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You and your fellow drivers on the Uber platform completed a record number of trips in San

Antonio last month and your dedication to helping meet the unmatched demand for rides is the
reason why. It's crystal clear that the residents of this great city love Uber.
As you know, the San Antonio City Council recently passed an ordinance that applies unworkable
regulations to uberX and other tech platforms that are facilitating rides in the city.
If this ordinance goes into effect on March 1, we will have no choice but to leave town.
This ordinance includes some of the most burdensome regulations in the nation, including hefty
fees on drivers. How do your fees compare to those in other cities? Austin requires drivers to pay
$0.00, Houston only requires $11.01, and San Antonio requires $175.00.

What's next?
We are doing everything we can to repeal this ordinance and preserve ridesharing in San Antonio.
The San Antonio City Council has a historic opportunity to join Austin and more than 20 other U.S.
cities and states that have created sensible regulatory frameworks for ridesharing.

How can you help?
Contact you City Council Members and urge them to REPEAL AND REPLACE this
ordinance. For driver partners like you, we aren't giving up -- so don't give up either!


There is still time to make changes to this ordinance and allow competition on the streets of San

We are optimistic that San Antonio's elected officials will use this opportunity to show the world
their city embraces innovation and the economic opportunity that comes with it.
We appreciate your support and continued partnership.
Henry Carr
General Manager, Uber San Antonio