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Issue Sixty Six
December, 2014

South East
Bats, Mice
and Owls


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Pride in the work
done by Rotarians


s I am putting this
message together I
realise that it is the 1st
December. The five
months since taking
office seem to have flown by.
Let me start by wishing all the
Rotarians and their families in
District 1120 a Very Merry
Christmas and a Happy New Year.

These greetings remind me of
my DG talk to clubs about my
pride in the work done by
Rotarians in this District. I am
particularly thinking of the
Rotarians in Eastbourne Club who
give up most of their Christmas
Day for their “Alone at Christmas”
event. A great example of
“Service Above Self”.
I hope all of you are successful
with your fundraising and service
events during this very busy
festive season.

I have now completed more or
less all of my DG visits to clubs
(Gibraltar to come in April 2015)
and I would like to thank you all
for your friendly welcome and

Service Above Self

fellowship. I have been delighted
to hear about all of your plans for
fundraising and community

As I have said we have a
fantastic District here in 1120 and
I hope you appreciated me
sharing with you examples of
what some of our clubs are doing.
This is the Conference edition
of Rotary South East and I would
briefly like to share my thoughts
on the weekend. From a personal
perspective I don’t think it could
have gone better. I was a bag of
nerves by Friday lunchtime but as
the weekend went on I relaxed
and enjoyed it more and more. I
thought all the speakers were
brilliant. I particularly
enjoyed Geoff Miller,
Bob Bevan, Clive
Emson (all
members of
David Hatcher
on Shelter Box
and the sporting

events showcase presented by
Gravesend, Folkestone and
Weald of Kent clubs.
We had 800 registrations, which
is great, and we have had many
compliments since October about
the whole event. Let’s all support
Ray for next year at
Bournemouth, whose conference
I am sure will be just as

Finally, please support my DG
charity this year “Lords
( I am at
the moment speaking to the
charity about us trying to raise
enough funds to purchase one of
their “buses” and discussing
where in this District it can be
sited. Currently we
have raised just
over £6,000 so
thank you, but
we have some
distance still to
DG Martin

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Canterbury Forest of Blean
Dr Neil Brown
Kevin Attwood
Mike Jack
Edenbridge Tim Roach Gavin D Raeburn-Ward
Sunday Egbe Iyamu-Obasohan
Isle of Thanet Sunrise
Kevin Winzer
Langley Park
Jurgen Köhler
Dr Stuart Robertson
Michael Loveday David Stringer
Colin Goldsack
Ed Rushden
Sittingbourne Invicta
Ian George
Sittingbourne and Milton
Ann Baker
Martin Doyle
Westgate and Birchington
Alan Harris

Sensational suited Santas

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is published by District 1120
Brian Portway
• Tel: 01634 891708
Distribution: Wally Field
Design and Production:
Pinegen Publishing Ltd.
Tel: 020 8335 1109
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Mason GRP Ltd
Articles and letters published in this magazine do
not necessarily reflect the views of
District or the Editor.

District Diary:
7 February
12 February
25 April
13 to 15 May
20 May

Presidents Elect Training
(All at one venue and date)
District Council
District Assembly
RIBI President’s Visit
District Council Maidstone

We are sad to report the deaths of John Williams, Paul
Harris Fellow and first President of Langley Park Club;
Roy Packman, Paul Harris Fellow and Past President
of Sidcup Club; Clive Lawrence, Paul Harris Fellow
and Past President of Medway Club; Howard Gardner,
Past President of Isle of Sheppey Club; Michael Lee of
Sittingbourne Invicta Club; John Hill of Southborough
and Pembury Club; Peter Sayer of Canterbury Club;
Ron Willis of Heathfield and Waldron Club; Rodney
Noble of Tonbridge Club; Jonathan Hill of Sandwich
Club; Paul Winterflood of West Wickham Club; Tony
Tiber of Rochester Club.

Where does the money go?

he message has to always be –
remember The Rotary Foundation
in your commitment to Rotary.
There is a very good reason to do this


below. These are the projects that are
receiving a District Grant made possible
by the funds you collected for The
Rotary Foundation three years ago.

Four primary schools one day
interacting workshop.
Sensory room equipment for
special needs school.
Providing five cows to
poor villagers.
North Downs
Outreach from school for special
needs children.
pre VTT (for CALMED) visit.
School programme for disabled.
Living Hope school for educating
underprivileged children.
Church on the Rock School
classroom refurbishment.
Sittingbourne Invicta
Orchard Centre sensory garden
planting, Milton Regis.
Defibrillator for Little Common.
St. Leonards-on-Sea
Medical centre solar
panel project.
Medway Sunlight
Water & power for
Bandakadapalle village.
Eastbourne AM
Christmas event for disabled.
West Wickham
Learning equipment for
Nash College for disabled.
Sittingbourne & Milton
The Quays arts project for
the homeless Sittingbourne.
Books for a Zululand school.
Youth club camping
equipment project.
Ups & Downz vehicle purchase.
Medway Sunlight
literacy boxes for
Manaca School.
Medway Sunlight
Cam’s garden project.
Seniors’ party.
Respite at Kench Hill
resource centre.
Curriculum books for
Manaca School.
Northfleet with Ebbsfleet Music therapy for adults
with dementia.
Canterbury Forest of Blean Day visit to wildlife park for
autistic children.
Pratts Bottom primary school
gardening for children programme.

Location and Amount


Trivandrum, India


Navaloor, India


Kitazigurukwa, Uganda
Madhya Pradesh India
Bizweni South Africa


Baddomahli, Pakistan


Nairobi, Kenya


Sittingbourne, Kent
Bexhill-on-Sea, E Sussex


Hastings, Sierra Leone


Andhra Pradesh, India
Eastbourne, E Sussex


Bromley, Kent


Dundee, South Africa


Canterbury, Kent
Tonbridge, Kent


Uckfield, Sussex


Tenterden, Kent




Gravesend, Kent


Whitstable, Kent


Orpington, Kent


Global Grants
Proposals for Global Grants through The Rotary Foundation have been slow to come
forward in our District even though we were amongst the pioneers of the new grant
system. There is still the comment that the grant system is complicated but a lot of
the process is now directly in the control of the District. The best way to find out is to
contact Denis Spiller and the District Foundation team as early as possible in your
ideas as they need to be aligned to the grant priorities .
There are ten Global Grants, including two scholarships, underway at the moment in our
district with another four in draft.

