“God” is Mind, therefore “god(s) plural – would be mind(s) plural. Knowing this, certainly it is seen that in Truth,
there are not “gods” many - not minds many, for there is Only One GOD – One Mind – The Intelligence we call
That which you call “your body” is in this Mind and of this Substance called God. Know this: God continually –
eternally - conceives perceives, embodying Its ideas. YOU are not an idea. You are God, the Intelligence and
Mind in which all ideas - “things” - originate. But you must know – truly know this, not just mentally, in order to
understand how creation is embodied, how ideas take shape and form, what your “visible body” truly is, as well
as what is eternal and what is not. The body-image you see in the mirror is an idea in the Mind you are, but “it”
is not you. If one is of a split mind, thinking they are a separate being from God, then they would consider their
body to be something which they are living “in” and “out of,” and would consider it to be aging. Once one
apprehends with clarity and certainty his True Self as the Only Mind and Perfect State-of-Being, the body
image is viewed differently. The body is now understood to be an “image” – an illusion, a hologram. All “things”
are formed in Mind. All “things,” including “bodies,” are the embodiment of ideas of Mind, formed in Light and
sustained by Light. All “things”- “ideas” - are what is otherwise referred to as Creation. Creation is finished, in
that all ideas that ever were and ever will be, are simply “here now” awaiting their issuing forth. There is Only
the One Perfect body-world, or embodiment of ideas - referred to as the world.
When Jesus took Peter, James and John to the “mount of transfiguration,” he was not taking them up a literal
mountain somewhere in a place called Palestine. He took them “up” in the Spirit of Revelation where he
revealed to them the truth - illuminating their understanding, so that they might see that his true Self was their
true Self; that just as he is the Light, so are they (we) the Light – the Illumination, the Spirit (Essence,
Substance) of all things, and that all things are in and of the Mind we are. All things are what I Am. Creation,
ideas, things, forms - are not separate from Me, rather they are “Me” - embodied. I create, form, bring into
existence, give body to - the ideas that are ever-present in the Mind I Am. Creation is brought into expressed
images from the Source or Origin I Am. All “things/forms - the embodiment of ideas” are brought forth into
visible expression because this is what the Omni-active does. This is the activity of the Omnipresent,
Omnipotent and Omniscient One I Am.
It is only “thought” by the thought-taking man that he lies down to sleep in a “night” for so many hours. He may
say, “I need my 8 hours of sleep.” He thinks then that he sleeps 8 hours and then awakens to find again in his
bathroom mirror a man who is “another day older and deeper in debt,” as the song goes. However, this is NOT
the case. This “idea” of what appears to be “happening” is a dream, and the one who believes this is
dreaming, asleep, dead to the Truth.
The Conscious Awareness I AM is always awake, always aware. This Conscious Awareness which I AM is not
fooled for one moment by thinking that the man in the mirror is Itself. In Awareness I know that I never slumber
or sleep. I remain awake, fully, eternally Conscious, no matter how things may appear.
What appears to be a man (or woman - person) who goes to sleep and dreams for so many hours – is like a
dream. The belief that this one is a (hu)man or woman, born somewhere, sometime, who earns his living by
the sweat of his brow, and must make his way in the world, separate from God - is all part of the world
(thinking) which is an illusion.
