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Free Sample Letter of Recommendation for Business MBA

To whom it may concern:
I think extremely highly of Hongbin Wu, and therefore it is my great pleasure to write a letter of recommendation on
his behalf, for entrance into your MBA program.
I have known Hongbin for more than one and a half years. I hired him to work for me as a Research Analyst at SRR
in July of 1996. SRR is a full-service marketing research firm whose clients are primarily large radio stations and
other music oriented media companies such as Capital Records, and MTV Networks. My roles at SRR include
manager of new product development (research products and the software to analyze the results), and internal
research consultant (sampling methodology and multivariate statistical analysis). In addition, as a member of the
management team at SRR, I am charged with constantly working to find more efficient, cost-effective means of
gathering respondent level data and producing our research products. Since joining SRR as a Senior Research
Analyst, and more recently as Manager of Research and Development, Hongbin has been a major weapon in my
arsenal of tools for accomplishing these tasks.
Hongbin is a creative and original thinker. He has native intelligence, great curiosity about people and ideas, and
plenty of common sense that he has applied to solving many problems at SRR. In addition, he has demonstrated
excellent powers of observation, and an ability to communicate and suggest change in effective but non-threatening
ways. To illustrate…
Early on, Hongbin was assigned to an important research project as a fill-in Project Manager. In this role he was
responsible for the technical aspects of creating a computer-based survey questionnaire (from one given to him by
our client services department), monitoring the telephone data collection process, and completing the data
processing and analysis of the survey results.
From the beginning of this assignment, Hongbin began to re-define our expectations of a good project manager. He
started by participating in discussions with the client and suggesting and implementing several changes to the script
that shortened its length and clarified the instructions to respondents. Without prompting or precedence he spent
several days working odd hours, observing and monitoring interviewers and supervisors as they began to field this
2000 person study. Within a few days he had shortened and clarified the script even more - removing redundant
questions, collapsing multiple questions into one, and improving the flow from question to question and screen-toscreen - all to the great praise of both interviewers and the director of our phone center. He had also observed
something about a particular aspect of the interviewing process that was common to all surveys at SRR. He wrote a
memo to several managers outlining his proposed change in methodology that clearly demonstrated the value of his
idea: an annual cost reduction of close to $50,000. At the end of the project, he wrote a several page critique of our
interviewing and supervisory staff. He described the characteristics and skills employed by the best interviewers he'd
observed and made suggestions for how these skills could be taught to the entire staff. His recommendations were
well received and soon implemented by the very manager whose staff was being critiqued; such was the value of his
contribution and the skill and sensitivity with which he presented his ideas.
In processing the survey results, Hongbin also quickly learned to use several advanced statistical techniques
including Cluster Analysis and Discriminant Analysis with which he had only a passing knowledge prior to the project.
Hongbin has also demonstrated his technical and analytical abilities in helping create a new model for bidding on new
business, and in spearheading the development of tool that used a Maximum Likelihood algorithm for ascribing
missing respondent data. Recently, Hongbin helped me identify the most desirable qualifications and background of
computer programming candidates, and he assisted me in the recruiting and mentoring of two Chinese student
interns to this position. They have both made significant contributions in only a few months of employment.
Hongbin is not a native English speaker or writer, and thus, he has had to work very hard to clearly communicate his
ideas. I have seen him grow in this area tremendously over the last one and half years. His attentive listening and
great enthusiasm has helped him overcome any language limitations. He is both self-confident and self-deprecating,
and has a great sense of humor that has helped him form strong relationships with subordinates, peers, and
members of our management team. Managers in other departments frequently seek his advice, and his name is
always at the top of the list when choosing team members to spearhead important company initiatives.
In all of these areas, Hongbin Wu has gone beyond expectations, and has out-shined all others in his peer-group at
SRR. His efforts were recently rewarded with a promotion to the position of Manager of Research & Development.

