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Table of Contents
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Introduction .......................................................................................................................................................................... 5
Alpha Slice Developer Notes ........................................................................................................................................... 5
Character Creation ............................................................................................................................................................... 7
Overview ........................................................................................................................................................................... 7
Character Creation Process ............................................................................................................................................. 8
Breed ..................................................................................................................................................................... 8
Auspice ................................................................................................................................................................. 10
Tribes ................................................................................................................................................................................... 17
Bone Gnawers ................................................................................................................................................................ 17
Get of Fenris ................................................................................................................................................................... 23
Gifts ..................................................................................................................................................................................... 27
Learning Gifts ................................................................................................................................................................. 27
Using Gifts ...................................................................................................................................................................... 28
Bone Gnawer Gifts ......................................................................................................................................................... 30
Get of Fenris Gifts .......................................................................................................................................................... 34
General Gifts .................................................................................................................................................................. 37
Merits ................................................................................................................................................................................... 55
Overview ......................................................................................................................................................................... 55
Tribal Merits................................................................................................................................................................... 55
General Merits................................................................................................................................................................ 57
Core Systems ....................................................................................................................................................................... 63
Resolving Tests ............................................................................................................................................................... 63
Resolving Challenges ..................................................................................................................................................... 63
Combat and Dynamic Scenes........................................................................................................................................ 66
Health and Damage ....................................................................................................................................................... 71
Willpower ....................................................................................................................................................................... 72
Dramatic Systems................................................................................................................................................................ 73
Forms .............................................................................................................................................................................. 73
Rage ................................................................................................................................................................................ 76
Gnosis ............................................................................................................................................................................. 79
Feedback .............................................................................................................................................................................. 81
Character Sheet ................................................................................................................................................................... 82

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• Gifts: A werewolf’s supernatural abilities fall into two categories—Tribal and General. we invite you to read through this vertical slice and offer feedback. and this document is intended to highlight features. you will find a brief questionnaire about the Alpha Slice packet. howl. breed. showcase design philosophy. Garou may purchase any Gifts. each providing its own benefits and drawbacks. • Forms: Werewolves are capable of shifting between a variety of man. providing powerful benefits as well as potential dangers. setting. For rules on shifting between forms and a list of form benefits. You can also add any notes or commentary you like about the rules. Tribal Gifts start on page 30 and 34. Please keep in mind that this vertical slice is comprised of Alpha rules. or auspice. At the end of this document. See how the events of the past decade have helped shaped these tribes and how they’ve adapted to modern times on pages 17 and 23.iii) This document contains a vertical slice of the first build of the Mind’s Eye Theatre: Werewolf the Apocalypse rules set. Introduction Page 5 . which are likely to change and evolve over many rounds of playtesting. King Lear (V. The Rage mechanic we are testing in this Alpha Slice works on a sliding scale. • Tribes: This Alpha Slice offers a look into two iconic werewolf tribes—the Bone Gnawers and the Get of Fenris. General Gifts begin on page 37. Read more on page 76. We consider this presentation to be proof-of-concept. Rules for learning and using Gifts can be found on page 27. howl. KEY FEATURES Some of the key features of this Alpha Slice include: • Rage: Werewolves use Rage to gain terrifying combat abilities. To that end. I'd use them so That heaven’s vaults should crack!” — Shakespeare.and wolf-like forms. howl! O! you are men of stones: Had I your tongues and eyes. increasing and decreasing throughout the course of a combat scenario. see page 73. and your compliments and criticisms are important to the continued development of Werewolf: The Apocalypse and other By Night Studios games.Introduction Alpha Slice Developer Notes “Howl. These rules and setting pieces are still in development. and provide only a microcosm of the final product. but pay a significantly higher cost to learn Gifts that do not have an affinity with their tribe. Please fill this out and send it to us. or other materials in the vertical slice.

THANK YOU! By Night Entertainment sincerely appreciates our fans for their passionate support of the new MET system. Read through the vertical slice. Apply the core rules to both setting-specific material and to the provided mechanics. giving us your impressions of that information so that we can utilize it toward our work in creating the rest of the MET rules book. Fill out the feedback form in the back of the packet. Take the time to create various kinds of characters. Introduction Page 6 . We love the games we make. and then playtest the rules in both combat and social situations. By taking the time to read through this material. and return it to us. and we work hard to create balanced rules and compelling settings. you’ve become an important part of the By Night Studios development process. We’d like you to focus on the rules and material presented here. and for their dedication to Werewolf: The Apocalypse.WHAT SHOULD I DO WITH THIS PACKET? Remember that this Alpha Slice packet is intended for players already familiar with the game.

and Stamina. the focus choices are Strength. they are not included in this Alpha Slice. giving her distinct advantages (or detriments). justified by the character’s history. and Social. SKILLS Skills represent learned abilities. ATTRIBUTES Attributes represent inherent potential and are broken into three categories: Physical. The complete rulebook contains a selection of backgrounds for purchase. On this sheet. skills. For example. you will select a focus. These items define your character’s capabilities in game terms.Character Creation Overview This booklet contains a blank character sheet on page 82. you will record your character’s strengths. weaknesses. in the interest of simplicity. these additional bonuses are not described in this Alpha Slice. or studied aptitudes. Dexterity. in the Physical category. In the interest of simplicity. Within each attribute. BACKGROUNDS Backgrounds are special assets possessed by a character. When a player buys a skill for her character. such as Academics or Firearms. The complete rulebook includes flaws that players may Character Creation Page 7 . The focus you choose can provide advantages when your character attempts actions or uses supernatural powers. Mental. these rules are not included in this document. and other items. the player may choose to purchase higher ranks of Gifts. As a character gains experience points through playing the game. MERITS AND FLAWS Merits and Flaws define a character’s unique qualities. A character can purchase only seven points of merits. PERSONA The complete rulebook will guide you through defining your character concept and persona. However. GIFTS Gifts represent the supernatural powers available to werewolves. that character typically gains a small mechanical benefit related to that skill. such as Athletics.

choose for their characters but, in the interest of simplicity, flaws are not included in this document;
instead, add an additional 7 XP to your Initial XP, to represent potential flaw purchases.

Willpower represents a character’s inner reserves. Willpower also provides a passive defense against Social
and Mental powers, and may be spent as a retest when you fail a challenge.

Health is a measure of a character’s wounds. As your character takes damage, you will cross off an
appropriate number of wound boxes. When you heal, usually via your werewolf’s Regeneration ability,
you will erase damage in those wound boxes, keeping careful tally of the character’s current injury level.

Character Creation Process
Follow these steps to create a character:

Step One: Record Initial XP

Step Two: Choose a Breed

Step Three: Choose an Auspice

Step Four: Choose a Tribe

Step Five: Assign Attributes

Step Six: Assign Skills

Step Seven: Assign Gifts

Step Eight: Purchase Merits

Step Nine: Spend Initial XP

Step Ten: Finishing Touches

During character creation, you will be provided free dots to allocate within each section of your character
sheet. You also receive 30 initial experience points (XP) to spend during character creation.

Werewolves are creatures who blend the best (and occasionally worst) aspects of wolf and man. Some are
the offspring of humankind and discover their wolf forms later in life. Others are the children of wolves,
Character Creation

Page 8

and after the change, they must learn to walk, speak, and act like a human. A third breed, comprised of the
children of two werewolves, is less common. The child of two werewolves, known as a Metis, is born in
Crinos form. Because of their origin, they suffer significant deformities and mental instabilities, and are
naturally sterile.
Werewolves prefer to mate with kinfolk; although they are members of werewolf lineages, these
individuals did not receive the genetic ability to shift form and become Garou. However, werewolves are
quite capable of breeding with wolves or humans who have no genetic ties to werewolf lineages, although
the children of such unions are less likely to inherit the recessive gene that causes them to become Garou.
Occasionally, a werewolf is born from non-werewolf parents, without any clear lineage to the tribes of the
Garou. With the devastation and massive casualties of Garou and kinfolk during the Apocalypse, such
“strays” have become more common. Lineage records were lost, kinfolk were abandoned, and many tribes
lost track of relatives and potential kinfolk lines. Further, many Theurges speculate that the natural
balance is attempting to restore itself, spontaneously evolving the werewolf gene in otherwise normal wolf
and human DNA. Sometimes this gene remains dormant throughout an individual’s life. However, when
bitten by a werewolf, the gene can be triggered, resulting in a mutation that spreads throughout the
individual’s DNA. This mutation causes them to suffer a debilitating, flu-like sickness that eventually
(within one full moon) results in the Change.
At character creation, choose one of the following Breeds: Homid, Lupus, or Metis.

A majority of werewolves are of the Homid breed, born as humans and raised among human society.
Young werewolves often exhibit feral behavior or an unusual interest in the wilderness and the outdoors.
Homids have an advantage in their understanding of modern culture and technology. They usually have a
better education and grasp of history, and they understand abstract concepts and logical rationale.
However, a Homid’s physical senses are not as capable, and their instincts are not particularly honed.

Breed Bonus
When changing into either Homid or Glabro forms, a Homid-breed character can
shift by expending only a single simple action, instead of the normal two, without
spending Gnosis. If you choose to spend a Gnosis when shifting into Homid or
Glabro form, the change happens instantly (no action is required). For more
information on shifting forms, see page 73.

Garou who are the children of wolves are members of the Lupus breed. Typically born in the wild and
raised among a pack of animals, Lupus know how to hunt and survive in the wilderness. They show
dominance in their behavior and easily understand a hierarchical structure, but they find more nuanced
social interactions confusing and strange. Technology, language, and culture are difficult for such a
werewolf to understand, and they often see the world in simplistic (though not necessarily primitive)
Character Creation

Page 9

Breed Bonus
When shifting into either Lupus or Hispo forms, a Lupus-breed character can shift
by expending only a single simple action, instead of the normal two, without
spending Gnosis. If you choose to spend a Gnosis when shifting into Lupus or
Hispo form, the change happens instantly (no action is required). For more
information on shifting forms, see page 73.

Although the Litany says that Garou shall not mate with Garou, on occasion werewolves abandon custom
and law and choose to procreate among themselves. The offspring of such a union are known as Metis.
Metis are always born with the werewolf gene, but due to their nature, they also suffer from various
deformities, sterility, and mental instability. A Metis is born in Crinos form and cannot shapeshift until
the age of eight. Therefore, Metis must be raised far from any kind of society—human or wolf—and
endure a lonely and isolated childhood. Metis are looked down upon by other Garou, who condemn the
child for the crimes of the parents. Nevertheless, they are Garou and must be given respect for their deeds
serving Gaia’s cause.

Breed Bonus
When shifting into Crinos form, a Metis-breed character can shift by expending
only a single simple action, instead of the normal two, without spending Gnosis. If
you choose to spend a Gnosis when shifting into Crinos form, the change happens
instantly (no action is required). For more information on shifting forms, see page
Desperation and Scorn
Within werewolf society, Metis are disliked; they are a living reminder that someone breached the
Litany. Their deformations and mental disorders only further serve to justify ill-treatment and
condemnation. Still, with the destruction of so many werewolves during the Apocalypse, even the
most hardline Garou must admit that Metis are useful, causing some desperate Garou to
deliberately interbreed in the hopes of quickly repopulating Gaia’s army—even if the proliferation
is necessarily short-lived due to Metis sterility.

When a werewolf is born, the moon of her birth confers upon her a legacy: a place within her tribe. The
phase of the moon determines her auspice, blessing the role she is destined to play in Garou society. Each
of the five auspices holds a meaningful function within Garou culture. All are necessary, and all are
An auspice is more than just a career choice or a personal preference. It impacts every aspect of a Garou’s
life, from how she interacts with her tribe to how she utilizes her Gifts. Although a Garou’s personality
and history also impacts her character, her auspice informs many of her decisions and callings.

Character Creation

Page 10

At character creation, choose one of the following Auspices: Ragabash, Theurge, Philodox, Galliard, or

Tricksters, scouts, spies, rogues, and quixotic visionaries, Ragabash are born beneath the blackened eye of
the new moon. They are questioners, filled with curiosity and eager to investigate puzzles or mysteries.
They are given a great deal of independence, indulged in their unusual ways and strange methods, because
they are given the duty to question everything. Major decisions are rarely made without asking a Ragabash
to play devil’s advocate, and no war-plan is considered final until the Ragabash have looked it over for
simple, glaring holes.

Auspice Bonus
At character creation, choose one of the following skills: Dodge, Security, Stealth,
or Subterfuge. Raise your character’s potential maximum number of dots in that
skill by 1. You must still spend XP as normal to purchase that skill to its maximum

A werewolf born beneath a crescent moon is known as a Theurge. Theurges are the mystics of Garou
culture, and they act as emissaries to the spirits in order to seek wisdom on behalf of the Garou. They are
ritualists, called upon to perform sacred chants and ceremonies, and to undertake quests in order to
divine the future or earn a spirit’s blessing for a particular endeavor.

Auspice Bonus
At character creation, choose one of the following skills: Animal Ken, Awareness,
Occult, or Survival. Raise your character’s potential maximum number of dots in
that skill by 1. You must still spend XP as normal to purchase that skill to its
maximum level.

Even as the half-moon balances light and dark within the sky, werewolves born under its auspice are born
to be mediators, teachers, and judges, expected to make difficult decisions on behalf of the Garou. They
study and argue the Litany, helping werewolves understand the meaning of Gaia’s laws, and they serve as
emissaries between the tribes when conflict arises.

Auspice Bonus
At character creation, choose one of the following skills: Academics, Empathy,
Leadership, or Investigation. Raise your character’s potential maximum number
of dots in that skill by 1. You must still spend XP as normal to purchase that skill
to its maximum level.

Character Creation

Page 11

all defined by the fact that the character has high Physical. You must still spend XP as normal to purchase that skill to its maximum level. Ahroun Werewolves born beneath the full moon are the soldiers. Tribe also determines a character’s innate Gifts and provides access to tribe-only merits. and the last tertiary according to your vision for the character. Raise your character’s potential maximum number of dots in that skill by 1. They are the first to act in battle. STEP FIVE: ASSIGN ATTRIBUTES Attributes are a measure of a character’s strengths and weaknesses. Galliards are storytellers. Melee. Social. as well as other innate strengths and weaknesses. Raise your character’s potential maximum number of dots in that skill by 1. and entertainers. In times of peace. choose one of the following skills: Brawl. tasked with remembering and retelling oral histories and traditions for the Garou. they train others. STEP FOUR: CHOOSE A TRIBE Your character’s tribe determines her place in werewolf society. The tribes are well known. lore-keepers. and war leaders of the Garou. or quick and intelligent. keeping every werewolf fit to defend Gaia. You receive free starting dots in your attributes. making one primary. Socially adept and creative. The Alpha Slice provides a choice of two of the central tribes of the Werewolf: The Apocalypse world: the Bone Gnawers (described on page 17) and the Get of Fenris (described on page 23). decide which of the three attributes (Physical. where an artist might place the Social attribute first. and they hold the line when caerns are threatened by an enemy. Choose one of these tribes for your character.Galliard The gibbous. Linguistics. A character might be strong and perceptive. or Athletics. and denote that choice on your character sheet. A boxer would likely have a primary Physical attribute. Character Creation Page 12 . and so on. Social. your tribe will cause other characters to have expectations about your persona. Firearms. Auspice Bonus At character creation. and each has their own flavor. and Mental) are important. choose one of the following skills: Intimidation. or nearly-full moon marks the auspice of the Galliard. Galliards use their talents to inspire. witty and beautiful. should the need arise. Lore. First. encouraging other Garou to be their best. or Mental attributes. one secondary. or all Performance skills. defenders. Auspice Bonus At character creation. You must still spend XP as normal to purchase that skill to its maximum level.

as defined within the description of each power. Attribute Focuses: Once you have assigned initial attribute dots. You can purchase up to 5 dots of each skill. Assign them as follows: • Choose one skill and fill in the first 4 dots of that skill. note that your character must still purchase the dot with XP as normal. which grants 2 bonus attribute dots. you may choose to raise one of your attribute maximums to 12 or to raise two attribute maximums to 11. Wits STEP SIX: ASSIGN SKILLS Skills represent a character’s experience and training. A character with high skills is well-educated or has a great deal of knowledge about the world. indicating that this is your character’s secondary attribute. • Choose three skills and fill in the first 2 dots of those skills. Manipulation Mental Focuses: Perception. Physical Focuses: Strength. sheltered. Allocating a bonus dot increases the potential maximum of an attribute category by 1. or Mental). Attribute Bonuses: All werewolves have a default maximum of 10 dots in each of the three categories (Physical.• Assign 7 dots to an attribute. • Assign 3 dots to the last attribute. • Assign 5 dots to a second attribute. select one focus for each attribute. Charisma. Dexterity. • Choose two skills and fill in the first 3 dots of those skills. Additional skill dots cost experience points equal to the new level of the skill x2. This Alpha Slice allows you to create a character of the second Rank. or uneducated. Stamina Social Focuses: Appearance. Social. Attribute focuses also provide bonuses when using Gifts. indicating that this is your character’s weakest attribute. These focuses provide benefits when a character utilizes her area of expertise. A character’s Rank provides a number of bonus attribute dots. A character receives a number of free starting dots in skills. which a player can allocate to raise that maximum in one or more attributes. With these 2 bonus dots. A character with low skills might be naive. Additional attribute dots cost 3 experience points each. • Choose four skills and fill in the first dot of those skills. Character Creation Page 13 . Intelligence. indicating that this is your character’s primary attribute.