Rotary South East 3

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Ashford gain younger members

he Rotary Club of Ashford has
welcomed 12 new members — all
enthusiastic primary school
St Marys C of E Primary School in
Western Avenue had approached the
Ashford Club as they were interested in
developing a new after school group in
the name of Rotary.
The new members of Rotary are known
as ‘Rotakids’ — a new initiative of Rotary
International aimed at 7 to 12 year olds.

The special assembly held in school in
the presence of Assistant District
Governor Don Soppitt and Ashford Club
President Ian Alexander saw the 12
children in the Rotakids club officially
recognised as being part of the Rotary
The ceremony held in front of the
whole school and the Rotakids families
saw each individual awarded a certificate
of membership. The school also received
a certificate of recognition from Rotary
All the children made the Rotakids
pledge which is:
‘As a Rotakid I endeavour
to be fair to all,
to serve my community and
to show respect for others’
Rotakids meetings run in a similar way
to a Rotary meeting with members
elected as President, Vice President,
Secretary and Treasurer.
They have even appointed a Press

Officer, Jessica, who said “ I am proud to
be a Rotakid and to help other people by
making their lives brighter. I am looking
forward to coming up with lots of ideas of
different ways to help other people.”

Rotary Shoeboxes
The club will meet once a week to
discuss and plan projects. Their first
project is a Rotary Shoebox scheme to fill
shoeboxes as Christmas gifts for those
less fortunate than themselves in
Eastern Europe. They have also been
active in fundraising for Children in
Rotarian Martin Carter, the Ashford
clubs ‘Rotakids’ mentor, said, “ When I

Brockhill College celebrates
its Rotary Interact Charter
The Rotary Interact Club of Brockhill
Performing Arts College has achieved
Charter status.
This is as a result of two years of
strenuous effort organising a stream of
events and fund-raising for a series of
worthy causes. These have ranged from
one–off break-time schemes to a superbly
successful fashion show which tested to
the utmost the negotiating, organisational
and presentation skills of all involved.

At a ceremony at the college, members
were presented with pins and certificates
acknowledging their achievements.
Representing Rotary South East were John
Dunkley, Past District Governor, and Mike
Springett, Hythe Rotary Past President,
John Gabris, whose presidency covered
most of the period of development, and
current President, Ken Berkin, attended
together with Hythe Rotary members
closely involved with the development of
the club, John Wren, Collen Hill and Nigel
The college was represented by the Head

4 Rotary South East

Teacher, Sonette Schwartz, Head of Sixth
Form, Lee Kane, and the teacher in charge
of the club, who has skilfully guided the

first met with the children I was really
impressed with their enthusiasm and ideas
but what really struck me was why they
wanted to be Rotakids.

Make a difference
“They told me they wanted to ”Help
children feel better”, “To make a difference
in their communities” and “To help people and have fun”
Harry, St Mary’s Rotakids President said
“ I feel great being President of Rotakids. I
like to help people to be happier and to
have fun.”
This is exactly what all Rotarians across
the World aim to do with our motto of
‘Service above Self’.

group to its success, Helen Eastham.
The members receiving awards were:
Kyra Muir (President), David Bingley, Jodie
Bishop, Sammy Brough, Isabella Corriette,
Chloe Dawkins, Tasmyn Fitzgerald, Beckie
Hambrook, Linda Heslop, Fern Jenner,
Ryan Leigh, Julie Lindberg, Lala Nathan,
Amy Pepper, Albert Sharp, Georgina
Walker, Lucy Wilson.
(Photo courtesy of John Gabris)

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Attracting new

inding a way of attracting new members to join Rotary has been a
key project for the District Membership Development & Retention
We’ve recognised immediately that “One size doesn’t fit all” so any
message that we do create aimed at attracting potential new members needs
to be targeted at specific audiences / “customer groups”. With that in mind
we have decided on the acronym “WIIFY?”. WIIFY stands for “What’s In It For
You?” (i.e. what are you going to get out of Rotary if you join us?) Our
messages our aimed at providing the answers to that question - messages
that are aimed at 3 different demographic target groups who we feel represent
the sectors of the population where Rotary has the greatest chance of
success in attracting new members. Those groups are as defined by lifestyle
segmentations:BATS are aged between 28 and 34 but find Babies Add The Sparkle. They
are married or living with a partner and have a mortgage and children.
MICE are aged between 45 to 54 year old group and find Money Is Coming
Easier. The children have started to leave home, the mortgage is also paid off
and most have high disposable incomes.
OWLS are Older
Wise Less Stress,
aged at least 55.
Most have paid off
the mortgage or have
moved into smaller
houses with lower
What are the
potential carrots that
we can dangle in
front of these
different groups that
would want them to
consider joining
BATS will no doubt
be keen younger
executives wanting to
progress their career.
For them goals like developing
Social & Business Networking
Opportunities, Leadership &
Teamwork Skills, Public Speaking
Skills, Project Management Skills,
Inter-cultural Opportunities and
Personal Fulfilment are important.
MICE, with their experience in
business will have slightly different
goals. They will want to be able to
share new Business & Social
Networking Opportunities, Project
Management Opportunities via
Community based projects, Intercultural Opportunities, Mentoring
Opportunities whilst again feeling a
sense of Personal Fulfilment
OWLS on the other hand have
already achieved much in their
business life and they will want to
experience new Social & Business
Networking Opportunities, Mentoring
Opportunities, Inter-cultural
Opportunities, Hands-On Community
based projects, and experience a
new sense of Personal Fulfilment.
You will see that the emphasis is
different in each case. What we have

done therefore, working with our
colleagues in the District MPRC team is
to produce 3 different designs for pop-up
banners and A6 sized giveaway flyers.
The pop-up banners highlight Rotary
South East so any club can use them
(they are available from myself) whilst the
A6 flyers are of a generic design and
these can be personalised for any club to
use. The MDR team can provide this
service. Examples of the pop-up banners
are shown herewith and the full range is
now available for view on the District
We are looking to create and develop a
clear, consistent message and brand
image with this package of designs and
these will continue to unfold as we
develop further membership literature. As
always, your feedback will be welcomed
but please take up the opportunity to use
these tools when you organise
membership meetings or indeed hold
Rotary events and use them to maximise
the Rotary Membership Dividend.
Colin Norgate
Membership Development &
Retention Committee Chair
Rotary South East 5

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Around the CLUBS

Young chefs cook
healthy taste
Rotary race is
favourite event
In its ninth year, the Folkestone
Half Marathon cemented its
reputation as one of the county’s
favourite events. Athletes from all
over the south east, both elite and
those new to running, enjoyed a
great race, with many helping to
raise thousands for local charities.
The race was won by Tom Collins
from Medway & Maidstone, in a time of
1hr 14 mins, 4 minutes. First lady home
was Liz Weeks from Sittingborne
Striders with a time of 1hr 24 mins.
Both race winners received a £100
prize courtesy of sponsors
Independent Insurance Services.

