Toad Boy


Chapter 2: Academy to Gennin
(Eleven Years, Fifty One Weeks After The Kyubi Attack Konoha)

A young boy could be seen running through the streets of Konoha on
the 3rd of October he was rushing to plan another attack on his
grandfather with a smirk on his face and a long blue scarf flowing
behind having escaped his sensei Ebisu long ago.
The boy rounded a corner just in time to see a foot tall frog hop out of
a well it was red with blue markings on its ears and the top of its head
where it wore a set of green goggles round its neck
"Yo Naruto hurry up"
As if in response a boy about twelve years old rose from the water
before coming to a rest on it the boy was about four foot nine inches
tall with long spiky blond hair that he wore back to keep it out of his
eyes, the boy had light blue eyes with two orange lines running from
the centre of his eye lids to his chin, cutting through three whisker
marks on his cheeks, he wore a mesh undershirt with a black jacket
which stopped at the bottom of his ribcage and just above his elbows
with the kanji for oil on both breasts in Orange he wore a necklace with
seven large white beads on it and the centre one had the kanji for
loyalty in black. There were two white bandages wrapped round his
waist serving both as a belt for his green three quarter lengths and a
tanto which ended in a flat tip, his trousers being taped off below his
knee in black tape and he wore a traditional set of black sandals.
"Yo munchkin which way to the academy?"

but no ones called me that before" the young boy replied rather sheepishly "What munchkin ? but your like two feet tall?" "What! No am four foot two" he shouted stamping his foot "Alright jeez.. and who might you be" the tanned man with a scar across the bridge of his nose replied before giving the boy a smile sensing his nervousness "uh I'm Uzumaki Naruto I think I was to join this class" .his query was only met with a shocked look on the boys face and silence. can you just tell me how to get to the academy" "Yeah see that mountain with the faces in it. "Helloooo ? Ya deaf or somethin'?" "No. 'I'm pretty sure this is my class but hey whats the worst that could happen' They young blond knocked before easing the door open " Are you Umino Iruka?" "Yes I am. but hey that's what happens when you live on a mountain your hole life. its right under it" The boy nodded to show he understood "Cheers munchkin" he said sticking his tongue out before hopping away to show the kanji for toad on his back in Orange 'What a weirdo' the young boy thought before turning around and walking straight into Ebisu "I've got you now Honourable grandson" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(Ten Minutes Later At The Academy) Naruto wandered through the halls after having been given his class number on a slip of paper but had managed to get himself not one hundred percent comfortable in building.

buildings and people who pick on toads" the entire room was looking at him oddly now unanimously wondering 'Who has a friend called toad' "Well Naruto-kun that was certainly. Hiro. His fears where quickly put to ease as Naruto began.. i like bugs" a certain Aburame's interest piqued at that" my Ba-chan. wearing a grey high collar jacket and a pair of dark glasses. Bunta. Kichi and toads I dislike ehhh lots of people. Hi my names Naruto Uzumaki. interesting why don't you go take a seat next to Shino" he said indicating towards a young boy with spiky black hair. in his moment of shock a rhinoceros beetle had flown in the window and landed between two girls one with bright pink hair and the other with a long blond pony tail spying it Naruto channel a little bit of chakra into his mouth. give a short introduction before taking a seat" As the young boy entered the room Iruka's eyes instantly went to the tanto 'Flat tipped?' that's standard issue for ROOT highly uncommon. "uh. Just as he sat down the boy asked "You like bugs as well?" a very curious tone came across " Yup love em" the blond said smiling "What's your favourite type" this caused the Aburame to pause "kikaichū" "kikaichū? never heard of them before do they taste nice ?" A look of abject horror appeared on the boys face as the boy fully understood what was really happening. . Naruto quickly retracted his tongue as the blond one tried to cut it off with a kunai. curiosity and revulsion."Well Naruto-kun why don't you come in. JiJi. Ken.. Iruka sensed chakra being charged behind him curious he turned round in time to witness Sakura and Ino scream as a twelve foot long Studded tongue wrap round a rhinoceros beetle Naruto froze as Iruka's eyes met his tongue still extended a moment of chaos ensued as the pink one screeched like a banshee. it was only now that most of the class has realised where the tongue had originated from the reaction was a mix of confusion. Gamma.