The man who “thinks” he goes to sleep also believes he was born in “19…” and will die in “20…” and believes
that he is “aging” between these two dates on a calendar, thus he sees exactly what he expects to see when
he looks into the mirror in the “morning.” If he believes himself to be 30 years old, he sees what he expects to
see. If he believes he is 60 years old - or 90, he sees in the mirror exactly what he expects that “age” to look
like. He is living between the ditches of birth and death on a narrow strip of time, and has no understanding
regarding his true I-dentity. He is identifying with an image in his dream world, trying to improve it, spiritualize
it, prosper it, but he has no more possibility of realizing any of these things in Reality, than does the man in the
dream he just dreamed himself to be “last night.” He reads books, takes vitamins, pumps iron, and runs to stay
CREATION [Jane Woodward] Sept. 2005


“I change not. “Well. You are the “I. what would you expect to see in the mirror? When someone says. whatever it seems to them… And that is the dream. world. but if your concept is fleshy. no 12 months. then they will bury what they dream to be. fruitless.” It is simply an image in an imaginary world which appears to change. and keeping the photograph for 50 years. then the picture on the morning mirror begins to change somewhat. improve and preserve a false image.” They laughed. hoping to get recognized. “I am ageless. earthy. And so it is. and creation.” It takes what seems like some “time” to realize what is being said here. but once it is realized. but they said. but they will never bury Me. 2005 2 . If your conception is Christ. Being . and it certainly loses its importance. then you are realizing Life above and beyond the commonthought. but Eternal Being in the Present. body. exactly what he expects to be “there” when he “gets up in the morning.. and you are enjoying LIFE. you will remain in a false concept of your self. he has not even “lived” yet at all. as you are.” the ONE you are speaking of when you say. you do not change. mankind? Or do you conceive your Self: God. the photograph. LIFE must come to this dead man so that he might be born again. my one and only True State of Being. LIVE in the Revelation of LIFE BEING. Perfection. All-Good. build a reputation. say at 65. Mary was able to conceive Christ. and certainly no “years. man. In and of your Self you are not any age.” and sometimes they seem to be surprised that the person is much younger or older than they had “thought. They cannot bury the Conscious Awareness I AM.” The man who thinks he is living out a “lifetime” of so many years. You will try to protect. Life. beyond and above the scene . the Omnipresent NOW.” That “image” means a great deal to him until he sees from the right(eous) perspective. i. “How old is he/she” . Conscious Awareness is what I AM. for you are SPIRIT and Spirit has no association with any age. What does “born” mean? “Born” is defined as to conceive. and you will see your Self face-to-face. “I” this or “I” that.AS the Light of your world Realize that there is no 24 hour day.” I no longer expect the picture on the mirror to reflect “age. Life.” Well. Someone asked me recently how old I am to which I replied. He is asleep. for Spirit is Eternal.” so to speak. Spirit is All and Spirit is the Conscious Awareness behind. the Only True Perspective: from the ALLness and ONEness. and always eternally have been. If “they” think they can take a body and bury it someday.e. recalling my True Self. then you are bringing forth a dualistic world of opposition. changed due to age? No! Of course not! The picture of the woman or man held up to the mirror 50 years earlier would still look the same. in Spirit. you seem to me to be about 18. “follow thou me. dreaming. If you did not know how old you are. Has the “person” in the picture. which is vanity. You will see that though the CREATION [Jane Woodward] Sept. IF you are aware of your Self. appear to be the same age as when the picture was first taken and viewed. Light. She was able to conceive the Truth and bring forth out of her very being that which she conceived. no 7 day week.or the “seen. And – “what is that to thee” anyway. in Truth. I was never born and I will never die. profitless. You must first be able to conceive your True and Only Spirit Self. cutting out a picture from a magazine when one is – say . and IT –being What I AM .15 years never subject to the images cast on the screen of life.what they are truly saying is “what am I expecting to see here of this person called by this name.” human. The photographed image would appear exactly the same as when it was held up to the mirror “all those years” before. Mind. not going from point to point. Understanding. living now Consciously Aware. When once you realize that you are not the man/woman/image in the mirror. although I was absolutely serious. Do you conceive of yourself as being “flesh. gets exactly what he expects. He that is born of the flesh is flesh.” the True “I. foolishness. hoping to beat the clock and live longer. no longer “trying to be somebody. Spirit? Until you can conceive of your Self in Reality. worldly.” This is “eternal” Life we are speaking of.” and so it is. All-God. YOU are not the man in the mirror. truthfully.healthy. a dead man walking through a dream world. how old would you be? If you did not know anything regarding “age” at all. And the aging appearance he sees in the mirror in the morning is again. then you will see your SELF. You are even now bringing forth what you conceive. and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit. Once I realize this. then holding that same photo up to a mirror again many years later. It is like for instance. when in Truth.

