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Time: 1 Hour

Source: 2011 Math Challenge 1st Year

1. What is the name of N = {1, 2, 3, 4, 5 …} ?
2. Round 434.243 to the nearest ten.
3. What is the greatest common factor of 48 and 60?
4. What is the greatest common multiple of 48 and 60?
5. What rational number is between 1/5 and 1/7?
6. Which is bigger 11/13 or 13/15?
7. What is $latex 2 1/3+3 1/7–4 2/3?
8. Evaluate 2 1/3×3/4÷1/3
9. Change to scientific notation 0.000261.
10.To which subset of the set of all real number does \sqrt{3} belong?
11.Peter has a small farm measuring 240 m by 310 m. how many hectares of
land does peter own?
12.A cylindrical water tank has a diameter of 1 m and a height of 1.25 m. what is
the capacity in liters?
13.Two numbers are in the ration of 3:5. Their sum is 88, what is the bigger
14.A picture is 20 cm by 60 cm. If ts enlarged so that its shorter side becomes
30 cm, what is the area of the resulting picture?
15.Evaluate the expression 3x2 + 4x2 – x at x=2.
16.Simplify 2(x2 +1) +3(x+1)2 -3x.
17.Simplify 2(x2+x-1) – 3(x-2)2
18.Multiply (a2+b) by (a-b)
19.Evaluate ( │-14│-│-26│ + 36)÷(│-16│ -│-10│)
20.A piece of cartolina is 20 cm by 60 cm. If it is enlarged so that its shorter side
becomes 30 cm, what is the area of the resulting picture?
21.A small passenger plane flew a distance of 54 km in 70 minutes what was the
speed in kilometers per hours to the nearest km?
22.What is the sum of 50 counting numbers 1+2 +3+ . . .+49 + 50?
23.Four consecutive odd numbers are added. If the smallest of the 4 is 2×-5,
what is their sum?
24.An edge of a cube is x+3 cm. what is its volume?
25.What is the remainder if 3x2-2x+2 is divided by x-2?

Answer key .

2) and P2(-4. 76 in the four exams. 82. 17.4).4). Solve for a from the equation 2a+1 = a – 1/2 3. Completely factor (a4-b4) 16.1)? 11. What is the domain of the function y=\displaystyle\frac{x^2+2}{x-2}? 10. What is the greatest common factor of 27a5b3c2 and 9a3b5c3? 18. 85. Given the points A(0. 4. Which of the following is are functions? a. Two vertices of a square located in the first quadrant are at (0.4). What is the original number? 6. Factor 3ac +3ad + 2cb + 2db.0).0) and (0. 13. What is the x-intercept of the line 2x-5y+8=0? 12. Solve the inequality 2×-1 > 3-x. x2+x+2y2+8=0 d. Where are the other two vertices? 14. D(-2. x2+2x +y2 = 25 c. What value will 3x2 + x +1 be multiplied to get 6x3 +5x2 +3x+1? 2. B(4. x2+2y2 = 25 b. y=\sqrt{3x-5} 8. What is the slope of the line passing through P1(3.0). Jose got scores of 90. C(2. 19. What is the range of the function? y=\sqrt{x}? 9. What is the product of (3x+2y)(x-3y)? 15.Time: 1hour Year Source: 2011 Metrobank -MTAP-Dep-Ed Math Challenge 1st 1.and y-intercept of the line are 2 and -5 respectively. The unit digit of a number is one more than twice the tens digit. The x. If the digits are reversed the resulting number is 45 more than the original number. Simplify: \displaystyle\frac{3x^2+5x-2}{(9x^2-1)(x^2-4)} . What grade must he get in the fifth exam to have an average of 84% or better? 5. Write the equation of the line. Factor 27x3-48xy2. What figure is ABCD if the points are plotted and connected in order? 7.

23. Simplify: \displaystyle\frac{x-1}{x-5} + \displaystyle\frac{2x+3}{x-5} \displaystyle\frac{3x^2+1}{x^2-25} 22. The sum of two numbers is 24 and their product is 143. 24. 25.20. Find the rate of the boat in still water. Multiply \displaystyle\frac{6x}{3x-7}x\displaystyle\frac{9x-21} {21}\div\displaystyle\frac{x^2}{35} 21. A boat travels 1 1/3 hours to go 20 km downstream and 2 2/9 hours to return. 4x – 5y =25. Solve for x and y: 2x +3y = 7. . Find the numbers. Find the biggest of the three consecutive odd numbers such that the product of the second and the third is greater than the square of the first by 110.