I have no doubt that he will be a serious and enthusiastic student. In this function. Dear Sir or Madam. Andrew is always there for them and is quite comfortable in the role. effectively took over the role as the business controller for our department. Andrew has consistently demonstrated a strong work ethic and a dedication to success. The plan was a major undertaking. and someday a quite successful senior level manager or entrepreneur that you would be proud to call an alumni. . She has a natural talent to inspire and motivate other employees and demonstrates a very positive can-do attitude. Though Andrew is my assistant. His efforts have produced high quality results time and time again. I feel his budding leadership abilities will become even more effective in a business school setting. he is also in an unofficial leadership role. please contact me. I highly recommend Andrew Fuller as a candidate for your MBA program . Jennifer took on a broad spectrum of tasks. In her role as my assistant. Jennifer can definitely be described as a “people person”. it is with great pleasure that I recommend Jennifer Gutierrez for admission to your MBA program. Andrew has been my direct assistant for several years. she was a great asset to our department in specific and the company in general. I have been Jennifer’s direct superior for the past 3 years. no matter how difficult a challenge may be. she analysed key metrics on a regular basis and supported me in presenting our results to the company’s management board. He has been interested in obtaining an MBA degreefor some time now and I feel that he would be an excellent candidate for your esteemed program.Hongbin is very likeable and ambitious person. For these reasons. Many of his coworkers seek his advice and support. During his time here. With her business acumen and her strong commitment to deliver great and meaningful results. She also oversaw the shipping process handling and. Furthermore. If you have any questions regarding Andrew or this recommendation. She was quick to interpret the development of our key performance indicators. She conducted analyses of our target regions and potential distribution partners and supported me in initiating cooperations with distributors. To Whom It May Concern: This letter is to serve as my formal recommendation for Andrew Fuller. on top of that. Andrew developed and successfully implemented a plan to streamline our production department. Last year. Jennifer is skilled at identifying the most important issues. requiring a great deal of thought and effort on Andrew’s behalf. even in the most complex situations.

To Whom it May Concern: Janet Doe has worked for me as a Resident Manager for the past 3 years. I am sure that obtaining an MBA education is the right way for her to hone her already impressive qualities as a business manager.While it will be hard to replace someone as productive and energetic as Jennifer Gutierrez. Janet is highly respected by her co-workers for her willingness to help anyone anytime she can. and as a result we are expecting our second year of profit. and always on time. The property was near bankrupt when Janet took over. diligent in her paperwork. making sure common areas look presentable. Every time he came up with something he could not understand. She is very well organized. and keeping track of the property budget. Among all of these virtues. he would ask either our . taking tenants complaints. his will to challenge himself. "Fast learner" He was assigned to many critical projects where he had to learn new technologies. and his motivation to be a leader. his hard-working spirit. his desire to learn. from new technologies to interacting with client. What impress me about AJ are his integrity. I would highly recommend her for your MBA program. AJ was learning everything and everywhere. He is street smart and quick learner. inspecting apartments. easily reachable. I believe his most salient strength is his desire to learn. Her responsibilities have included leasing. Janet has real leadership potential. She has been instrumental in helping institute new company-wide cost saving procedures. hiring maintenance staff. During her time here she has had an amazing impact on the appearance and financial turn around at the property. which he grabbed pretty quickly and delivered a solution that was out of the box and consistent with the client’s requirements. She turned things around almost immediately. and I am most certain she will make a great addition to your MBA program. I highly recommend her without reservation.

He also impressed me with his presentation skills during the half day session that he conducted on "Technology B" during the summer of 2006. He was one of the few who went to implement a solution for Company Z in United Kingdom with a team of consultants. "Mentorship and Creativity" Perhaps his strongest abilities are to think creatively and act decisively and correctly. I always wondered how he got the time to manage his projects and guide other team members. He not only handled the customer brilliantly but also managed the team efficiently.evangelists or me. I strongly believe that his keenness to learn and his ability to take ownership of projects is what make him special. He has taken initiative in mentoring his junior team members during the course of the tenure. " AJ has also presented seminars on X to our European partners. Other team members in his team were not effective in communication. I have witnessed his development from a fresher with limited knowledge in technology to a young consultant capable of handling a project by himself. AJ was often called upon by other colleagues to resolve the most difficult and time sensitive client projects. The customer was delighted with his team management. Because of this. " Customer relationship and leadership" AJ is a team player. But he shadowed them in such a way that their . He possesses excellent communication skills in both spoken and written English. These are skills that cannot be taught and are the principal reasons for AJ's success to-date. " Worked in an international environment . leadership capabilities and excellent customer relationship.

