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Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate
Medical Education and Research (JIPMER)
(An Institution of National Importance under Ministry of
Health & F.W., Government of India)
Dhanvantari Nagar, Puducherry 605 006
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Dated: 24-01-2015

All eligible interested candidates up to the Percentile of 50th for Unreserved (UR) /
Institute (INST) categories, 45th Percentile for UR (OPH) and 40th Percentile for remaining
categories (OBC/SC/ST- including OPH) who appeared in the MD/MS Entrance Examination –
January 2015 Session of this Institute held on 23-11-2014 are requested to attend the final
open counseling scheduled on 30-01-2015 (Friday) as detailed below:
Registration time

7.30 A.M.

10.30 A.M.


Counseling Venue

02.00 P.M.

JIPMER Auditorium,
JIPMER Campus, Temple Street,
(7th Gate – Beside CPWD Office)
Dhanvantari Nagar,
Puducherry – 605 006.

Candidates reporting late after the closing time will not be registered.
The discipline-wise vacancy status as on date is appended in page (3) of this notice.
The following important points are to be noted by the candidates attending this final
open counseling.
 General Merit list will be drawn among the candidates registered on 30-01-2015 up to
10.30 A.M. This final counseling is not as per Roster point or category
 It is essential that the candidate has to appear in person along with all Original
documents (refer Page 21 of Prospectus) for the counseling. Under any
circumstances, representation of the candidates by any other authorized person will
not be permitted for counseling.
 Candidates who had opted for a seat in another Medical College for counseling would
be allowed for registration for counseling at JIPMER, subject to submission of a
certificate of retention issued by the Principal of the said Medical College along with a
deposit of `.25000/- drawn in favour of Accounts Officer, JIPMER, Payable at
Pondicherry. This deposit will be returned immediately for candidates with certificate
of retention not opting for any seat in that counseling. In case the candidates do not
join the course on or before 31-01-2015 at 12.30 PM, this deposit will not be refunded
and the allotment stands automatically cancelled. In case a candidate joins the course,
the deposit will be refunded at the end of the course.

Undertaking: Format to be downloaded in green bond paper.20/. These candidates should submit all the original certificates.  Candidates on roll in particular discipline at JIPMER on the day of this Final Open counseling are permitted to register./- . Bio-data of the Postgraduate student: Format to be downloaded. 2. For such candidates taking up an alternate seat in any other discipline. Admission and Learning Resource Fee. 3. the penalty clauses for mid-stream departure would apply. Bio-data-1(for service Book): Format to be downloaded. they have to immediately resign their previous seat. hand written and signed by the Candidate.Page 2  Students taking up a seat after counseling are required to deposit all the original certificates and Tuition Fee and Learning Resource Fee must be paid on the same day.10/. In case of their opting for a change.  Resultant vacancy seat arising at the time of counseling due to spot resignation shall be available from that point of time. bring one non-judicial stamp paper of minimum of `. download the following documents from JIPMER Home page: 1. at the counseling.and duly executed by the Candidate. hand written and signed by the Candidate.so that necessary formalities can be completed in the office  Candidates after opting for a seat in a specific discipline. Contn. These documents duly filled are to be submitted on 31-01-2015 (10AM) at the Academic Section. III Floor. 4. The amount already paid will not be adjusted and such candidates have to remit Academic. hand written and signed by the Candidate.  Candidate opting for a seat in this final counseling should join the course immediately. JIPMER Academic Centre (Adjacent to JIPMER Women and Children Hospital Block) for further processing and your Admission Letter. typed in Stamped paper of value Rs. Agreement for Junior Residents: Format to be downloaded.  Important Note: For agreement and undertaking.

(Dr. Emergency Medicine Forensic Medicine Microbiology Nuclear Medicine Pathology Pharmacology Physiology Psychiatry M. General Surgery Obstetrics & Gynaecology Ophthalmology Orthopedic Surgery TOTAL No. S MAHADEVAN) DEAN .30 PM) BRANCH Anatomy Biochemistry Blood Transfusion Community Medicine M.S. if any further seats become vacant.Page 3 JIPMER MD / MS ADMISSIONS JANUARY 2015 SESSION FINAL OPEN COUNSELING ON 30-01-2015 (FRIDAY) VACANCY STATUS AS ON 29-01-2015 (04.D. of seats 3 3 2 3 1 2 5 1 3 3 4 1 1 5 2 1 40 NOTE: Apart from the above vacant seats. before the counseling they also will be included and the final vacancy list will be displayed before the counseling at the Venue/Website.