You no longer need medications.” or “try” to make anything not maintained in a form. as you are appearing on the scene. Everything is different than I have ever thought. It is only if I “think” in terms of separation that it appears that I am the man in the mirror. until the exact moment in which their form is “needed. All comes into being in the moment. world. The “world.” while calling those things which “are not” as though they were. for “I” neither slumber or sleep. You take flight in your thoughts and at the end of “the day. then “my days will be few and full of trouble. etc. It seems as though they are just sitting there – enshrouded in the darkened recesses of Mind. Spirit. True and Perfect is seen! Perfection is All – is All there is.again. no outline. Actually YOU never went to sleep. the Real. so long as one is dreaming. and thus. no end. The True world. I AM Alpha and Omega. or burial plans.“invisible” . doctors. When Jesus said to be “in” the world not of it. “Lest we forget. I realize I Am Eternal Life! I have no beginning. insurance. Once I realize I Am Consciously Aware eternally. no limitations . every problem is solved and you no longer have to “think” about it.” with Self.” think of it all as a dream. You feel lighter than air at times. body. Mind. your concept must be the True or you will be subject to all that goes along with a distorted concept called “this world. he was saying. and began to think you were the man in the mirror. and live for so many years. “I” am Ever-Awake-AlertAware.” The loaves and fishes (ideas of supply) are there in Mind. neither do you hold on to anything. age or die. is not affected by the world of the illusion. things do change for you in knowing this. that I go to bed at night and wake up in a morning. rather there is only now! This present moment. body. You are Immortal. 2005 3 .” rather “Lest we remember!” For unless the Spirit of Truth brings all things to your remembrance from before you dozed off – a moment ago .” with nothing in between. is taken on in Mind. to age. your True world. Once that Which is Perfect is Come. to speak. thus every need is met. for I know I cannot age. back to back. so to speak. Mind. world there is: The Perfect and Eternal. You no longer get sick. You still seem to be part of it. and eternally is neither here nor there. the same “door. is the only body. night following night. Forms . age. The true body/world has no lines. But the truly wonderful thing is. called Void. entire and lacking nothing. You will never change. You remain ever the same.” You do that too – every “morning. you find the here now to be perfect. You collect neither memories nor time. What looks like “morning” is when I pick up my body (or take up my body image) . always. so does your “self-image!” You will know your Self as you are “Known” and this knowing changes the picture.are kept in Mind until they are required. You are Consciousness! Consciously Aware you see the night dream and the day dream the same from the heavens. Jesus said. however. the Truth. if I live Consciously Aware. limitations. Your True body. you KNOW you are not “of” it. You know that you cannot change. Belief in a distorted image is an error in judgment. body. problems. The form you take to be your “house.all along. watching from the pinnacle as the world sorts itself out beneath you. You are not the image in the mirror. and going to sleep every in the mirror appears to change. for Truth makes you free of the image world. just as the dream last night fades in the morning light. have the pains and miseries of those who seem to be complaining around you. “I can pick it (the body) up and lay it down. you seem to soar above it all. “reason it out. What you adopt as being true is true for you. there is nothing else worth recalling. If I live in a body consciousness. simply not seeing “What Truly Is. the Spirit – which is the Only Mind.” or body. mind” which is considered to be the norm.” Knowing your True Self. with “I. CREATION [Jane Woodward] Sept. however. Life. I am the Eternal ONE. then there are not minutes ticking by. What looks like “night” is when I lay my body down again. a passing “thought. Unweighted by the world of belief.” To be subject to it means subjection to its “ills. All “forms of supply” are simply brought forth into visibility as the “need arises. it has nothing to do with YOU. no limit. hear. there is noting wrong with the body/world.” Your slogan is not. for all that you see. taste. morning after morning. rather all that appears to be simply “is what it is” momentarily.” You have simply “thought” you were getting up every morning.all “forms or images” . smell and touch has significance only in the moment. I am ever awake and aware that this is what is happening. and the concept referred to as “age” means absolutely nothing to me NOW. is a distorted image. but you are no longer fooled by what you see and hear. the Truth.” revealing what has been there in the darkness . regardless the appearances.

