Case study analysis

IMT Dubai - Semester IV - Business Marketing
Report Submitted by - Group 1
Amod Apastamb SMBA13010
Nitish Sirsamkar SMBA13034
Sarthak Sahni SMBA13049
Sushant Alavala SMBA13060
KONE is an elevator company with a new and innovative product to entering the
market. This company is faced with the problem of what they want to charge and how
they are going to position this newest product without cannibalizing their existing
product lines. Another problem the company faces is how and to whom they should
market this new elevator application. The company can rule out marketing to the high
rise gearless traction market because their technology doesn’t apply to this market, as
of now. Although they are not able to market to this group the benefits of gearless
traction can be used in comparison to the geared and hydraulic elevator systems. One
problem that was learned from the preliminary markets was that customers worried
that KONE would be able to price gauge them since they were the only ones with this
sort of technology.
The existing products offer the customer a number of options. Depending on who is
making the buying decision they can base the purchase on up-front costs, lifetime
savings, or quality of the equipment.
 No machine room that creates greater architectural freedom and more usable
revenue-generating space
 Compare to gearless technology: controlled speed, ride comfort, lower
 Cost savings: energy efficient, less expensive electrical wiring and fused, and
no oil is used
 Lower overall construction time
 Only can be used on 8 to 13 person elevator
 Used for 12 floors or less (if machine room is to be omitted)
 Failure to match demand and supply
 Unanticipated consumer worries in connection with MonoSpace
 No provision for ventilation
 Lack of approval for the MonoSpace

they should focus on building long-term partnerships and build up a good reputation. It will also be positioned as a lowpriced elevator with modern designs that come up with reliable high-performance services. FINANCIAL OBJECTIVES •  Increase revenues of the V1 business of KONE  Assure the steady growth of the V2 business of KONE POSITIONING AND STRATEGY KONE MonoSpace will be positioned to demonstrate the key benefits of the EcoDisc. which does not need oil.    Cannot be installed in Penthouse Buildings Not suited for outdoor use Opportunities 74% of low-rise residential buildings are not expected to fall Extend capabilities of the EcoDisc MARKET TRENDS  KONE should focus on differentiating itself from the other competitors by launching the MonoSpace as an environment-friendly (energy-saving) elevator. Moreover they should focus on making cosmetic options for architects and make more modernised design elevators.  General contractors – looking for prize reductions (competitive bidding) •  Architects – looking for cosmetic options  Property Developers – looking for price reductions when they purchase elevators as they are concerned with the overall cost when developing or renovating new buildings MARKETING STRATEGY FOR KONE MONOSPACE MARKETING OBJECTIVES  Successfully enter the German market. Also. smaller fuse.  Develop an integrated marketing approach by using the right pricing strategy. With no more machine room required. oil-free. modernized design of the product and strategic differentiation strategies. which include energy efficiency. ultra lightweight. space is freed to property owners and developers. small modernized motor. which enables an increase in revenue generating space in buildings. We will position the product and service mix to steal the market share of the mid-market players and the small local companies. . and no more need for a machine room. fast speed.