He created a team in short notice and coordinated well with them and provided a solution in a well planned manner. "Proof of excellence" Company Y was so fascinated with his sincerity. I believe he had to work from home and use his vacation time for the project. His customer relationship skill reflected in all other projects. UK in a very short duration. "Commitment" Another example of his commitment towards work was when he was assigned to develop "Software A" for company X. He didn’t think twice before committing. His listening skills and his ability to communicate freely with the team has made him an effective leader. ownership and customer relationship.we generated revenue of £ Z for the company. that they extended his tenure in the project. I had the privilege of teaching . Dear Dean Cranford: I am writing this letter on behalf of Brian Wood who is applying for admittance to the Masters of Business Administration Program at the XYZ University School of Accounting and Business. His willingness to assist his colleagues when they face issue makes him a true asset. Due to his excellent work in this project. This revenue was quite significant for our company at that time. I remember one day when he came and discussed with me on a vacation he had to take because of a personal commitment. I told him that this project was critical and would need his service for its successful completion. They acknowledged him in writing for his splendid job. That is the level of commitment that defines AJ "Get along with others" AJ’s energy and sense of humor made it a joy to work with him.weakness didn’t come forth to the customer. commitment.

Brian has attended ABC Community College for the last four years on an academic scholarship and aspires to be a certified public accountant. Susan has gained a mountain of experience with clients as well as our own project delivery teams and is ready and excited to get into your MBA program. Along with several of his classmates. He has supplemented his scholarship funding by working part-time in the Small Business Administration Department at the college where he offers basic accounting and financial planning advice to individuals considering opening a new business. . Brian is on the ABC Community College cross country track team and he raises money every year by participating in our county’s Relay for Life 5km run to benefit the American Cancer Society. Susan is an asset to our team. Brian has been instrumental in growing the club’s membership by securing speaking engagements free of charge from some of the most successful entrepreneurs in our community. If you have any questions. On one project. Susan will represent your university well. Susan has worked as an assistant project lead for our company for over four years. He excelled in all of my classes. and there is no better person to bring into your MBA program. Brian also believes in giving back to the community. Please feel free to contact me at 555-5555555 should you have further questions or via email at email@email. Brian started the first Entrepreneurship Club at ABC Community College which has come to be a popular club among the business majors. An avid runner. She helped the team to draw up roles and responsibilities so that our team was able to deliver even though we were going through a bit of turmoil at the time. As a graduate of the program myself. and she won't disappoint you. Brian has an astute business sense and strong work ethic. Dear MBA Admissions Board: This letter is to provide you with my recommendation for Susan to your highly respected MBA program. When a new client came on board and overwhelmed our resourcing capacity. His energy and enthusiasm are contagious. she is also willing to learn enough of the technical aspects of the business plan so that she understands what needs to be done to reach the end goal. and has been a great asset to our company.Brian in first and second year accounting classes as well as business administration and business ethics classes. From there she was able to make informed decisions on how easily we could meet our project goals. Susan's input has been beneficial in keeping many or our projects on track. please feel free to contact me anytime. demonstrated a keen understanding of business and accounting principles and made worthy contributions to class discussions. I am confident that Brian is the type of student you would be pleased to have as an MBA candidate. I highly recommend Brian Wood for admittance to the Masters of Business Administration Program at XYZ As a Chamber volunteer Brian contacts businesses that are not members to explain the benefits the Chamber has to offer both new and established companies in the county. Susan investigated outsourcing and contract workers and helped bring additional resources on board to help with the work load. Based on his exemplary college career thus far. Susan spent a day on the line with a shipping manager so that she could understand how their delivery capabilities would fit into the overall project plan. In addition to Susan's capacity to take on projects. He has volunteered to work on the ABC Chamber of Commerce membership drive every summer for the last four years. and business leaders have willingly come forward to advise students in business matters and offer life lessons.