"What the hell is wrong with you!?" the pink banshee screeched. the blonde's look was closer to curiosity than revulsion Naruto finished his mouth-full of beetle and then responded with an answer of total innocence "I was hungry" " What were you raised by frogs" this resulted in the whole class starting to laugh at the ensuing argument "No toads" the entire class fell silent looking at him as if he had grown three heads "I'm sorry Naruto what ?" it was Iruka questioning him now "I was raised by toads?" not understanding the confusion on his class mates faces "Naruto where did you grow up?" "Mt. This was confirmed when a small smile appeared on his lips "Now Iruka if I told you everything how could I ensure your keeping your wits about you" his smile getting wider *FlashBack End* "Naruto we can talk about this after class but until then can you refrain .Myoboku" *FlashBack* Iruka stood in the Hokages office as Hiruzen sat at his desk smoking his pipe eyeing a foot tall pile of paper work evilly "Oh yes Iruka about the boy transferring tomorrow he might be a bit.. unique" "Unique Hiruzen? Care to elaborate" with a class full of clan heirs one being the sole remaining loyal member he wondered how unique this boy could be but had a sinking feeling it would be bad for him...

from. well that certainly is... "And you wanted something?" "Oh yes!" Naruto only now realising he had completely forgot his original reason for approaching the pair. it was at this moment he realsied he should have asked how to read a map.. Naruto chuckled sheepishly "Eh its cause I can do this" the boy replied before his tongue shot out to touch the wall ten feet away. He looked up deciding to ask one of his classmates for directions he noticed the blond one who freaked at him had ran up and hugged a rather imposing blond man before chatting happily away. unique?" "thank you Yamanaka-san" The boy replied completely oblivious of the stares he was getting from the other parents.. whatever that was" "But what if I get hungry" "Then wait you mad freak! and don't eat bugs" came a now familiar shriek..M The Same Day Outside The Academy) Naruto left the Academy building with the swarms of other shinobi in training before studying the map that the Hokage had given him it had several points of interest on it including his new house........ deciding she was as good as any he approached the pair. remembering him mentioning having tried kikaichū... he quickly unfolded the map and pointed to a location on it. and why are you calling him toad boy ?" her father asked quite confused. "Excuse me Yamanaka-san" At this both blonds turned to face him " Ugh! what do you want Gama-kun" replied the young blond seeing who had called on them "Hey don't call me that" "Ino don't be so rude!. . ". With Shino nodding in consent as he eyed him warily... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(Four P..

come on we're walking there any way why don't you join us?" "OK. he had liked Kushina and saw no reason to prejudice her son. he's also been training with the toads as well as being Kushina's son as she was the only Konoha Uzumaki he knew of. "Thank you Inoichi-san. Inoichi's fine" the man replied with a smile. So this was the nine tails jinchuriki. Though his face showed nothing Inoichi's was running through a hundred things at once. "Don't call me Yamanaka-san. thank you Yamanaka-san" the blond trio left the academy grounds before heading down the winding roads of Konoha "So young one I don't have a name to call you by yet?" the towering blond asked "Sorry Yamanaka-san my name is Naruto Uzumaki" The boy replied with a smile. in fact I have a proposition for you" This caught the boys interest and he indicated to continue. mentally noting to ask the Third who his father was he was one brave man he had been there the day she'd earned the nickname Red Hot-Blooded Habanero."Can you tell me how to get here?" the boy asked pointing to the map The older man let out a laugh " I should hope so it's right across from the flower shop I own. "Well after having having trained with the toads for so long I assume your are quite good with Taijutsu"this earned a nod from the boy"well it appears to be my daughters weak point would you be willing to train with her" . Ino-chan" the girl blushed slightly at this "It was no problem Naruto-san.Inoichi-san" The rest of the walk went without much conversation just idle chatter until eventually they reached his new apartment and he saw the flower shop just across the road. "Thank you Yam. secretly fearing if he did she would rise from the dead and beat him for it he didn't put it past her.