and Science are very broad. see page 28. You may use your initial XP to purchase up to 7 points of merits. At character creation. When selecting starting Gifts. and encompass many different fields of study. you must also choose a field of study within that skill. Merits are defined on pages 56 (general). Additional affinity Gifts cost experience points equal to the level of the Gift x3. your character must be either of the Homid breed or of the Theurge auspice (or both). When you purchase one of these skills. Character Creation Page 14 . to reflect a character’s background and interests. have been the foundation of numerous lupine myths. choose three Rank 1 Gifts as your starting Gifts. Examples might include Crafts: Calligraphy. For example. You may purchase merits after you begin playing a character. Each merit has a specific cost associated with it. provided the description of the merit does not specifically say it can only be taken during character creation—but you must never exceed the 7-point limit on merits. Performance. you can only choose Gifts with an affinity that matches your auspice. They are the stuff of legend. Gifts outside of your affinities require experience points equal to the level of the Gift x5. or Science: Forensics. A character can never have more than 7 points of merits. this maximum of 7 points includes any merits purchased earlier in the creation process (such tribe-specific merits). Some skills such as Crafts. and over the centuries. 55 (Bone Gnawer) and 55 (Get of Fenris) of this document.List of Skills Academics Dodge Linguistics Security Animal Ken Drive Lore Stealth Athletics Empathy Medicine Streetwise Awareness Firearms Melee Subterfuge Brawl Intimidation Occult Survival Computers Investigation Performance Crafts Leadership Science Fields of Study You can purchase some skills multiple times. STEP SEVEN: ASSIGN GIFTS Gifts are werewolves’ supernatural powers. Performance: Classical Guitar. to select a Gift that lists Homid and Theurge as its affinities. For a chart listing all general Gifts by rank. or tribe. breed. Thereafter. STEP EIGHT: PURCHASE MERITS Merits are rare or unique advantages. Gifts are defined on page 27 of this document. you may use initial experience points (XP) to purchase additional dots of Gifts.

you may have more health boxes. You may have spent some of your initial XP in earlier parts of character creation. If you have the Rugged merit. • Your character’s Initiative is equal to the higher of her Physical or Mental Attribute. Willpower. and Incapacitated.STEP NINE: SPENDING EXPERIENCE POINTS As noted in step two. Some merits may alter your character’s Willpower. As you play your character at games. Derived traits are items formulated by using other statistics on your sheet. your character begins with 30 initial experience points (XP). depending upon the situation. you will earn more experience points. and then you’ll be ready to play. Your Storyteller may award more than the standard 30 if she wants her chronicle to include more experienced characters. You can use these to further enhance your character sheet. • All characters begin with 6 permanent Willpower. if applicable. denote that. three boxes in each of three tracks: Healthy. Now write down your character’s derived traits. Denote that. Your maximum Gnosis pool is 10. Experience Chart: Item Cost Attribute 3 XP each Gift (With Affinity) Gift level x3 Gift (Without Affinity) Gift level x5 Skill New level x2 Merit XP equal to merit rating STEP TEN: FINISHING TOUCHES Congratulations! Your character is complete. or or another quality that grants bonus health levels. Any initial XP remaining must be spent now. Have fun! Character Creation Page 15 . and there is no limit to the amount of Gnosis you can spend per turn (other than your current available Gnosis). Injured. • All characters start with 9 health levels. if applicable. and Gnosis. • Note that you are Rank 2. These include a character’s health levels. Continue to spend those earned points according to the costs defined in the above chart.

(This page intentionally left blank.) Character Creation Page 16 .

but the hierarchy of needs guides Bone Gnawer philosophy. but they are populous and widespread.” — Mother Larissa. They perform rituals in alleyways.’ We are strong. and occasionally scavenging to survive. disparaging their rugged appearance. and laud histories tied to a culture or region. The common man is more educated than ever before. rural backwaters. you will find a tribe known as Bone Gnawers. Yet the world continues to evolve. Unlike other tribes. Their spiritual kin are the downtrodden and the destitute of the world. Laws are fine and dandy. Ishikawa Goemon. Bonnie and Clyde. Other Garou scorn them. and these Garou are prone to ignore laws when survival is at stake. Sept of the Green Among the everyman. and the Weaver’s power is rising. the blue-collar workers and seemingly ordinary people of the city. Tribes Page 17 . working dirty jobs and long hours. Robin Hood. Bone Gnawers have an enthusiastic interest in modern culture. and earnest—and we are all around you. Bone Gnawers hide within modern society. Bone Gnawers thrive in cities. Democracy thrives in all parts of the world. and urban decay. Bone Gnawers are not the wealthiest tribe of Garou. Like weeds. more commonplace. Even though their rituals rely strongly on mainstream media and mass culture. and brave. Other tribes claim long and detailed lineages. nor the most glorious. the downtrodden. Ignore us at your own risk. Machines are growing more efficient. and Joan of Arc. and speak to spirits in the roaring engines of muscle cars—the more pleban and populist the inspiration. disdaining true wilderness for overgrown suburbs. and common manners. and their heroes are individuals like Black Hawk. the Bone Gnawers are a practical tribe. the Bone Gnawers take them seriously and use their rites to honor the spirits of the urban world. the better. Those willing to get their hands dirty can survive—and even flourish like a weed between pavement cracks. Although they care about the Litany and the virtues of the Garou. and the Bone Gnawers know that they cannot ignore the changes.Tribes BoneGnawers “The common man is anything but ‘common. blending in with the populace of cities and rural communities. they prosper where others would wither and die. The Bone Gnawers do not care about such distinctions. They are self-reliant and determined. calloused hands. celebrate the energy and passion of major sporting events.

encouraging the workers and downtrodden to band together and present a unified face to the world.BONE GNAWER BREEDS Bone Gnawers don’t record their lineages. subterfuge. taking advantage of hostels and shelters. watching human society like guard dogs. street folk. During the last three decades. masquerading as wild dogs (their form appears more ‘domesticated’ than most Garou). Due to this proclivity. there’s a lot of Bone Gnawer blood out in the world. and keeping an eye on other Garou tribes that may attempt to take advantage of the human populace. and they are used to dealing with human society on every level. relishing the excitement and trappings of modern culture. Though the tribe once shunned human society. guardians. the number of Bone Gnawer Lupus in the cities has increased. They procreate where they can. Most Bone Gnawers are fiercely protective of their urban territory and of the populace living in those areas. They are protectors. keeping to themselves in family clusters and presenting a gruff face to all outsiders who are not part of the tribe. They live on the fringes of civilization. Mother Rat. Homids more often live among the common populace. accept adoptees from any tribe. The Bone Gnawers. preferring their natural camouflage among the mortals. Homid A majority of Bone Gnawers are born as Homids. Lupus Bone Gnawers can also be found regularly in the rural areas of the south. and disguise. as the maternal queen of a brood of fierce survivors. BONE GNAWER AUSPICES The Bone Gnawers venerate their tribal totem. just waiting to be awakened. They rarely choose to shift forms. nor do they care about the purity of their blood. and merrily avoiding capture by animal control. Pranks from a Tribes Page 18 . and breed wherever they find a willing mortal or kinfolk. see Metis as opportunities to gain strength for the tribe. Lupus Bone Gnawer Lupus live in the city. express their opinions and ideas. Metis Garou treat Metis with deep disdain and even hatred. hiding themselves among janitorial workers. Ragabash Bone Gnawer Ragabash are masters of stealth. in the present day. taking every opportunity to cull the herd whenever they find one. They live and work alongside mankind. or in other places where an observer will be easily ignored. Such Metis are given the opportunity to rise within the tribe. on the other hand. Some grow even more accustomed to Homid form and can even masquerade as runaways. and even take leadership positions. or of none) who prove themselves worthy. The tribe occasionally adopts Metis (of any lineage. and educators. They maintain facades of normality and often think of themselves as fellow laborers. these wolves usually bother to learn just enough social skills to be mistaken for semi-feral homeless.

while others focus on the mechanical.Bone Gnawer Ragabash are usually straightforward rather than labyrinthine. plumbers. benefit bands. ORGANIZATION Bone Gnawers are an exceptionally democratic tribe. deference is usually given to the most experienced members of the tribe. gang members. and it’s almost impossible to shame one into an “honorable” duel. Bone Gnawers honor hospitality and charity as a measure of a Garou. Some find enlightenment in drugs. and particularly fond of low humor. Though renown and rank are important. Bone Gnawer Theurges seek the spiritual that hides in everyday places. janitors. Bone Gnawer Galliards are known for their bold and raucous performances. often based on low humor. They are explorers in the field of adventurous art. working as mechanics. modern urban legends. and elder Bone Gnawers often judge other werewolves by the generosity they show to strangers. boisterous.” and work toward bettering the lives of those individuals. They often seek mortal employment as pro bono lawyers. nightclub bouncers. sexual innuendo. or carpenters. these Ahroun enjoy using their strength for the benefit of the community—human or Garou. Ahroun Bone Gnawer warriors fight dirty. Such Galliards rarely tell the same story twice or turn up their noses at a chance for improvisation. Galliards Street musicians. political movements. Generally. Philodox While the judges of the Bone Gnawers are as passionate about the Litany as those of other tribes. reality show performers. Bone Gnawers don’t bother with human wealth or currency (though they do value some possessions). These Theurges take pride in their rituals. or the target’s naiveté. they also focus on human law and how it impacts the lower classes of society. Known to hold grudges. using every trick in the book—so long as they win. and shelter counselors in the same way they also protect and regulate law among the Garou. they often claim a class or group of people as their “territory. Gruff old war veterans. and construction workers. pushing the boundaries of both the Litany and prudish comfort. legal advocates. Loud. a Bone Gnawer Ahroun rarely sticks around for a fair fight. Fiercely protective of the mortals under their care. and pop-culture memes. Theurges Masters of pop culture with their fingers on the pulse of a thousand social media sites. park players and free radio disc-jockeys. Bone Tribes Page 19 . They prefer an elaborate system of barter with other werewolves and with spirits. and invoke contemporary totems. or garbage collectors. or charity groups. they perform at the drop of a hat and don’t care if they make other people uncomfortable. They can often be found among common laborers. taking jobs such as short-order cooks.

Gnawer Theurges. Central Park NY.C. A Bone Gnawer’s appearance doesn’t tend to draw attention within a crowd.” the members of the Hood are dedicated to showing charity and compassion. Urban Caerns Most Bone Gnawer caerns are found in city environments. riding the train rails. including software and other valuable technologies that can be used to help those in need. the Hood has started to branch out. in particular. They spend their lives travelling and wandering. Moscow. which better supports such misidentification. and living as explorers. and is now largely comprised of young. trained in terrorism and urban warfare. from building faster and cleaner engines for 18-wheelers to sabotaging border fences so that people in need can flee war-torn countries. They make it a practice to help stranded. specializing in dirty fighting. Road Warders Road Warders hate to stay in any one place. Bone Gnawers occasionally pilgrimage to the largest and most famous of these. taking long bus rides. Their fur may even be mismatched or particolored. Washington D. endangered. Some of the most well-known urban caerns include: Sept on the Green. They’re always pushing the frontiers of travel and transportation. They are willing to exploit any advantage over an enemy.. Members of the Swarm are often ex-military Homids. and young Bone Gnawers are sent on quests to study these caerns and ponder the future of the Garou in an urban world. Sept of the Awakening. they appear as average or even unpleasant-looking humans. redistributing wealth from the rich to the poor. Yet in modern nights. Now. active warriors. The Swarm lost many of its members in the last war. treasure items found throughout a city: the castaway items of the rich and the few treasures of the human poor. or exploited travelers throughout the world. Tribes Page 20 . Camps The Swarm This camp of Bone Gnawers focuses on the war-aspect of the tribe’s Rat totem. They’re known for a history of theft. whether fighting the Wyrm or otherwise. hitchhiking. APPEARANCE A Bone Gnawer in Lupus form might be mistaken for a large and shaggy (although extremely feral) dog. eager. They’ll do whatever is necessary to help the common man. Sept of the People’s Will. and they prefer to dress in whatever styles are common among the blue-collar laborers of their city. acting as protectors of the barrio and helping the poor and downtrodden get by in tough times. The Hood Also known as “Robins. they don’t just steal money—they also steal and spread information. In Homid form.

Even those who have the potential to earn large amounts of money tend to give it to good causes or spend it helping their neighbors.WEAKNESS Bone Gnawers exist on the lower rungs of society. Bone Gnawers cannot purchase the Elite influence and cannot purchase more than 2 dots of the Resources background. MERITS & FLAWS Bone Gnawer merits can be found on page 55. Tribes Page 21 . rather than use it for themselves.

) Tribes Page 22 .(This page intentionally left blank.

Fenrir leaders. or Jarls (whether male or female). African. stamina. As many kinfolk have been lost. Get of Fenris fought without fear or regret during Ragnarok. once obsessed over tales of Ragnarok: the prophesied end of the world. designed to show resilience and bravery. However. Struggling to survive. ending in another Ragnarok—one which has yet to be prophesied. Homid. and dedication. recognizing that strength comes in many forms—man. Fenrir rituals are bloody. where Gaia’s final judgment would be delivered to their enemies. GET OF FENRIS BREEDS Before Ragnarok. violently at odds within itself.” It reflects the idea of a legend’s immortality and the thought that a warrior should seek death in combat rather than waiting for a slow. the Get of Fenris unrelentingly tracked lineages and purity of Fenrir blood. an age they call “The Dawning World. and showing mastery of their Rage. despite the fact that their warriors were massacred by the enemy. lest the tribe become extinct. Germanic in origin. In the age of Dagangaard. The tribe practices harsh rites: savage tests of strength. asserting it is a vestigial remnant of the tribe’s ignorant and intolerant past. In rare peaceable occasions. Get honor the spirits through elegiac sagas. woman. and commandos.” or Dagangaard. the Fenrir have difficulty corroborating a new tribemate’s purity of breed—and many young Get say that insistence on racial ties weakens the tribe. Germanic. Berserker warriors exist. must earn their position through strength. According to Fenrir belief. and even the Holy Roman Empire. the tribe found itself shattered. and stripped of its finest warriors and greatest leaders by the tides of battle. and challenge the future. after the time of the Red Star. deaths of great heroes. Franks and Anglo-Saxons. who call themselves the Fenrir. harsh trials. feats of daring. the tribe’s history recounts sagas of Norsemen. and the fall of wicked villains. They can no longer afford to alienate powerful warriors. of Visigoths and Ostrogoths. the Fenir were forced to abandon many old prejudices that favored pure breed and lineage. Tribes Page 23 . The Get. but alongside them fight a new breed of tacticians. Run with me.GetofFenris “The age has turned! The time has come to mourn the past. modern spec-ops. this new age will follow the same cycle. but will inexorably arrive. Hollow Heart Caern There is an old saying among the Get of Fenris: “True warriors never grow old. Metis or otherwise. focusing on battles against impossible odds. the tribe has lost many of these records. Their past is brutal and violent. They struggle with downfall as they seek to find their way in this new era. aged sleep. or die at my feet. defy the present. Lupus.” — Golgol Fangs-First. They prepared themselves for this epic battle. and performances of martial superiority. each prepared to do whatever is necessary to defeat the Wyrm and cripple the Weaver. shows of leadership and courage.

fire jugglers. There can be no argument that the Weaver’s net has drawn tight over Gaia’s land. Their most ancient tales speak of the true Fenris. Homid The coming of Ragnarok and the rise of Dagangaard brings new trials. who simply have the misfortune of inheriting their parents’ sin. seen as the fault of the Metis. are caught in her grasp. This is not. too. and the Fenrir. eager to speak to their spiritual patron and gain his guidance in the new age. true strength and courage mean more than an individual’s Germanic heritage (or lack thereof). however. They bravely seek Fenris. and bounty hunters. GET OF FENRIS AUSPICES The Fenrir tribal totem is Fenris. a mighty spirit of war. Even though Fenrir consider Metis naturally inferior. the Fenrir refuse to accept unproven claims of his demise. if one can prove her worth.Lineage is still important to some Get. Lupus The Get of Fenris revere Lupus more than most tribes of Garou. They use their Gifts ruthlessly. but for most. and more accepting of the modern world. battlefield scouts. Closer to pure wolf. Theurges The Get Theurges suffered massive losses during the war and were nearly annihilated by the Wyrm. Like urban shamans. It is a Homid’s task to discern danger in any new technology or tactic and guide the tribe on Gaia’s path through a strange and difficult world. Though other tribes whisper that Fenris’s recent silence could mean he died during Ragnarok. Metis The Fenrir adhere to the Litany with an iron will. so long as they ensure victory for the Get of Fenris—no matter the cost. their connection to the Wyld and their keen perception earn them great respect and higher status. a mighty wolf-spirit that inspired their tribe—a spirit they believe loves the Lupus members of the tribe best. a Metis can earn respect among the tribe. and universally consider Metis abominations. and they are given broad leeway by the tribe. so long as their deeds also live up to the tribe’s demands. special effects designers. from the challenges of technology to the uncertain future in an information age. Tribes Page 24 . Ragabash Fenrir Ragabash are found among groups such as revolutionaries. the existence of Metis is often used as a cautionary tale to prove Gaia’s wrath upon those who break her laws. they can be found dancing with the spirits at Burning Man or fighting for marriage equality in the churches of the southern United States. whose hunger and rage are legendary. and the worst of their pranks can be lethal to the unworthy. Indeed. The new generation is youthful. The foundations of honor in battle are suspended for these Garou. arrogant.

