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Question 1

______________is a collection of programs written to service other programs.

System software
Real time software
Application software
Business Software
Question 2
Software that monitors / analyzes / controls real-world events as they occur is called__________.

Embedded software
Real time software
Real world Software
None of the above
Question 3
___________________refers to the predictability of the order and timing of information.

Information determinacy
Application software
Software crisis

Question 4
As per IEEE, __________________ is the systematic approach to the development, operation,
maintenance and retirement of software.

Software Engineering
None of the above
Question 5
_______________refers to the support phase of software development.

Question 6
RAD stands for

Rapid Application Data
Reverse Application Development
Rapid Action Development

Software reliability Software efficiency Software detection None of the above Question 8 WRONG _____________is a measure of the time between observed system failures. AVAIL POFOD ROCOF MTTF Question 9 WRONG ________________ is a software testing process in which the objective is to measure the reliability ofthe software rather than to discover software faults. Defensive programming .Rapid Application Development Question 7 WRONG ___________________ is a function of the number of failures experienced by a particular user of that software.

. which shows how an object class is related to other classes through common attributes and services. Naming Taxonomy Organization Aggregation Question 12 WRONG ______________ model is a way of showing how data is processed by a system.Damage assessment Statistical testing None of the above Question 10 WRONG OOD stands for Object-Oriented Development Object-One Design Object-Oriented Design Online-Object Design Question 11 WRONG ______________ is a classification scheme.

Data-flow Data-division Data-Process None of the above Question 13 WRONG ___________________is concerned with developing an object-oriented model of the application domain. Object-oriented design Object-oriented programming Object-oriented analysis None of the above Question 14 WRONG PDL stands for _______________________________. Program Data Language Program Description Language Program Data Level Private Draft Level Question 15 WRONG .

circle triangle rectangle arrow Question 16 WRONG Effective data capture requires data collection and ______________.A function is represented on a structure chart as a ___________________. round-trick framework round framework round-trip framework rare-trip framework Question 18 . Data mining Data security Data order None of the above Question 17 WRONG The software engineering process represents a __________ for problem solving in a business context in several senses.

Unified Modeling Level Unified Method Language United Modeling Language Unified Modeling Language Question 19 WRONG _______________________ is the process of factoring the design module. Software re-engineering Configuration management software maintenance Software Refactoring Question 20 WRONG The first stage in the change management process is to complete a ___________.WRONG UML stands for _______________________________. Change decision Change request form Change form Change leader form Question 21 .

Red-box testing Black-box testing Glass-box testing .WRONG A _________________ is an instance of a system that differs. in some way. Black-box testing White-glass testing Red-box testing White-box testing Question 23 WRONG ______________ focuses on the functional requirements of the software. system version system type data version system time Question 22 WRONG ________________ is a test case design method that uses the control structure of the procedural design to derive test cases. from other instances.

Conversion Correction Validation Verification Question 26 WRONG When using ________________testing. top-up . test drivers must be written to exercise the lower-level components.None of the above Question 24 WRONG Which testing is also called behavioral testing? Black-box testing Glass-box testing White-box testing None of the above Question 25 WRONG _________________refers to the set of activities that ensure that software correctly implements a specific function.

Spiral .bottom-up up-down None of the above Question 27 WRONG _______________testing is a testing strategy. which was devised for testing real-time systems. Top-up Up-down Top-down None of the above Question 29 WRONG A strategy for software testing may also be viewed in the context of the ________________. Thread Real Top-up Time Question 28 WRONG ________________integration testing is an incremental approach to construction of program structure.

Data Test routine None of the above Question 30 WRONG The most critical resource in the problem-solving process is _______________. People Raw material Tools Money Question 31 WRONG ________________ integration testing begins construction and testing with atomic modules. . Top-up Bottom-up Up-down Top-down Question 32 WRONG A project involves a temporary assemblage of ______________brought together to solve a specific problem.

Data Material Files Resources Question 33 WRONG _______________must be completed within a specific time period and have well-defined beginnings and ends. the density of digital chips doubles approximately every ___________months but cost remains constant. Programs Projects Work Functions Question 34 WRONG According to Moore’s law. 24 36 18 12 Question 35 .

Process Diversity Modeling Program . Physical resources Management Leader Vehicles Question 37 WRONG _____________________is a prevalent characteristic of the software process modeling literature.WRONG Which business illustrates the impact of networking power on industry? Marketing Paper Printing E-business Question 36 WRONG One of the most notable characteristics of organizational problem solving is its frequent dependence on _______________.

Common Oriented Request Broker Architecture Common Object Recent Broker Architecture Common Object Request Broker Architecture . Inherited Dependent Independent None of the above Question 39 WRONG Lack of _______________________ is a major source of ignorance.Question 38 WRONG Cultural differences are examples of _______________ characteristics that affect the degree of diversification in an environment. Communication Money Knowledge Resource Question 40 WRONG CORBA stands for _______________________________________.