In a triangle. What should be added to (x-3)(x+2) in order to get (x-4)^2 16. B=\{a.12\}.h. What is the measure of the largest angle? 18.\ldots.6. Write \displaystyle\frac{1}{50000000} in scientific notation. What is the largest prime factor of 2013? 17.20\} If S=\{2. In her recent monthly payday. Simplify: \displaystyle\frac{\frac{2}{3}+\frac{5}{6}}{\frac{4}{5}-\frac{1}{3}} 10.c.I.e\}.17.1.18\} and T=\{15. Together. one angle is twice the second.b. Simplify: (2-\frac{1}{2}) + (3-\frac{1}{3}) + (4-\frac{1}{4}) 2.e.u\}. Kristine receives a basic monthly salary of Php 18 000 plus a commission of 12% of her total sales. while Harvey every 8 days.18. Three years ago.i\}. E=\ {3.16.g. Simplify: (x+1)(x-2)-(x+2)(x-3)+(x-3)(x-4)-(x+4)(x-5) 12. how much does it costs to paint the wall? . One angle is 24° less than the other.8. 14. If Pearl visits their aunt every 6 days. and C=\{e. Simplify: (1-\frac{1}{2})^2-(1+\frac{1}{2})^2 6. How much was her sale last month? 11.12. It costs (x+3) pesos per square foot to paint a wall. Let the universal set U be \{1. Two angles are supplementary. Write Ricky’s age ten years from now in terms of x.20\} find (S\cup U\cup E\cup T) 7. Find (A\cap B)\cup(B\cap C) 3. 4.f. Nila is now x years old. What is the complement of the smaller angle? 9.o.2. What is the product of two consecutive odd numbers if the larger number is 3a-4? 8. and the third angle is 20° less than the second. If the wall stands (x+3) ft high and (7×-2) ft long.4. If he average 80 kph and stopped 30 minutes for dinner. How many two-digit prime numbers are there whose units digit is greater than the tens digit? 13.9. approximately how far is Cagayan de Oro from Butuan? 5. Pearl and Harvey are going to visit their aunt on Sunday. she received Php 21 600.6.d. in what day will the visit their aunt together again? 15. her brother Ricky was twice as old as she. Nonoy left Butuan City to drive to Cagayan de Oro City at 6:15 PM and arrived 9:15 PM. Let A=\{a.15.10.

What is the measure of \angle{CAD}? 6. c=5^{24} 10. A runner started a course at a steady rate of 8 kph. 26 passed Geometry and four failed in both subjects. Which is the largest? a=2^{48}. The average of five numbers is 20. If 20 passed Algebra. Aldo cut a long piece of bamboo into four pieces. The second piece was onethird of the first piece. a second runner started the same course at 10 kph. the third piece was one-third of the second. how long is the steel bar? 8. how many passed both subjects? 3. and finally the fourth piece was one-third of the third. A long steel bar is to be cut in the ratio of 2:3:5. How long did it take for the second runner to overtake the first? 4. Jonathan got an average of 91%. b=3^{28}. What is the polynomial? 20. If the smallest piece was 2 dm. If the sum of two numbers is 23. At least how much should he get in the last long test to get a final grade of A? 2. what is the average of other 3 numbers? 7. Marvin is 10% taller than Homer and homer is 10% taller than August.19. Which is smaller? A=(2015)(2014)(2013)(2012)(2011) or B=2013^5 ? . How much (in percent) is Marvin taller than August? 9. After four long tests. A rectangle has sides (2x+3) cm and (4x+5) cm. When 3n is divided by 7 the remainder is 4. If the middle piece is 7 . how many squares of side x cm can be cut from it? 5. Let ABCDE is a regular Pentagon. A class of 47 students took examinations in algebra and in Geometry. A polynomial has quotient (x^2-3x) and remainder (x^2-1) when divided by (x^3-1). What is the remainder when 2n is divided by 7? 11. Five minutes later. a student receives a final grade of A if the student garners an average of at least 92% in the five long tests. In teacher Ella’s class. how long was the bamboo before it was cut? 1.

If the number 100 is expressed as a sum of 100 consecutive positive odd integers. If the sides of the cube are tripled. what is Q(x)? 15. The sum of two numbers is 20 and their product is 15. Find the sum of their cubes? 18.12. what percent of the original volume is the new volume? 20. How many positive factors does 62(63^3+63^2+63+1)+1 have? 19. If \displaystyle\frac{-12}{5}\leq x\leq\frac{-1}{2} and 3\leq y\le\displaystyle \frac{9}{2}. If the cube is cut into 1-inch smaller cubes. If x=-1 find the value of 2013x^{2013}+2012x^{2012}+2011x^{2011}+\ldots+2x^2+x? 17. If (x+3)(x-3)(x+1)=(x+2)Q(x)+(x+3)(x-2). All faces of a 4-inch cube have been painted. what is the largest among all numbers? . what is the largest possible value of \displaystyle\frac{x-y}{x+y} 13. If x^2-3x+1=0. find the value of x^2+\displaystyle\frac{1}{x^2} 14. how many of them have no paint on all their faces? 16.