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Peasant Gal Vest Pattern
This free pattern originally published in: America at Work and Play

Crochet this bit of gaiety in two colors to help your spirits through any dull days ahead.
Size 12—6 balls of White and 1 ball of Blue.

2nd row: Sc in 1st st. 4 large decorative metal buttons. Size 16—7 balls of White and 2 balls of Blue. sc in next st. Rug and Afghan Hook size G.Size 14—6 balls of White and 2 balls of Blue. * skip next st. 3 dc in next st (shell made). Repeat from * across. MEASUREMENTS FOR BLOCKING: 12 14 Bust (vest buttoned) 31" 33" Width across back at underarm 15" 16" Width across each front at underarm 8" 9" Shoulder to lower edge 17" 17" Length of side seam 9" 9" Sizes 12 14 BACK … With White ch 46 50 to measure 12" 13" 45 sts 49 sts 11 shells 12 shells GAUGE: 1 sc and 1 shell make 1 inch. Also 1 ball each of Red and Green for each size. There are Ch 1.T. There are 1 . 2 rows make 1 inch. Clark's O. turn.N. 1st row: Sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch across. skip next st.

11th row: Sc in 2nd ch from hook. Repeat from * across. shell in next sc. Ch 3. ending row with sc in center st of last shell (half shell decreased at both ends of row). . 7th row: Dc in 1st sc. Repeat from * until there are Turn (center back). 4th row: Sc in 1st dc. Ch 3. turn. * shell in next sc. sc in center st of next shell. Piece measures 4½ inches. skip next ch. * sc in center st of next shell. turn. At end of 6th row there remain 9 shells 10 shells 1 4 shells 4 shells ending with the 4th row. work in pattern across to last sc. Repeat from * across. 13th and 14th rows: Same as 3rd and 4th rows. 3rd row: Dc in 1st sc (half shell). 12th row: Same as last row. shell in next sc (half shell increased at beginning of row). Ch 3. work in pattern across. ending with 2 dc in last sc (half shell). turn. * shell in next sc. ch 1. sc in center st of next shell. Work straight until piece measures in all 9" 9" There are on last row 15 shells 16 shells 1 To Shape Armholes: 1st to 6th rows incl: Sl st to center st of 1st shell. Repeat 3rd and 4th rows alternately 3 more times. turn. 15th and 16th rows: Same as 11th and 12th rows. turn. Ch 3. Ch 1. sc in same place.Ch 3. turn. ending with sc in top st of turning ch. in last sc make shell and sc (half shell increased at end of row). sc in center st of next shell.

* sc in center st of next shell. 2 more times 2 more times 25 29 9" 9" 6 shells 7 shells Work straight until piece measures 8 inches from 1st row of armhole shaping. Fasten off. keeping front edge straight and shaping side edge exactly as on Back until piece measures in all. Sew shoulder and underarm seams. Turn. dec half shell as before. turn.8th row: Sl st to center st of 1st shell. shell in next sc. ch 1. Hereafter dec half shell as before at front edge and armhole edge on each row until shoulder piece matches back shoulder piece. Attach yarn at center back and work other side to correspond. Repeat from * across. ending at side edge To Shape Armhole and Front Simul-taneously: 1st row: Starting at side edge. finish row. ending row with sc in center st of last shell. Fasten off. Ch 3. LEFT FRONT … With White ch Work in pattern as for Back. Work straight until piece measures 8 inches from 1st row of armhole shaping. 9th row: Half shell in 1st sc. sc in same place. Repeat 8th and 9th rows alternately. . RIGHT FRONT … Work to corre-spond with Left Front. work in pattern across until there are Turn.

Next rnd: Ch 3.YOKE … Attach Blue at neck edge of Right Front and work in pattern along entire neck edge being careful to space shells so they lie flat and conform with outline of neck edge. Repeat from * around. ch 3. Work 4 more rows of shells. Join hearts with large back stitch using double strand of Green. turn. sc in same place. Fasten off. Sew on buttons using spaces in fabric for button-holes. Run cord through eyelets at top of yoke. other patterns in leaflet: Peasant Gal Vest Pattern Americana Cardigan Pattern Best Pal Cardigan Pattern Dress Up Dress Pattern Tee Off Sweater Pattern Smoothie Jacket Pattern Raglan Classic Pullover Pattern Best Beloved Cardigan Pattern Sweet Twosome Jumper Pattern Reliable Cardigan Pattern Snow Daisies Cardigan Pattern Success Girl Sweater Pattern . ch 1. Fasten off. tightening gauge slightly on each successive rnd (this will tend to keep work flat without actual decreas-ing). * shell in next sc. Repeat from * across. * sc in center st of next shell. Attach White in center st of 1st ch-3. CORD … With Red make a tight chain 60 inches long. Yoke Embroidery: Embroider hearts with Red in satin stitch. Embroider flowers in lazy daisy stitch alternating Red and White. Tie a knot in each end of cord. sc in center st of next ch-3. Make centers of Green French knots.

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