Software is a set of application programs that are built by software engineers. 1 and 3 1. . 4. ii and iii ii and iv ii and iii Question 42 WRONG Which of the following statements are true? 1. 2 and 4 2 and 4 2 and 3 Question 43 WRONG ___________ model couples the iterative nature of the prototyping with the controlled and systematicaspects of the _______________model. Information content and degree are important factors in determining the nature of a software application. 2. Computer software is the product that software engineers design and build. Software is a physical rather than a logical system element. 3. i and iii i.Common Object Request Based Architecture Question 41 WRONG Which of the following are the characteristics Software? i) Software is developed or engineered ii) Software doesn’t “wear out” iii) It is manufactured in the classical sense iv) Software is not custom built.

Failure detection. Popular RAD. nested Parallelism. calling Question 46 . client/server Concurrent process. client/server Concurrent process.Spiral. linear sequential Spiral. Component based development RAD. RAD. system Question 45 WRONG _______________ is the situation in which a subroutine calls itself or calls another subroutine. RAD Linear sequential. which then calls the ________subroutine. linear sequential Question 44 WRONG The ___________________model is often used as the paradigm for the development of ________________applications. Called Recursion. calling Parallelism.

elements attributes.WRONG _______________is an approach to fault tolerance which can be carried out without a faulttolerant______________. converter Defensive programming. attributes. ii) Designs are documented in a set of design documents that describes the design for programmers and other designers. Exception Handling. detector Damage assessment. detector Damage assessment. ii-T Question 48 WRONG Objects are usually members of an object class whose definition defines ________and _____________of class members. controller Question 47 WRONG State True (T) or False (F) i) A software design is a model system that has many participating entities and relationships. ii-T i -F . i -T . ii-F i -F . operations . ii-F i -T .

ii-F i -T . i -T . ii-T Question 50 WRONG Which of the following are the characteristics of an object-oriented design? i) Objects are abstraction of system entities ii) Objects are independent entities that may readily be changed iii) Objects may be distributed iv) Shared data areas are eliminated i . ii-F i -F . structures Question 49 WRONG State True (T) or False (F) i) Object-oriented systems are easier to maintain as the objects are dependent. ii) The state is represented as a set of object attributes. ii and iv ii and iv ii and iii Question 51 WRONG The analysis by ___________& ______________ recognized two major approaches in software .members. operations members.ii and iii i. ii-T i -F .

Software economics Project management.development. Creating a release is more complex and expensive. i and iii i. Creating a new system version involves removing new source code and building the system. Belz Martin. Raffo Question 52 WRONG _________ and __________ perspectives have gained greater attention as critical elements in the assessment of process models. For UNIX platforms. Software issues Project management. The more changes to a system. iii. ii and iii ii and iii ii and iv . Software economics Question 53 WRONG Which of the following statements are true? i. the most widely used version management systems are SCCS. the less new faults will be introduced iv. Project preparation. Martin. Raffo Belz. Software issues Project Details. Boehm Boehm. ii.

iii) Softer reviews “purify” the software engineering activities. i and iii i. ii and iii ii and iv ii and iii Question 55 WRONG Which of the following statements are true? i) Software reviews are a “generator” for the softwareengineering process. iv) In the black-box approach. Graphical user interfaces (GUIs) present interesting challenges for software engineers. iv. Boundary value analysis is a test case design technique that complements equivalence partitioning. i and iii i. iii. test cases are designed using only the internal specification of the software. Rather than focusing solely on output conditions. ii) Reviews are applied at various points during software development. ii and iii ii and iv ii and iii Question 56 WRONG Which of the following statements are true? i) Unit testing makes heavy use of white-box testing . Client/server architectures represent a significant challenge for hardware testers.Question 54 WRONG Which of the following statements are true? i. ii. BVA detects test cases from the input domain.

less internet . more Internet . Multimedia data cannot be captured immediately and edited as required. a–T. iii) Black-box testing techniques are used exclusively during validation. i and iii i. b–F a–F. A computer can be attached to a digital camcorder. iv) The unit test is Black-box oriented. ii) White-box test case design techniques are the most prevalent during integration. intranet.less Question 58 WRONG State True (T) or False (F) a. ii and iii ii and iv ii and iii Question 57 WRONG Defining a problem at an ______________level is obviously ______________ complex than defining a problem at a metro-net or global level. b.techniques. TV and printer. b–T a–T. b–T .more intranet .

with other aspects of the problem not even considered for relevancy. source Question 60 WRONG Which of the following statements are true? i) The CIO understands that the system will encounter problems from time to time. i and iii i. b–F Question 59 WRONG _________________ ignorance assumes that information can be gathered using only one or two paths of _____________. iv) Local offices use system software to access the remote application server. knowledge In-breadth. knowledge In-breadth. Payroll d) Embedded software iv. Resides only in readonly memory .a–F. iii) The corporate database is the primary backup for each of the regional offices. ii) A key factor in determining the system’s success is how quickly the system can give results. In-depth. Spreadsheets b) Personal computer software ii. ii and iii ii and iv ii and iii Question 61 WRONG Match the following a) Business Software i. source In-depth. Pattern recognition c) Artificial Intelligence software iii.

