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20 Step GRE Exam Study Plan
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I created this 20 Step GRE Exam Study plan to help you get great GRE
By combining this study plan along with  GRE test takers experiences
( shared
by other test takers, you can create a powerful study plan.
Not having a GRE Exam study plan is preparing to fail.
#1 Mistake – Don’t register for GRE and then start studying for the
GRE exam.
Certain students lack motivation, so they register for GRE first. Then use
that as motivation factor to prepare for GRE.
If you lack motivation in first place to study for GRE, how can you expect
to get motivated after you register for GRE?
Following GRE Exam study plan will help you get started with GRE Test
Prep. As you make progress, make changes to the plan to fit your
learning style.

GRE Study Plan
1. First, you need to know your current skill level and how much you

6. make sure you spend more time analysis the mistakes. then you can expect to score in GRE between  300 to 310.). Have a notebook to track your performance.can score with a practice test. Next you have to plan your course of action to reach the target. Maths Algebra. 12. 4. GRE Study Materials: Make sure you have enough and right test preparation materials. 10. So. 5.. you have to work on your weakness. 8. Work on your weak areas ( Verbal Words. After completing the GRE practice test. Would you like to spend fixed time every day Like to work with another friend preparing for exams Spend fixed time 2 days in a week. To reach the target score of 320 in GRE Test. lets assume you decided on a Target Score of  320. Spend allocated according to the plan. Next set the target GRE Score (Be Realistic).com/top-newgre-books-reviews/).. 3. Top New GRE Books (http://www. spend atleast 3 hours to analyze the mistakes. Your GRE Study plan will depend on the following Type of university you want to attend Score you want to get – Target Score. If you have only 2 months and I need to score 320 and can spend only 1 hour per week.  amount of time you have to spend has to be calculated based on Your learning style Time you plan to spend daily University deadlines When you plan to write GRE 9. Make a detailed note of your strengths and weakness from the practice test. Instead if you spend 30 mins to just see the right answers. 7. If you spent 2 hours taking the test. you are not improving your .happyschools. . 2. Lets assume you got 300 in the practice test. If you plan to study for 3 months.. 11. 13. Determine your learning style. take a practice test using Power Prep for GRE. To improve your scores. then you need to have study materials for 3 months. To determine your current skill level.

during your study time and you will decide – “I will go to movies and will make it up next day”. You need to have self-discipline to follow the GRE Study plan. 14. If you have 4 months to study and need to improve 200 points. you have to get the right answers. 16. You MUST stick to your study plan and follow it strictly. . then you just wasted 1 week of your preparation time. For Example if you are weak in GRE Reading Comprehension (http://www. you will get good at solving RC’s 20. 17. post your plan and get inputs from other readers. If not. then every month your score has to improve towards the target score. then try new strategies. Your GRE Study Plan If you are in the process of preparing for GRE. Don’t forget to spend time to practice tests in strong areas of GRE Test. If you learned new strategies for a and you spent 1 week in learning new strategies and if you still get it wrong. If you spent 1 week to improve on a section and then end up getting many incorrect answers. then you have to blame yourself. 15. then you are good to enjoy the time. you will not repeat the same mistakes again. you can just yourself  as Just another loser. By end of 2 months if you are still scoring 300.happyschools. 19. You might get a tempting invite from friends to go to movie. Live and sleep RC’s. You need to have checkpoints to track your progress. during practice tests.weak areas. Go back to the study plan and see if you are really followed the plan or just being ad-hoc and not self-disciplined enough to follow the plan. if you have right target and enough time to reach the target GRE Score. So. who is not going to be successful in getting high GRE Score. Make a note of the mistakes you made and revise them weekly. If you can really make it up. 18. Solve 25 RC’s per day.

com/greCheck List for Plan Students study-guide/) gre-1-week(http://www. Back to GRE Test Prep Guide ( gre-study-plan(http://www.happyschools.happyschools. Strategy magic-formula/) ( score-340Books . Week .happyschools. Materials. It takes time and year-gre-study( Junior Year plan-tips/) exam-study( .Don’t expect your GRE Scores to improve HOW TO PREPARE FOR GRE IN 1 MONTH 6 MONTHS GRE STUDY PLAN WITH BOOKS.happyschools.happyschools. STRATEGY AND PREP TIPS GRE Study How to Prepare This to Score 6 Months GRE Guide. month Ashwini Nene Books. Plan. for GRE in 1 340 in GRE with Study Plan with International Students study-usa/) (http://www.2012 and Prep Tips books/) tips-planstudy-guide( 1 15 You may also like: 2 AND 4 MONTHS GRE STUDY PLAN WITH SCHEDULE HOW TO PREPARE FOR GRE IN 1 WEEK STUDY PLAN 2 and 4 Months Roadmap to How to Prepare 1 Year GRE GRE Study Plan Study in USA for GRE in 1 Study Plan with Schedule Timelines.

