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International Applicants

Congratulations, you have successfully passed the first and most important step in the application process.
On behalf of the Department’s Admission Committee, I am pleased to inform you, that your application for our master program has
been approved. This admission is valid only for the selected semester and programme intake.
Your rem aining steps for a form al adm ission:
This decision is subject to you providing the certified copies of the documents that you have submitted electronically, and, if
applicable, of thus far missing final documents. Should you fail to provide these certified copies, your admission may be revoked.
Furthermore, the next steps of the admission process require that you to pay certain fees. Please note, that these fees have to be
paid by every international student before the application w ill be processed further.
Prof. P. Fromm and Prof. H. Meuth
MSE Program Directors
First of all, please re-check your personal data and correct / update it before sending us the paper documents. This step is
extrem ely im portant, because the provided data w ill be transferred into the university database and it w ill also be used for
sending you the official acceptance letter. Typical problems include:
Correct spelling of your name. For the visa application, the provided name must be identical to your name as stated in your
passport. The same applies for your birth date and birth location.
The first letter of your name must be captial, all other letters must be small.
Make sure, that you have added your phone numbers (landline and mobile)!
Check, that every field contains only the data required for the field. Example ZIP code - a good entry w ould be "22326"
(only the number), a bad entry w ould be "ZIP CODE 22376" (number plus the w ord ZIP CODE")
We w ill not check your data. We w ill also not resend any letters due to w rong personal data entries!
Please submit in paper, as certified documents, and, if not in English, together w ith a certified translation, the follow ing documents:
Docum ents to be

Signed affidavit (template see below )


Bachelor’s final or provisional certificate
Transcripts of your Bachelor’s studies.
English certificate (The TOEFL certificate may also be sent electronically from the TOEFL institute
to the Hochschule Darmstadt. Our TOEFL Institutional Code is 4776, our department code is
Electrical Engineering 66).


The certification may be administered by
a German Representation, or by
notary public, or
by having your university sent the documents in a sealed envelope.

Mailing address:

MSE Course Director Fachbereich EIT
Hochschule Darmstadt
Birkenw eg 8
D-64295 Darmstadt


you w ill have to find a room on your ow n. To apply for a room: Complete the room reservation form below and send it back to the given adress on the form Please provide the keyw ords MSE Room Rental. The administrative fee only covers the costs for processing the paper documents and for sending you the admission letter by courier. For checking your paper documents and for sending you the application letters by courier you have to pay an administrative fee. Presemester Classes and German classes are a mandatory part of the MSE program for international applicants. As the rooms are reserved for you.4. Be aw are. We w ill forw ard your data to the housing agency for a binding contract. nam e and em ail on the payment slip (see section bank transfer below ). We w ill try to consider the requests on the reservation sheet . the rental period w ill start 01. Every student has his ow n room and shares the kitchen and bathroom w ith other students (Wohngemeinschaft). w e recommend you choose a special express courier service that may be tracked. The fee does not cover any costs for presemester classes.04 Please use"MSE ADMINISTRATIVE FEE" as fee description to the bank transfer A couple of 3 and 4 bedroom apartments are available for our international students. Without this fee. your application w ill not be processed. The apartments are not ow ned by the university.php?id=59&no_cache=1 2/4 . Payment rules Please provide the keyw ord MSE ADMINISTRATIVE FEE.09 as a fixed date. We w ill not help you. that housing in Darnstadt is difficult due to the extremely high number of students w e currently have. your application num ber. Otherw ise the payment can not be considered. The fee cannot not be ever. nam e and em ail on the payment slip (see section bank transfer below ). w e cannot guarantee any room category or specific apartment location The fee w ill cover the follow ing expenses Rent for the month of September Deposit Service Charge Fee The room rental fee is 600€ Please use"MSE Room Rental:" as fee description to the bank transfer Latest payment date and refund 15th of June for the reservation form AND fee Cancelation of your room until 1st of August: 400€ can be refunded Cancelation of your room after 1st of August: no refund w ill be possible Please note: If you do not apply for a room in time. These fees have to be paid later. Students w ho w ant to rent a room have to sign a contract w ith a private company. The full amountmust be transferred to the given account. your application num ber. housing or semester fees. The presemester courses w ill support you to successfully enter the challenging MSE program and the German classes w ill help you both in http://www. Fee The administrative fee is 150€ Deadline (for arrival) is 30. Simultaniously send us the certified copies of your paper documents.4/22/2014 International Applicants In order to ascertain a speedy process. Rooms w ill be provided on a first come first serve basis. Otherw ise the payment can not be considered. Latest arrival date is

Every semester.4/22/2014 International Applicants everyday situations in Germany as w ell as significantly improve your chances for an internship and master thesis in industry. enrollment is not possible. Without accurately identifying your application detail in the transfer reference field. 64295 Darmstadt Account num ber: 339 331 607 Bank sort code: 500 100 60 Nam e of bank: Postbank Frankfurt/Main Bank Adress: Deutsche Postbank AG Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 114 . w hich includes a public transport ticket for the Rhein-Main region. To facilitate the enrollment process.. Haardtring 100. Bank transfer is the only w ay of paying your fees! Please transfer the administrative fees in the listed amount to the follow ing account. you w ill have to pay a semester fee to the university. w hich w ould have to go on top of it and you have to bear the full w e cannot credit you for any amount transferred.php?id=59&no_cache=1 3/4 . Please provide the keyw ords MSE SEMESTER/CLASS FEE. your application num ber. 4 and 5) Benificiary: GFTN e. nam e and em ail on the payment slip (see section bank transfer below ).V. The full amount has to be paid by bank transfer once you are sure that you w ill join the MSE program and of course before the latest payment date given below . The fee covers the follow ing expenses: Semester fee for the first semester German classes (only international students) Study books for the German class (only international students) Presemester classes Intercultural forum / living in Germany seminar Fee International applicants: The presemester courses and German class fee is 725€. because the courses w ill be booked and have to be paid based on the received fees.onlinebewerbung-hda. German applicants from other universities: The presemester courses fee is 600€. Please use"MSE SEMESTER/CLASS FEE:" as fee description to the bank transfer Latest payment date and refund 1st of August No refund is possible. Note: For the next semesters. Am ount: see above (Step 3.126 D-53113 Bonn Germany International bank code IBAN: DE64 5001 0060 0339 3316 07 http://www. only the semester fee (around 280€) has to be paid. Otherw ise the payment can not be considered. This amount does not include any possible transfer charges on either side. the first semester fee has to paid up front. Without this fee.

please ask a friend in Germany or Europe to transfer the money on your behalf. Links to templates: Affidavit Housing reservation http://www. If the provided solution does not w ork for you. your APPLICATION NUMBER (very important). that all transfer costs are carried by your bank! (Use "OUR" transfer) Unfortunately w e cannot provide any other methods of money transfer.4/22/2014 International Applicants BIC/SWIFT code: PBNKDEFF Description field: Provide the follow ing information in the description field: <Fee description .de/index. email adress Transfer fee: Make sure.onlinebewerbung-hda.php?id=59&no_cache=1 4/4 .see Step 3. 4 and 5>: name.

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