” Consciousness. wealth. I will. except to the doubting Thomas’.” So long as “you” need me to be in a certain form. then differently on the road to Emmaus as a stranger. “I have 40 cents in the car. 2005 4 . she most likely would not have let “$1. I cannot know health or wealth or even joy! For a form/body. and so I do every so-called “day. are simply words. takes on a form that I might know “health. He could have appeared in the same body again instantly. “Destroy this body and in three days I will raise it up again.” but he went to get it for her anyway. Once I realize. and while they are yet speaking I will hear. and had the dollar not washed up to me in the ocean we would not have had the money to buy the ice cream. We walked on the beach and enjoyed the beautiful “day dream” for what seemed like hours. To the man who is living in sin – which is nothing but dualism . but though it CREATION [Jane Woodward] Sept. thinking he is a man and God is God.” Three is the number of fullness. This story serves to show that “before they call I will answer them. I Am. today. where they were selling ice cream in 24 different flavors. and we were having a difficult time moving out into the water to wash off. just Realize (just Be): Awake.including the one which had just come to me. and I believe that it will be remembered for some “time” to those present.” He also showed that he did not need to appear in the same form/body in which he had “died” when he appeared in the garden to Mary as a gardener. account. but I am not required to be “this one” TO BE. there was a strong undertow. Realize that – as with all “memories”.” The girl behind the counter said. When we arrived at the counter between the three of us our bill came to $9. night. We went to breakfast on the beach.40. morning evening. I had 5 dollars . then pulled our chairs down into the surf and sat there for some time more before he said seems that “there is morning and night” – day after day. Life. Now this may sound like a silly little story to you. move and be! This is the way I recognize Self. or parable: Our son and daughter-in-law came to the beach to visit for a few days. requires no particular form. Awareness. world is required for this Non-Entity I Am to live.This is why Jesus could say. What I am aware of in the moment is the reality of the moment.thinking double-mindedly.40” go. I laughingly pulled the dollar from the surf and showed it around. Let’s go!” Before we could go we waded out into the water deeper to wash off the sand. LIFE – Which is what we call “God. although she had said let the 40 cents go. so be it. wholly met in the moment – not down the road. The surf seemed especially strong. Life. enjoy Self. and commune with My Self. symbols . the Conscious Awareness. Thus we consider the story.whatever appears to “have happened (past tense)” is in mind. . “Let the 40 cents go. had done that?” No. ever in the now.” If you think this is foolishness. joy!” Without a body/world/form.“You mean – you Jane. I mean “I” had done that and “Jane” picked it up – OR so it appeared! Ya just gotta laugh when you realize what I’m saying here! Ya just gotta realize the joy of Life! I added that dollar to the other 4 I had in my pocket and we went to get ice cream. The form I take brings with it requirements – “needs.” but my “reward” or the meeting of any so-called “need” comes right along with the need. then on the beach as a man cooking fish – all to disciples and those who had known and loved the form they recognized and thought of as Jesus. The point is. But in the undertow and the high waves while splashing water I looked and saw a dollar bill washing right up to me. I knew that I had brought that dollar into manifestation. Our son said that he wanted to come back that afternoon to try one of the flavors he picked out on the sign. “I am thinking about that ice cream. but it was a wonderful experience in LIFE. Anyway.” because I AM is ever present tense. and what is considered to be a memory can only be a “dream. but is met even before I realize the need. Yet the form they had known and loved was in no way required.through which I appear to and in a world of belief.” so it had to be that what appeared as some “apparent” time was allotted to expose the illusion called “death. A very interesting little example of this can be told as a parable. Aware! Then sleep. that the “two” are not ONE . but then it would not have been believed that he had died or that he had beaten the idea of “death. (You must see that although this is a “true to life experience” and so was what I was consciously aware of in the moment. my daughter-in-law had 4 dollars and my son said. and is thus completely. it is nevertheless – an illusion). However LIFE takes up a form as IT sees fit and lays it down as IT sees fit. What had just happened was not lost on the moment.