This year’s race proceeds will
benefit local and international charities
through the good work of Folkestone
Rotary Club, with the main
beneficiaries being Step Short and The
Gurkha Memorial Fund.
Race director Ray Johnson said “It
was a great day for Folkestone and the
town should be really proud of the
event and the profile it affords the
town. I’m also grateful for the support
from a number of local organisations
who help make sure this event remains
one of the most popular half
marathons in the south east. This year
was extra special as the participants
ran under the new Memorial Arch and
we have now achieved over £250,000
for good causes since the race started
in 2006”

Senlac Rotary Club and Bexhill Skills Centre joined forces to hold a Young Chefs’
Competition with three pupils from each school preparing a two course meal.
Bexhill High, Rotbertsbridge and Heleswood Schools took part monitored by judges Paul
Webb, Hazel Sheppard and Val Miles on a healthy menu, hygiene, organisational skills,
presentation and taste.
Standards were high with James Goodhew from Robertsbridge chosen to go forward to the
Rotary District 1120 competition.
James will have the opportunity to cook his winning plum and almond pudding along with
Katie Pierce from Bexhill High who cooked a delicious tomato and olive chicken for 30
members of Senlac Rotary Club at their meeting.
Rotary President Christine Folley awarded certificates to all entrants and thanked all the
pupils, judges, staff and parents who supported this event and especially Mr. Martin Grover
from the Bexhill Skills Centre for hosting both events.

Boxing raises £30,000

First indications are that the event
has raised in excess of £20,000 and
organisers are hopeful that they can
beat last year’s record of £38,000.
The organisers have received
tremendous feedback from the runners
congratulating them for such a great
event, Hythe and Folkestone Channel
Rotary Clubs, Folkestone Running
Club including the juniors, other
running clubs and the local community
also assisted. Thanks also to Shepway
District Council, St John Ambulance
and the public for their valuable support.

Once again we have received
tremendous feedback from the runners
congratulating us for such a great
event, by way of organisation, goodie
bags and encouragement from
marshals. They also thoroughly
enjoyed the course and all of the
facilities available.

6 Rotary South East

Following another hugely successful
Boxing Club Gala held at the Winter
Gardens The Rotary Club of Thanet in
conjunction with the Ramsgate Boxing
Club, are delighted to present cheques
to local charities totalling £30,000
Rotary Club members pictured are John
Reid, David Mirsky, Immediate Past
President Neal Elliott and Frank Thorley.
Receiving the cheques in the foreground
are Karen Kenward (Pilgrims Hospice), Barry
Coppock (Ramsgate Boxing Club), Derrick
Downs (Thanet District Scouts) and Loukia

Michael (Oasis Domestic Abuse).
This brings the total raised over the last
nine Boxing Gala events to £275,000.
Our congratulations to PDG John
Dunkley who has been appointed
Regional Rotary Foundation Coordinator
(RRFC) for Zone 18a for the next Rotary
Year (2015-16).
John continues to be an active member of
the RC of South Foreland whilst supporting
our District, however, for the last three years
he has also been one of the Assistant Coordinators.

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Enjoy Rotary being recognised
very Rotarian should read this
page. There are 2,500
ambassadors for Rotary in our
area and 84 promotion agencies to
get the messages out. All we need is
commitment, co-ordination and
When over 60 of us, Rotarians, met in
Rochester for a public relations and
promotion workshop we were those who
already had some commitment by being
there to getting the message out. The
lessons learned were not complicated.
1. There is already a whole collection
of graphics and material ready to be
used to make sure we can be seen as


What can I do . . .
Change your lapel pin for the
new design.
Prepare that sentence to answer
‘What is Rotary?’
Think about how and where
your Rotary Club could be
publicised in your area.
Look for new ways to get
Rotary recognised.
Look for new places to promote
Think how you can get other
people and groups to promote

In Rotary International speak this is
our Mark of Excellence and linked with
the word Rotary becomes a Masterbrand
Signature. This symbol is now being
used World-wide and for the first time in
our century-plus of history the word
‘Rotary’ can be seen big and clear.
That should now be on your lapel,
jacket or jumper. They are being worn in
hundreds of thousands around the World
of Rotary and people will link you with
the images now appearing World-wide
on leaflets, posters and banners.
There is a detailed section on the
Rotary International web site on
producing the images, leaflets, stationery
and posters. All for free. Also look on the
RIBI web site for the ideas and items
Yes, it does mean registering on the
web sites. This is straightforward and
will also give you access to advice
and materials on the whole Rotary
2. You have to promote Rotary and
your Club in a sustained and
organised way to have an effect.
Use a club meeting to think about and
suggest ways your Club and Rotary
could become more recognised and
promoted. Give some warning for the
meeting so you can all look around and
about and do some ‘out of the box’
thinking too. Do not squeeze it into a
business meeting – it is too important for
Every area is different with its
opportunities – from City to village even.
But the ideas need to be repeated and
carried through. A press release and
photograph of the President once a
quarter does not work. A well designed
poster in the newsagent or post office
window for a pound a month could well
be more effective. Comitting to support a
major community event with advice and
people power while getting the Club’s

Remember to book flags and
banners from District for your
events and promotions.
Use the Winter months to think,
plan and prepare.
Take a serious look at the web
and social media.
name on the posters can be even better.
How about those supermarket
community boards. Library and council
web diaries. Local comunity magazines.
You will know better the opportunities
and can use all your people power to
sustain and refresh the presence.
You need a Plan. First base this on
the events and fund raising you have on
the calendar and then extend out to get
even weekly action. Right about now and
into the Winter months is a good time to
do this planning – especially with the
Presidents Elect getting their ideas and
teams together. Create the plan, set up
an action timetable so the parts get
achieved in good time and have the
strength and will to stick to it. Enjoy the
successes – rethink the not so
successful but keep up the action.
3. Learn about your community, judge
your audiences and find ways to see
that your action is being successful.
Is it about time that you sent some of
your Club members out further into the
community to find out about the new
networks and current thinking. Chambers
of Commerce, business breakfasts,
community councils, local information
hubs, Councillors, places of worship,
activity groups, schools – in no particular
order but all opportunities.
There is no greater feeling than when
a young pupil brings their parents up to
your Shelterbox display and begins to tell
them all about what is in the box and

