococcal biofilms*Staphylococcal skin infections
• Folliculitis-infections of hair follicles
• Sty*
• Furuncle*
• Carbuncle*
• Impetigo*
• Scalded skin syndrome
Toxic shock syndrome, scalded skin syndrome (Staph spp.)
-bullous impetigo
-impetigo of the newborn
Streptococcus pyogenes- pus producing, chain, gram positive, causes skin infection
-groupA beta-hemolytix streptococci
Quick Notes Page 1

gram negative. prevention: live attenuated vaccine • Shingles. pain during sex.congenital syphilis.test: gram staining on the drip or secretion *Chlamydia.. congenitalnrubella syndrome causes severe fetal damage. Bartholin's abscess. treatment: itraconazole • Sporotrichosis. drip. personality changes.secondary stage.transmitted by respi route.reactivation of latent HHV 3 releases virus that move along peripheral nerves to skin. or the whites . impotency.may be manifested by HIV STD *Gonorrhea. or babies . strain. treated with potassium iodide • Candida albicans (yeast) • Oral candidiasis. • Nodular cystic acne* • Warts-papillomaviruses* • Poxvirus* • Monkeypox*-prevented by small pox vaccination • Smallpox*(variola)-eradicated by vaccination.aka clap.aka slapped face syndrome. cqueed by HHV 6 Cutaneous • Dermatomycoses • Tinea unguium.primary stage.treated with rashes or palm rash . heroes zoster • Herpes simplex. detected byburinevtest or swab *Syphilis . postherpatic neuraglia.macular rash and fever. gram-negative. tumor on the skin or internal organs. aerobic rod • Burili ulcer* • Classifications of acne*. damage to knee joints. varicella-zoster virus (human herpesvirus 3). ulcerating gumma .sx: burning urination.inflammatory acne. aneurysm. pelvic inflam disease (cause of Infertility in women) . mas severe sa chicken pox • Chickenpox. abnormal vaginal bleeding. discharge from penis is white or milky.can cause infection on men.passed down from mother to child *Herpes.vesicle on fingers • Herpes encephalitis • Measles (Rubeola).human herpesvirus 1 and 2. post burn infections.warts in the genital..caused by...most common US disease of yhis type.paralysis. swollen or tender testicles (epididymitis) . dose..vesicle on skin • Herpes whitlow. macular rash and Koplik's spots (found in molar area inside the mouth). opportunistic.-hemolysins • Necrotizing fascitis. can be oral or genital . women. insanity..transmitted by respi route.late stage. may also be in the perianal Quick Notes Page 2 . prevented by vaccination • Rubella (german measles) . pregnant should have vaccine • Fifth disease. DGI.fungal nail infection. cold sores or fever blisters (vesicles on lips) • Herpes gladiatorum.vesicles on genitals or other body parts *HPV. blindness.painless sore called chancre. gleet. (anaerobic organism) • Pseudomonas aeruginosa.