from a former professors. from another employer can discuss your natural talent as a mentor. describe your ability to motivate the students belonging to student association X.MBA Letter of Recommendation The letters of recommendation are far from being an administrative formality and you have to give them as much attentions as the other parts of the application. business school is looking for signs of your leadership ability. Finally. or if you are one of the top performers at work. a third letter. have your first letter. if you were at the head of your class. The school leaves the choice of who writes your letters up to you. So don't look to have the president of the company or your consulting firm's founding partner write your recommendation unless this person really does know you well. written by your first boss. The school actually places very little importance on the notoriety of the person who recommends you. and take the time to carefully explain your approach to the people who write your letters. if any. Some candidates feel obliged to have well known individuals recommend them because they think business school prefers well connected candidates. GENERAL ADVICE Choose people close to you rather than big names at your company: This advice is written and repeated in all the MBA guides. encourage the person writing your letter to focus on . however. in a slightly different way. Above all. It doesn't help much to have three people from your company each say. absolutely necessary to have one or two of the letters come from individuals who have worked with you professionally. Highlight different aspects of your leadership ability: Try to choose people who each shed a different light on each of your qualities. will emphasize that your data analysis defined new goals and objectives for department Y. which enables those who work under you to develop their talents. Don't be too modest: Emphasize your achievements. So don't hesitate to have each one of your letters speak about a different aspect of your qualities as a leader. For example. Think about what your objectives are. A second letter. It is. For example. that you have a wonderful talent for analyzing situations. Rather look for people who have spent enough time working with you to be able to give an account of who you really are.

(4) develop internal systems and procedures. and personality. and very much enjoy his self-confidence. technical expertise. sense of humor. and I rely upon his judgment quite heavily. In his position as a consultant. John is required not only to perform technical exercises. business acumen. John not only has the technical qualifications and mental turpitude for admission to your prestigious program. (5) develop new products and services. (3) manage a staff of analysts and word processors on client engagements. He has not only fulfilled but has exceeded the expectations of management in each of these very important functions. Finally. Because of this. I have also had the pleasure of knowing John on a personal basis.these qualities. he is also expected. and oral and written skills necessary to succeed in all that he endeavors. I have observed his substantial skills first hand and have been astonished with his level of performance at such a young age. Tell yourself that other candidates' letters of recommendation will be full of superlatives. and (6) think creatively. John is always the first to organize group activities and has very strong personal relationships both inside and outside the office environment. management ability. to (1) manage multiple projects simultaneously visa a vis predetermined budgets. SAMPLE LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION Dear Sir/Madame: I would like to enthusiastically recommend John Smith as a strong addition to the ABC Business School. Perhaps his strongest abilities are to think creatively and act decisively and correctly. (2) cultivate and strengthen client relationships. John is often called upon by senior management to resolve the most difficult and time sensitive client projects. among other things. I have only touched upon the most important abilities of this highly qualified and motivated . As John's supervisor at The Insurance Bank for the past two years. John's unique combination of the above skills with a high level of moral and ethical standards have been critical to his personal and professional development. These are skills that cannot be taught and are the principal reasons for John's success to-date. Competition for places at top business schools is tense. It is my belief that he will succeed in any undertaking largely because of his determination to adhere to these standards and accomplish his goals with integrity. John has consistently displayed insight and knowledge equal to or better than my own. Although I am four years his senior and have received an MBA. but also has demonstrated the leadership.