where it comes from.
This gaining of contact will also help
you judge your audiences – where a
small ‘Hallo,this is Rotary’ card will work
or where you can get that article in the
local magazine or even council
Also you need to find out if your
regular activity is working and being out
there, asking and learning is a good way
of doing this.
4. It is not just about membership!
While stabilising or building up your
club must always be a priority, promoting
and publicising must be aimed wider
than ‘are you interested in joining Rotary’.
You are reaching out to the people,
organisations and community leaders
you depend on for the success of your
events and fund raising. By making
publicity a year round activity might even
make it easier to get the crowds and
pennies in because they know of you and
have their confidence in you.
5. Do go for the web and social media
– it can be safe and it works.
We continue to hear of new Rotarians
whose first contact was by a Club web
site. There are also those people who
send in an interest via the web and the
Assistant Governors meet up and invite
them to a Club.
Web sites do need regular input. There
is a suggestion that clubs could share a
person or persons who have the
knowledge and experience to put the
words and photographs on the web from
the material produced by the clubs. Not
liking web matters is no excuse when a
big opportunity is being missed.
Each Rotary South East Club has a
web site address already via the District
web site. The need is for information,
photographs and news to be added.
Then it will need to be kept up to date
and the web site address featured on
your leaflets, posters, anywhere you want
to be known.
Clubs often say the best way to find
new Rotarians is person to person
contact. Facebook is the new person to
person. Schools, local authorities, health
agencies, clubs and societies are all
starting Facebook business pages. Then
the first contact they make is to ‘like’
similar groups, their local authority,
charities they have helped, local service
agencies and soon you have a network of
people looking at your news – and you
are looking at their news to understand
more about your community.
For views from you, help and advice
for you and ideas contact the
Marketing and Promotion team via
Chairman Peter Taffs.
We can enjoy Rotary more if we meet
people who know who we are and
respect what we do.
AG Brian Portway
Rotary South East 7

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Around the CLUBS

Mega Santas raise cash for charity

sea of Santa Suited individuals
withstood a rain deluge to take
part in the Santa Fun Run in
Rain didn’t stop play with the 1,000 plus
enjoying the pre-parade activities, with
Kmfm Roadshow, mulled wine, face
painting, mobile fruit machine, balloon
artistry and a Twirlers demonstration to
entertain; whilst in the High Street the
Bucking Reindeer attracted attention.

Santas were all shapes and sizes; plus
babies, wheelchairs and pets all equipped
to provide an awesome sight. Tired, good
humoured Santas returned for a well
deserved medal; many to The Crown, where
a free buffet with a raffle and finally an
auction completed the planned activities.
Funds were being raised by the Rotary
Club of Medway for Childrens Hospice
Holidays, a weekend respite trip to
EuroDisney, with families who have the daily
pressure to care for a child or young person
suffering from a life threatening illness.

At the same time fund raisers could
nominate 50% of sponsorship to a charity
of their choice. Rochester and Medway
Sunlight Rotary Clubs were also involved.
This year with the generosity of many
local businesses, The Crown PH, City Wall,
Vokes Taxis, Mick’s MOTs, £10,000 is
expected to be raised. Thanks also go to
Medway Council, and local scouts for
assisting and stewarding.

Blindfold running
for Rotaractors
Back in May the Rotaract Club of
Bromley had a talk from Claire and Joy
(including her very friendly guide dog
Faith) from Royal London Society for
Blind people.
Claire told us how they have been helping
blind and partially sighted young people to
achieve their goals and live life without limits.
Joy told us how RLSB supported her to
attend social groups and medical
appointments and to get a job.

After the talk Alex, David, David and
Jenny decided to take part in RLSB’s 10k
Blindfold run in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic
Park, Stratford. This unique event works with
runners in pairs. One runner is blindfolded
and tethered to a sighted runner, who guides
Not only have Alex, David, David and
Jenny had to train but also practice running
in pairs with a blindfold and tether to ensure
they will be able to make it safely.
To help support this great cause,
donations can be made via
8 Rotary South East

Greeted with a
wave at Ashford
A rota of Members of the Rotary Club
of Ashford collected money for
Children in Need at Ashford
International Station.
The generosity and good spirit
of commuters resulted in
the fantastic sum of £1,539
plus £245 from RotaKids
being raised to date.
The collectors, who
included eleven St Mary’s
School Rotakids, commented that
they all had fun and it was great to
see the children’s reaction and
Rotarian John Hobbs, of
Medash signs, donated two giant

More Reading
Partners needed
The start of a new school year has
prompted us to seek more “Reading
Partners” for children at local primary
Bexhill Rotary Club has been organising
this valuable service for more than 15 years.
There are around 20 readers who visit eight
Reading Partners is an opportunity for
trustworthy adults with a little time to spare
during the day to go into schools to help
raise children’s reading skills. Membership
of Rotary is not essential – wives, partners
and friends of Rotarians are among those
who have responded to earlier appeals for
Reading Partners.
Roger Batey said: “The most satisfying
aspect of the Rotary service to local schools

is to see the progress each child is making
with their reading. Being a ‘reading partner’
makes a real difference and is appreciated
by both the children and the teachers.”

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District Conference 2014

The 85th Annual Conference of the Rotary South East district held in Eastbourne was
inspiring, thought provoking, challenged conceptions of disability, saluted
determination and skill in sport and had lots of entertainment.

■ Let us take the inspiration of conference to get all Rotarians proud of their
involvement in Rotary so they can encourage others to join us.
So said District Governor Martin Williams when he was interviewed by Tony Quinn, Chairman
of the RIBI Leadership Development and Training Committee.
DG Martin chose the interview approach rather than a speech. Asked what was the most
taxing part of the 'job' so far he said Rotary clubs – but it was also the most enjoyable from his
visits and learning about their activities. He admitted you do need a 'thick skin' for the comments
made about district activity and decisions from the changing world of Rotary International.
He saw as his most important task assisting clubs with membership.
“Clubs need new blood, “he said. “Firstly we must approach those people who have already
been in touch with Rotary. We must also be looking at creating new clubs.
“I hope we can take the inspiration of conference through to the investment and commitment
in the club and bring in the gathering of new Rotarians.
“On my visits I have talked about pride. To get all Rotarians proud of their involvement in
Rotary. If we can get that pride across to others then we can encourage them to join us.”
Asked what his priority was, DG Martin said finishing his year with as many members as he
started it with.
“We need to stay as strong as we are. We are in good shape but we are all getting older.
“We need to look at satellite clubs and to the corporate sector – use the ideas and advice
available on membership including trying the webinars.”
Rotary is about thousands of people each day out on the streets of the UK raising money or
creating action to do the best for their communities, he said.
“It is not about the physical matters but about that moment that makes an impact on us as
Rotarians – when we feel what Rotary is about.
“Enjoy your Rotary and be proud of your involvement in Rotary,” said DG Martin.