because the Truth can only shine forth the Pictures called Heaven. hear. as my “world” of awareness. will be heavenly. Beauty. Spirit – All is Spirit.” for there is neither a yesterday nor a tomorrow. I bring all the form requires into visibility with it.then your body/world/creation. forms.” Someone with a consciousness of illness and disease reflects illness and disease in a body they think they live in. the Very Light of Life. or “things” are Spirit. If your perspective if heavenly. continually.” of which some speak. in Full Awareness. all) are new every morning: every time I take my body up again in the Revelation of a New Day. bring forth all that I need in any given moment. because if you can get this.” I take it up again in what is called “morning. (magnificent blessings. CREATION [Jane Woodward] Sept. it is actually a magnificent illustration. for I bring ALL into visibility NOW! Out of the Mind I Am flow all the issues of Life. Someone with a religious consciousness brings forth the law of their particular belief system. touch. and my world is complete NOW. A vain imagination. keep.” is swallowed up in the victory of Life. Just as in a night dream. no longer a distorted image. or the imaginary body and the imaginary world of the “natural” man. The Truth projected onto the screen reveals a new heaven and a new earth. but this form/body/world has all it needs in its “comings and goings. although it seems “real” to them. form is changed and What is seen in the mirror of Life. you will see that you will always have a “body. neither will you ever make a poor man rich by thought. They are proceeding in the moment from God-Consciousness. whole. They have no substance in and of themselves. But once you do and you realize that I AM Mind. And His (the I That I Am) mercies. Abundance. I manifest. creation. but in and of Me. and although it is an illusion. When Only Perfection is accepted and seen. wonderful . joys. You will never make a sick body whole. The man who thinks he is living in a natural body. no longer feel you need to hold onto. Then. things that I see. world. I. I already am whole. in this moment for this moment.” for you will know creation. I lay down my body-image-world at what is called “night. for it. “Cut! We are missing a prop for this scene. supply. experiences. I bring it all into manifestation NOW as I appear as body/form. taste.” And . Someone with a poverty consciousness brings forth lack. shape. which a liar and the father of the whole world of “belief. is the image body.” although if you need to go through that.” But these “pictures” are seen for what they are: light images. then that is fine.when once you discover your True I-dentity. thinks he went to bed last night. for here now is the Perfect body I Am. being cast on the screen called “life. the body. We cannot change the pictures before us. presently manifested in the moment. But they are in me! They are all IN MIND! They are Me. that is merely an illusion.I will never bring anything into visibility “tomorrow” anymore than I have brought anything into visibility or manifestation “yesterday. and only then .” but I change not. is beautiful. body. The “pain body. Oh.” you will no longer be held in bondage to things.” because Mind lays down and takes up form/body continually. and All is Good – very Good – in fact: Perfect! But you cannot “make” this happen. etc. It is simply the perspective from which one views the body/world. holographic forms . smell. all that the dream requires is present in the dream. No one has to call out in a dream. Love. creation. Peace and Joy. form. world.which is Spirit wrapped in swaddling clothes draws all men to Its Star in the heavens. save. like the rich man who needed to experience selling. then you may have to let “things” go. the outflow of the Mind is a reflection of Perfection. you will never try to get rid of anything again in order to be “more spiritual. but it is an illusion. for they are simply that. There is nothing wrong with them. if you can see this. body. pictures. You cannot “make anything happen. not separate from. 2005 5 . giving away and letting go. If the world of “things” still has any hold on you and you have not realized that you are Mind out of which all “things” flow. it sure seems “real” and necessary at the “time.” But that is not What you Truly Are! This must be made plain to you by That which causes the appearance in the first place. got up after so many hours of sleep. in Perfection. while the body . and you begin to “praise God/Mind – from Which all blessings a simple illustration of how we bring what we need into manifestation in any given moment.which is NOW. or hoard “things. takes on a whole new meaning. world. and It is All.” or apparent activities in the moment. The Mind I Am. and looked at himself in the mirror “this morning. spiritual. spiritual and wonderful! In this Light the image. which can seem to produce a distorted picture.” Everything needed is here now. or make visible the world. but again. perfect.

