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7 Fun & Life Changing Math Hacks

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7 Fun & Life Changing Math Hacks



7 Fun & Life Changing Math Hacks

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Posted By MMK on Nov 8, 2014 | 0 comments







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“I’m really bad at math.” How many times have you heard that? Yet, basic math is one of the most useful subjects we ever learn in school.
Some have even said numbers are the secret to the universe! That aside, some of us have a lot of trouble with specific tasks and, with
the rise in smartphones, we all have calculators with us on the go. But what about those rare moments we don’t? Here are 8 math hacks
that will change your lives. Never be caught looking bad again…EVER.

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1. Multiples of 9 works in reverse order!


net/7-fun-life-changing-math-hacks/ 2/8 .architecturendesign. and 9! You and 11. Facebook social plugin Advertisement http://www.696. it can tell you multiples of 6. fine.946 others like Design.12/11/2014 7 Fun & Life Changing Math Hacks via Pinterest/ Ashley James SEE ALSO TRENDY KITCHEN DESIGNS KITCHEN REMODELING TIPS Architecture & Design on Face MODERN FURNITURE DESIGNS Find us on Facebook SMALL BEDROOM IDEAS Architecture & D BATHROOM DESIGN IDEAS Like Advertisement 2. 7. Your hands can tell you the future … okay. 8.

Draw the top line and write the answer. draw a line from the 4 to the 24 (4 goes into 24 six times). Draw the line to the 3 (six times three is 18). Teach http://www. Follow + 4. Butterfly method for adding and subtracting fractions! No fighting over pizza anymore! Architecture & Design on Goo Architecture & De google. Share.architecturendesign. Reverse Zorro! Starting at the via Pinterest / Liz Morrison We try to feed your imagination up and delivering a daily 4.122 Advertisement via Think.12/11/2014 7 Fun & Life Changing Math Hacks via Life Hacker 3/8 .

architecturendesign. How to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius and vice versa all in your head! Find us on Facebook Engineering Dai Like 265.12/11/2014 7 Fun & Life Changing Math Hacks SEE ALSO TRENDY KITCHEN DESIGNS INTERIOR DESIGN IDEAS BATHROOM DESIGN IDEAS SMALL BEDROOM IDEAS LIVING ROOM DECORATING IDEAS Advertisement 5. Know what date will fall on what day of the week any time … GENIUS! Advertise your Facebook Page via Life Hacker 4/8 .866 people like Engineering Facebook social plugin Check Your Desired Catagories Select Category http://www. 5/8 . Percentages will never stifle you ever again http://www.12/11/2014 7 Fun & Life Changing Math Hacks via reddit /u/ quaxon SEE ALSO TRENDY KITCHEN DESIGNS KITCHEN CABINET IDEAS PAPER RECYCLING IDEAS INTERIOR DESIGN IDEAS MODERN FURNITURE DESIGNS Advertisement 7. 6/8 .12/11/2014 7 Fun & Life Changing Math Hacks via Pinterest / Robin Allison Collage Source: 1) Pinterest / Ashley James 2) Life Hacker 3) Life Hacker Source: Diply Advertisement 131 FLARES 75 0 30 26 -- Author: MMK Share This Post On From The Web Sponsored Links by Taboola 12 Eerie Places Around the World that’ll Give you Goose-Bumps! Happy Trips 11 Foods You Can't Buy Anywhere Anymore The Fiscal Times 13 Celebrities Whose Kids Are Their Mini-Me Answers 10 World’s Strangest Hotels Amerikanki http://www.