iv and v only i. b-i. iii . c-iv. c-iv. c-iv. and v only i. d-ii Question 62 WRONG Structured approaches to software development include i) System models ii) Notations iii) rules iv) Design advice v) Process guidelines i. and v only i. ii . iii and iv only i. ii . ii and iv only ii . b-i. iii. d-iii a-iii. d-iv a-i. b-i. ii iii. ii and iv only Question 64 . ii iii.a-iii. d-ii a-ii. and iv only i. b-iii. c-ii. iv and v Question 63 WRONG Systematic reuse in the development process offers which of the following advantages i) System reliability increased ii) Overall process risk is reduced iii) Effective use can be made of specialists iv) Software development time can be reduced v) System clarity increased i.

iv-F i-T. d) A third unspoken assumption was that the software project was separate from the software process. d-F a-F. iv-F Question 65 WRONG State whether the following statements are True (T) or False (F) a) Money has been the critical factor in software development. c-T. b) The first unspoken assumption is that software problems are primarily driven by internal software factors. ii-T. b-F. b-T. d-F a-F.WRONG State whether the following statements are True (T) or False (F) i) Architectural design comes after detailed system specification ii) Architectural design is necessary to structure and organize the specification iii) There is a accepted process model for architectural design iv) The output of the architectural design process is an architectural design documents. iii-F. ii-F. iii-F. c) A second significant unspoken assumption has been that the software development process is dependent on organizations. b-F. c-F. c-F. ii-T. iii-T. b-T. c-T. a-T. ii-F. iv-T i-F. ii-T. iv-T i-T. d-T a-T. i-T. d-T Question 66 WRONG State whether the following statements are True (T) or False (F) i) Adaptive maintenance is concerned .

ii-T. iv-T Question 67 WRONG Black-box testing attempts to find errors in the following categories (i) Incorrect or missing functions (ii) Interface errors (iii) Errors in data types iv) Behavior or performance errors (v) Intact errors i. iii-T. management or customers. d) Many test management tools also serve as generic test drivers. c) SQAP takes a broad view of quantity. ii-T. c-F. ii and iv only ii . c-F. d-F a-F b-T. b) SQAP stands for Software Quality Assurance Plans. d-T . a-T b-T. ii-F. iv-T i-T. iii . iv and v Question 68 WRONG State True (T) or False (F) a) Data correction focuses on the underlying reasons for the results evaluated. ii-F. i-T. ii . iii-F. iii-T. iv-F i-F. iv-F i-F. iv) The maintenance process is triggered by a set of change requests from system users.iv and v only i. iii-F. ii) Corrective maintenance means changing the software to some new environment such as a different hardware platform iii) Perfective maintenance involves implementing new functional or non-functional system requirements. iii and iv only i. ii .with fixing reported errors in the software.

b-F. c-T. a-T. b-F. Unit testing begins at the vortex of the spiral. b-T. Modules are integrated by moving upward through the control hierarchy. c-F. b-T. b-T. c-T. c-T.a-T b-F. and search for data and information. d-F a-F. d-F a-T. b-F. d-F a-T. d-F a-T. c-F. c-T. d-F a-T. c-F. The unit test is black-box oriented. c-T. d) RAD stands for Rapid Application Development. d-T a-T. c) The direct connection between software development and business performance is adequate. b-F. c-F. b-T. d. b-F. b) More complex organizations have less ill-structured solutions. d-F Question 70 WRONG State True (T) or False (F) a) Web applications can also serve as a repository to store. d-F Question 71 . Integration testing addresses the issues associated with the dual problems of verification and program construction. c-T. b. a-T. d-T Question 69 WRONG State whether the following statements are True (T) or False (F) a. and the step can be conducted in serial for multiple components. retrieve. d-T a-T. c.

d-T a-T. c-T. c-F. d-F a-T. d-F a-T. a-T.WRONG At the problem level. ii. iii and iv Question 72 WRONG State True (T) or False (F) a) Object-oriented modeling involves identifying the classes of object. ii and iii i. b-T. d) Functional and object-oriented approaches are opposing rather than complementary techniques. b-F. c-F. d-F . ii and iii ii. c-T. iv and v i. b) The design of class hierarchies is a simple process. c) The use of structured methods involves producing large amounts of diagrammatic design documentation. b-F. the roots of diversification include: i) Scope and complexity of problems ii) Types of requirements and forms of problems iii) Need to learn and apply new capabilities iv) Challenges of continuous change v) Impact of the supplier disciplinary effects i. b-T.