■ Verity Swan from Dublin was the
representative of Rotary International
President Gary Huang whose message to
us is ‘Light up Rotary.”
Verity said that being the President’s
representative had enabled her to see and
hear about ordinary people doing
extraordinary things in Rotary.
“ We live in times of rapid change. We all
have particular talents and skills to bring to
Rotary and relate to our particular life
stories,” said Verity. “We have all had Rotary
moments when we recognise what it means
to be a member of this organisation and what
it means to people.”
The priority of membership is known. For
all the ways of communication we can now
call upon, we always need to come back to
personal contact. There are those who have
had contact with Rotary that we should be
drawing closer. There are leaders in
vocations and in the community that we
should be asking to join Rotary.
Verity has asked them: “Have you ever
been asked to join Rotary?”
“There were people involved in Rotary
projects and initiatives and when I asked,
ninety-five per cent of them had not been
asked despite being prominent people and
community champions. We should be
“We also need to shout out about our
successes from the rooftops. Rotary is
always there to help – most recently
combating the effects of Ebola.
“Let us, through The Rotary Foundation,
show what we can do to make the World a
little better and a little happier. Each one of
us can make a difference — but a much
greater difference when working together.
This is Rotary’s unique quality with the family,
friendship and working with others to help
Verity congratulated the District on the
“ We have heard how people have faced
adversity with courage and devotion. Heard
how people make a difference, how we can
move forward, inspired and motivated by
what we have heard,” she said.

Welcome to Gibraltar, attending their first Conference as official members of District 1120

Rotary South East at Eastbourne

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District Conference 2014

GB Paralympic
Steve Brown, Captain of the
us never
Wheelchair Rugby Team, told
do for people
underestimate what you can
and help them achieve their

A welcome from Leader of Eastbourne
Council Councillor David Tutt

Clive Emson took us into the auctioneers
world and added that a child in sport is a
child out of court.

Toby Hewson, through a voice synthesiser, said that being different did not mean you could
not do something – you just did it differently.

Mark Ward of Trussell Trust said food
banks helped people retain dignity and
revive hope.

Rotary South East at Eastbourne

11 edit_04 edit 10/12/2014 11:24 Page 11

District Conference 2014

Guy Thompsons said First Resp
onders in
the community save lives.

Bob ‘the Cat’ Bevan MBE gave
us plenty of
sporting laughs.

Inner Wheel District Chairman
Grainger reminded us of the
30 Clubs in
the District, important members
of the
Rotary family.

Heather Willott said you know
you want
Rotary to continue for future
generations –
so back Rotaract.

Ebony-Jewel Rainford Brent
told us of being determined
to be a top cricketer and,
like Rotary, it is about going
that extra mile.

Geoff Miller, top
cricketer and England
selector, took us from
pavilion to crease in
true stories.

Rotary South East at Eastbourne

12 edit_04 edit 10/12/2014 11:26 Page 12

District Conference 2014

Ray and Jenny Dixon and
their red team said come
to Bournemouth for
Conference 2015

Rotarian Richard
Digance led us in
50’s memorabilia
and a mini Proms
Last Night.

David Hatcher said
Shelterbox matches the
resilience of people with
the help of a home to start
rebuilding their lives.
Ray Johnson related the success of
Folkestone Rotary Club’s Half Marathon

Duncan Payne from Weald of Kent Rotary
Club related the success of their annual
North Downs Walk.

Eastbourne Rock Choir in great voice.

Rotary South East at Eastbourne

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District Conference 2014

Caption to come

Film director Sam Supple introduced
the poignant docudrama ‘Time Bleeds’
about the First World War

These banners
you can use from
the District’s
wide supply of
Caption to come

Geoff Clarke took us through his
sporting world of radio and television.

A double triumph for Sittingbourne
Invicta Club – highest per Rotarian
raised for The Rotary Foundation and
most attendees at Conference.

Rotary South East at Eastbourne

14 edit new_04 edit 10/12/2014 11:38 Page 14

District Conference 2014

It was very crowded in the Shelterbox area.

Very Christmassy at the Hi Kent stand

The Learning Outside System special initiative

A big smile from Rotaract

Caption to come
The spirit of Africa from North Kigezi

It’s those hats they make us wear – but
with thanks as well.

Rotary South East at Eastbourne

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District Conference 2014

us to go cycling.
Chestfield Rotary Club wants
The juvenile Iron Lung reminds us that polio must be beaten.

ry Foundation.
A busy workshop on The Rota

Come and become a First Responder.

The Casino in action in the Gold Room

en’ amongst the lights.
‘Under Pressure’ gave us ‘Que

led by Tony Quinn on new appr
Serious talking in the workshop

Rotary South East at Eastbourne

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Around the CLUBS

Commissioner visits
Riverside Rotary
Ann Barnes, the Kent Police and Crime
Commissioner took time off from her
busy schedule to speak to members and
guests of The Rotary Club of Maidstone
The commissioner explained her role and
that she represents the voice for the people
and is someone to fight against crime and
to bring the police to account if they don’t
deliver. She also has close family links with
Rotary so felt very much at home speaking
to the club.
Riverside Rotary President Elect Mary
Lynn, who chaired the evening event said “
We were so pleased to welcome Ann to our
club and to find out first hand about her role
and experiences.”
The Commissioner answered several
questions following her presentation and
she said
“Talking with groups around Kent is a
great opportunity for me to find out what is
going on in communities so I can make sure
I continue to work for what people tell me
what their local area needs.”