moving. To believe there is one world which has things and another some “where” which does not. (Consciousness). Now . My world is established in harmony and peace eternally. I do not conceive evil! I cannot conceive of any “thing” evil.” “ideas” into manifestation simply for the pleasure and experience of it. for the baubles and bangles of “this world” will lose their glitter and glamour. “Leggo my ego. it did not have a wide-screen TV. nor huddle in a cave somewhere. no opposition. set right on the shore of the Sea of Galilee. Jesus did not bunk down with friends all the time.” nothing to sell. and no “thing” will have any hold on you. There are no lies here. When you have “all things. perceive.” and I find my Self . no duality. Sure. no past. and is simply not seeing the Heaven within clearly as yet. pow! It was there. where there is no “other.” No! Say this with Me. the World of the Perfect. no future. I simply be and whatever my hand finds to do I do all as unto the Lord (the One Mind – Omni-actively. I AM always HERE! It is not “I” who appears as the body form. bringing a whole world of “things. aware. When you become “single” eyed. nothing to prove – for there is no one who needs proving to. saying to us that the Spirit comes forth in whatever way CREATION [Jane Woodward] Sept. If he needed tax money. I neither “try” to make something happen. believing there is a world in which there is both evil and good. I do not see it as being “ dualistic. 2005 6 . pow! It was there. but it is not a building or house made with hands! It is the house/body of Which I Am Aware NOW! It must be realized that GOD is Life coming into visible expression as you. no sin. distressed.consciously aware of the Perfect body/world.. awake. only ONE: I know I Am NOW in my Kingdom. for I consider not the things of this earth as being anything. there is no reason to keep or hold onto anything. lives and breathes as you HERE NOW. and Jesus Christ walks. no “good and evil. dual. non-stop. Whatever I need in the moment – pow! It is here now! And he did not just bring “needs” forth. being – all for my own good pleasure). after all. or a king-sized bed. complete.” Mind brings forth. calling it heaven. I have visited the spot and the “stones” which still remain of a house that is supposed to have been the one in which he lived. you will understand that there is Only One World. And so it is with me and you. since there is.the Same I that I Am. but never-the-less. eternally BEING! Constantly. the One Mind. but he brought the best wine – the fermented and am fooled not by a world or body seen in a reflection. you will NEVER become more spiritual than you already are! You have only to know your True Self.” There is only always the I that I am. for you and I are One. because that is what Mind “does.” i. no one who can harm in all my holy mountain. the same as God comes into visible expression as one named whatever you call the man in the mirror. There is no other. where Jesus walks and another world where you walk . beautiful and perfect in my world. the wine that was potent – for the wedding guests. I Am . and another which is perfect . and throws “pictures” on the screen of life. I conceive. You will never get rid of “things. distorted. Mind. but what is of interest to me is that he made reference to his house several times in scripture. Jesus had a house in Capernaum. I no longer look over the edge of the pond and think. perceive.” and he has a house NOW. If he needed food. nor “try” to prevent anything from happening. He was and IS Real! He had a house “then. I rule as King in My Kingdom (Consciousness). as dualistic. livingly. again – it was there. I know the Truth I Am. “That is me down there. Here now. there is no evil.e. To think there is a place – world or state. God came into expression as a man named Jesus. All is Wonderful! To “think” there is a separate heaven where there are no “things” is to still be in a dual state of thought. Yes. All is well.” rather I see It as simply an aspect of my Self that has come into the Light of my Awareness . But it is Always and Only the Same One coming appearing in form. double-mindedness. rather It is I who manifests a body form for the sheer enjoyment of it. Jesus did not lack for a thing! If he needed wine.Now. the Oneness of Being. for Truth reigns. nothing to go and “tell. it is a parable.” but you will cease and desist from the attraction to things as things. In fact. talks. Darkness and light are the same to me. and if it appears that “another” responds to what is being done and said. “For me to live IS CHRIST!” We do not have to go live in a cave somewhere and give up all the “things” around us to become more spiritual. There are always “things” and always will be. diseased.” no one who can break through and steal. It matters not to me whether that is “the true site” or not of a house in which Jesus lived. conceive. or even disappointing. There is no “you and me.” and want for nothing.I have nothing to teach. nor camp out under the stars every night.