especially not with Gama-kun" Her father looked towards Naruto apologetically "Don't worry she'll train with you.The young blond smiled at this it was only his first day here and he had managed to get a training partner. why can't it be someone stronger?" "Ino whens the next Taijutsu tournament" "Tomorrow. and someone wake up Shikimaru for kami's sake" Naruto hopped up from his seat over two desks and landed next to Ino "Yo. "Something funny" . I'll make sure of it" the boy left and went up the stairs. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(The Next Day At The Konoha Academy) "Alright everyone settle down. you can't be looking forward to this" the blond rounded on him "What makes you say that !?" "Your dad said Taijutsu was your weakness" "Oh screw you Gama-kun!" before the blond stormed off leaving a confused Naruto he then heard some one snickering he turned to see the Sasuke . why?" "Just pay special attention to that boys matches" then her father left chuckling to himself. "But daddy I don't wanna do Taijutsu training. I know you're all excited" 'Well maybe not all' Iiruka thought as he saw Shikamaru Nara out cold on his desk snoring. "Daddy! why do I have to train with him. He nodded to show he agreed. "OK everyone we're going to go down to the sparring rings now.

"Now I know you're only here for a week so you'll only compete in one of these but I'd still like you to make a board now you can draw anything on it your name. As the others went about picking out their boards from a box Iruka approached him with a wooden plank with a hole in it in one handed an ink pot and brush in the other. yeah so can I see your sharingan ?" The boys eyes flew open in surprise and fear "Well I haven't awakened it yet" he replied quite angrily "Wait so you say your the last 'Elite' and you haven't even awakened it ? and you call me dobe" naruto hopped backwards onto the next desk as Sauske took a swing at him. you dobe" "Oh I am gonna enjoy beating the shit out of you" this resulted in many of the young boys Fangirls screaming at him he noticed the pink one say something like Uchiha Elite. now Sasuke save it for the ring" before hopping the full length of the class room before following the remaining students he could see."Yeah. "Now. dobe" "Yeah. 'I just hope he can make it to the finals so I can beat some sense into him'. a kanji or just a symbol just show it to me so I know which one you are" --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(Five Minutes Later) "OK everyone know that the tournament is decided lets get started with the boys section first" Naruto took a glance seeing his Kanji for 'Oil' on the far left and the Uchiha's fan on the far right. "So you're an Uchiha?" "Yeah I'm the last Uchiha elite so prepare to get your ass kicked. . Naruto stood in the crowds as he saw Iruka approach a wooden board with a knockout style tournament board in nails to hang name tags off of. Sasuke stood in the room his fan girls silenced by the display of anger there idol was showing but also that Naruto had dodged Sasukes punch.

This ended when Kiba over-stretched on a right hook. Naruto grabbed the boys wrist the slamming his right knee into the others solar plexus. He once again flung himself at the blond but he managed to move just out of the way of each strike at the last second. he then spun and ended with a sharp left elbow to the back of the Inuzaka's head. Kiba caught it with his free hand before springing back to the edge of the ring. "Are both of you ready?" this earned a nod from both boys "Ready to lose Gama-kun" "Not you as well mutt?" he glanced at Ino. "Hajime!" As Iruka's voice brought him out of his thoughts he saw the boy lower on to all fours before firing himself at Naruto trying to vertically slash the boys face. "Yeah! So prepare to get your ass kicked by the strongest Inuzaka duo" the boy shouted. "Kiba I don't know how many times I've had to tell you this but you can't fight with akamaru in the weekly tournaments" "Aw c'mon Iruka-sensei please?" "No and that's final now put Akamaru down and get ready" the young Inuzaka sat his companion just outside the ring before returning to Naruto."Alright for our first can we have Kiba Inuzaka vs Naruto Uzumaki" both boys stepped into the ring and Naruto noticed that Kiba did not take the dog off his head "ah so that dog is you companion" Kiba looked surprised at this not many academy students had realised that he and Akamaru fought together. Naruto felt Kiba's body go limp in his grasp he let the boy down to the floor gently before stepping out of academy's medics way he heard Iruka call out "Naruto Uzumaki wins by knockout" . Naruto catching his wrist and attempted to knee Kiba in the solar plexus. her grin confirming his suspicion that she had spread his nickname about.