taunts. walking the fine line between the past and the future. They are the first into battle and the last to leave the field. or sheer will. courageous warriors. At these gatherings. they are traditionalists. traits they have carried into the modern era. reverent of the history and ancient culture of the tribe. and die in the service of Gaia. fanatical. However. ORGANIZATION The Get of Fenris have a true warrior’s culture. Ahroun Fenrir Ahroun are savage fighters. and roughhousing. protecting Get Theurges and other tribal treasures with their lives rather than charging to war. the Hand of Tyr’s purpose is to seek out and destroy Gaia’s most dangerous enemies. They are expected to fight. and the greatest gift one Fenrir can offer another is a trophy of significance—a memento of the Garou’s most renowned deed. Fenrir Philodox investigate. dominated by the strongest and most ruthless. a Fenrir’s right to lead is judged by whether or not she can survive trying. and sports announcers: these new skaalds are literally reshaping the heart and foundation of the tribe. and at all other times. Tribes Page 25 . with the decline of the tribe. and the tribe. Some of these Get serve in the JAG. bodyguards. more than willing to carry out summary judgment both within the tribe and without. whether of combat prowess. and execute. Fenris. Which of the old tales should be used to inspire. They revere trophies of war. many Ahroun have focused on defense.Philodox The judges and law-givers of the Get of Fenris have a reputation for intolerance and absolutism. and which are outdated. By and large. or as bouncers for popular nightspots. the Hand of Tyr has taken in survivors of that now-defunct camp. there are also Fenrir Ahroun working in such fields as child protective services. The Fenrir are not a democratic society. as mortal law enforcement. Galliards Even a tribe of harsh custom must occasionally break free and laugh. and rank challenges always include some form of physical test. win. or physical trainers. relentless werewolves in existence. Camps The Hand of Tyr The most savage. Deeds determine the worth of each Garou. They are harsh authorities. In the last battles of Ragnarok. In return. intolerant. they are a tyranny. Though you can still find traditional Viking berserkers. Tribal moots are full-moon affairs. the oldest of the Fenrir camps (a group known as Mjolnir’s Thunder) threw itself into the fray in fearless. performance drummers. and bold leaders. The Galliards of the Get of Fenris have a difficult road to follow. modern beat poets. endurance. judge. frenzied waves as a last glorious act to give the Tyr the best chance for victory. or no longer relevant? College professors. Fenrir tell tales of glorious deeds within an atmosphere of posturing. The Ahroun take precedence during war.

Today. fighting for equality within the tribe. In Homid form. Although the Fenrir were not the only Garou committing atrocities. and almost never go unarmed. most decorate themselves with tattoos. If the Get kills the creature who triggered her weakness. despite their tribal heritage. very active.The Valkyria of Freya For generations. a male Get Philodox challenged them in return. the Fangs of Garm do their best to exemplify those qualities. Attempts to cleanse a Wyrmtainted individual do not trigger this weakness. MERITS & FLAWS Get of Fenris merits can be found on page 55. The War of Rage Long ago. These Fenrir think in the long-term and try to maintain peace with the other tribes in order to gain allies against the Wyrm. they are highly organized. and many other non-wolf (Fera) tribes. and willing to sacrifice personal glory in order to do what is best for the tribe. piercings. Daghur. whichever is longer. A Get of Fenris who willingly works with a Wyrm-tainted creature has her maximum Gnosis pool reduced by 2 for one game or two weeks. WEAKNESS The Get of Fenris is notoriously intolerant of the Wyrm and all of its minions. A Get of Fenris who willingly works with a minion of the Wyrm has her Gnosis pool reduced by 5 for one game or two weeks. Tribes Page 26 . Fangs of Garm While diplomacy and healing are not typically virtues that come to mind when speaking of the Fenrir. whichever is longer. and some Fera tribes were entirely eradicated. Garou turned on the other shifters. attempting to force the others into submission. only the most arrogant of the Fenrir are treated as the inheritors of genocide. Still. along with his kinfolk shield-man and lover. the Valkyria have confronted male-dominated perceptions and gender bias. some Fera still hold grudges. and the Valkyria have become a voice for sexual equality—if necessary. The Get of Fenris were leaders in this charge. scarification. werebears. there were many kinds of shifters on Gaia’s earth—werewolves. the penalties end immediately. but also wereravens. Ísröður. at the point of a sword. traditional in appearance and ferocious in demeanor. During a dark period of history known as the War of Rage. both males and females are accepted into the camp. They prefer clothing that makes them appear intimidating or unusual. brands. although attempting to salvage a minion of the Wrym does. APPEARANCE Get of Fenris in Lupus form appear as massive grey wolves. The sagas tell that blood flowed like rivers. Primarily Homid. demanded entry into the feminine ranks and were granted a place among the Valkyria. During Ragnarok. or other markings. yes.

you must have four Rank 1 Gifts and three Rank 2 Gifts. with Rank 1 Gifts representing the most modest powers. If none of them match. • The student must spend a downtime action between games feeding the spirit Gnosis and learning from it. You cannot have equal or more Gifts of a specific rank than you have Gifts of the rank below it. she will then regain the second Willpower two game sessions/one month after regaining the first. the teacher will regain 1 Willpower after two game sessions/one month. To purchase a second Rank 3 Gift. For example. Each point of Willpower spent by a teacher in this manner refreshes after playing two game sessions or after one month (whichever is longer). and utility up to Rank 5. start by checking the desired Gift’s rank and comparing it to your existing Gifts to see if you’re eligible to learn a new Gift of that rank.Gifts Gifts are the supernatural powers granted to the Garou by allied spirits. check to see if your auspice. then you have an affinity for that Gift. or tribe matches one of the Gift’s affinities. you cannot purchase a Rank 3 Gift until you have at least three Rank 1 Gifts and two Rank 2 Gifts. If your auspice. You can always learn Rank 1 Gifts. potency. After spending 2 Willpower in this manner. and so forth. breed. then you do not have an affinity for the Gift. Gifts Page 27 . To learn a Gift without an affinity: • The student must find a teacher who possesses the desired Gift and has an affinity for it. • Spend XP equal to the Gift’s rank x3. increasing in strength. After determining that you are eligible to learn your chosen Gift based on its rank. To learn an affinity Gift: • Use a downtime action between games to represent time spent learning the Gift. • The teacher must spend 1 point of Willpower to call forth an appropriate spirit and convince it to teach the student. • The student must spend XP equal to the Gift’s rank x5. breed. They are measured on a scale by rank. or tribe match one of the Gift’s affinities. Learning Gifts When attempting to learn a new Gift.

GENERAL GIFT AFFINITIES BY RANK Please note that only a limited selection of Gifts is provided in this Alpha Slice document. A larger selection of Gifts will be available in the complete rulebook. Rank 1 Ragabash Theurge Philodox Galliard Ahroun Homid Lupus Metis Blur of the Milky Eye Mind Web Blur of the Milky Eye Razor Claws Persuasion Sense the Balance Razor Claws Mind Web Resist Pain Mother’s Touch Sense the Balance Wolf Senses Mother’s Touch Persuasion Wolf Senses Resist Pain Sense the Balance Rank 2 Calm the Heart Jam Technology Command the Gathering Calm the Heart Falling Touch Falling Touch Summon Minor Spirit Song of Heroes Command the Gathering Stoking Fury’s Furnace Jam Technology Summon Minor Spirit Jam Technology Song of Heroes Stoking Fury’s Furnace Rank 3 Thousand Forms Gaia’s Touch Pack Tactics Master of Fire Spirit Ward Spirit Ward Strength of Purpose Thousand Forms Rank 4 Laugh of the Hyena Forced Transformation Forced Transformation Gaia’s Touch Pack Tactics Strength of Purpose Spirit of the Fray Thousand Forms Laugh of the Hyena Snarl of the Predator Gnaw Chant of Serenity Wyld’s Undreamt Fury Snarl of the Predator Rank 5 Chant of Serenity Heart of Fury Heart of Fury Master of Fire Spirit of the Fray Gnaw Wyld’s Undreamt Fury Using Gifts The following general rules apply to all Gift use: • Gifts Gifts do not cost Gnosis to activate. Page 28 . unless specifically stated in the description of that power.

you may activate it without any additional requirement beyond those listed in the power’s description. or other supernatural characters who can possess and use the powers. • For the purpose of Gift descriptions.” If a power is described as having a greater effect on mortals. For example. a power doesn’t stack with itself. • Gift descriptions are written as though Garou are using these powers. video cameras. • Unless otherwise stated. If supernatural powers are used to make you pay attention to two different characters at the same time. Technological assistance is not sufficient to target powers at a distance. Fera. it will also have that greater effect on kinfolk. or using a power on you. you must spend a simple action paying homage to the spirits to activate the Gift. If you cannot spend all of the actions required to use a Gift on your turn. However. Anyone whose attention is focused on you is a viable target for powers that require gaze or focus. USING HIGH-RANK GIFTS When you use a Gift with a rank that is equal to or lower than your rank. • By default. attacking you. • Unless otherwise stated. If your rank is lower than the Gift’s rank. such as Gnosis or actions. Use of binoculars. you might glance back and forth between them or move to a place where you could see both characters at the same time. Sensory-enhancing powers may allow a Garou to target subjects at a distance (outside the range of normal sight). This includes individuals that are looking into your eyes. sound amplifiers. Gifts Page 29 . the descriptions include kinfolk. a user can cease using a power by spending a simple action. in addition to the Gift’s other costs. you cannot activate that power a second time and double the bonus to gain a +2 bonus. unless specifically noted otherwise. unless specifically stated in the description of that power. • Any Gift that has a cost to activate. or other such gear cannot be used to target a power. GAZE AND FOCUS Many Gifts require the target to have her attention focused on the user of the power.• A power’s effect can only be focused on one target at a time. These powers do not require eye contact. It is possible for a single person to focus on two or more individuals. but do require having the attention of the individual you wish to control. if you have a power that can be activated to give your character a +1 bonus. lasts for one hour unless otherwise stated in that Gift’s text. The target must be observed with the Garou’s own senses or powers. holding a conversation with you. so long as you are the immediate center of her attention. a Garou must be able to see a target clearly in order to use a power on that target. partially supernatural characters (such as kinfolk) are considered “mortal. you cannot use it.

but have not interacted with her within the last 30 days. or exchanged letters with her. To meet the requirements of familiarity. up to 100 feet in radius. stuffed with paper. Anyone who is inside of the affected area when the Gift is activated remain unaffected by this power for its duration. and any outward-facing openings larger than your fist must be blocked—boarded up.FAMILIARITY WITH THE TARGET Several powers require you to be familiar with your target. for one hour per level of the Subterfuge skill you possess. doors and windows may be opened and closed without breaking the wards. against intrusion. the first one is destroyed. Once you activate Urban Ward. and you must have had a conversation with your target for at least five minutes on one occasion. FOCUSES Most powers have a focus effect. spoke to her over the phone. Privacy can be difficult to find in a crowded environment. she can attain additional benefits when using that power. All windows and doors that open outside of the warded area must be closed. or otherwise sealed. If you create a new Urban Ward. Focus bonuses come into play when the person using the power has the correct focus. you can enlist city spirits to create a temporary safe haven. Bone Gnawer Gifts  URBAN WARD The Bone Gnawers have adapted to urban sprawl and learned to make their homes in the rough part of cities. Test pool: Mental attribute + Willpower (defending) System Spend 1 Gnosis and expend a standard action to ward an enclosed area. If you recently met your target in person. you must have met your target on at least three separate occasions. shielding you from the eyes of both the mundane and the supernatural. With the help of this Gift. To create an effective Urban Ward. In addition to these requirements. you must have interacted with your target within the past 30 days in order to remain familiar with that target. An individual can only have one Urban Ward in existence at a time. then she is not currently familiar to you. Focus effects are bonus abilities granted to characters who possess the correct focus. regardless of whether her targets have the focus or not. especially in a bad neighborhood— there’s always a possibility that someone will sneak up on you to steal your stuff or put a knife through your back. the target area must be closed off when the power is activated. If your character purchases a power and has the correct attribute focus. Gifts Page 30 . If you have known the target for several years on-and-off. then you are currently familiar. Individuals outside of the warded area will avoid it and forget that it exists.

as long as you meet the Gift’s requirements. Additionally. System When you spend a Willpower to retest a challenge related to an incoming attack that could cause you to suffer damage. Characters with the Wolf Senses Gift. and can be activated during Rage rounds.  SURVIVOR The world is hard and often corrupt. Focus [Perception] The duration of your Urban Ward is one day per level of the Subterfuge skill you possess. If you let it. you heal 2 points of normal or aggravated damage (your choice). she will justify the incident and continue to ignore the warded building. For example. look the world in the eye. such as the retests provided by Iron Will or Blasé. place of work. even if they witness something unusual. Werewolves and other supernatural creatures who witness an event that implies the building’s existence may make an opposed test using their Mental attribute + Awareness versus the user’s Mental attribute + Willpower. whether or not they witness something strange. You can quickly recover from devastating attacks that would stagger others. you refuse to accept defeat.Mortals will subconsciously convince themselves that this location does not exist. and ask. instead of the standard 1 point. it will beat you into the ground. you cannot use this power to keep a man out of his own house. Focus [Wits] When you activate Survivor. Survivor may be activated before your turn in the initiative order. if a mortal sees someone walking out of the building affected by Urban Ward. may attempt a challenge to see through an Urban Ward when they come within line of sight of the warded area. Real Bone Gnawers climb back to their feet. you immediately heal a point of normal or aggravated damage (your choice). etc. instead of the standard +2 bonus. every time a person who has never entered this ward before crosses its boundary. or similar powers. This Gift does not require an action to activate. If the witness succeeds. the mortal will convince herself that the person had been standing on a nearby street corner instead of emerging from the building. you may spend a Gnosis to activate this Gift. she ignores the effect of the Urban Ward for the rest of its duration. Additionally. you receive a +5 wild card bonus. In addition. you hear a small signal that is only audible to you. “Is that all you’ve got?” When the chips are down. Gifts Page 31 . Activating this Gift grants you a +2 wild card bonus to that Willpower retest. Characters who are extremely familiar with the warded location are immune to the effects of this power. Note that Survivor cannot be used to augment retests that are not triggered by expending Willpower. For example. If the witness fails this Mental challenge.

and can travel from one locale to another in the blink of an eye. you may realize that you were observed at some point during the power’s oneminute activation period. Exceptional Success The effects of this power last for the next three hours. CLICHÉ CURSE The Bone Gnawers are masters of pop culture and love urban legends. any of the target’s significant non-combat actions will take twice as long to complete. rather than the standard hour. So long as you can find a spot where you can’t be seen. or telling the stories of popular workingclass heroes. Blink fails to activate. or spied upon by a supernatural power. These annoyances last for the next hour. If this power fails to activate. sharing pop culture memes. in the shadows of a dark alley. If you are seen by a pedestrian. such as inside an open dumpster. Focus [Wits] If you are present when the target of this Gift spends a Willpower to retest a failed challenge. Further. When you successfully activate this power. your victim is unable to spend Willpower to use combat maneuvers for the duration of this Gift. you may spend a Gnosis to cause her to automatically fail. System Focus on a location to which you intend to travel for one minute and spend a Gnosis to activate Blink. Once a Bone Gnawer masters this power. your target is plagued by petty annoyances and setbacks appropriate to a specific movie or urban legend. you vanish from your location and reappear within a few minutes’ walk of the desired target location. The target might run out of gas at inopportune times. recorded by a security camera. while under the effects of a Cliché Curse. you can use this Gift to blink into a different city location. expend a standard action. Characters using Blink always appear in an unobserved location and never appear inside of buildings or secured areas. or beneath a parked car. her cell phone may have trouble finding a connection when it is needed. she can convince the spirits that a specific target should be made to relive one of these clichés. You must be completely unobserved throughout the minute used to activate this Gift. suffering inconvenient and often humorous misfortunes. but Blink does not grant specific knowledge about how you were observed. If you succeed. Gifts Page 32 . and engage your target in a challenge using your Mental attribute + Subterfuge versus the target’s Mental attribute + Willpower. Test pool: Mental attribute + Subterfuge System Spend 1 Gnosis. In combat. They entertain each other at moots by talking about modern events. or she might accidently run into the one person she was trying to avoid.  BLINK You know the secret alleys and hidden paths through a city.