Dear Admissions Director:  I have known and worked with Miss Samantha Wu for almost five years and based on that I am delighted to  recommend her for your MBA programme. she taught us to pursue our vision in a realistic way. Later on. other post graduate students also joined the project. I first met Samantha in Yunnan Province of China in 20xx. For the past 20 months. Compared with the leaders and participants of other non­profit organizations or projects in which I have  participated. She sends out regular email reminders to advise  . please call me. Samantha’s  ideas and passion convinced me. During the Mustard Seed Project initiation. Below I share my assessments of some of Samantha’s key attributes. In  20xx.individual. She believed that many school  children in remote areas of South East Asia and China ran away from home to the outside world with a dream of  escaping from poverty but instead ended up involved in prostitution or drug dealing. I  have had the pleasure of working with Samantha on the Mustard Seed Project. I am currently a postgraduate student at St. while we were working on a documentary film project. Samantha stands out in a number of ways. such as the Irish Agriculture Farmers project and the Xuannan Primary School Volunteer project  (China). Samantha called several meetings to discuss the scope.  Samantha also showed respect for the ambitious ideas of team members by placing our previous big plans in  different project phases. Kimberley sent me a proposal to help her set up a project to assist school children in remote areas have better  access to educational resources and change the way they see the outside world. With this letter. where she shared her experiences in  similar small non­profit projects.  We discovered that we both cared deeply about human rights matters and discussed many educational issues. Persistency in initiating the project Over a three year period Samantha actively participated in various non­profit organizations so that she could learn from their operations. an educational project for school  children in remote areas of South East Asia and China. 1. Samantha operates the Mustard Seed  Project team very efficiently and keeps us on track at all times. Her persistence in building the team was the foundation that allowed us to move  forward. I have seen Samantha demonstrate  outstanding leadership in motivating others to participate in the project as well as through her efforts in initiating  and operating the project. 2. In response. Discipline to manage the project Compared with other community projects in which I have been involved. The plan was to encourage  travelling backpackers to share their real­life knowledge of the world outside with school children in those remote  areas while the backpackers themselves could benefit from opportunities to explore the local cultures. Andrews University in the United Kingdom. I can highly recommend John Smith for admission to the Harvard Business School. Step by step. the team united and reached a shared goal that: in  three years we would have volunteers teaching programs in three schools. As her project partner. and I was the first person to get involved in the project and later became her  primary project partner. If you require any elaboration. After a few follow­up emails. many of us thought the project scope was too  small. She then led us through the detailed  planning tasks for achieving that goal.

Based on the foregoing. When building partnerships  with local communities for the Mustard Seed Project. and volunteer backpackers. Andrew is always there for them and is quite comfortable in the role. please contact me. he is also in an unofficial leadership role. Andrew has been my direct assistant for several years. I  believe that by studying at your institution. The plan was a major undertaking. but also to find. Overall. Last year. She emphasizes the unique local cultures and environments that will enrich  the volunteers’ travel experience. If you have any questions. However. During his time here. Samantha has had a major impact. She also sends out decision records and follow­up assignments  after each meeting. I feel his budding leadership abilities will become even more effective in a business school setting. Samantha always addresses the benefits from both the local school children’s angle and also  from the perspectives of volunteers. In the past 20 months  she has led us to many achievements including: completing the teaching materials. I believe her impact on  this project goes beyond just making it happen or operating it. her  management skills keep the progress of the project on schedule. even when she is on business trips. and only after that does she explain the design of our courses and the  mission of our project. She knows how to successfully earn the trust of local community groups first. 3. Samantha’s passionate but down­to­earth personality  has influenced us not to just dream about changing. Though Andrew is my assistant. This is one of the main strengths she offers the non­profit world ­­ a pragmatic approach backed up by concrete and proven methods. As the project leader. she listens to and respects our opinions and always makes sure  we fully understand the reason behind her decisions and are comfortable with them. Many of his co-workers seek his advice and support. completion of one volunteer teaching session in Pang Numtrang School in Thailand. I highly recommend Andrew Fuller as a candidate for your MBA program. without reservation. If you have any questions regarding Andrew or this recommendation. For these reasons. and execute the changes. Andrew has consistently demonstrated a strong work ethic and a dedication to success. and building a  partnership with a local businessman there to advertise our project in his hostel. Andrew developed and successfully implemented a plan to streamline our production department. . please do not hesitate to contact me. building connections with local  communities. His efforts have produced high quality results time and time again. When dealing with  project volunteers. This letter is to serve as my formal recommendation for Andrew Fuller. she always first listens to the opinions of the locals about  educational issues facing school children. she will get closer to her dream of making an impact on the world. requiring a great deal of thought and effort on Andrew’s behalf. local partners who are local small businessmen. project team members (mostly post­graduate students). In a small scope non­profit project where everyone has only limited time to of our progress and she insists on meetings of the core team once every two weeks to discuss the issues and  current tasks. I am pleased to highly recommend Samantha Wu for acceptance into  your programme. She sees the project from the perspectives of both the project team and the local  community. Flexibility to communicate internal and external Samantha demonstrates superior communication skills while dealing with people from a variety of backgrounds  including. plan. As the founder and the leader of the Mustard Seed Project. I think Samantha Wu is a person with big dreams and serious plans who has the ability to achieve them. He has been interested in obtaining an MBA degree for some time now and I feel that he would be an excellent candidate for your esteemed program.