. Don't see any pattern at all. No explanation. http://gmmentalgym. 7/8 . at Evyap Sabun (M) Sdn Bhd Easy. Use calender to find out Reply · Like · 23 · Yesterday at 1:54am Bryan Victor Cabatingan Gegavine · Follow · Top Commenter · Cebu Institute of Technology i dont have calendar of 2069. Reply · Like · 61 · Yesterday at 12:57am Edward Wml · Top Commenter · Hong Kong I see now. The fingers one is not true. http://gmmentalgym. See that the concern is mainly the ads in between! Reply · Like · Milon Kumar Das · 6 · Yesterday at 1:29pm Follow · Territory Manager at Marico Can't understand no. July=5. 2069=2.architecturendesign. Eng. While it is too complicated to include the tutorial in here.. they should at least post a link.12/11/2014 7 Fun & Life Changing Math Hacks 15 Actresses of World Most Big Budget Movies RaveBin 7 Exercises to Do to Transform Your Body Womanitely Tesla Motors Tops Q3 Views As Cuts Loom Down The Road Investors. Reply · Like · 12 · 18 hours ago Bojan Zlaticanin · Tivat understand everything except No. bad tutorial. here it is. 5 Reply · Like · 5 · Follow Post · Yesterday at 12:52am Pankhuri Gupta · Newcastle UK ‘Warren Buffett Indicator’ Signals Collapse in Stock Market Newsmax 54 comments Add a comment Bryan Victor Cabatingan Gegavine · Follow · Top Commenter · Cebu Institute of Technology i need to google to found out about 5.html Must really be a project to develop this whole set of formula.. 5 anybody? Reply · Like · 9 · Follow Post · Yesterday at 12:32am Edward Wml · Top Commenter · Hong Kong Same here.blogspot.blogspot. Someone found the link to the tutorial.html Reply · Like · 18 · Follow Post · Yesterday at 12:56am Sidy Amir Isman · Proj. Reply · Like · 3 · Follow Post · Yesterday at 12:11am Muhammad Deq Abdullahi · University High School It's really true and I know for a long time if you want I can explain to u more Reply · Like · 9 · Yesterday at 12:24am Pankhuri Gupta · Newcastle UK Prove 6x6?? Reply · Like · Laurens Nollet · 6 · Yesterday at 12:34am Follow · Barman at Westend beachclub "de Kwinte" Pankhuri Gupta 20+4*4 = 20+16 = 36 = 6*6 Reply · Like · 12 · Yesterday at 12:39am View 14 more Angelo Endaya · Follow · Ateneo de Manila University http://www.

) Reply · Like · Follow Post · Yesterday at 3:03am Yousef-Amin Tillah · Wee-woo-er at Wee-woo wee-woo Lazily-made clickbait article.12/11/2014 7 Fun & Life Changing Math Hacks Can't understand the date Reply · Like · 2 · Follow Post · Yesterday at 12:43am Lionel Anthony · Follow · Gérant at Lionel.7.html#ndateformula Reply · Like · Yesterday at 2:13pm Saleem Khan · Karachi. guess some others too .architecturendesign. 5 Reply · Like · 2 · Follow Post · Yesterday at 12:58am Sebastiano Marino · Palermo.) . But the others are great! Shouldve read this before finishing college! Reply · Like · 1 · Follow Post · Yesterday at 9:08am Neven Spirkoski · Follow · Prilep The studio Sebastiano Marino thnx Reply · Like · Yesterday at 2:13pm ErLyn Sumagang Abaño · Customer Service Representative at Telstra Number 5 is not explained well. Italy You can find complete trick at this url: already using the percentage calculation in no. Reply · Like · Follow Post · Yesterday at 12:14pm View 19 more Facebook social plugin About Us Sub Menu Architecture & Design is an online magazine that tries to unite all those orbiting in the Architecture Art and More Details Dream Home About US Interior Design Advertise Residential Privacy Policy Skyscrapers Terms of Use Friends & Partners Architecture & Interior Design Design sphere.html#ndatebasics Reply · Like · Lionel Anthony · 5 · Edited · Yesterday at 1:09am Follow · Gérant at Lionel.blogspot.Arts studio http://gmmentalgym.. Pakistan No 1 is interesting! Can't get No 5 Reply · Like · Adib Zikri · 2 · Follow Post · Yesterday at 12:57am Follow · Writer at Blogger I can't understand 8/8 .5 has too much calculations and somehow it don't suites with other examples in the group . Dream Homes Interior Design Houses Apartments Hotel & Resorts Engineering Marvels More + © Architecture & Design 2014 | Designed by MMK Bros | Powered by http://www. This is probably similar in quality to all the others.blogspot.

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