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Posted 3 months ago , last updated: 2 months ago


V2.0.0 - for both 1.7.2 & 1.7.10
Now only has Health Heart and Damage Buff Items
Not working? Update your Forge!

Health Heart -- (Adds 2.0D Health [1 Heart]) {64 Stack}


(Adds 0.5D Damage [Base Damage is 1.0D]) {64 Stack} .Damage Buff -.

Configuration consume_effect : enabled (boolean -.Default: true) .

Obviously. There is no "official" upper limit.5 in order to prevent the player from instantly dying on world entry. ssp. damage. change limit back to whatever you like and retrofit back to false. This is effectively how many times a player can consume a health heart item before it now longer grants any benefit. Minecraft sets base health to 20. If you impose a damage:damageLimit that is LESS THAN your current base damage and you set this to true. at which point you will default back to either the new limit or your previous count.10 Tags: Hearts.Set respective limit(s) to 0 AND set respective retrofit to true. Load world. The Mod will impose a value of 0.e. player health = 30 [15 hearts] ==> player health will be PERMANENTLY changed to 26 [3 counts of health heart]. Functional Comments : 8 Join us to post comments.0 without modifiers (i.5 if this entry is less than 0.Default: -1 [no limit]) Imposes a "count" restriction on the health heart buff. This is effectively how many times a player can consume a damage buff item before it now longer grants any benefit.If you have more health/damage than the limit would impose. it will effectively undo any buffs consumed in excess of the limit. utility.Default: false) This will OVERWRITE your characters NBT data for the heart health count. while half hearts are 1. This will "clean the slate" and play as though you never consumed any (respective) buffs. damage : damageModifier (double -.0 [10 Hearts]) Sets player base health to the double provided here. hearts : heartRetrofit (boolean -. 10 hearts) for reference. shy of the "count" restriction that you impose in hearts:heartLimit. read hearts:heartRetrofit) hearts:heartStart (doub le -. hearts:heartRetrofit = true. damage : damageRetrofit (boolean -.Default: false) This will OVERWRITE your characters NBT data for the damage buff count. (same idea as below. how much your punching damage is) for reference. it will effectively undo any buffs consumed in excess of the limit. (NOTE: Setting either limit to 0 will mean that you can no longer consume either buff for benefit) 3) Limits are Retroactive -.5) Determines how much of a damage buff should be granted when a player eats a damage buff. (e. they just won't do anything useful) damage : damageLimit (integer -. hearts : heartModifier (double -. Show Comments . hearts : heartLimit (integer -. 2) Play-as-though Buffs at 0 -.Default: 0. you will no longer be able to consume the respective buffs for benefit (as you are at the limit). exit. smp. Progress: 100% Complete Game Version: Minecraft 1. allowing you to affect old maps to the new number. Minecraft sets base damage to 1.Determines whether or not CONSUMING either health heart or the damage will actually affect the player's stats (items will still be in game and consumable. craftable. rpg. the mod will scale you down to the limit until the limit is removed or modified.0) Determines how many hearts should be granted when a player eats a damage buff.0 without modifiers (i.e.Default: 20. No effect if limit is more than current health) Pro Tips: 1) PERMANENTLY Resetting Buffs to 0 -.Default: 2.Set respective limit(s) to 0. whichever is lower. If you impose a hearts:heartLimit that is LESS THAN your current health and you set this to true.g. hearts:heartLimit = 3.0.7. Hearts are intervals of 2.0 intervals. This number is also used as the base upon which extra hearts are added. permanent.Default: -1 [no limit]) Imposes a "count" restriction on the damage buff. This is applied EVERY time the player enters the world.

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