Both boys moved towards each other simultaneously before the Uchiha broke first in a charge what resulted was a series of high pace strikes with Naruto only moving out of the way at the last second. 'Just what I was waiting for'. Naruto quickly caught it. this resulted in Naruto having a very fox like grin spread across his face. by technical knockout but Naruto we try not to kill other academy students in spars" . Sasuke quickly grew frustrated and threw a wild right. The tournament finally came to a close as the last two boards showed the Kanji for 'Oil' and the Uchiha fan. before Sasuke had realised it he was in mid-air above Naruto's head and if the throw was continued Naruto would swing Sasukes head into the ground like a jack hammer. both young boys stood in the ring with. "Hajime!" the young Uchiha quickly dropped into the Uchiha Interceptor style but without a sharingan it wasn't as effective. Iruka raised an eyebrow at this sure the Uzumaki had both of Sasukes wrists trapped but at the same time his own hands were behind his back leaving them back to back there was no real way to attack unless? Just at that moment Naruto shifted his weight to the front of his feet bending low and pulling his arm up. being used to sparring against the powerhouses of Mt. Naruto smirked at this as without sage mode the Toad Fu style wasn't as effective either. Naruto noticed the sheer amount of girls squealing for the Uchiha he also noticed that Ino Yamanaka was not one of them she had removed herself from the group of fangirls and had placed a 'slightly' chubby boy with swirls on his cheeks in between them.The rest of the tournament went without Naruto struggling too much. spun and grabbed hold of both of the boys wrists.Myoboku the leaf genin weren't much of a struggle. Just before Sasukes head smashed into the ground Iruka stepped in and caught the young Uchiha by the ankle stopping his head merely an inch from the ground. "The winner is Naruto Uzumaki.

If he remembered correctly the Hyuga's were Taijutsu specialists that used their doujutsu the byakugan to strike and disable their opponents chakra network. where the Aburames had a symbiotic relationship with chakra eating bugs. he knew of the odd boys habits to eat bugs and when you're a living hive this was particularly disturbing. Team 8 will be Hinata Hyuga." Naruto decided to ignore him until he heard anything of interest. happiness with two Taijutsu specialists they would cover his weaknesses well but also fear. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(Five Days Later Iruka's Classroom) "Congratulations to all those who passed the genin exams I'll now start the team assignments and then your jonin sensei will be hear at twelve to pick you up first of. Shino Aburame and Naruto Uzumaki lead by Kurenai Yūhi" If anyone had been paying attention to Shino at this point they would have seen an odd mix of emotions across his face. Sasuke Uchiha and Kiba Inuzaka lead by Kakashi Hatake. ."What are you talking about I can still fight!" "Sasuke if I hadn't stepped in Naruto would have crushed your neck ensuring the end of you career if not your life" the young blond only smiled at his sensei "sorry sensei I guess I'm just used to stronger opponents" The other students gasped at this 'Stronger opponents' Sasuke was easily rookie of the year but this boy had been sparing against stronger people his whole life. they thought almost collectively but one blond had a different train of thought ' I see what daddy was saying if I sparred with him I could easily cover up that weakness. more disturbing than having hundreds of deadly insects living inside you... "And Team 7 will be Sakura Haruno. Iruka continued to call out names but Naruto wasn't paying attention any more instead he was focusing on remembering what Jiraiya had taught him about the clans of Konoha.