• Health Levels: Select a number of your Healthy or Injured health levels that are not currently filled with damage. With this Gift. if necessary to utilize the Gift. but your target must also avoid being observed by others while you activate this power.Focus [Perception] When you activate Blink. helping her in her time of need. thus potentially taking the ability away from the recipient before she can use it. because you never know when you will be the one down on your luck. the loaned Gnosis is always removed first. before the target spends any of her normal Gnosis. Note that the nature of these loaned health levels does not change. You lose access to these health levels. your target’s Gnosis pool increases by the amount you lost. actions. When the recipient spends Gnosis points. your target can use that Gift as though she had purchased it. For the duration of this power. or another Gift to an ally. Loaned health levels are always marked off before marking off a target’s standard health levels. Health levels that are loaned to a stock NPC are considered generic health levels. instead of the standard 3 Healthy and 3 Injured health levels. You and the individual you bring do not count as observers for the purpose of activating Blink. kinfolk. you may bring one willing individual with you. choose one of the following effects: • Gift: Select one of your Gifts (other than Friend in Need) and target a recipient. The target must use her own resources. your target’s health levels increase by the amount you lost.. • Gnosis: Select a number of your unspent points of Gnosis. You lose access to this Gnosis. You may end this power at any time by expending a simple action. a Garou can mystically lend Gnosis. When you activate this Gift. such as Gnosis. or supernatural creatures who are not Garou or Fera. Gifts Page 33 . you lose access to that Gift. if you give your target 2 Injured health levels. If you loan 1 or more health levels to an individual who is currently unconscious. Friend in Need cannot target mortals. Gnosis loaned in this way can exceed the target’s maximum Gnosis pool. she would have 3 Healthy and 5 Injured health levels. System Spend a Gnosis and expend a standard action to temporarily transfer some of your power to a willing Garou who is within one step of your location. They believe strongly in the strength of the community and in lending a hand to others. When Friend in Need expires. health levels. etc. For example. any loaned Gnosis that the target did not spend returns to you. the target immediately regains consciousness.  FRIEND IN NEED Bone Gnawers understand what it means to be down and out. This transference lasts for the next five minutes.

Focus [Wits] When you activate Friend in Need. and your Troll Skin ends.  VISAGE OF FENRIS The Great Wolf is said to be at his most terrifying when he is in combat. you may choose to utilize two of the listed effects. Get of Fenris Gifts  TROLL SKIN Legends tell of the Jotunn—giants born of ice and earth who terrorized the world. Test pool: Social attribute + Intimidation Gifts Page 34 . you have learned the ability to harden your skin and flesh until you possess endurance similar to these creatures of myth. Coming face-to-face with the Eater of the Sun shivers even the hardiest constitution. and can be activated during Rage rounds. The damage-reducing effects of Troll Skin do not stack. It is said by the tribe’s Galliards that these creatures had skin so thick that it could endure attacks from the mightiest weapons. or fails to inflict damage. If a character is a willing target of a second application of Friend in Need before the first application expires. the damage-reducing effect of Troll Skin fades after five minutes. they remain filled with the same type of damage when they return to you. and their fear gives the Fenrir an advantage. Troll Skin does not require an action. Those who have seen the Visage of Fenris find themselves deeply affected by it. you may spend 1 point of Gnosis to temporarily alter your skin and flesh into dense armor. System When you successfully hit with an attack that inflicts 1 or more points of damage. you may still activate Troll Skin by spending a simple action in addition to the power’s normal Gnosis cost. the older application immediately ends.If any of your loaned health levels are filled with damage when this power ends. instead of just one. Focus [Manipulation] When you make an attack that misses. As a Fenrir. If not used. the amount of damage you suffer is reduced by 1. The next time you are hit with a damaging attack. No character can receive benefits from more than one application of Friend in Need at a time.

Focus [Manipulation] When you utilize Redirect Pain.  REDIRECT PAIN Pain is a weakness of the soul reflected in the body. Engage a target in a challenge. you automatically hit that target without attempting a challenge. and inflict 1 point of normal damage on that attacker. you can spend 1 Gnosis. Exceptional Success If you score an exceptional success when activating Visage of Fenris. such as a target using the Resist Pain Gift. Additionally. the damage from Redirect Pain will fade after five minutes. the next time you physically attack the target. comprised of supernaturally augmented pain. Gifts Page 35 . This damage may not be reduced or negated. damage inflicted by this Gift fades after an hour. such as when using the Assist Attacker or Assist Defender combat tactics. it does not apply to challenges when you are assisting another primary attacker. If your target is immune to normal pain. if you score an exceptional success when activating this power. so long as you do not activate it more than once per turn. you can use this Gift in fierce retaliation. Focus [Charisma] The penalty that Visage of Fenris imposes on your target increases to -3. the Fenrir train their cubs from an early age to purge pain from their perception. the next time you physically attack your target. when someone inflicts damage on you. Additionally. This penalty fades after five minutes and only applies when you are a primary participant in the challenge. If you are struck in battle. This attack scores a normal success. instead of five minutes. System Once per turn. If you succeed. pitting your Social attribute + Intimidation against her Social attribute + Willpower. This damage is illusionary. she will overcome the damage inflicted by this Gift in only five turns. instead of -2. while still within the duration of this power. leveraging that pain into a weapon. To combat this. If the target is immune to normal pain. the damage fades after only 10 turns. you inflict 2 points of normal damage that cannot be reduced or negated. your automatic hit scores an exceptional success as opposed to a normal success. Redirect Pain can be used during Rage rounds.System Spend a point of Gnosis and expend your standard action. target your attacker. your target suffers a -2 penalty to her Physical attribute any time she attacks you or attempts to avoid a Physical attack initiated by you. hurling your agony into the enemy’s mind. If not healed. while still within the duration of this power.

They can use the Gift Wolf Senses. At the start of your initiative during the next Everyman round. a Get of Fenris can howl. They can use the Gift Sense the Balance once per turn. invoking the spirits of ancient warriors of the Get of Fenris. Additionally. System Spend 5 Gnosis and use your simple action to activate this power. the Wyrm. You cannot use this Gift if you are Wyrm-tainted. and they are absolutely willing to attack your allies. your base Physical attribute is doubled for the entire turn. They inflict aggravated damage with brawling (bite) attacks. but starting on your initiative during the next Everyman round. as well as powerful heroes from other mythologies. This power has no immediate effect. Focus [Charisma] The spirits summoned by this Gift are 5-point retainers. System Spend 3 Gnosis and a standard action to howl. and Survival specializations. and the Get know well that heroism can be found in all hearts. Spirits summoned by this Gift are 4-point Retainers with the following abilities: • • • • They have the Brawl. this power costs 1 Gnosis to activate. In addition to the abilities listed above. Investigation. Gifts Page 36 . Might of Thor only doubles your base Physical attribute and does not double bonuses from forms. they gain the Awareness specialization. calling directly upon the long-dead spirits of ancient Fenrir warriors to inspire you in the fight against your enemies. Dodge. or associated with. three spectral wolves appear—the lingering echoes of Get ancestors. SCIONS OF FENRIS Get of Fenris warriors are legendary in the tales of the Garou. If the need is great. if those individuals are tainted by the Wyrm in some way. powers. They will fight alongside you for the next five minutes. In recent days. They are feared by their enemies and lauded by their friends. This effect persists through all Rage rounds. or merits. These independent. the Fenrir have called upon the strength of the lightning-god to inspire them when all else fails. eager to kill anything tainted by. modern Fenrir have expanded the call of this Gift to include female deities such as Sigyn. fierce warriors do not understand subtlety or political nuances. The courage of immortals springs from many societies. if you are fighting alone against multiple Wyrm-tainted foes. until the start of the next turn. instead of the standard 3 Gnosis. and they can sharpen their senses by spending a standard action.  MIGHT OF THOR For generations. without spending Gnosis or using an action.

Focus [Charisma] While under the effect of Might of Thor. This retest can be used before or after the normal Willpower retest. While this Gift is active. If another individual is watching you when you activate this Gift. If you talk. The Might of Thor retest can be used during Rage rounds. If she looks away for more than a few seconds (one turn in combat). This power does not work on Umbral spirits. and is an exception to the rule limiting retests to one per challenge. Blur of the Milky Eye immediately ends. If the Wolf Senses user is successful. Blur of the Milky Eye and Wolf Senses A Garou using the Gift Wolf Senses can attempt to use her sharpened senses to pierce Blur of the Milky Eye. or breathing—will be ignored. the observer automatically sees through this power. you receive a free Physical retest once per turn when making a Brawl or Melee attack. Electronic equipment. allowing you to pass unnoticed. will record your presence as a blur or a ghost image. Galliard Test Pool: Mental attribute + Willpower or Mental attribute + Stealth (defensive. and you will become visible to all. Blur of the Milky Eye will fail. fragrances. but only once per turn. or take any action that requires a challenge. You and all inanimate objects on your person become invisible to anyone who was not looking at you when you used Blur of the Milky Eye. Affinities: Ragabash. Blur of the Milky Eye cannot be used to make another character invisible. she will automatically lose track of you. The Blur of the Milky Eye user may opt to use her Mental attribute + Stealth as a defensive test pool rather than her Mental attribute + Willpower. and it only works so long as you are attempting to avoid notice. touch someone. The Wolf Senses user must test using her Mental attribute + Investigation versus the Blur of the Milky Eye user’s Mental attribute + Willpower. user’s choice) System Spend a Gnosis and expend a standard action. produce an outlandish odor. They hide your presence from others. even if that character is unconscious or dead. If you place other characters in a position where they must logically acknowledge your existence. General Gifts  BLUR OF THE MILKY EYE You’ve learned to harness spirits of light and stealth. forcing them to work together to render you invisible to observers. minimal effects of your presence—such as minute sounds. such as cameras. Gifts Page 37 . she pierces the Blur of the Milky Eye. This power relies upon stealth.

 MIND WEB The Weaver has ensnared the world in her web. sending brief mental messages to anyone you can see. you can use Gaia’s energy to heal others by laying hands upon their wounds. connecting us through technology more than ever before. With this Gift. images.  MOTHER’S TOUCH Gaia’s world may be wounded and the Mother herself in a state of weary rest. or memories. You can establish this connection so long as the individual is within the same city (a 50-mile radius of your location) and plane of existence. even if the target is not within your line of sight. Once your telepathic web has been established. Bringing new members into a Mind Web does not require further expenditure of Gnosis and can be done at any point after the first connection has been established. Affinities: Theurge. Once this connection has been established. You’ve learned to leverage this situationto your advantage. Philodox System Spend 1 Gnosis and expend a simple action to create a telepathic connection with a single willing subject in your line of sight.Focus [Wits] This Gift also masks your presence from machines and Umbral spirits. You can commandeer a private branch of the Weaver’s web to allow for private. telepathic conversations. all the participants may communicate freely and silently as long as they remain within 10 miles and on the same plane of existence. Philodox System Spend 1 point of Gnosis and use your standard action to heal a point of normal or aggravated damage. verbal messages and does not transmit thoughts. by spending one simple action per person you intend to include. so long as they are willing and within your line of sight. Affinities: Galliard. Once a link has been created. Gifts Page 38 . Focus [Intelligence] You can include any willing character in your Mind Web by spending a simple action. The maximum number of individuals included in a Mind Web is equal to the user’s dots of the Awareness skill. You can only target this Gift on an individual who is within one step of you. but her gentle kindness can still be channeled by those who love her best. This link is limited to short. you and your target may communicate via telepathic whispers. you may include new members in the Mind Web.

but will re-exert itself one minute after you leave combat. In addition. see MET: Vampire the Masquerade. Affinities: Ahroun. Metis System Spend 1 point of Gnosis and use your standard action to sharpen your claws on a hard surface. while this Gift is active. This Gift is always active when you are in a form that has claws: Glabro. instead of the standard 1. page 516.Focus [Intelligence] When you activate Mother’s Touch. you heal 2 points of normal or aggravated damage. conviction. and the ability to persuade. After all. Persuasion ends immediately if you enter any stage of Rage frenzy. leadership—even among wolves—is more than a matter of simple domination. Deadly. Gifts Page 39 . Focus [Manipulation] Your Persuasion is active by default and doesn’t require the expenditure of Gnosis or an action. Hispo. (For more information about these Equipment Qualities.  PERSUASION Although most Garou are not known for their social decorum. choose one of the following Melee weapon qualities and add it to all of your clawbased Brawl attacks for the next five minutes: Accurate. This Gift stacks with the Natural Weapons merit.  RAZOR CLAWS By raking your claws over a surface such as stone or concrete. or Crinos. allowing your claws to have a total of two weapon qualities. Homid System Spend a Gnosis and expend your simple action to increase your Social attribute by 1 for the next hour. Disabling. or Fast. you can hone and shape them like knives. Your Persuasion ends if you make a Physical attack. mortals are inclined to be sympathetic or even friendly to you. This allows your claws to temporarily become even more devastating weapons. Affinities: Philodox. It requires finesse. When you activate Razor Claws.) Focus [Intelligence] You do not need to spend Gnosis or an action to use Razor Claws. some werewolves dedicate themselves to the political arts of diplomacy and compromise. regardless of the amount of Rage you possess. Chapter Thirteen: Influences and Equipment. Armor Piercing.

as well as what type of creature she is. wound penalties.” Additionally. and torture. most Garou and natural settings are associated with the Wyld. withstanding pain that would bring a mortal to her knees. If you succeed. and Lupus Test pool: Mental attribute + Awareness System Spend a Gnosis and expend a standard action to make an opposed challenge against your target using your Mental attribute + Awareness versus the target’s Mental attribute + Willpower.  SENSE THE BALANCE The world is created in balance—the balance between Weaver. ghoul. such as werewolf. Gaia’s children can learn to toughen themselves beyond imagining. there is no time for rest or for weakness. With concentration. the Weaver. or the Wyrm. If your perception is keen enough. Humans and urban environments are normally associated with the Weaver. Gifts Page 40 . and vampires are typically associated with the Wyrm. and Wyrm. even to the extent of identifying a creature’s type. Theurge. kinfolk. you can automatically determine if any object or location within 15 steps of you is associated with the Wyld. Note that if your character has no familiarity with a certain creature type. Affinities: Philodox. you can determine whether that character is most associated with the Wyld. or the Wyrm. Affinities: Ahroun. Focus [Wits] Spend a Gnosis and use your standard action to make an individual within one step of you immune to pain and torture for the next hour. or bane. fae. Wyld. Black Spiral Dancers. vampire. you even determine fine nuances of that balance. RESIST PAIN When the world is in jeopardy. Philodox System You are immune to pain. you can pierce the veil of reality to discern if a place or an object has a certain affinity for one aspect of the Triat over the others. The body must be as resistant as stone. Banes. the Storyteller may simply describe facets of the creature rather than answering with detailed information: “It seems to be a creature that drinks blood and only comes out at night. able to stand even the greatest agonies without flinching. the Weaver.

while touch. Wyld. Affinities: Theurge. Eyesight and hearing sharpen to twice mortal limits. Wolf Senses provides only a vague warning that something or someone is near. your character sharpens her senses even further. Focus [Perception] You receive a +5 bonus to your test pool for using Sense the Balance. When a character with Wolf Senses comes within two steps of an individual hidden by supernatural concealment. you ignore effects of that power. and to understand sounds too quiet for normal people to hear.Exceptional Success You can also sense if your target has recently been to a place associated with the Weaver. Lupus Test pool: Mental attribute + Investigation System Once learned. you may make an opposed challenge using your Mental attribute + Investigation versus the target’s Mental attribute + Willpower to see any person or object hidden with supernatural powers. You gain the the scent-tracking abilities of Lupus form. so long as they were generated by the target you defeated in the Mental challenge. When something blinds you. even when you are in other forms. Wolf Senses is always active. characters who cannot see while in combat must use the Fighting Blind combat maneuver to attack an opponent.  WOLF SENSES You can extend your physical senses well beyond that of a human or even a typical wolf. Gifts Page 41 . or Wyrm. your smell or hearing can provide adequate compensation for the loss of vision. even in total darkness. You have the ability to see clearly. although she does not know who or precisely where to find that someone. smell. Your olfactory senses are strong enough to identify familiar people or substances by scent alone. even if she is not within your line of sight or if she is concealed by a supernatural power. you can sense her exact location for the next hour. if you achieve an exceptional success against your target. such as Blur of the Milky Eye. If you spend 1 point of Gnosis and take a standard action. If you pierce a supernatural power in this way. You will automatically notice any objects mundanely hidden within line of sight. you can fight without needing the Fighting Blind combat maneuver. Normally. for the next five minutes. and taste become acute enough to discern even the smallest details with ease. as well as to discern the true nature of illusionary objects or objects (or people) disguised by supernatural powers. Further. Additionally. the character with Wolf Senses automatically realizes that someone is nearby. So long as your character’s sense of hearing or smell is unimpaired.