Vitaliy has been assigned to a number of critical projects where he has had to learn new technologies and come up to speed quickly. Vitaliy can definitely be described as a “people person”. Vitaliy was able to add to an additional $1 million in sales and . please don’t hesitate to contact me at (555) 555-5555. He took lead in identifying and solving technical problems with Moxtek’s website and finding new opportunities in Eastern Europe. Because of this. He works well in our team as well as individually. His motivation. I have found him to be a very quick study. no matter how difficult a challenge may be. I have known Vitaliy both personally and professionally for more than 5 years. ambitious leader and terrific team player. If you have any questions about Vitaliy. Prior to that. I would recommend Vitaliy to any employer seeking for a good team leader. X-ray technologies. independent and customer focused strategist. I have witness his growth in understanding core technologies and building customer relationships. I have been working with Vitaliy for a couple of years. Vitaliy is deadline oriented person. procedures and business quickly. He has a natural talent to inspire and motivate other employees and demonstrates a very positive can-do attitude. He has overseen our sales growth in the Russian and Ukrainian market by more than 120% percent in the past three years. he helped in negotiations with our Ukrainian suppliers which saved Moxtek more than $500. and have been his supervisor for the last year. He has been interested in obtaining an MBA degree for some time now and I feel that he would be an excellent candidate for your program. Vitaliy kindly helped me to understand the processes. This letter is to serve as my formal recommendation for Vitaliy Mahidov. And it is my belief these qualities would make him an outstanding student for your program.000 in annual operating expenses. Vitaliy has an indepth understanding of modern IT technologies. persistence and leadership skills have helped greatly with sales and negotiations in Eastern Europe.Dear Graduate Admissions Office: I would like to recommend Vitaliy Mahidov for admission into the University of Utah MBA Program. When I joined the Marketing team in 2012. and Sales techniques. Vitaliy has worked for Moxtek for the past 8 years and during this time he has continued to hold positions of increasing responsibility. Furthermore. He has performed well.