Helping the
The Rotary Clubs of Orpington Crofton,
Langley Park and Beckenham worked
together to manage the public
entrances, car parking and programme
sales at St Christophers Hospice,
Bromley’s second annual Classic car
Show held in Orpington
With over 400 exhibiting vehicles ranging
from an Austin 7 through to Bubble car and
motorbikes together with nearly 5,000
visitors mostly in cars, we were very busy
from early morning until late afternoon. All
three clubs worked together to help the
Hospice have a very successful day raising
money for a vital cause. The three west
area clubs working together displayed
Rotary at its best working in the community

Senlac Rotary Turkish Delight

P&O charity
cycle ride
There was £7000 raised from the 9th
Annual P&O Cycle Ride from Calais to
Ardres in France. Jointly organised
and supported by P&O and Folkestone
Channel Rotary, this event has
developed over the last nine years
from humble beginnings to an
important annual fund raising event.
With courses of 45 miles for the
serious cyclist and 28 miles for the lady
and gentleman on a bicycle, with a
barbecue at the mid-point; this event has
grown in popularity and size. Blessed this
year with wonderful weather, a
gratifyingly large turnout from P&O,
Channel Rotary and friends, and with
generous sponsorship from P&O, the
£7,000 was raised for two very important
At the presentation of the proceeds,

Battle Club support local cricket
Battle Rotary Club as part of its
commitment to supporting the local
community, presented Battle Cricket Club
with a top of the range Cricket Bowling
The machine is intended for use by all the
members of the Cricket Club, from the First
team to the beginners
just learning the game
and will be available for
use by schools from both
Battle and the
surrounding villages. Its
versatility can send down
almost any type of
delivery at a variable
The official hand over
was made at the Battle
Cricket Ground during the
Club’s annual two day
cricket camp which was
attended by 30
youngsters between 7
and 13 years old. Next

16 Rotary South East

year the Club hope to organise a team for
Girls as well as their Under 13 and under 11
teams for Boys.
Battle Cricket Club have just celebrated
275 years of playing the game in the town
and continue to play and promote the game,
particularly to the youngsters.

The International Commitee of the Rotary
Club of Senlac put their heads together and
decided to have a Turkish Evening to raise
funds for the Senlac Yellowmen of
Kadongdong who are off on their twice
yearly visit to the Pokot region of Kenya to
continue work on their ongoing projects in
healthcare, education and building. Every
yellowman is self funded and every penny
raised goes directly into the projects.
The evening was hosted by the ADA
restaurant in Devonshire Road where staff put
on a fine three course meal with Turkish delight
to follow. Highlight of the evening, of course,
was the belly dancer who soon had several
Rotarians ‘trying’ to gyrate their hips?

tributes were paid to the work of
ShelterBox and the Dover Lifeboat, to
P&O for their sponsorship and to Andy
Mortimer who bravely provided his house
in Ardres for the all-important barbecue.

Representatives attending included
Geoff Harvey of ShelterBox (and member
of Medway Rotary Club); Mike Pollard
(Treasurer of Dover Lifeboat and member
of Ardres Audruicq Guines Rotary Club),
Ben Williams and Nigel Callaghan of
Dover Lifeboat together with Sean Smith,
Dave Webb and Andy Mortimer of P&O.
Next year will see the 10th P&O cycle
ride and both P&O and Channel Rotary
are hoping to surpass this year’s

Love in a box
Students from St Mary’s Interact
Club have again taken part in
Mustard Seed’s ‘Love in a Box’
project this Christmas. The Mustard
Seed Relief Mission is an Eastbourne
based charity which provides
support for disadvantaged children
and sends humanitarian aid to the
orphanages of the Ukraine and
Supported by the Rotary Club of
Senlac, the young people from St Mary’s
cheerfully filled empty shoeboxes with
small presents, donated by themselves,
friends, family and Rotarians. Then they
wrapped the boxes in colourful
Christmas paper. Each child who
receives a box will know that they are
thought of and cared for by the pupils of
St Mary’s, a school where all of the
pupils have severe speech, language or
communication difficulties. The majority
of the children who receive these boxes
will receive nothing else this Christmas.

17 RSE edit_04 edit 10/12/2014 11:47 Page 17

Around the CLUBS

Suspicious Rotarians
Isle of Sheppey Rotary Club had
some very suspicious characters
at a recent meeting where a crime
at the Golf Club had 58 people
trying to solve it.
The suspects were a group of
villagers at a Christmas carol party
including Holly Wreath, Noel Star,
Carol Singer, Declan Halls, Chris
Tingle and Jacques Frost and
detective Si Lentnite was on the case.
They acted out three scenes with
plenty of clues, a few red herrings
and some Christmas carols thrown in.
The evening raised £569 for charity and President Shaun O’Meara thanked the cast for their
brilliant acting.
Our photo shows the cast from left to right, Steve O’Meara, Christine Brew, Andrew Parr,
Louise Henderson, Christina Logue, Gordon Henderson and Gilbert Spencer.

Rotarians take to the road!
The eighth Fun
Cycle Ride
organised by both
Rye & Winchelsea
Rotary Club & The
Rye Wheelers
proved yet another
Close on a 150
riders took to the road
to complete various
routes from 10 to
100km. Seen off from
Market Road by town
crier Rex Swain.
Surprisingly most
riders opted for the
100 kilometre ride as the weather was more than suitable. The event, which is growing in
popularity each year, raises much needed cash for local good causes.
This year the recipients will be Rother Responders & Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance

Shelterboxes on display
Shelterboxes can be put up in some
‘different’ places and the latest is St
George’s Church in Gravesend.
Room was found for tent with canopy,
box and all the extras with over a hundred
people in the congregation including
school choirs for ‘Gravesham Schools
sing for Peace’.
Gravesend and Gravesend and
For the last ten years the Rotary Club of
Eastbourne Sovereign has organised car
parking on the playing fields of St
Andrew’s Prep School during the
Saturday and Sunday of the Eastbourne
Air Show.
Parking is free, but donations to Rotary
Charities are gratefully accepted. These
have steadily increased from £1,500 in 2012
to £1,825 in 2013 and to £2,334 in 2014,
when the club was assisted by members of
SERV, (Service By Emergency Rider
Next year the club, with assistance from
the Rotary Club of Eastbourne, hope to man
the Car Park on all four days of Airbourne.

Meopham Rotary Clubs provided the
person power to put up the tent display
and David Hatcher of Shelterbox
described recent aid missions.
Gravesend Rotary Club has also been
visiting schools to spread the
Shelterbox message and two schools
have pledged their Christmas charity
collections to go towards providing

Fellowship award
for Marian Rigby
At the Battle Rotary Club President's
Night held at 'Highwoods Golf Club',
President Mike Bett presented
Rotarian Marian Rigby with a Paul
Harris Fellowship.
Marian is the first lady member of the
Club to receive this award, a past Club
President she has held nearly every office
in the club and has given outstanding
service to Rotary for the past 21years.