You have the ability to force a pack-like unity on a crowd of people. Galliard System When you gain a point of Rage. but they must listen as long as you continue talking. anyone within hearing must listen to you. and you cannot activate this power again for the Gifts Page 42 .  CALM THE HEART Rage is both a gift and a curse to werewolves. It poisons the soul while it strengthens the body. rather than a standard action. you may spend a point of Gnosis to give her the option to avoid gaining Rage. or leave. Galliard System Command the Gathering lasts for one full turn for each dot of the Performance skill you possess or until you stop talking. Affinities: Philodox. You cannot force others to like you or talk to you. you automatically pierce any supernatural concealment (or illusion) created by the same individual for the next hour. talk reasonably. Though it may allow a Garou to win battles. Further. the long-term cost of indulging one’s Rage can be devastating. Focus [Charisma] When another character within your line of sight gains Rage.Exceptional Success If you score an exceptional success when seeing through supernatural concealment. Once Command the Gathering expires. your target has the option to reduce her current Rage by up to 2 points. While this power is active. one’s Rage must be vented if the Garou is to survive. You can’t actively control these people (they aren’t your slaves). Focus [Perception] A Perception-focused individual sharpens her senses by spending a simple action. Calm the Heart does not require an action. or until you reach the maximum duration allowed by your Performance skill. Sometimes.  COMMAND THE GATHERING The instincts of a mob are different than the strategic actions of a well-trained pack. you may spend a second point of Gnosis to reduce your current Rage by up to 2 points. but can only be used once per turn. but you do have the ability to sway their actions through well-chosen words. you can immediately spend a point of Gnosis to avoid that Rage gain. If you spend a second point of Gnosis. opponents can attack you normally. forcing them remain calm and consider your words. No character can be affected by more than one application of Calm the Heart per turn. Affinities: Ragabash.

Touching an opponent in this manner requires a challenge utilizing your Physical attribute + Brawl versus the target’s Physical attribute + Dodge. Focus [Manipulation] Instead of moving your target two steps. No one can attack while this Gift is active. Focus [Manipulation] Using your own supernatural powers on yourself does not break your Command the Gathering. learning technology and science as though the students were part of the web. your target is knocked two steps away in a direction of your choosing and lands prone. You’ve learned to overwhelm the Weaver’s spiritual connection to technology by spiritually injecting elements of the Wyld—gremlin spirits that love to cause chaos and minor destruction. Those who master this gift know that Gaia’s gentleness is also a weapon. Theurge Gifts Page 43 . She loses her standard and simple actions during her next initiative. Ragabash. you can move her two steps plus one per level of the Brawl skill you possess. and her smallest movement can bring victory. Your allies are not exempt from Command the Gathering. Affinities: Ahroun. Affinities: Homid.  JAM TECHNOLOGY Humanity keeps close ties with the Weaver. Command the Gathering ends immediately. Exceptional Success The target is too stunned to act immediately after the Falling Touch impacts her flesh. Ragabash Test pool: Physical attribute + Brawl System Spend 1 point of Gnosis and expend your standard action as you touch an opponent with the palm of your hour. use a supernatural power. and where a single touch can paralyze flesh and bone. If you attack. nor those whose strength lifts mountains. If you succeed. Such respect belongs to those who understand how water breaks stone. or attempt to move away from aggressors. The target still lands prone. Technology is a means by which the Weaver seeks to bring order into the world.  FALLING TOUCH The most powerful of martial artists are not those who rage and fury.

the focused version of this power can be used to give that target a second point of Gnosis. This Gift can only affect one device at a time. stories. and myths have always been able to touch the heart and soothe the soul. Philodox System Spend 1 point of Gnosis and expend your standard action to encourage your allies with an inspirational tale or song. you can maintain several applications of Jam Technology simultaneously. though Song of Heroes still cannot raise an individual’s Gnosis pool above her maximum. or a camera. your first use of Jam Technology ends. a computer. or knife. such as a vehicle. You know well the old tales—and many new ones. Focus [Intelligence] Your uses of Jam Technology last for one hour instead of five minutes. If one or more of your targets benefited from a use of Song of Heroes that resulted in the target gaining 1 (and only 1) point of Gnosis previously in the same hour. such as a hammer. Gifts Page 44 . within 20 steps. such as a mobile phone. replenishing their spirit during difficult times. Choose a number of individuals equal to or less than the number of dots you possess in your highest Performance skill (minimum 1). You cannot target simple equipment. Song of Heroes cannot raise a character’s Gnosis pool above her maximum. or a gun. You can maintain a number of applications of Jam Technology equal to your level of the Academics skill. or mechanical device. with this Gift. Those who listen to your words find themselves healed in both mind and soul. Further. each target regains 2 Gnosis rather than the standard 1.  SONG OF HEROES Songs.System Spend 1 Gnosis and expend a standard action to use Jam Technology on any electronic device. Additionally. revolver. The targeted device is unable to properly function for the next five minutes. a clock. No character can benefit from more than one use of Song of Heroes per hour. or until you release it from your influence. Focus [Appearance] Appearance-focused individuals can affect a number of targets equal to twice the number of dots they possess of their highest Performance skill. if you choose to affect a second device. Affinities: Galliard. Each of these individuals immediately regains 1 Gnosis.

its material body is destroyed. Affinities: Theurge. Power: The spirit has a Gnosis pool of 5 and possesses a single Rank 1 Gift chosen by your Storyteller. It cannot be harmed by Physical attacks. Intangible: The spirit is intangible.  SUMMON MINOR SPIRIT A Garou is a friend to the spirits. you can tap into that fury. Its Brawl attack test pools receive a +5 wild card bonus. When the need arises. If a manifested spirit takes damage equal to its NPC rating. and the spirit inflicts 2 points of normal damage with Brawl attacks. within one step of you. a Gaffling—and ask it to perform a service on your behalf. and it will attempt to fulfill your verbal requests for the rest of the night. pushing your body past its limits. but it also cannot affect the physical world. Focus [Charisma] You can spend a Gnosis and expend your simple action to use Stoking Fury’s Furnace on another individual. you can spend a point of Gnosis to gain a point of Rage. No character can be affected by more than one application of Stoking Fury’s Furnace per turn. It returns to the Umbra. Philodox System Spend 1 Gnosis and expend a standard action to summon a minor spirit and cause it to manifest in the physical world. Its Dodge-based defense test pools receive a +5 wild card bonus. Fierce: The spirit is small but fierce. With the use of this Gift. Stoking Fury’s Furnace does not require an action. STOKING FURY’S FURNACE You’ve trained your heart to endure the Rage that flows through your blood. This can be dangerous. Affinities: Ahroun. you can summon a minor spirit—typically. Galliard System At the beginning of your initiative. immediately ending this power’s effect. listening to and working with Gaia’s children in all their forms. but can only be used once per turn. Spirits summoned by this power are considered rating 2 Stock NPCs. giving your target the option to gain a point of Rage. Page 45 . with two skill specializations and one of the following special abilities: • • • • Gifts Fast: The spirit is especially good at avoiding attacks. That spirit is your ally. but sometimes the risk is worth the reward.

Theurge Test pool: Mental attribute + Occult System Spend a point of Gnosis and expend your standard action to summon spirts of fire and ask them to attack your enemies. Yet. for those who can control it. Exceptional Success A successful use of Master of Fire inflicts 4 points of aggravated damage. you can spend a Gnosis to convert that damage from aggravated to normal. With this Gift. By calling upon the wild spirits of the inferno. Focus [Intelligence] You activate Gaia’s Touch by spending your standard action and 3 points of Gnosis. They have three skill specializations and two special abilities from the above list. rather than the standard 5. fire is also a powerful friend. Affinities: Homid. a werewolf can cause motes of fire to manifest from her hand. you can use this power on any character that you can see. Additionally. Focus [Wits] When you take damage from fire. Gifts Page 46 . This effect does not require an action and can be done at any time. Galliard System Spend 5 points of Gnosis and expend your standard action to heal 5 points of damage—normal or aggravated. in any combination—on an individual within one step of you. a werewolf can call upon the mother’s sorrow and love for her children. instead of the standard 3. sending them racing toward an enemy with but one goal: to burn anything they touch. If you succeed in a challenge using your Mental attribute + Occult versus the target’s Physical attribute + Dodge.Focus [Manipulation] Your summoned spirits are rating 3. cleansing a target of her injuries with but a moment’s prayer.  GAIA’S TOUCH The tears of Mother Gaia are powerful things. capable of washing a wounded spirit clean. Affinities: Theurge.  MASTER OF FIRE It can be said that flame is a dangerous weapon. you inflict 3 points of aggravated damage. even before your turn in the initiative order.

Select a number of allies up to the number of dots you possess of the Leadership skill. Affinities: Ahroun. You are almost always the first to strike. Multiple applications of Pack Tactics do not stack. Affinities: Ahroun. you may choose to spend another standard action to continue howling or speaking. With your guidance. Once activated. The user may perform this standard action every turn thereafter. At the start of your next Everyman turn. This symbolic gesture unifies the instincts and spirits of your allies. This additional combat tactic can be used during a Rage round. calling you to great and heroic deeds. Pack Tactics still requires a standard action and a Gnosis to activate initially. she will have to spend a Gnosis and a standard action to reenact the Gift thereafter. PACK TACTICS Wolves instinctually fight using pack tactics. Focus [Perception] The effects of Spirit of the Fray last for a number of turns equal to twice your dots of the Investigation skill. a diverse group can truly fight as one. Gifts Page 47 . Spirit of the Fray gives you a +10 bonus to initiative for a number of turns equal to the number of dots you possess of the Investigation skill (minimum 1). your lightning-fast reflexes guided by the spirit of fire within your heart. working together as a unified force. Until the start of your next Everyman turn. but if she chooses not to continue the power on a given turn. Lupus System Spend 1 Gnosis to activate Spirit of the Fray. Your commanding will inspires others to fight like a pack. rather than a standard action. each character targeted by Pack Tactics gains one free use of the Assist Attacker or Assist Defender combat tactics. Philodox System Spend 1 point of Gnosis and expend a standard action to howl or speak words of encouragement. You may spend this point of Gnosis and activate this power at any time—even before your turn in the initiative order. the effects of this Gift continue as if the Gift were enacted this turn. Focus [Manipulation] You can sustain the effect of Pack Tactics by using a simple action each Everyman round. encouraging them to fight as a united force. but only one such action can be used each turn.  SPIRIT OF THE FRAY The glory of battle resounds within your blood. If you do.

This ward is invisible and intangible to most creatures. it extends up to 10 steps in every direction. preventing any minor spirits from entering or even perceiving what is happening within the warded area. Philodox System Spend 1 Gnosis and expend a standard action to sketch or scratch a protective sigil into the ground or other solid object. Because of this dedication. you can create a ward to defend an area against such malicious spirits. Spirit Ward lasts one hour. You are Garou. raised to fight and to die in the defense of the Great Mother. Affinities: Philodox. or until the user chooses to spend a simple action to end the power. but is solid to spirits. rather than for the standard one-hour duration. Incarna or Celestine spirits are too powerful to be hindered by this Gift. a squirrel. Focus [Manipulation] Your Spirit Ward lasts for the remainder of the game session. Affinities: Lupus. extending five steps in every direction from the sigil at its center.  THOUSAND FORMS Stories of tricksters changing shape are common across most cultures. Strength of Purpose does not require an action.  STRENGTH OF PURPOSE You relish battle and look forward to it as part of your destiny within Gaia’s world. and Jagglings that have full character sheets. or a cat. This power works on Stock NPC spirits and on Englings. The ward created by this ritual is spherical. creating an active node of Gaia’s magic that will ward a small area. Further. Focus [Manipulation] You heal 3 points of damage—normal or aggravated—rather than the standard 1. a fish. With a little work. such as a small bird. and simply ignore it. you are among the first of Gaia’s warriors into battle—and the last to retreat. Affinities: Theurge. Theurge Gifts Page 48 . but once triggered. you automatically heal 1 point of damage— normal or aggravated—and immediately regain 1 spent Willpower. You can change your shape into any small animal. and you see this calling as a glorious duty rather than a burden. it cannot be triggered again for five minutes. Gafflings. Some are clever spies and adroit saboteurs. SPIRIT WARD Not all spirits are warriors or wise shamans. Ragabash. Galliard System When you take damage in your Incapacitated wound track.

rather than a standard action. Glabro. nor can it be combined with a Garou’s standard forms: Homid. causing her opponents to lose control of their physical forms and assume whatever form this power’s user demands. • Climbing: You receive a +5 bonus to climb. or Crinos forms. You may end the transformation at any time by expending a simple action. • Vicious: Your Physical attribute is not reduced when making Physical attacks. There is no limit to the number of times you may shift back and forth. Focus [Wits] Once this power has been activated. you must reactivate the power and pay the costs again. Gifts Page 49 . unable to shift again for a short while. choosing a specific form each time you use this Gift. rather than the standard +3 bonus. you cannot move on land at all while in this form. Hispo. and cannot be combined with other transformative powers. While transformed. Thousand Forms is a transformative power. overwriting the previous use of Thousand Forms. but your movement speed on land is reduced to one step per action. Lupus.System Spend a point of Gnosis and expend a standard action to change into any kind of small animal. You can possess one of the following bonuses. she must transform into it. but if you wish to adopt a new small animal form. so long as it fits the theme of your chosen form: • Agile: You receive a +5 bonus to your Dodge-based defense test pools.  FORCED TRANSFORMATION Gaia’s foremost gift to her children is the power to change shape. With this Gift. When you end this transformation. you can shift into the form you chose at any time during the rest of the game session by spending a simple action. your Physical attribute is halved when making Physical attacks. • Aquatic: You swim at normal movement speed. at your Storyteller’s discretion. remaining trapped in that body. So long as the target can achieve the chosen shape. but you receive a +3 wild card bonus to Dodge-based defense test pools due to your small size. you revert to your breed form. you can move nine steps a round instead of the standard six. and you can climb as a simple action. a werewolf can seize control of that ability. • Fast: If you expend both your simple and standard actions on movement. while in this form. Alternately.

Affinities: Philodox. If the target is unwilling.  GNAW You have the ability to bite through wood. When you force a target to transform using this power. Forced Transformation has no effect on creatures that cannot change form. and even steel given enough time and motivation. your bite attacks gain the Brutal melee weapon quality. and your fangs turn into horrendous. the user must have previously seen the target transform into that shape in order to target her with this power. Focus [Wits] The user of Forced Transformation may decide to remove the target’s restriction against changing shape for the two turns following a successful use of this power. your jaw becomes grotesque in proportion. you must beat her in a challenge using your Social attribute + Leadership versus the target’s Social attribute + Willpower. Alternately. Affinities: Lupus. ragged tools of destruction. with sufficient time. instead of the standard two turns. Regardless of whether the target is willing. Because the user of this power names the specific form that the target must assume. she cannot voluntarily change shape for two full turns after a successful use of this power. there is nothing that you cannot chew through. the user of Forced Transformation can prevent the target from voluntarily changing shape for a number of turns equal to the user’s dots of the Leadership skill (minimum 2). To bite an opponent. but it may be used on nonGarou with transformative powers. Gifts Page 50 . concrete. offering extreme leverage and toughness—and potentially inflicting frightening levels of damage on any enemies you bite. Under the effects of Gnaw. Gnaw extends and increases the size of your maw to monstrous proportions. In addition. Theurge Test pool: Social attribute + Leadership System Spend a point of Gnosis and expend your standard action to force another individual who is capable of changing forms to change her shape into one you choose. use your standard action and make a contested challenge using your Physical attribute + Brawl versus your opponent’s Physical attribute + Dodge. While this Gift is in effect. You can chew through steel chains using a standard action and gnaw your way through a reinforced concrete wall in a few minutes. the target changes shape without expending an action or resources. Metis System Spend a point of Gnosis and expend a standard action to activate Gnaw.