 2013 AT 7:37 AM (HTTP://WWW. Get Latest News Delivered to your Inbox...HAPPYSCHOOLS. Enter your name here. I have the dream of securing a very good score in gre and pursue my studies in an .. Listen on Your iPhone or Android! Your #1 Source for Study Abroad in America. Enter your email address here.COM/GRE­TEST­ STUDY­PLAN/COMMENT­PAGE­6/#COMMENT­105088) hi…this is shalini.E.Download a Free Audiobook Try Audible with A Free Audiobook. am still doing my second year B.but want to plan my future. Send me Study Abroad News Comments 234 shalini APRIL 27. Want to learn about Studying in USA? Subscribe to get latest updates via email...

plz suggest . I’m planning to give GRE in jun.esteemed institution.HAPPYSCHOOLS.COM/GRE­TEST­ STUDY­PLAN/COMMENT­PAGE­6/#COMMENT­105086) hi i will start with my gre preps from today im looking to give gre by june end and target score above 320 . Reply  .COM/GRE­TEST­STUDY­ PLAN/COMMENT­PAGE­6/#COMMENT­105087) Hi This is chang. 2013 AT 1:20 PM (HTTP://WWW. I’m workingin night shifts and its difficult to concentrate in day time during weekdays. i am a bit weak in maths and need a way to go about with this .COM/GRE­TEST­ STUDY­PLAN/COMMENT­PAGE­6/#COMMENT­105085) Hi I’m Teja Iam planning to take GRE prep for 45days so please send me the details of scheduling to get score of about 315-325 to get into the Universiteis that accept VLSI Design for my Masters program. but i can spend my weekends for preperation. can u please give me a study plan based on my above routine to crack GRE with a good score. Reply  T Teja MARCH 23. 2013 AT 7:13 AM (HTTP://WWW. Reply  siddharth mehra APRIL 2. 2013 AT 2:04 PM (HTTP://WWW. so please let me know what all steps i can take in order to fulfill my dreams:) will be waitng for your reply Reply  chang APRIL 2. i’m not very good in Maths. please help .HAPPYSCHOOLS.HAPPYSCHOOLS.

COM/GRE­TEST­ STUDY­PLAN/COMMENT­PAGE­6/#COMMENT­105081) hi apurva my exam is scheduled on the 15th of april. http://www.i have started with the word list and till now completed about 1000 words but i am a bit skeptical about my preparations regarding the quant section and worried about the time remaining. All the best! Reply  Nitish Gupta MARCH MARCH 11. 2013 AT 1:12 PM (HTTP://WWW.COM/GRE­TEST­ STUDY­PLAN/COMMENT­PAGE­6/#COMMENT­105080) Hi.happyschoolsblog. .com/gre-study-plan-for-1-month/) (http://www.HAPPYSCHOOLS.happyschoolsblog. 2013 AT 9:09 AM (HTTP://WWW. Reply  HSB Counselor ( (http://www. You have sufficient time to prepare well.HAPPYSCHOOLS.happyschoolsblog.considering the fact that just over a month left for my exams how should i proceed ?? plz guide to atleast get a respectible score in gre.happyschoolsblog.happyschoolsblog. Go through the following relevant You can post any further queries pertaining to University selection and admissions process in the forums section. This should help.HAPPYSCHOOLS. 2013 AT 3:43 AM (HTTP://WWW.saurabh raut MARCH preparations are on .COM/GRE­TEST­ STUDY­PLAN/COMMENT­PAGE­6/#COMMENT­105082) Hi Saurabh.

 2013 AT 3:47 AM (HTTP://WWW.HAPPYSCHOOLS.) .com/how-to-score-improve-gre-examscore/ (http://www. Its not tough but requires Hope this helps! Reply  Nitish Gupta MARCH 11. Set your weekly and monthly targets to get the end result.happyschoolsblog. Reply  HSB Counselor (http://www.happyschoolsblog. I dont get any time to study except on (http://www.COM/GRE­TEST­ STUDY­PLAN/COMMENT­PAGE­6/#COMMENT­105083) Hi Nitish. In fact you are not required to spend whole ( http://www. I have tried doing it before and dint get time to study for GRE.happyschoolsblog.happyschoolsblog. 2-3 months time is sufficient for GRE preparation. Here are some posts that may help you plan well: http://www.COM/GRE­TEST­ STUDY­PLAN/COMMENT­PAGE­6/#COMMENT­105084) Hi HSB. I hardly get any time to prepare for GRE due to loads and loads of work. Can anyone please help and suggest what to do.happyschoolsblog. That’s why .com) MARCH 11.happyschoolsblog.HAPPYSCHOOLS.happyschoolsblog. Now it is March and I am planning to give GRE in June Beginning. 2013 AT 11:45 AM (HTTP://WWW. So I am planning to quit job or either take leave for 2 or 3 months (Which is least likely to be achieved.I am Nitish and currently working in an IT http://www. Generally for about 13-14 hours I am away from home.

VK. I wanted to know what exactly is this Paper presentation and how can i get it done now.I asked.HAPPYSCHOOLS. m planning to write my exams in april last. Reply  Rashmi FEBRUARY 12. WHat needs to be done exactly. I have done E&I in my Bachelors with a CGPA of 7.5 years.COM/GRE­TEST­ STUDY­PLAN/COMMENT­PAGE­6/#COMMENT­105078) Hi I am a SW engg in an Indian MNC since last 3. Thanks Rashmi Reply  .HAPPYSCHOOLS. 2013 AT 10:16 PM (HTTP://WWW. Will it be possible for me to study and get good score ?? And will it be possible for me to get in the university within this year 2013 or is it too late? Thanks.Request you to please help me out. 2013 AT 6:46 AM (HTTP://WWW.COM/GRE­TEST­ STUDY­PLAN/COMMENT­PAGE­6/#COMMENT­105079) Hi. Please suggest Regards Nitish Reply  VK FEBRUARY 17.As I am planning for MS in US but I will require scholarship.3 and i am working in an MNC and from past one and a half years and now im planning to do my MS in US.My Academic bakground was good being topper in the class.

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