Dennis Campbell
On the same evening Rotarian Dennis
Campbell was presented with an engraved
tankard to mark his retirement from active
membership after 50 years of Rotary
service. Dennis becomes an Honorary
member of Battle Rotary Club

Help for young
players at Crowborough

Rotarian Dave Richardson, Vice
President of Crowborough Rotary
Club, presents a cheque for £250 to
Tony Bowen, Chairman of
Crowborough Athletic Football Club
for the fund which enables young
players, who cannot afford
membership of the club, to play for a
team in their age group.
Crowborough Rotary Club is pleased
to maintain an ongoing annual
support for the Football Club.

How can you resist Santas galore
for our front cover. What a great
event and we wish you a great
Rotary South East is now the
magazine of Rotary South East. I do
hope you have read Page 7 as we are
all part of making Rotary more visible,
more recognised and with more
So on into 2015 with a request for
your news and photographs by 7
February to the usual addresses.
e-mail: one@barpinuk.
5 Haven Way,
St Mary’s Island,
Kent ME4 3LB
Rotary South East 17

18 RSE edit_04 edit 10/12/2014 11:49 Page 18

Around the CLUBS

Hastings growing

Senlac visit Pestalozzi


astings Rotary Club has quite a
unique position, one envied by many
other clubs, that is that we meet
only once a fortnight on the first and third
Friday of each month; should there be a
fifth Friday in the month we usually have
an evening meeting of some sort, possibly
a good speaker or just fun and games with
quizzes and such like.
Because we offer this unprecedented
advantage meaning that we are not taking up
too much of our members time within a month
we are fortunate in having a growing number
of requests for membership to the club. I
believe we are now numbering in the forties,
plus possible new members always seem to
be in the pipeline. To boost our numbers even
more we are offering a Associate Membership
to possible future full members, a sort of
taster for the unknowing. This is going to be
an interesting experiment for the club.
Like most clubs we have a varied and busy
schedule for fund raising and charitable
duties, I for one am a happy Rotarian with the
way the club is handled, and one feels that the
Presidents of each year seem to be in accord
and the club is running straight and true. That
doesn’t mean that we don’t have problems, I
defy any organisation that has human beings
in it to run without some hiccups, but overall
we are quite harmonious and pleasant to one
another, and humour seems to be a good
friend within the portals of our association. I
can say with my hand on my heart, there is no
one within Hastings RC that I would not gladly
have over for tea and cakes.
Our projects over the years have been
many and varied. We have raised countless
thousands of pounds for good causes and
given freely to any charity that has captured
the imagination of our fellows. Our current big
money raiser is a schools choir competition to
be held at the “White Rock Theatre” in
Hastings opposite one big burnt out scrap of
iron called Hastings Pier. Over the last couple
of years this has been a massive success, not

Riverside go
barking mad!
The Heart of Kent Hospice asked
Riverside Rotary Club if they would
organise and run the annual Woofs and
Wellies Event for them this year.
This they did and 45 dogs, along with their

18 Rotary South East

Members of Senlac Rotary Club along with wives and partners strayed from their
usual meeting place and attended a presentation at the Pestalozzi Village Trust at
We were treated to a splendid curry meal followed by spiced fruit salad and sweetmeats. All
the recipes were from the students’ counties of origin. During the meal students mingled
among the Rotarians and we were able to talk to them about their plans and aspirations and
how they were enjoying Pestalozzi life.
Pestalozzi fundraising officer Darren Maylam gave a presentation about the background of
Pestalozzi, started by Swiss educator Johann Pestalozzi to offer a home and education to
orphaned and refugee children after the War.
The village has been running for over 50 years and now has students from nine countries
having just welcomed its first students from Indonesia.
There are two or three students from each country and they study International
Bacalaureate in the UK. The emphasis is on educating the ‘Head, Heart and Hands’ to provide
fully rounded adults. Each student is allocated a host family to help with integration into the
local community. At the end of the evening Senlac President Christine Folley gave a speech of

just for the club but also for the schools
which are participating. Socially we are also
very active, we do many outings together,
our most recent has been to “Chatham Dock
Yard Museum”, highly recommended! We do
many theatre trips plus city weekends
Once a year we go off to another country,
usually somewhere not really accessible to
normal tourists. Next year we are going to
Arendal in south Norway; this extremely
beautiful town is situated close to a huge
island called Tromoya. There has to be at
least several hundred small islands situated
owners family and friends, made their way
along the North Downs Way on a five or six
mile circuit starting and ending at the County
A Riverside team led by Graham Scott
devised the course and made sure all
arrangements were in place. Graham said “ It
was a pleasure working alongside the Heart of
Kent Hospice team and between us and some
good luck with the weather, we had a most
successful morning. We are grateful to all
those who helped or participated in the walk”.
There was great support from Rotarians on
the day including Assistant District Governor
Carol Vizzard, who got stuck in helping with
the raffle. Marshalls were positioned along
the course to ensure the doggies didn’t get
lost and there were plenty of helpers in the
County showground looking after traffic and
providing refreshments etc.
Caroline Brinkman, Head of Community
Engagement for the Hospice expressed
grateful thanks to Riverside Rotary Club and
announced that £1,200 has been raised so far
and that may rise to £2,000 once all the
sponsor money is in.

around this stretch of the Oslo Fjord, all
accessible and beautiful to see. So far there
are twenty-nine paid up members of the
Rotary Club coming on this hopefully exciting
adventure next June. There is still time and
room for any worthwhile sure footed alien
Rotarian that should be free to experience a
small but beautiful home town in Norway.
Join us for “Wenche World Tours.”
I hope this brief outline of our club,
interests our fellow Rotarians enough to
insist on a club raid to Hastings Rotary Club,
who meets at “Bannatyne Spa Hotel” on the
first and third Friday of each month at 12.30
for 13.00 o’clock. You will be made more
than welcome. If there is one thing that
Hastings RC is really good at, it is raiding
other clubs, even as far away as Minster on
the Isle of Sheppey. So be like us, come one
come all.
Rotary input at Dover helped to make a
first ever three day music festival a
great success.
This adventurous and unique project was
created by a group of local musicians to
bring music, fun and laughter to a town
centre that for many years had been
suffering. There were thousands of visitors
at free to enter public areas of Dover
Market Square, Pencester Gardens, St
Mary’s Hall and throughout the High Street.
Five evening ticketed events featured
over 60 acts performed and most were free
to watch.
Of the committee that put together this
event over nine months, four are members
of the Dover Rotary Club and were joined
by a number of Rotary volunteers on the

19 RSE edit_04 edit 04/12/2014 11:43 Page 19

Around the CLUBS

Chestfield Club
help Kent Therapy
through Golf
Following the success of this year’s
Charity Golf Day the Rotary Club of
Chestfield has made a donation of
£2,461.67 to Kent MS Therapy Centre.
The Golf Day at Chestfield Golf Club was
sponsored by GS Joiner & Sons Ltd, a long
established local builder, and Managing
Director Graham Joiner came to the Kent
MS Centre to present the cheque with
President Paul Hooke-Overy to their Fund
Raising Manager Helen Wrathen.