If you succeed in this challenge. However. the free-spirited mirth in your heart allows you an attempt to resist. posturing. If your target is a Garou or Fera. cajole. By glaring into your opponent’s eyes. you can inflect terror into her heart and force her to submit to your will. Affinities: Ragabash. The most primitive—and arguably the most important—of these dominance challenges is the stare down. To use Snarl of the Predator. A shape shifter who chooses this option must do so during her next action. and she actively seeks to avoid your presence and fears your anger for the rest of the evening. You’ve learned to mimic his ways. Any time someone tries to supernaturally command. The target cannot willingly come within 5 steps of you for this power’s duration. and she must continue to submit for two full turns. and you must make some sort of display of strength and dominance. unless you attack her first. or raising hackles in your fur. and then make an opposed challenge using your Social attribute + Intimidation versus the target’s Social attribute + Willpower. or force you to act against your will. mocking anyone who tries to command him. Philodox Test Pool: Social attribute + Intimidation System Spend a point of Gnosis and expend a standard action.  SNARL OF THE PREDATOR Wolves struggle for dominance through tests of strength and will. Focus [Charisma] When you invoke Laugh of the Hyena during a retest.Focus [Wits] Your Gnaw is particularly efficient. or gnaw through a reinforced wall in one minute. Your bite attacks gain the Deadly melee weapon quality. You can bite through a steel chain using a simple action. your target immediately flees in terror for five minutes. Gifts Page 51 . Affinities: Ahroun. She cannot attack you for the next five minutes. you must have your target’s focus (see Gaze and Focus. you can spend a point of Gnosis to gain a +5 bonus to your defensive test pool for that retest attempt. in addition to the Brutal quality. you immediately regain the Willpower spent for that retest. Galliard System When you spend a Willpower to retest a Mental or Social power that attempts to change your behavior or influence your emotions.  LAUGH OF THE HYENA Hyena laughs. she may choose to kneel or roll over onto her back instead of fleeing. such as growling. page 64).

If the target is attacked. Targets of your Chant of Serenity may choose to lose up to 3 points of Rage. and may instead activate this power with a dedicated stare. you can suppress others’ Rage. even by you.she is not forced to flee or to stay away from you.  CHANT OF SERENITY Rage festers long after the battle is won and enemies are defeated. Each target regains up to 2 points of Rage. This Gift can be either a mighty aid or a curse upon those who use Rage to fuel their fighting prowess. Affinities: Philodox. rather than 2. and submission lasts for five turns instead of two. Each target heals a point of damage—aggravated or normal—and each target may choose to lose up to 2 points of Rage. Whatever the means. you can inspire others to fight. Choose a number of targets up to the number of dots you possess of the Empathy skill (minimum 1). she can defend herself normally. quieting their spirits and bringing calm to their hearts. No character can be affected by more than one application of Chant of Serenity per turn. Additionally. rather than more visible aggressive behaviors. Choose a number of targets up to the number of dots you possess of the Intimidation skill (minimum 1).  HEART OF FURY You have the ability to inspire Rage in your allies. Focus [Manipulation] You are so potent that you may forgo the traditional means of enacting Snarl of the Predator. Focus [Charisma] You may choose a number of targets equal to twice the number of dots you possess of the Empathy skill. Galliard System Spend a point of Gnosis and expend your standard action to use Heart of Fury. Exceptional Success If you achieve an exceptional success when attempting to use this power. When you have the need to do so. Galliard System Spend a point of Gnosis and expend your standard action to use Chant of Serenity. or perhaps you are a mighty warrior capable of galvanizing others into feats of bravery. the effects last for one hour instead of five minutes. Perhaps you can weave brave tales or sing spirited songs in order to rally troops. Affinities: Theurge. the first time Heart of Fury affects a character during a combat Gifts Page 52 .

• Vicious: You receive an additional +1 bonus to Brawl-based attack test pools. but if you let it. • Defensive Spikes: You are covered with spikes or barbs. Mortals will die within three turns unless they receive medical attention. she regains 1 Willpower. Focus [Charisma] You may choose a number of targets equal to twice the number of dots you possess of the Intimidation skill. Select two of the following qualities when you activate this Gift: • Agile: Your muscles and joints shift in awkward and extraordinary ways. transforming into a hideous. Affinities: Ahroun. Anyone who hits you with a Brawl attack takes 2 points of normal damage. ancient version of Crinos that is barely recognizable as wolf or human—this form is truly a monster. Metis System While in Crinos form. This agony prevents any form of activity other than screaming helplessly. You can spend a simple action to automatically escape from a Grapple. Once transformed. You gain a +1 bonus to Dodge-based defensive test pools.scenario. Creation changes your spirit. No character can be affected by more than one application of Heart of Fury per turn. Gifts Page 53 .  WYLD’S UNDREAMT FURY The Wyld is the soul of creation. • Tough: Your skin becomes mutated into tough scaly armor with extra bulk that gains you 2 additional Healthy wound levels. This bonus stacks with the normal bonus gained from Crinos form. you cannot leave this form for at least five minutes after your initial transformation. spend a point of Gnosis and expend a standard action to mutate further. primordial beast. • Poisonous: Mortals struck by your Brawl attacks are immediately wracked with pain. Penalties from the Poisonous quality are not cumulative. Supernatural creatures affected by your poison suffer a -2 penalty to their Physical attribute for the next hour. By using this Gift. a werewolf can channel her Rage and push her shape beyond her Crinos form. • Slick: Your body is slick and hairless. transforming her flesh into a massive. its joyous inception entirely at odds with a werewolf’s Rage. the spirit of flow and rebirth can give extraordinary strength.

or Crinos forms. rather than two.Wyld’s Undreamt Fury is a transformative power. Focus [Wits] You can select three qualities from the chart. nor can it be combined with a Garou’s standard forms: Homid. Lupus. Hispo. Gifts Page 54 . and cannot be combined with other transformative powers. Glabro.

You may purchase up to 7 points of merits. you can create your character and play without adding any to your sheet. BONE GNAWERS Blessing of Mother Rat (1 point merit) Rat has bestowed her personal blessing on you. and is an exception to the rule limiting retests to one per challenge. Jury-Rigging (2 point merit) With a little creative scrounging. pollution. This rule encourages players to make significant choices about the qualities that make a character unique. Each merit and flaw has a specific XP cost associated with it. granting you immunity to poison. Mother Rat ensures that you can fight to survive. A character cannot have Rugged multiple times. plus some moxie. reducing any damaging or debilitating effects by half. REPEATED MERITS Unless otherwise stated in the mechanics of a merit. or kinfolk. gaining a plethora of additional health levels. you can repair or temporarily modify machinery using common or inexpensive substitutes. The blessing provides a resistance to Wyrm Taint. even if the kinfolk’s lineage is associated with that tribe. If you don’t see any that suit your character. but can only be used once in a given turn. you cannot purchase a specific merit more than once. toxins. This effect can be used during Rage rounds. These qualities allow you to customize your character by specifying particular advantages that give added depth and personality. no matter the odds. This retest can be used before or after the normal Willpower retest. a character can never have more than 7 points of merits at any time. However. Merits are optional. and even radiation. Further. Once per combat. These merits are not available to adopted members. This number indicates the points needed to purchase a merit or the points you will receive for taking a flaw. you gain an extra retest to resist it. if an attack would knock your Health Levels to Incapacitated. You must spend1 Merits Page 55 .Merits Overview Merits are special advantages that help distinguish a character and show the effects of her history and ongoing story. Tribal Merits Each tribe has a list of merits that are available only to werewolves born into that tribe. allies.

court house.point of Gnosis to activate Jury-Rigging. whether mortal or supernatural. but he don’t bother anyone. you are immune to all wound penalties. you can draw on the similarities between certain mechanical items. As long as you are on the streets in an urban environment. you could add the Customized quality to a laptop or the Brutal quality to a wrench that you plan to use as an improvised weapon. and you are actively attempting to blend into a crowd. you can Jury-Rig it with duct tape or parts from another vehicle. Anything Jury-Rigged works for an hour. you remain unnoticed and undetected by mundane and supernatural perception. For example. He’s from the neighborhood. GET OF FENRIS Skaldi’s Resolve (1 point merit) Fear is a sickness of the soul. The Common Man cannot be activated if you are being actively observed or if you are interacting with another sentient being. even if the vehicles are extremely dissimilar. to bypass the need for a specific unique item. or actively demonstrating supernatural powers. but then returns to its natural state of disrepair or incompatibility. police blockages.” In addition. Merits Page 56 . “That’s just Billy. The Common Man (3 point merit) Bone Gnawers have learned to attune themselves to the spirit of a city and mask their feral natures to become a true part of the neighborhood. For example. The Fenrir train their cubs to purify this weakness. In addition. such as using parts from a motorboat to fix a semi-truck. acting outlandishly. you may spend a point of Gnosis to temporarily add a quality to any piece of equipment you can hold in your hand (with the exception of Flashy or Masterwork)—the quality persists for an hour. While using this power. and even the sewers to avoid traffic jams. likes to carry around metal pipes. You have mastered your fear by swallowing it with your Rage. In addition. Kind of a strange one. and you need a specific part to fix the engine. or shelter. you have the ability to travel freely through the city via back streets. but does include any public building such as a library. All keys become skeleton keys in the hands of a Garou with Jury-Rigging. alleys. humans will justify your presence as long as you are not actively hurting anyone. Further. You are immune to all fear-based supernatural powers. if your truck breaks down. or anything mundane that would prevent you from getting to your destination. such as Snarl of the Predator. such as keys. Note that this ability does not extend to private or secured buildings. unless the user expends another point of Gnosis.

This effect does not require an action or a challenge to activate. even if they manage to successfully Fair Escape away from you. unless otherwise stated in the merit. lest they suffer from your honor’s backlash. For example. you cannot choose Accurate twice in order to receive a +4 bonus. If you already have that power. You cannot be surprised (see Surprise Action. you cannot use this merit to apply an offhand sword’s quality when using a pistol’s ranged attack. you can use the qualities of your main weapon and one of the qualities from a second weapon in your off hand. You automatically detect intruders or active threats inside of the Circle of Eihwaz. either by rendering you Incapacitated or removing you from the Circle of Eihwaz. smell. You cannot use the same bonus twice in a single challenge. Those who dare to attack you via physical or supernatural challenges must either defeat you or honorably surrender. Honor’s Revenge (3 point merit) The Fenrir believe in a code that defines their lives. suffer 3 points of aggravated damage. the area is known as a Circle of Eihwaz. This damage cannot be reduced or negated. hearing. you gain the effects of Wolf Senses. page 68) as long as you maintain your vigil. You may end your vigil at any time by simply leaving. Ambidextrous (2 point merit) Most people have a single dominant hand.The Vigil of Heimdallr (2 point merit) After declaring an oath of protection over a target location. When using this enhanced sense. you become mystically attuned to that small area. Once per turn. Both weapons must logically be able to hit your opponent in order to apply this advantage. and you gain an advantage from its use. when attacking with weapons (melee or firearms). touch. Those who voluntarily flee from you once so engaged. regardless of their tribe. thus. Enemies cannot flank you or sneak past you until they have defeated you. you may perform the Assist Defender combat maneuver without expending an action (even if you no longer have any remaining actions) to protect any ally who remains in the circle. limited to a radius of 15 steps. You can choose to augment your sight. you do not have to spend 1 point of Gnosis and take a standard action to sharpen your senses further. Ambidextrous can be used during Rage rounds. General Merits The following merits may be purchased by all werewolves. In addition. either the right or left. but can only be used once per Merits Page 57 . allowing both to augment your attack. or taste. Acute Sense (1 point merit) One of your senses is exceptionally sharp.

Once every five minutes. Even if you do not hold a position of leadership within your camp. This is both a benefit. and potentially a mild annoyance. Arcane (1 point merit) You are mystically shrouded from notice. misplaced. Code of Honor (2 point merit) You adhere to a personal code of ethics. Blasé (3 point merit) You’ve seen everything. The specifics of this code must have restrictions as well as ideals. and computer records randomly become corrupted.” “I must kneel and show respect to every Alpha.” “I cannot set foot on holy ground. This effect gives no benefit to Stealth and doesn’t handicap people who know you personally. see page 20 for Bone Gnawer camps and page 25 for Get of Fenris camps). you can expend a simple action to award her 1 point of Willpower. see Mind’s Eye Theatre: Vampire The Masquerade. or accidently erased. no matter how I feel about her personally. For more information on one-handed and two-handed weapons. Restrictions might include “I cannot allow a woman to be injured. or use a weapon. Chapter Thirteen: Influences and Equipment.” or “I can never own. Camp Dedication (2 point merit) You are an exceptionally active and dedicated member of your camp. (For more information. you tend to take responsibility and help those around you. People you interact with briefly will not remember your presence unless you have been specifically pointed out.turn. but individuals who you meet in passing have difficulty recalling details about who you are. the target only gains 1 point of Willpower. such as Snarl of the Predator. You are notoriously difficult to impress. A Code of Honor cannot replicate any moral or ethical restrictions your character must Merits Page 58 . You gain a free retest when resisting the effects of gifts that affect your emotions. Paper trails related to you disappear. No individual can gain more than 1 point of Willpower from this merit in the same five-minute period. and is an exception to the rule limiting retests to one per challenge. This retest can be used before or after the normal Willpower retest.” This code must be genuinely restrictive and must be approved by the Storyteller prior to play.” Ideals might include “I must always show generosity and charity. done everything. when another character who is a member of your tribe and camp spends a point of Willpower to attempt a retest.” or “I must accept any quest offered to me. such as other characters. carry. and you have a knack for looking at facts without emotional coloration. If multiple individuals with this merit attempt to use it on the same target. and been everywhere.

resisting torture. even under great duress. Your character must follow her code strictly. discovering secrets. Iron Will (3 point merit) By achieving a level of mental control worthy of martial arts masters or intensely dedicated scholars. when someone attempts to use a Social or Mental power to make you violate this personal Code of Honor. your test pool increases by 3. and powers that directly attempt to control you. you receive a +2 bonus to your Physical defense test pools. and barring a violent death. such as leaping from one moving car to another. When attempting exceptionally dangerous Physical actions. you have mastered a rigid thought structure. If you engage multiple opponents on your own. One per hour. You can assign Merits Page 59 . You are decades older than you appear. You can use this internal resolution to focus your mind. The ability to inflict aggravated damage with Brawl attacks is excluded and is not available to you while in Homid form. you lose access to this merit for two game sessions or one month. intimidation. Enhanced Lupus Form (1 point merit) Your Lupus form provides most of the benefits provided by Hispo form. you gain a +2 wild card bonus to your defensive test pool to resist that power. Longevity (1 point merit) Some quirk of the Change slowed down your aging process. your Storyteller can remove this merit without refund if you repeatedly violate this code. Loremaster (1 point merit) You are a veritable font of knowledge and have spent a great many years studying history. Enhanced Homid Form (1 point merit) Your Homid form provides most of the benefits provided by Glabro form. such as Snarl of the Predator. You gain a free retest when resisting the effects of powers that compel you to obey. and hoarding valuable information. if you willingly violate your personal Code of Ethics. you may live to be several hundred years old. Daredevil (2 point merit) You are good at taking risks and even better at surviving them. The ability to inflict aggravated damage with Brawl attacks is excluded and is not available to you while in Lupus form. whichever is greater.already maintain. Iron Will cannot be used to retest attempts to pierce Blur of the Milky Eye. This retest can be used before or after the normal Willpower retest and is an exception to the rule limiting retests to one per challenge. However.

ask your Storyteller for a clue about relevant plots. and Crinos forms are more effective than normal. nor does it give you any mystic ability to understand wraiths who cannot speak a language you know. Natural Weapons (2 point merit) The claws of your Glabro. Oracular Ability (2 point merit) You see omens of the future. Additionally. Choose one weapon quality from the following list when you purchase this merit: Accurate. Glabro. Natural Linguist (1 point merit) Some individuals have excellent minds for retention and association. you downgrade it to a normal success. You can use this benefit once every five minutes or once per combat. Armor Piercing. utilizing mystic boards. you lead a charmed existence. and you possess the natural affinity to see and hear ghosts. You can assign two language specializations for each dot of the Linguistics skill you purchase. as they provide hints of the future and warnings of the present.two Lore specializations for each dot of the Lore skill you purchase. and madmen. your Brawl attacks gain that quality’s benefit. fools. and occasionally glimpse your surroundings in the Shadowlands. Hispo or Lupus—without spending an action. Whatever the reason. You might use techniques such as casting the bones. Metamorph (2 point merit) You can shift into any form—Homid. rather than one. studying astrology. You can. Crinos. you are a channel to the Shadowlands. In Merits Page 60 . This merit does not grant any ability to control or command ghosts. once per game. Whether you rely on this luck or just fall into it. you receive a +3 bonus anytime you’re called upon to make a challenge using Linguistics. you receive a +3 bonus anytime you make a challenge using your Lore skill. Lucky (2 point merit) Like most tricksters. or Fast. your life has been a series of fortuitous coincidences and second chances. If an opponent achieves an exceptional success against you. you might have visions thrust upon you even if you try to prevent such divinations. Hispo. Conversely. Any time you transform into one of the forms listed above. or perhaps a brush with death left a portion of your spirit trapped within the Shadowlands. Deadly. or undergoing drugged hallucinations. Additionally. reading predictive cards. capable of learning multiple languages with ease. Medium (1 point merit) You may be a spiritualist or a shaman. You can draw advice from these omens.

but for whatever reason. you are prodigally gifted with a single skill. Slippery Customer (2 point merit) Either you are extremely lithe. you have a greater capacity to withstand injury. you must apply the merit to a different skill. Anyone attempting to follow your trail receives a -3 penalty to relevant challenges. even before your initiative. your character has a fire inside her that just won’t quit—no matter the circumstances. Skill Aptitude (2 point merit) Due to some facet of your history. Versatile (3 point merit) You’ve always been capable of multi-tasking. you have the uncanny ability to avoid damage. Choose one skill and raise your character’s potential maximum number of dots in that skill by 1. Choose one attribute category (Physical. four Injured levels. Characters with this merit gain 1 additional health level in each wound track.addition. or amazingly sharp-witted. You gain a +3 bonus to your Dodge-based defense test pools. you have no scent and cannot be noticed with the scent-recognition benefit provided by Lupus form or similar abilities. small flashes of insight come when most needed. You also begin each game session with 7 Willpower. Increase your maximum permanent Willpower to 7. Merits Page 61 . incredibly dexterous. a character with this merit can focus her Physical attribute in both Strength and Stamina. Unyielding (4 point merit) Whether you call it being stubborn. Additionally. This merit works in conjunction with other powers that grant health levels. Social or Mental) and select an additional focus for that attribute. but each time you do. For example. whatever the reason. resulting in four Healthy levels. or have tougher skin. whether it is intense training or simply natural talent. and four Incapacitated levels. You can purchase the Skill Aptitude merit multiple times. rather than the standard 6. or just plain ornery. intractable. This ability allows you to use the simple action at any time. You must still spend XP as normal to purchase that still to its maximum level. Attempts to track you via scent automatically fail. Rugged (3 point merit) You may be larger than other people. more resistant to hardships. once an hour you can sacrifice a standard action in order to immediately use a simple action. splitting your attention to accomplish two goals at once. Untrackable (2 point merit) You are extremely difficult to track.