please contact me. ability to work with minimal direction on Supplier negotiations.manufacturing cost savings. dedicated and he amazes me with his ability to connect on cultural and technical levels with Moxtek supplier’s. optimism. personality and leadership abilities will become even more effective in a business school setting. During 5 years I have worked with Vitaliy at Moxtek. reputation. quality improvements and assists us with a consistent source of supply of critical products to Moxtek. please do not hesitate to contact me. In his current role as Sales Engineer. Vitaliy has a team player mind-set. passion. I have the deepest personal and professional respect for Vitaliy. I have had the pleasure of traveling with Vitaliy on several occasions to meet critical suppliers in the Ukraine and Russia. and tireless creativity to your class and classroom. enthusiastic embrace of change. Vitaliy is reliable. Many of his co-workers in different departments seek his advice and support. If you have any questions about this recommendation or my endorsement of Vitaliy. For these reasons. His multiple language skills have also been critical in developing customers and suppliers in Eastern Europe. and sincerely believe he will bring his unique energy. I have had an inkling of her interest in business education and it gives me immense pleasure to know that she is pursuing her dream. To Whom It May Concern I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Emily Hurst for Harvard Business School’s business graduate program starting in September 2013. his command of the language helped us open new opportunities for cost reductions. He meets challenges with enthusiasm and is highly motivated to achieve positive results using his excellent communication skills. If you have any questions regarding Vitaliy or this recommendation. he is effective and has great follow-up skills. His demeanor is always professional and is a good technical representative of Moxtek with unique language skills that product knowledge of the products that the Supply Chain group is purchasing for the company. As the company’s Supply Chain Manager. From the very beginning. I am writing to recommend Vitaliy Mahidov for admission into the University of Utah MBA Program. . it is my opinion that he consistently demonstrates all of the above qualities and more. I recommend Vitaliy Mahidov as a great candidate in the Professional MBA program. I feel his professional skills.

making her part of the executive management team. She has been cheerful all along and is never the last one to extend a helping hand. She is a quick study and an amazing team leader as she understands the need to for teamwork more than anyone else at our office. As the Senior Coordinator for Heartland Commerce I have known Jane for approximately two years and feel that she is a deserving candidate for your business school program. as is our policy so that we can find out each worker’s personal aptitude and to fit them in what role befits them the best and we were quite surprised (and pleased!) that she has been able manage all roles with accuracy. Working for Amway Inc. . Jane joined our organization as an entry-level customer service representative. for over a year now. I would like to take an opportunity to offer a formal recommendation for Jane Glass. It makes me sad to lose such a valuable member of our company but I am very happy that she has decided to study further as by not doing so she will just deprive the world of a great marketer and manager. she is continuously looking out for both investment and business opportunities and her business ideas are far from crude. Amway Inc.It goes without saying that Emily has a remarkable talent in both marketing and management. Demonstrating an incredible initiative and a strong dedication. We have taken considerable benefit of her management skills by delegating training sessions to her and needless to say. After only six months. she moved up the ranks quickly. will always have a place for her after her graduation. Over the months. she has aced every task given to her. During the time that Emily has worked to Amway Inc. She has always been passionate about customer services and it will be safe to say that we have acquired a considerable increase in our customer base since she joined our organization last year! We have asked Emily to hold a number of positions at Amway Inc. she has been involved in several social projects the benefit of which we have received as a company as well. The board could not help but notice how successful she was in her new position and quickly offered her another promotion. she was promoted to team leader. I recommend her for your business program as I believe in her ability to be a top student. professionalism and in a proactive manner. She was a quite proactive when soliciting work or business when she joined the company but now she is a tigress! Her communication skills have helped us greatly with customer services and her responsible attitude has been commended by customers. peers and coworkers alike. I have seen Emily grow from substantially as far as her business acumen is concerned. I am positive that she must have had her share of personal problems and hiccups but never once did she bring any of her problems to work.

as it is rare in our organization for a summer intern to introduce himself to the head of his department. not only managing his own team of Korean engineers. [name] is the youngest engineer I have ever elected to serve in such a . I can vividly remember our first conversation. but also taking full responsibility for the project as a whole. He is a rare individual who combines a deep understanding of all of the technical aspects of our business with a natural leadership ability and business sense. we could not have completed this project without [name]. As part of the executive management team. He served as the project head. [name] approached me to introduce himself at our department's weekly all-hands meeting. An education at your esteemed business school will help her hone these qualities.Jane leads by example and many people here find her enthusiasm and dedication both inspiring and motivating. we embarked on an ambitious consumer electronics project. Jane has worked hard to build authentic relationships with the employees. He asked me a few questions which showed that. within his first few weeks at the company. [name] has moved from being a low-level engineer to managing a team of over 20 engineers. he had acquired a strong understanding of the technical details of our operation and that he had already realized the major strategic challenges we faced. Since he has strong English-language skills and a sharp technical understanding of our industry. Last fiscal year. [name] proved himself a truly valuable asset to our organization that summer. I highly recommend Jane Glass for your program and hope that you will carefully consider admission application. I was immediately struck by his initiative. while enhancing her career opportunities. Her efforts have created a happier and more productive team. he is quickly rising in our organization as a liaison between our engineers in Seoul and London. I confident that pursuing an MBA will help him to continue to innovate in our field. and we immediately offered him a job pending his college graduation. and I was quickly impressed by this young man. involving a partnership between two teams of engineers in Seoul and London. In short. In the last two years. I believe Jane exhibits many of the qualities that are essential to business managers and business students. I first met [name] when he joined our company as a summer intern. I have had the pleasure of working with [name redacted] for the last four years. during the summer before his last year of college. Needless to say. As his primary mentor in our organization.