there is nothing you can “do. means. Self) shall supply all “your” (the one you call by a name) needs according to his (the God-Self I am) riches (abundant ideas. It would otherwise be your prayer. P. logic. You will never.” for you will never escape having “things. because you will be operating on man’s level. Man is so involved with “doing” that he thinks he can “do” something to perfect his self. The one who “thinks” like a man does not recognize that he has everything at present. improve. but it is never-the-less true. Surely there is something I can ‘do. however. My God (Mind. knows all.and so he asks how this can be. and simply BE. is All in all. wish. WEB PAGE: www. that you Truly are. If you brought forth only “needs” what would you bring forth? What you consider needs and the next man in the dream considers needs would be two different things. is sufficient to bring it forth. by Christ Jesus (Illumined Awareness). No! My wish is my command. There is nothing wrong. Consciousness. where nothing ever actually happens! When you leave all.I need it. however. giving up all CREATION [Jane Woodward] Sept. and I do not even have to pray it out loud or speak it. means and methods to “climb up some other way” than to just BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD. except that you see that everything you bring forth as a need! If I want it . Truly. You are the I that is above all and all is in the I. if you wish to call God just Being what God is.LighthouseLibrary.” Rest! The one who “takes thought” about it. just doing what God does miracles. in fact we are told that what you tell your Father (Consciousness) in secret will be shouted from the rooftops. but with and in Consciousness. Life becomes a grand Revelation. intuitively. need. You will simply know. rather they are Living Words. Beloved. or you will prolong the coming forth! You will hinder it. that “my God-Consciousness. as Eternal Life. for there is no such. INTERNATIONAL. E-MAIL: inquiries@lighthouselibrary.” You simply have to “be” and Life will simply continue (eternally) to “happen” about you. Words of Spirit and Life. it is wonderful! And the wonder of it all is that IT is ALL IN YOU!!! A GIFT FROM: LIGHTHOUSE LIBRARY. make. All of creation is yours. when something is coming into the visible. O. or sinful (dualistic)! What you realize. ROGER and SUNNY COFFMAN. when to be still and when to move. There is nothing wrong with “things. to bring all good things to the table! And God – you – do not just bring forth your “needs” either. and thus searches for ways. you can do all things. or desire. if you rest from all effort to have. be it momentarily. the simple acknowledgment. when to speak and when to be silent . You must know your Self. Creation lies in you. and actually all because of you! You will simply “know” when to turn to the left and when to turn to the right.” No. is that all things are simply ideas (creation) in the Mind I Am.LighthouseLibrary. as you rest in the Blessed Assurance of Infinity. in you and through you. But you cannot set your hand to it. even before the “you” knows you need them. In other words. for it will come to you as a wish. True State-of-Being. the level of thought taking. TX 75357-1225. Heaven here now. You are not the distorted image you see in the mirror. Father-Mind” supplies everything in any given moment . recognize or desire. “Be still and know…” REALIZE: I AM PERFECT NOW. BOX 571225. may not believe this. 2005 7 . IF you do nothing to try to obtain anything. And you will lack for nothing. simply coming into expression. You simply stand still and see Life as you BE LIFE.” You can “do” nothing to “get” it or any “thing. and that is sufficient for all “things. The way is made straight before you. and thus I perform miracles every moment.and manner It so wishes.” There is nothing wrong with anything when you realize Paradise. the Mind. tell anyone (God included) anything with the “hopes” of bringing it forth. give all and forsake all: leaving effort behind. “That just sounds toooooo simple. with you at center stage watching it all happen about you. And as it comes you will walk through – without taking thought – all that “helps” to make it so. bad. and forsake all attempts to make anything happen.) in glory (doxa – thinking – Mind). God. when you come into the full recognition of your God-Self.” accept. through you. methods and formulas. in you. or spiritualize his self. [972] 270-4232. and is made visible in the moment you “ NEWEST WEB PAGE: www. YOU are the Perfect I that sees all. You cannot be otherwise than you evereternally are. You have never been im-perfect. or You are not the reflection in the mirror carrying the false ID. You will know that “of your own self” you can do will know that your words are not your own as a personality. DALLAS.