First time success
Ramsgate Rotary Club’s first 10K race
proved so successful another one has
already been arranged for next year.
Immediate Past President Simon Wallace,
who steered the process from the
beginning, will donate the proceeds, around
£1,800 from the event to his charity account.
The race, which attracted more than 120

entries, also brought a highly commended
community award from Immediate Past
District Governor, Chris Barnett
After the event Simon Wallace said he
wanted to thank all those who had worked
so hard to make the day such a success, and
the people of Ramsgate who had turned out
to watch the town’s first 10K race.

Several Club members also attended
and were able to see firsthand the existing
buildings and the new building . They also
met with several MS sufferers who receive
treatment at the Centre.
The Centre has a membership of over
400 MS sufferers and can treat in its
pressure chamber up to 100 people a day.

The new Centre will enable them to help
even more MS sufferers and will offer more
facilities plus a large social area and
presentation / meeting room that can be
made available to outside bodies for
meetings etc.

Grant helps children have day in country
Tenterden RC obtained a matching
District grant for $1000 to help transport
disabled children from Hackney to
Kench Hill, a residential facility in the
Kent countryside. The first group came
in April and recently we were invited to
visit to meet the second group and share
a barbecue with them.
I was expecting a modified mini bus with
perhaps a wheelchair hoist and maybe a

Members of the Rotary Club of
Eastbourne Sovereign marshalled the
annual St. Andrew’s Prep. walk. Over
400 parents, children and well behaved
dogs completed the walk over the South
Downs and then returned to the school
for a BBQ and liquid refreshments.
A total of £3500 was raised which will be
divided between the JPK project, which
aims to provide accommodation and training
for young adults with special learning needs,
and the Guildford Rotary Eye Project which
provides training for eye surgeons, mobile
eye screening camps and cataract

dozen people. The reality was a full size
coach and several families and carers.
It was a hot day. The group had spent the
morning by the sea at Camber Sands and
by the time we arrived at 5pm they were
spread out around the gardens, the adults
relaxing and several of the children playing
on the grass.
I spoke to Dawn, the mother of two boys
the elder of whom was over 6 feet tall and
although only 13 used to getting his own
way. It was a relief for his younger brother to
have some space to play safely in a garden.
Dawn told me that this was the second
time the family had been to Kench Hill,
"I am not used to being treated like
Royalty" she told me, and she told me how
she loved it there for the fresh air, the
friendly staff and most of all the peace and
“All you hear at home she said are sirens
from police cars and ambulances.
I then spoke to Kunbi Jones the service
manager of an organisation called The Key.
She is responsible for all the arrangements
from Hackney, obtaining funding and
complying with the regulations. She
explained that central funding comes with
conditions and with blocks of time. When it
is agreed that families are eligible for respite
breaks she then has to find accommodation
to use the block of time effectively. Kench
Hill is the only resource available to her that
has the option of overnight stays.

She was enormously grateful to Rotary
for our help and from our point of view it
was heart warming to learn first hand how
much our gift was appreciated.

Rotary Club of Sittingbourne and Milton
President Roy Jones presented Rtn.
Dennis Wilson with a very well deserved
Paul Harris Fellowship.
Dennis has been a Member of the Club
since 2001 and during that time has been
one of our most regular attendees at Club
and together with his late wife Jannice
organised many successful Quiz Nights
which raised lots of cash. He is also Dining
Steward and together with his trusted
crystal ball ensures we are all fed at our
Club Meetings.

Rotary South East 19

20 RSE edit_01 front cover 10/12/2014 12:05 Page 20

them a helping hand in life is paramount to
the success of the scheme.“
There is a team of Sidcup Rotarians who
meet the young people, listen and respond
and hand on advice leaflets as well. Five
other Kent Rotary Clubs are now running
the scheme and the hope is to go
Erik was presented with his award by
Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg who
thanked him for his services to the
Nan McCreadie, President of RIBI, the
Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, Erik
Foster and Mike Webb representing Rotary
International. Photo Chris Wood Studios.

Helping the
young find work
Erik Foster, a member of Sidcup Rotary
Club, has been named as “A Champion
of Change” by RIBI for developing a
scheme designed to help unemployed
young people into work.
Erik recognised the urgent need for help,
contacted Job Centre Plus youth team in
Bexleyheath who were enthusiastic about
his ideas. After intensive planning, regular
mentoring sessions with a team of Rotary
volunteers from Sidcup began and now
have been taking place regularly over two
Erik said: “Along with all members of
Rotary the world over, I want to make a
change for the better. Helping young people
find a job, give them self respect and give

community, at a ceremony held at Dover
House in Whitehall.
The Champions of Change Awards are
new and will become annual.
Mr Clegg spoke of the “extraordinary
things” which the Champions had done.
“It was an honour to meet and be able
to congratulate them,” he said. “They have
all given so much time, so selflessly, and
with so much passion to help others and
make our society stronger and fairer.”

A party of over 150 Rotarians joined the parade of 1,400 of men, women and young
people through the town of Ypres to the Menin Gate for a Remembrance Service on
Remembrance Day 2014. Some 50 of those where from Rotary South East.

The Rotary presence was organised by the District 1520 International Officer Catherine
–Marie, and came from Belgium, France, Germany, England and Rotary Youth Exchange
Students from Equator, Canada, Australia, New-Zealand, Brazil, Argentine, Taiwan and Chile.
Catherine-Marie invited John Dunkley as a Past District Governor from England to lay the
wreath on behalf of Rotary International.
At a gathering following the ceremony a local orchestra of young musicians played the four
National anthems and a
representative from each country
spoke about “Rotary Friendships
and the Rotary aim of Peace“. On
behalf of DG Martin, Jarle Tatt
from Canterbury Sunrise and
District 1120 Community Service
Chairman brought greetings and
emphasised that World Peace was
so important and that Rotarians
should lead the way.
Photo: John Dunkley, DGE
Philippe-André Hénaut and
Robert Snick with the wreath, The
Rotary Party wore yellow

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