(This page intentionally left blank.) Merits Page 62 .

• Scissors: Beats paper and ties with scissors. scissors. you win the challenge. otherwise. if you win the rock. but with a very modern twist. An opposed challenge targets another character (or NPC) or an object within another character’s immediate control. Resolving Challenges A static challenge is used to resolve simple scenarios that do not involve another character. • Paper: Beats rock and ties with paper. Therefore. you fail. she must throw a test with the Storyteller (or another player. or other environmental factors.Core Systems Mind’s Eye Theatre is a narrative game of werewolves and mortals. If you lose the test. If your pool is greater than the defender’s. you lose the challenge. paper. you succeed. • Rock: Beats scissors and ties with rock. The Storyteller defines the nature of a static challenge and assigns it a difficulty rating from 5 (easy) to 30 (very difficult). in some cases) to determine if she is successful in that action. such as punching someone or moving silently. Players step into the role of a bestial werewolf fighting an endless and exhausting war. Opposed challenges are tests performed against another player or against a non-player character (NPC). All static challenge test pools are determined by utilizing this formula: Attribute + Skill + Wild Card = Test Pool. scissors test. creating adventures and devising the events that will challenge the characters during a game session. Tests are resolved by playing rock. A game’s rules define the actions that characters can take and how effective those actions are in practice. merits. This Alpha Slice provides the basic rules of Werewolf: The Apocalypse. All tests performed to complete a single action occur within a single challenge. If you tie. Resolving Tests When a character attempts a difficult action. There are two types of challenges: static and opposed. Wild card represents the added bonus you receive from equipment. Static challenges are tests performed against the Storyteller. a story of darkness and light that provides players with the opportunity to engage directly in the age-old tradition of collaborative storytelling. other characters. compare your attack test pool to the target’s defense test pool. paper. Every Core Systems Page 63 . Storytellers guide the plot of a game. gifts. Opposed challenges resolve conflicts between individuals with different goals. while trying to balance their wolf and human natures. in their simplest forms.

Note again that the chosen skill should reflect an appropriate type of defense against the attack. Spend your Willpower wisely! STEP FOUR: ROCK. Where skills assist in Physical defense. or Mental) determines the target’s defense test pool. or an attempt at intimidation. STEP TWO: DETERMINING THE ATTACK TEST POOL All attack test pools and static challenges use this formula: Attribute + Skill = Test Pool. play rock. Anyone whose attention is focused on you is a viable target for powers that require gaze or focus.opposed challenge includes an “attacker” and a “defender”—terms used to identify who is acting against whom. current Willpower determines how well a character can resist Mental and Social challenges. Core Systems Page 64 . PAPER. to avoid a gunshot. such as a punch. If supernatural powers are used to make you pay attention to two characters at the same time. note that defensive pools for Mental and Social attacks are different than Physical defense test pools. Therefore. STEP ONE: DEFINING THE CHALLENGE AND YOUR VICTORY CONDITION When you perform an opposed challenge. Gaze and Focus Many gifts require the target to have her attention focused on the user of the power. paper. If you win the challenge. the more Willpower you spend on retests. a character might use Dodge. but do require having the attention of the individual you wish to control. indicate which character you wish to target (it must be someone you can currently see) and announce your victory condition. even though the opposed challenge might not actually involve a damage-dealing attack. your victory condition occurs. for example. the more vulnerable you become to Social and Mental challenges. you might glance back and forth between them or move to a place where you could see both characters. a werewolf using Wolf Senses to detect a supernaturally hidden target uses her Mental attribute + her Investigation skill. STEP THREE: DETERMINING THE DEFENSE TEST POOL The type of challenge (Physical. SCISSORS Next. Social. These powers do not require eye contact. scissors with the target player. use of a gift. • Physical Defense: Physical Attribute + Skill = Test Pool. However. The attribute and skill should reflect the type of attack. • Mental/Social Defense: Social or Mental Attribute + Willpower = Test Pool Note that defense pools use your character’s current Willpower rating.

Otherwise. or if your test pool is equal to or lower than your opponent’s. If your attack test pool is greater than your opponent’s defense test pool and you have won every test involved in the challenge. you win the test and should check to see if you’ve scored an exceptional success (see below). and your target is unaffected. she may spend a point of Willpower to retest. Some merits or powers also give you a retest. Damaging attacks that score an exceptional success inflict an additional point of damage. Note that only the attacker can score an exceptional success. Spend a Willpower If a character loses a test. Spending a Willpower to retest will reduce your ability to resist future Mental and Social challenges but will not reduce the players’ pools in the challenge they are currently retesting. STEP FIVE: RETESTS The loser of an opposed challenge may choose to retest that challenge and throw another test against her opponent. If you lost or tied one of the tests involved in this challenge. scissors test. The results of the second test are final. Tying the Test If you tie. Supernatural powers often list specific bonuses for achieving an exceptional success. During a retest. It is not possible to score an exceptional success if you tie—you must win the test outright to achieve an exceptional success. There are two standard ways to retest: by spending Willpower or by Overbidding. you fail in your challenge. Only the loser may do this (regardless of whether she was the attacker or defender). If your pool is greater than the defender’s. you fail. but those are exceptions. you do not achieve an exceptional success (though you do achieve a normal victory). paper. scissors test. you achieve a normal success. Core Systems Page 65 . Losing the Test If you lose the rock. you achieve an exceptional success. It is not possible to score an exceptional success if you tie—you must win the test outright for an exceptional success. paper.Winning the Test If you outright win the rock. Exceptional Successes An exceptional success grants a bonus in addition to winning the challenge. both characters should use the same test pools that they used for the initial challenge. including all retests. compare your attack test pool to the target’s defense test pool.

Once all Rage rounds have been resolved. one standard and one simple. If you target a character with a Mental or Social opposed challenge and fail. determining initiative. and ease of use over realism.Overbidding If your test pool is equal to or greater than double than your opponent’s test pool. the target is immune to your power or action for the next 10 minutes. These are called “dynamic scenes. • Turn: Complex scenarios resolve via a series of turns. you may try again on your next initiative. Core Systems Page 66 . then the Storyteller should randomly determine who acts first. If all three are the same. Regardless of the number of Rage rounds (or lack thereof). This is an exception to the rule limiting opposed challenges to a single retest. If two or more characters have the same initiative. These additional actions are resolved after the Everyman round. Note that this immunity only extends to the power or action used and not an entire category of powers. you gain a free retest. MEASURING TIME • Initiative: Initiative is the smallest unit of measurement in combat. the current turn ends and a new turn begins. whichever is greater. the character goes first according to who has the higher Mental. then Social attributes. during which the combat unfolds. during special Rage rounds. Each turn includes at least one round of actions (the Everyman) and also includes any Rage rounds that occur. the completed round ends. per round. • Round: Each character may take up to two actions. and characters act in the initiative order until all players have taken their actions. flexibility. other fights require large-scale combat. Initiative determines the order in which characters take their actions within a round. and turns. • Rage Rounds: The initial round of combat is called the Everyman round. Combat and Dynamic Scenes Combat in Mind’s Eye Theatre is thematic and cinematic rather than hyper-realistic. The overbid retest and the Willpower retest can be used in any order.” In an extended conflict between two players. Second Attempts of Failed Attacks If you target someone with a Physical opposed challenge and fail. These rules prioritize speed. the Storyteller should use the complex scenario system. Once all characters have acted. The character with the highest initiative goes first. a turn represents roughly three seconds of time. then Physical. rounds. Thereafter. some characters have the ability to act more than once per turn. While some conflicts can be resolved by running one or two opposed challenges (as described above). A character’s initiative is equal to her Physical or Mental attribute.

then proceed to the next step. climbing. you may move up to six steps on your initiative. one standard and one simple. or other unusual means requires a standard action instead of a simple action and often requires a static challenge. Core Systems Page 67 . from highest to lowest. Standard Action: Any action that requires your character’s full attention is a standard action. even if the target doesn’t resist your challenge. Examples of simple actions include readying a weapon. until all characters have had an opportunity to act. If the players can’t come to an agreement over the outcome. climbing a sheer cliff requires a standard action to move three steps and may require a static challenge. you gain an additional simple action instead. using a supernatural power on yourself. Step Three: Order of Action When combat begins. based on the character’s initiative within the round. the Storyteller determines initiative and asks each player to describe her standard and simple actions in order. the Storyteller arbitrates. Note that you cannot forgo your simple action to gain another standard action. Actions that require a challenge (static or opposed) are always standard actions. then the players will end the complex scenario and return to roleplay as quickly as possible. If you choose to forgo your standard action. ORDER OF ACTIONS Step One: Mediation Players entering combat or other dynamic scenes may elect to agree upon an outcome rather than use mechanics to resolve a challenge. per round on her initiative. If you use both your standard action and simple action to move. Trying to move by jumping. MOVEMENT You may use a simple action or standard action to move up to three steps. the Storyteller determines which action started the combat and resolves it. or running around a corner. Simple Action: A simple action is something your character can do without a challenge. The Storyteller discusses what is happening with the players to determine which characters will be directly involved in the combat scene. It is possible for players to handle mediation without the assistance of a Storyteller. swimming. For example.ACTIONS Each character may take up to two actions. If all players agree to an outcome that the Storyteller approves. the Storyteller freezes the scene and determines what’s occurring. Play proceeds in initiative order. Once the first action is resolved. Step Two: Storyteller Assessment Initially. but if there is any disagreement at all.

you need to be within two steps of your target. To inflict a melee attack. on your initiative.Once everyone has taken their actions. Physical Attacks Unarmed Attack: Successful unarmed attacks inflict 1 point of damage. you need to be within two steps of your target. Thrown Attack: Successful thrown attacks inflict 1 point of damage. Once all rounds have been resolved. a new turn begins. the character with the highest initiative goes first. If you choose not to take any actions in a given round. This surprise action is resolved immediately. You only gain this bonus if you forgo both of your actions. This bonus is not cumulative. or activate a Physical power. To inflict a thrown attack. To inflict an unarmed attack. but require the expenditure of Willpower to use. you may act at any point later in the initiative order of that round. You can use one action and delay the other until later in the round. If you delay your initiative until another character’s natural initiative. Physical attacks can also be augmented with combat maneuvers: complex fighting styles that can provide advantages. or only if a certain condition occurs. your initiative is increased by 5 on the next round in which you have actions. TYPES OF ATTACKS Complex scenarios allow for a number of different Physical attack types. If two or more characters delay their actions until the same moment in a round. you need to be within 10 steps of your target. you can attack with your Mental attribute instead of your Physical attribute when making a ranged attack. Firearms Attack: If your character is Wits-focused. Remember that a character can only take Physical actions during Rage rounds. successful firearms attacks inflict 2 points of damage. the individual acting on her natural initiative resolves her actions first. Delaying Your Action You might want to take your actions after another character acts. By default. you may take one action (simple or standard) outside the initiative order. Core Systems Page 68 . Your remaining action resolves normally. a new round begins. Surprise Action If your character is the first to start a combat. attack. When you choose to delay your actions. You may move. Melee Attack: Successful melee attacks inflict 1 point of damage. but you cannot engage in Mental or Social challenges.

a target cannot take steps. A target can escape a grapple by using her simple action to make an opposed Brawl or Melee challenge against the grappler. your attack will automatically miss.) If your opponent’s wounds are in the Incapacitated wound track (normally the last 3 health levels). you may choose to end up holding the disarmed object. Fighting Blind. you may use this attack to Pierce her Heart.Biting A werewolf in Crinos. Biting for damage converts a character’s normal brawling damage into aggravated damage. you may perform one of the following combat maneuvers once per combat without spending Willpower: Disarm. Mortals are instantly killed. and winning that challenge. To use a combat maneuver. • If you are Dexterity-focused. or take Physical actions. If you are Dexterity-focused and have a free hand. Grapple: (Reduce your damage by 3 when using this maneuver. Grapple. inflicting aggravated damage. or Lupus form can use her fangs during her standard action to bite an opponent. but there are exceptions. or Pierce the Heart. Combat Maneuvers A combat maneuver is a fighting move that can give you a brief edge against your opponent. Quick Draw: Draw one weapon or other small item without using a simple action. Fighting Blind: Use this maneuver to attack an opponent you cannot see. you must declare which maneuver you’re using and spend a point of Willpower before the test is made. Disarm: (Reduce your attack test pool by 2 when using this maneuver.) Force your target to drop one item. you must use a combat maneuver. A character can only activate a single combat maneuver per round. you may perform one of the following combat maneuvers once per combat without spending Willpower: Disarm. The list of combat maneuvers below is a simplified list intended to be used with this Alpha Slice. Otherwise. or Quick Draw. Core Systems Page 69 . Hispo. Vampires who have their hearts pierced with a weapon that has the staking quality fall into torpor until the stake is removed. • If you are Strength-focused. Most Social and Mental actions can’t benefit from combat maneuvers.) While grappled. Pierce the Heart: (Reduce your attack pool by 3 when using this maneuver. When you want to do something tricky or launch an attack that does more than inflict damage.

but successfully resists. during each round.Mental/Social Attacks If you fail a Mental or Social attack. see Order of Action. if you fail while attempting to use Falling Touch. if she has the appropriate knowledge or experience. page 67. combat turns are broken down into individual rounds. A mortal who understands werewolves (like a kinfolk or a hunter) would realize that you tried to use a supernatural power. unless they have the appropriate knowledge or experience. and would likely be able to guess which one. a Social attack. during a standard Rage round. Characters cannot ordinarily use Social or Mental powers during Rage rounds. friendly actions that require a challenge to perform. players will likely only need to track the number of Physical attacks. the target and everyone who witnesses it will realize what happened within the limits of their understanding. A character cannot have an ally target them and cause minimal damage (or use a trivial effect) in order to avoid being targeted by more dangerous attacks in that round. but might not know which one. and static challenges do not count towards these maximum attack limits. A fellow werewolf would realize that you attempted to use a power. If the Storyteller suspects that players are attempting to Core Systems Page 70 . Attacks resulting from your own powers. • First Rage Round: She could be targeted by two additional Physical attacks. characters who notice the power will know what direction the power came from. beginning with an Everyman round and continuing through each Rage round until all character actions have been completed. During a mass combat scene that contains three rounds. a character can only be targeted by a limited number of attacks: • One Social attack • One Mental attack • Up to two Physical attacks This limitation on the number of attacks within a single round applies even if a particular attack fails. and two Physical attacks. For example. Although the maximum attack limits are the same. • Second Rage Round: She could be targeted by two additional Physical attacks. Maximum Attacks Per Round As noted previously. For more information on Rage rounds and combat turns. everyone will realize that you attempted to poke or shove your target. If the source of a supernatural power isn’t within line of sight. that character cannot be the target of another Social attack until the next round. a character could be targeted in the following ways: • Everyman: She could be targeted by one Mental and one Social power. If a character is targeted by. However. Storytellers should be aware that unethical players may try to abuse these maximum limits.

then your Injured wound levels. • Injured: If you have one or more points marked off in your Injured wound track. your Incapacitated wound levels. Unless otherwise noted. When a character is hit by an attack to which she is particularly vulnerable. Cheating is reprehensible. but some attacks work more effectively on Injured characters. they regenerate damage based on the current amount of Rage they possess. Health and Damage Every character has at least 9 health levels. see Regeneration on page 77.abuse the system. and Incapacitated. Instead. you may operate normally. • Incapacitated: If you have one or more points marked off in your Incapacitated wound track. pierce. as follows: • Healthy: As long as you do not have any points marked off within your Injured or Incapacitated wound tracks (three wounds or less). For more information. and players who resort to such tactics are exhibiting extremely childish behavior. Injured. Incapacitated characters lose their simple action every round until they heal all of their Incapacitated health levels. she suffers aggravated damage. you must first mark off your Healthy wound levels. When your character takes damage. Vampires are particularly susceptible to fire and sunlight. There is no immediate mechanical disadvantage to being Injured. Core Systems Page 71 . assume your attack causes normal damage. strong warning—and then told to leave the game if such behavior continues. you are Incapacitated. DAMAGE TYPES Normal Damage: Normal damage comes from attacks that slash. or bash your opponent. Attacks that have a greater effect on Injured or Incapacitated characters are not blocked by the Stamina focus. you are Injured. HEALING Werewolves do not heal naturally. Aggravated Damage: Some supernatural creatures are especially vulnerable to certain types of attacks. Werewolves are famously vulnerable to silver weapons. and finally. STAMINA FOCUS Stamina-focused characters don’t suffer penalties when they reach the Incapacitated wound track. such players should be given a single. These levels represent your character’s general state of health. divided among three wound track categories: Healthy.

