The war in Iraq was only about 3 years ago when it formally ended. The Iraq war was when our
government sent in troops to help fight the war against terrorism. Some people did not think it was a
good. idea to get involved with Iraq, but our government thought they should control them because
they posed a possible threat. Many people in America did not want soldiers to be sent over because
their lives at stake. Other people thought that it is a good thing to send in troops, because their job is
to help defend our country from threats. The United States and some of our allies went into Ira.q to
execute the "Shock and Awe" attack. We captured Saddam Hussein. In 2007 Iraqi insurgents
started attacking and we helped fight against them, and in 2011 Obama withdraw all troops from
Iraq. We had reason to believe that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and aided in
finding them since they posed a threat.
The "American Sniper" movie is about Scott McEwen and Jim DeFelice, Navy seal snipers, who
fought in Iraq and were considered america's deadliest snipers with about 250 kill about 160
confirmed. This movie is based off of the autobiography "American Sniper: The Autobiography of the
Most Lethal Sniper in U.S. Military History" by Chris Kyle. In the movie Kyle has to fight in Iraq after
the 9/11 attacks and has to kill a woman and child who attacks US soldiers with a grenade. He is
emotionally upset about this but is awarded with the title "Legend" for his many kills. The US
government than assigns him to hunt Al-Qaeda to fight against terrorism.
This movie is the most successful of the movies about the Iraq war. It got $106 million in the first
weekend in theaters. This means that people may be ready to see what happened in Iraq. Other
movies such as "restrepo", a documentary following a team in the army who had to hold a position
in Iraq, "Hurt Locker" is a movie about a demolitions expert in the army. These movies were
successful, but not as successful as "American Sniper". "American Sniper" is thought to be the
movie that people want to see so they know what it was like in the Iraq war. It is possible people did
not want to see a movie before this one because it was to early and most people did not like seeing
soldiers die. Now that it has been 3 years after the war, it seems people are ready to learn what it
was like.
Another topic is, how accurate is the movie. There has been controversy on how accurate the movie
is compared to the real thing. In the movie Chris Kyle joined the military because he saw american
lives being lost in the news and wanted to help. It is thought that the real reason he joined is
because he just wanted to fight. If this is true then they could have changed this to make it seem
more patriotic. His wife has helped with the movie to keep it as accurate as possible. They did this
to make his character seem as much like the real man as possible.
Another topic is how people in Iraq are reacting to the movie. When people in Iraq were watching
the part where the sniper hesitated to shoot the kid with an RPG they yelled, "Just shoot him." It
seems that the people in Iraq are just as thrilled about the movie as much as we are. At the movie
one man commented “I love watching war movies because especially now they give me the strength
to face ISIS,” Mohammed said. This shows that the movie is impacting not only the US but Iraq as
well in positive ways.

The movie "American Sniper" was a great success. People are now wanting to see movies about
Iraq and learn what really happened. The movie will impact people by teaching them the hardships
the soldiers went through. When watching the movie people could feel proud about American
fighting for us, or they could be upset because it shows them dying. "The Lone survivor" is a movie
about American soldiers who got stranded in hostile territory and were slowly killed off by the
terrorists, this upset some people because it showed how graphic and terrible it was for our soldiers.
"American Sniper" could be the same, but it depends on the viewers opinions.
There are some inaccuracies in the movie compared to the real life person. Such as why he went to
the military and what happened when he was in Iraq. Most people who watch movies don't watch
them to see how accurate they are but to see how it may have been. It is possible the people who
made the movie changed things because some things people may not be able to handle or to make
people feel certain emotions in that part of the movie to make it better. It is true that his real wife
helped with the film to keep accuracies in the movie. She supplied the creators with the information
to give his character life like it is really him.
Many people support this film because it is just what they want to see now. Today there is ISIL
another terrorist organization possibly worse than Al-Qaeda. People want to see this to give them
hope that we can defeat ISIL. Even in Iraq people are watching this movie because it gives them
hope that they can fight back against ISIL. This movie raises moral to keep people hopeful in a
world filled with terror.
"American Sniper" in my opinion is a great movie that will teach people about the hardships the
soldiers went through in the Iraq war. This movie will show Americans how we fought against the
terrorists and why. The movie will help inspire others to join the military to fight against the terrorists
and for freedom. This movie in a sense is a type of propaganda that will help increase rates of
enlistment. This will help our country defend itself against terrorist attacks. This movie could also
lead to other iraq war movies since it is such a success. The future movies may not be as real or
accurate, but it will help some others come out.
The new movie “American Sniper” is a movie about Chris Kyle who was a sniper during the Iraq
war, this movie shows what it was like during the war in Iraq. The movie also raises many questions
about whether the world is actually ready to know what really happened during the war in Iraq. The
Iraq war was a war that took place recently and only ended about 3 years ago. Not much is known
about what happened during the war and now the this new movie is one of the. first movies to show
what happened during this war. My opinion on the movie is a bit mixed. I believe the movie is
probably a good one but from the articles I read there are some things that were falsified. One thing
is that during the movie the main character apparently gets a bounty placed on him for $100,000

this is half true. During the war apparently it was common for the Iraqi army to pay their soldiers a
couple of thousands of dollars for every American sniper killed, instead of placing a reward for one
lone sniper. Another thing is I believe the movie is also going to be one sided, I haven’t seen the
movie so this is just what I think. I believe since the movie is about just Chris Kyle the movie will
only show a the American soldier side instead of also showing what the Iraqi soldiers and civilians
had to go through during the war. On a brighter note here are somethings that I believe the movie
will do. good on. First, I believe the movie will show a somewhat accurate account of how the U.S.
soldiers handled the war and what was life was like there for them and what was common. I believe
the movie will also show how most of the soldiers handled life after they came back from Iraq, which
will be good for people to know about because we civilians can’t fully comprehend what actually
happened during the war and what the soldiers experienced over there that would change the way
they are. Those are some the reasons why I have mixed opinions with the movie.
I think now is a good time for a movie like this. The war in Iraq was a long time ago and we are
finally starting to recover. The movie talks about a lot of things that normal civilians would never
know. It goes into the hard choices that had to be made on the battlefront. This movie was more
than just an add to join the military. It was about this one soldier, who had to cope with the terrible
things he has done and seen.
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