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Rizal Technological University

College of Business And Entrepreneurial Technology
Boni Avenue, Mandaluyong

Step Up Slippers

A feasibility Study
Presented to the faculty of College of Business
And Entrepreneurial Technology

In partial fulfillment
Of the requirement for the degree
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Management

Capistrano, Jhane L.
Mercado, Monsour Jake V.
Morales, Jin S.
Poserio, Ma. Lolita Honey B.
Ramos, Danah Bianca Q.

V M.H.J. JANUARY 21.Q . this Feasibility Study entitled “Step-Up Slippers” has been prepared to be submitted by the Name of Proponents. 2015 DATE PROF. _____________________________ Professor Eugenia Samarista “Adviser” Approved as partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Management by the committee on Oral Examination with the grade of ________________.M.Approval Sheet In partial fulfillment of the requirement to the degree Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Management.J. ARGANDA DEAN C.B. AMELIA M.M. ___________________________ CHAIRMAN _________________________ MEMBER _________________________ MEMBER Accepted as partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Management at Rizal Technological University.L M.L.B R.D.J.S P.

supervision.ACKNOWLEDGEMENT This feasibility study has been made possible by the guidance.  To our beloved intelligent Adviser. Table of Contents . Professor Eugenia Samarista who has greatly shared her knowledge to us with patience and diligence in helping us to meet the necessary works for the completion of our Feasibility Study.  To the proponents themselves who have given a lot of efforts and consumed so much time to make the completion of the feasibility study be possible and successful within the given time. Together. Monsour Jake V. Mr.  To the proponent himself. cooperation and participation of the following:  To the Almighty God who always look up and secure the safety of the proponents in doing this project.  To our parents who always guide and give words of wisdom to inspire us in doing our best in preparing in doing our Feasibility Study as well as giving their both financial and emotional support. We are very grateful for this wonderful accomplishment. Mercado who compute. we sincerely acknowledge and give thanks the person/s mentioned above who have brought the success of doing this Feasibility Study. analyze and disseminate the Feasibility Study.

General Market Description 7 II. Name of Enterprises Logo Location Descriptive Definition of the Project Project Long-Range Objectives Gantt Chart Project Timetable and Status Nature of Industry Mode of Financing 1 A) (Table 1) Investment Cost 4 Feasibility Criteria 5 A) Market Feasibility B) Management Feasibility C) Technical Feasibility D) Financial Feasibility E) Socio-economic Feasibility 5 1 2 2 2 3 3 3 4 5 5 6 6 Chapter II Market Study I.Chapter I Summary of the Project I. (Table 4) Demand Analysis 11 . X. VII. IV. II. V. Survey 9 A) Questions (Figure 1) B) Results (Figure 2) 9 10 V. VI. VIII. (Table 3) Historical Demand 11 VI. IX. (Table 2) Head Count 8 IV. III. Size of the Target Market 8 III.

Study of Competitors A) (Table 6) Competitors Analysis 13 IX.VII. Organizational Structure 23 . The Quantity and Quality of Product 16 III. (Table 7) Projected Supply 13 14 X. (Table 8) Demand-Supply Analysis 14 XI. Proposed Marketing Program/Strategies 15 XII. Forms of Organization 22 III. and Operating Expenses 21 Chapter IV Management Study I. Location 20 V. Basic Considerations in Forming the Organization 22 II. List of Estimated Production. Overhead Cost. Forms to be used A) (Table 9) Working Schedule) 15 15 Chapter III Technical Study I. The Product 16 II. Product Process 16 IV. (Table 5) Projected Demand 12 VIII.

For Daily Paid Employees 26 IX. Minimum Wage of Apprentices. Total Project Cost III. and Persons with Disability 29 XIV. Major Assumptions II. Initial Working Requirement 34 34 35 . Effect of Reduction of Workdays on Wages 27 X. Minimum Wage of Workers Paid by Results 28 XII.IV. Barangay Micro Business Enterprises 28 XI. Benefits 29 A) Social Security System 29 B) Phil Health 30 C) PAG-IBIG 30 D) 13th Month Pay 31 Chapter V Financial Study I. Learners. Monthly-Paid Employees and Daily-Paid Employees 25 VII. Policies 23 V. For Monthly Paid Employees 25 VIII. Salaries and Wages 24 VI.

Projected Financial Statement A) Pro-Forma Income Statement B) Pro-Forma Balance Sheet C) Pro-Forma Statement of Cash Flow 36 36 36 36 Chapter VI. Cost of Sale 35 V. Socio Economic Study 40 .IV.