he displayed exceptional commitment to our bottom-line by generating the highest revenue in the 6-member special project team. He played a vital role as “mentor-manager” for members who would often look up to him. ABC’s performance has been definitely outstanding in my opinion. He is a talented manager with a strong sense of ownership towards assigned responsibilities. the average loan officer has an application-to-closing ratio of 40% and good performers have a success ratio of 60%. the teams in London and Seoul were working on completely different aspects of the project: our London engineers handled the software and firmware side of our product. bringing it in on time and under budget. Within a few days of his promotion as Deputy-Manager. as yet. Rated the # 1 employee (FY 2007). been an unbroken record. and he has the ability to communicate translate complex technical concepts between Korean and English. he took charge of non-performing team from another deputy manager and led them towards turnaround performance in not more than 45 days. In order to successfully lead. This ability alone makes him a strong asset to any company and makes me sure that he will be able to complete an English-language MBA program with great aplomb. . His research in this field of mortgage combined with a structured approach towards prospecting has led him towards high levels of productivity.S).S. In our department. It is a pleasure to write on behalf of ABC who has worked with me as Deputy Manager. but the risk I took in appointing him to this position paid off handsomely. ABC has demonstrated leadership skills at many instances – especially when his managers have not been available. he was well-respected by the team as a product expert. while the Seoul engineers were responsible for the hardware engineering.Mortgage Sales. He has the knack for understanding the business and U. I have known ABC since November 2006 when he joined my team as Assistant Manager. he had to have a complete understanding of both sides of the system. ABC’s closure rate exceeded 80% which has. First of all. During his stint in PA (U. In order to allocate resources to both teams correctly. but it was compounded by the fact that the project was operating remotely and in two different languages. [name]'s command of English is far stronger than most of his peers. he had to juggle numerous moving parts. He was deputed on special assignment to the United States where he developed key business relationships with a network of realtors and also played a key role in setting up the operational base. I was particularly impressed by his leadership of both teams. He has been an asset to the company and has played a part in my success as well. He executed the project brilliantly. market. This alone would already have been a difficult task.capacity.

ABC thus comes highly recommended from me for an M. And I am sure it was a conscious approach on his part. This did bring in some initial concern about his ability to deliver. he was fast to pick up on the intricacies of financial sales and quickly evolved into a stellar performer. I have observed a marked increase in his tactfulness – in handing customers. He can quickly identify problem areas and present solutions to complex operational and business issues. I am sure that he will excel as a student and contribute very positively to the campus. In a particular incident. . he overheard some colleagues who were attempting to defraud the company by selling critical company data to a close competitor.ABC has a strong inclination towards analysis of reports and MIS data.B. And I am positive that he will very soon grow to senior leadership roles in business. I found him very receptive to feedback in that area in the initial stages. As he has grown up the ladder of responsibility. He is a person of unquestionable integrity as observed in his interactions with customers as also other instances. Prior to joining XYZ. ABC had worked primarily in customer service roles and in a slightly different industry. His intervention saved the day when the matter was quickly reported to Human Resources. However. I have also seen him mature over the last two years and become mellower in his interactions with people. sub-ordinates and peers alike.A at Simon School of Business. His attention to detail is noteworthy.