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Online examination process for Regular Student

Downloading Setup:
1. Visit
2. Click on Link “ Download Exam Setup”
3. System will download setup file which is to be executed on the machine
where you wish to appear for the exam
4. You can run the setup on the machine.After Setup is successfully completed
exam icon YCMU Exam App will be shown on Desktop

5. Double Click on the Icon to start exam process.
6. You will be shown Screen having instructions.

7. Click on Button “To Start Exam Click Here”

. Please note during examination process all the keys of keyboard will be disabled.After successful login. 11. 10.8. 9.Taking Screen shots during examination process is prohibited. the control will go to the “Your Selected Exams” page as follows. 12.Student must enter his/her valid PRN(Permanent Registration Number) in the PRN Field DOB (Date of Birth) in DOB field.Click on Login button present at the top side menu bar. You should use virtual keyboard to enter text for login and password.

13.Student can do the Exam login by entering his/her valid Email ID(entered at the time ePravesh site Registration) and Password. If the exam is already selected by the student. The default password will be student’s PRN(Permanent Registration Number). the control will go to “Important Instructions” page where facility of Camera tracking is available. 14. then system will show the message as “Your Exam count for this subject is Zero” and the Start exam button get disable.The supervisor can capture his photo at the study center at the time of entering Supervisor password and Study Center password. 16. If the student has changed his/her password with the help of “Change Password” tab then student must enter their changed password correctly. . Click on Exam Login button to proceed.Student should select the exams and click on “Start Exam” button. 15.After successful login.

If the student has already selected an exam and logged out or clicked on some other tab then he/ she should click on “Current Exams” tab. Here student will find the exam names as per his/her exam selection and the Exam status as either Resume Exam or Start exam.With reference to below page. Supervisor password can be “Eklavvya_72544” and Study Center Password can be “ycmou35198”. click on Start Exam Button to proceed. .For e.g. 17. 18.

The Exam page will look like below screen.19. . 22.Student will select a correct option choice and click on Next Question to proceed.Finish Exam button will end the exam and generate a result. 21. 20. To view the Result. click on Exam(s) History Tab.

27. 24.“Paid Exams” tab will give you a facility to select the exams. Click on “Logout” tab to log out from YCMOU Eklavvya site. . “Receipt/Hall ticket” tab will show the Payment History of student.Click on Results link to view the result of exam. 26. One can edit the profile by clicking on Edit Profile button. 23. 25.“Profile” tab will show the Student’s Personal information.A “Free Tests” tab gives you a facility of one practice exam.