"Team 8?" Naruto.. "Thank you and I'll have some takowasa and they'll have." "wild grass salad " "R-r-red bean s-soup" "Eh... "Now then I will leave you and your Jonin sensei will be hear to pick you up within the hour I wish you all the best of luck" Being left alone most of the newly promoted genin started sitting in their teams. "Naruto-san before we meet our sensei I must ask you to refrain from eating any of my kikaichū" "kikaichū? Oh is that the name of your symbiote bugs?" "Yes I was not aware that you had knowledge of my clans ability's. Shino and Hinata all raised there hands" "Good I'm your jonin sensei so come on" All three of the genin getting up and following her out of the room. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(Ten Minutes Later At A Restaurant In Konoha) Before the team had even sat down one of the waitresses had already sat a sake bottle in front of the jonin. I thought you were new to Konoha" "Oh I am but I was taught these things before coming here by my Jiji.. a white dress with a red sleeve and distinct red eyes.He thought on the combined teams ability's and decided they would either be a combat team or a track and receive team. sensei I don't know what to order I've never been here before" .. Just like I know Hinta's Byakugan can see through physical objects" The young Hyuga grew nervous as the conversation turned towards her but was saved as a young looking kunoichi entered the room with shoulder length black hair.

"Don't worry Naruto this restaurant prides itself on being able to make almost any dish" "hmm then can I have grass hopper and bamboo worm ramen?" The entire table fell deadly silent he was getting looks of revulsion from the waitress and Shino where as Hinata and Kurenai were trying to figure out if he was joking. I dislike those who kill bugs"he glared at Naruto. "Naruto if you could explain why you think that was OK?" After Naruto's surprisingly short explanation Kurenia had to resist the urge to slam her head off the desk. I d-ddislike a c-certain t-t-tradition in my c-clan my h-hobbies is flower pressing a-n-nd my d-d-dream is t-t-to get r-rid of the caged b-b-bird sseal" "Alright Blondie" "My name is Naruto Uzumaki I enjoy Ma's food and Pa's training.If that was possible with those glasses "my hobbies is finding new species for my collection and my dream is to become a successful" Kurenai just nodded at hinata "M-m-my name is H-hinata Hyuga I e-enjoy flower p-pressing. I like having evening drinks and a certain wind user and genjutsu I dislike cake and arrogant loud mouths. "OK well lets get the introductions over and done with I'm Kurenai Yuhi. my hobbies are training and inventing new genjutsu's and my dream is to become the strongest genjutsu ever. this kid had went his whole life raised by toads and his only human interaction had been with Jiraiya he was gonna be a handful. "He'll have some miso ramen" His sensei said before turning on Naruto "Was that supposed to be a joke?" "No?" Kurenai let out a long sigh. I . Iruka had warned her of some odd behaviour but she didn't expect the kid to be ordering bugs in a restaurant. Next up glasses" "My name is Shino Abarame i enjoy Entomology.

almeida: hello to you too ? Brehze: Thanks and hopefully I will anarion87: Thanks :) Nicholas: Thank god someone out there agrees with me also if anyone knows any were the old monkey has a proper spine PM me them please Las: Thank you and I am hoping to keep it going that long and maybe . Shino had similar thoughts but he was more worried about having to be on a team with Naruto as it was a clan tradition to bring your genin team home for dinner. "Well now that there done I should inform you we have a second test tomorrow at 7 am at training ground 8 if you fail you get sent back to the academy" before any of them could react she had all ready dropped the money and body flickered away.dislike those who look down on toads my ambition is to master sage mode whilst moving and my dream is to succeed my Shishō as the Toad sage" the blond said giving them a blinding smile reminding Kurenai of a certain spandex wearing Jonin. Naruto thought there was no way he could put up with the academy for a year he'd been bored witless in less than a week. Responses: sabilize: The tags are for the team did not mean to make you think it was a Naru/Hina leonardo. The three remaining shinobi just stared at each other all thinking different thoughts.porto. she wasn't he felt saddened 'wait why am I sad? its not like we're especially close friends. Naruto looked in to the Yamanaka flower shop to see if Ino was there. With there own thoughts the all went there separate ways. Hinata was panicking about failing and disappointing her family. . I hope to update this once a week ish with a variable of three days. Oh yeah story reccomendations some good ones to check out are : https://www.a little bit more depending on how it goes AN: Hey guys so 8 days later and here it is I hope you enjoy this as much as the first a few things to say I've decided that its gonna be a Naru/Ino as I think they're not done enough but i don't have any other pairings and i'm open to suggestions other stuff for you to know is that Akatsuki probably aint gonna be the bad guys in this one as i dont think i could right them decently.