Core Systems Page 72 . REGAINING WILLPOWER At the start of each game. Player Acknowledgement: When another player impresses you with her roleplay. it does not permanently decrease the character’s permanent (maximum) Willpower. Willpower Willpower depicts the character’s inner drive. Willpower cannot be refreshed while in combat. a living character who is knocked unconscious from damage will die in 5 turns. During the course of the game. spent Willpower is regained by roleplaying. you may award her by refreshing all that character’s spent Willpower. unless treated by a character with the Medical skill. and spiritual strength. Willpower is measured both as a permanent rating.DEATH Living characters die if they have no remaining health levels and take 3 or more points of damage. and as temporary points. Additionally. the Willpower is refreshed as soon as the combat scene ends. A player spends Willpower to resist Mental and Social powers. A character can only benefit from this refresh once per night. she may elect to refresh some or all of the character’s spent Willpower. your character begins with her maximum Willpower as long as she had a complete night’s rest before starting the game. While this expenditure decreases the character’s current Willpower rating. Stamina-focused characters will survive for up to 10 turns without medical attention. competence. Storyteller Acknowledgement: When the Storyteller notices a player roleplaying her character well. If a player or Storyteller attempts to reward a character for actions taken during combat. among other things.

Dramatic Systems Page 73 . HOMID A werewolf in human form is said to be wearing her Homid skin. Homid-breed Garou automatically return to Homid form. as opposed to the default requirement of two actions. and so on. When knocked unconscious or killed. Forms A werewolf feels the most comfortable wearing the form in which she was born. and mark the Garou as distinct regardless of the form she chooses to wear. and the like) do carry over. strange sort of person. Minor physical alterations to a form (small piercings. cruel place. You may choose to spend a Gnosis to speed this process. Games such as Mind’s Eye Theatre help characters interact with the world by representing difficulties via a set of mechanics. when she takes on the physical qualities of any of her forms. or one simple and one standard action.Dramatic Systems A newly-Changed werewolf must learn the limits of her existence in short order. Other shapes feel slightly awkward. and Lupus-breed Garou automatically return to Lupus form. the same wolf. scars. Larger alterations (tattoos. because the World of Darkness is a cold. Each Garou’s forms are distinct—that is. you can assume some forms with less difficulty (see breed descriptions on page 8). allowing everyone who plays the game to have a mutual understanding of how their shared reality works. most werewolves automatically return to their breed form without the need to spend actions. These rules exist for the purpose of consensual immersion. These dramatic systems help you interact with the world and with other players by quickly and directly resolving actions taken by the characters. like clothing that doesn’t quite fit. Homids are visually and physically indistinguishable from normal humans. though a Garou’s behavior may mark her as a feral. If you opt to use a Gnosis to shift. a Garou is expected to become adept in all five physical shapes. she will always turn into the same human. filled with dangers. Metis do not shift forms when they are knocked unconscious or die. knowing how to utilize the particular strengths of each form. SHIFTING FORMS Shifting between forms normally requires expending two simple actions. you adopt your new form after expending a single simple action. so that players can focus on the story. Depending on your breed. or so forth) do not carry over from one form to another. Nevertheless. dyed hair.

has a muzzle of sharp. memory loss. A non-supernatural human who sees a werewolf in Crinos form will be impacted by Delirium. hand-to-feet gait. using her Brawl attack test pool. but they cannot use firearms or small or delicate technological devices.Form Benefit There are no bonuses associated with Homid form. Someone in Glabro form is taller and burlier than a normal human. and runs with a long. though they could pass for unusually well-made costumes at a casual glance. instead of the normal +3 bonus. If the character already possesses the Dexterity attribute focus prior to taking Glabro form. but the Garou often craft specialized weapons that can accommodate the Crinos form’s large hands. and potentially madness. using her Brawl attack test pool. Form Benefit A Garou in Glabro form inflicts aggravated damage when fighting with her claws. if they choose (see Losing Rage. GLABRO A werewolf between Homid and Crinos forms is said to be in Glabro form. is covered in fur. She also gains a +3 bonus to her Physical attribute and gains the Strength attribute focus in addition to her natural Physical attribute focus. Characters in this form can bite without having to establish a Grapple first. looking much like the classic ‘wolf-man’ of horror movie fame. many melee weapons’ handles are too small for a Garou in Crinos form to use effectively. In addition. since a Crinos form’s fingers are too large to operate fine mechanisms. suffering confusion. wolf-like teeth. she receives a +2 wild card bonus to her Dodge-based defense pools. loping. her Physical attribute bonus increases to +5. CRINOS The werewolf form of legend and myth. page 76). She also gains a +2 bonus to her Physical attribute and gains the Dexterity attribute focus in addition to her natural Physical attribute focus. If the character already possesses the Strength attribute focus prior to taking Crinos form. and her face. Crinos is a massive war-form much larger and more wolf-like than a human. A Garou in Crinos form stands approximately nine feet tall. Most Glabro forms cannot be mistaken for human. and shoulders usually show an unnatural abundance of hair. Form Benefit A Garou in Crinos form inflicts aggravated damage when fighting with her teeth or claws. although Homid-breed characters in this form can more easily decrease their current Rage. but is clearly and distinctly supernatural. Dramatic Systems Page 74 . hands. It cannot be mistaken for man nor wolf.

use a standard action and make an opposed challenge. you receive a +3 wild card bonus to track the target. page 76). If the target is not nearby. but based on the individual’s tribe. but since this form lacks opposable digits. Characters in this form can bite without having to establish a Grapple first. LUPUS A werewolf in her wolf form is said to be wearing her Lupus skin. but not if the target is concealed by a supernatural power.HISPO When a werewolf shifts between Crinos and Lupus forms. scents may linger for hours. you know where she is. but since this form lacks opposable digits. a Hispo-form Garou cannot use weapons or most technological devices. scents usually dissipate within a few minutes. Characters in this form can bite without having to establish a Grapple first. using the Survival skill. unnaturally large wolf. using her Brawl attack test pool. If you succeed and the target is in the same room. and it could never be mistaken for a mere wolf or dog. Lupus are visually indistinguishable from normal wolves. She also gains a +2 bonus to her Physical attribute and gains the Stamina attribute focus in addition to her natural Physical attribute focus. Form Benefit A Garou in Hispo form inflicts aggravated damage when fighting with her teeth or claws. Dramatic Systems Page 75 . Such a massive creature stands nearly five feet high at the shoulder. to attempt to identify a unique scent within 5 steps. a Lupus-form Garou cannot use weapons or most technological devices. The Storyteller is the final arbiter of whether or not a character may attempt to detect a scent. The Hispo form is a monstrously. if they choose (see Losing Rage. reminiscent of dire wolves of legend. To do so. In a closed room or a sheltered clearing. and 1 Incapacitated health level—while in this form. This ability functions normally even if you can’t see the target. using your Mental attribute + Investigation skill. Form Benefit Garou in Lupus form may be able to recognize others by scent. On a busy street or on a windy day. they may appear to be a distinct member of the many breeds of wolf known throughout the world. or within 10 steps if outdoors. she enters a form known as Hispo. she receives 1 additional health level in each wound category—1 Healthy. Lupus-breed characters in this form can more easily decrease their current Rage. If the character already possesses the Stamina attribute focus prior to taking Hispo form. 1 Injured.

Garou often strategically vent small amounts of Rage to maintain power without losing control. a Garou can accomplish amazing feats. where this quality can be used to gain frightening combat abilities. she may choose to gain 1 Rage. Dramatic Systems Page 76 . If your Rage rises above 7. a Garou may spend her standard action to lose 1 point of Rage. If she attacks or is attacked. LOSING RAGE Rage is a powerful weapon. Using Rage. the powerful and venerated Celestine spirit of the moon. she is considered to be out of combat. • In combat. Rage is inherent to all werewolves. a Garou gains 1 Rage at the start of her Everyman initiative each turn. Otherwise this Rage is gained automatically. especially in battle. GAINING RAGE All werewolves start with 1 point of Rage and gain more Rage as a combat scenario progresses. she may also spend her standard and simple actions to lose 2 points of Rage. • Once per combat. The passionate fury of Rage can overwhelm its user. losing control by gaining too much Rage will result in an uncontrollable frenzy. resulting in terrifying frenzy and deadly rampages. it can present dangers to those who wield it carelessly. a Garou may spend a simple action looking at the moon in order to gain 1 point of Rage. if the moon is visible.Rage Rage is a supernatural fury that fuels the spirit of all Garou. assuming she still has enough Rage to do so. • A Garou who is knocked unconscious is immediately reduced to a single point of Rage. The mindset needed to move at supernatural speed prevents Garou from dissipating Rage during Rage rounds. Garou lost in the throes of great Rage have been known to kill their companions as well as their enemies. • During the Everyman round. she may choose to forgo gaining this Rage. A werewolf who uses her actions to vent her Rage can still take actions during Rage rounds later in the turn. a Garou automatically loses 1 Rage per turn until she is down to a single point of Rage. but like many powerful tools. However. • If a Garou goes three full turns without attacking or being attacked. Out of combat. If the Garou is a Homid-breed in Homid form or a Lupus-breed in Lupus form. she reenters combat and begins accumulating Rage points again. This ferocious anger was given to the Garou by Luna. your ability to think rationally deteriorates. • The first time each turn that a Garou takes damage from an enemy attack. • A Garou who kills an enemy may choose to lose up to 3 points of Rage.

For example. 5. a character currently at 4 Rage has Regeneration II and heals 2 points of damage at the start of her Everyman round. you gain all of the benefits and drawbacks equal to or lower than your current Rage level. 2. For example. 7. Regeneration does not function during Rage actions. and 9. 6. Rather than healing a point of normal damage. RAGE EFFECTS Your character’s current level of Rage grants her a number of benefits. a character with who currently has 9 Rage would gain the benefits (and drawbacks) from Rage levels 1. a Garou may instead downgrade a point of aggravated damage to normal damage. Compare your Rage level to the chart below.• During the Everyman round. Rage Benefit Drawback 1 Regeneration I (Garou always have at least 1 Rage) 2 Additional Damage I 3 Rage Action I 4 Regeneration II 5 Additional Damage II 6 Rage Action II 7 Regeneration III 8 Additional Damage III Frenzy Stage 1 9 Rage Action III Frenzy Stage 2 10 Regeneration IV Frenzy Stage 3 Regeneration Garou with enough Rage to gain the Regeneration benefit automatically heal a number of points of normal damage equal to their regeneration level at the start of their Everyman action each turn. 3. Garou capable of regenerating more than 1 point of damage at a time may choose to use two points of healing to downgrade a point of damage to normal and then heal it. The player chooses how much Rage is lost in this manner. 4. 8. Dramatic Systems Page 77 . a Homid-breed Garou in Homid form or a Lupus-breed in Lupus form may spend a simple action to vent 1 to 3 points of Rage.

The number of Rage rounds gained equals the level of the Rage Action benefit. For more information on Rage rounds. They also gain a +5 bonus to determine whether or not Brawl or Melee attacks score an exceptional success. see Measuring Time on page 66 and Maximum Attacks per Round on page 70. for a total of 3 damage. gaining two additional opportunities to act each turn. a Stamina-focused werewolf with access to Regeneration II could heal up to 3 points of damage if she chose to spend a Gnosis to augment her regeneration. teeth. allowing them to act during Rage rounds each turn. Frenzy Stage 1 Once you have 8 or more points of Rage. a character that currently has 5 Rage inflicts 2 additional points of damage with each Brawl or Melee attack. Only blooding your enemies with your hands. Rage Actions resolve in a series of special rounds known as Rage rounds. For example. a Garou with 6 Rage has access to Rage Action II. Additionally. or claws will sate you. your character’s Dodge-based defense test pools receive a -2 penalty. The extra damage equals their current level of the Additional Damage benefit. when using her Dodgebased defense test pool. your fury is such that you can no longer use weapons or spend Gnosis. a Dexterity-focused Garou has a +5 bonus to determine whether or not an attack scores an exceptional success. in the Core Systems section of this Alpha Slice document. Strength Focus Strength-focused werewolves who have access to the Additional Damage benefit add the Armor Piercing quality to all of their Brawl and Melee attacks. Dramatic Systems Page 78 . This extra point of healing may be used to downgrade aggravated damage as normal.Stamina Focus Stamina-focused werewolves who have access to the Regeneration benefit may spend a point of Gnosis at the start of their Everyman round in order to gain an additional point of healing that turn. Dexterity Focus Dexterity-focused werewolves who have access to the Rage Action benefit gain a +2 bonus to Dodge-based defense test pools. Rage Actions Garou with enough Rage to gain the Rage Action benefit obtain the ability to act at supernatural speeds. For example. Additional Damage Garou with enough Rage to gain the Additional Damage benefit automatically inflict additional damage when making Brawl or Melee attacks. For example. Additionally.

attempt to reduce your Rage. SPENDING GNOSIS Gnosis can be used in the following ways: • • • Garou expend Gnosis to fuel those Gifts and merits that require it. When your enemies fall. Dramatic Systems Page 79 . you shift into Crinos form and cannot willingly shift into any other form until your Rage drops below 9. the amount of spiritual energy within a Garou is measured in units called Gnosis points. Your Dodge-based defense test pools receive an additional -3 penalty. or use Gifts.Stage 2 Riding a wave of anger. You must spend every action attacking or moving toward a new target within your line of sight. Stage 3 Rage has consumed all of your self-control. taking away your ability to reason and tell friend from foe. which stacks with the Stage 1 penalty. depending on their breed. Gnosis In Mind’s Eye Theatre. for a total penalty of -5. Garou can expend Gnosis to instantaneously shift into certain forms. You cannot retreat. This shift into Crinos form doesn’t require an action or an expenditure of Gnosis. Characters built using this Alpha Slice have a maximum Gnosis pool of 10. and there is no limit to the amount of Gnosis you can spend per turn (other than your current available Gnosis). Your frenzy ends only after you lose consciousness or stand alone on the field of battle. you turn on your friends and keep fighting. See the breed descriptions on page 8. Stamina-focused werewolves who have access to the Regeneration benefit may spend a point of Gnosis at the start of their Everyman round in order to gain an additional point of healing that turn. The full amount of Gnosis in a werewolf’s system is referred to as her Gnosis pool. You do not lose Rage when you kill your targets.

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the overall setting and history of the world will be covered in the complete rulebook. Further. We’d appreciate it if you’d answer our questions. and is there enough information provided on each tribe? Is any specific information missing? • Do the tribes feel as if they’ve been properly advanced to exist within the modern world? • Do the rules provide the “feel” of Werewolf through their application? Are there any areas that feel awkward. and feel free to give us your suggestions about other parts of this document. or poorly represent the settings of the game? • Do the tribal merits appropriately reflect the theme and mood of each tribe? Are those merits valuable? • Which gifts and merits did you purchase for your characters? Which was your favorite. We look forward to showing you more next time! Feedback Page 81 . Useful feedback focuses on the specifics presented in this document. rather than hypothesizing on material not presented here. we’ve created a brief list of questions to help you provide feedback to us. Please answer the following questions in your email: • Are the core rules easy to understand and apply? • Is there a sense of game balance to the mechanics design? • Are the tribe descriptions compelling. Remember. To that end. and is not fully represented in the two tribe write-ups.Feedback Thank you for exploring the vertical slice of By Night Studios’ new MET: Werewolf: The Apocalypse rules! We’re excited about the development of this game and very interested in hearing suggestions from our players. and why? • Did you experiment with use of the Rage mechanic? Was it easy to understand and apply in a combat scenario? • Did you experiment with shifting forms? Was this process easy to understand? Thank you again for your time and attention to this vertical slice. and why? Which was your least favorite. The By Night Studios development team accepts feedback via e-mail to info@bynightstudios. the mechanics provided in this vertical slice are in the Alpha phase of

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