[1] The scale of measurement for the variable eye color
Choice a Ordinal
Choice b Nominal
Choice c Interval
Choice d Ratio
[2] [2] The scale of measurement for the variable weight of new born babies
a) Ordinal
b) Nominal
c) Interval
d) Ratio
[3] The most appropriate diagram to represent data on blood glucose level
of 100 patient is____
Choice a Bar chart
Choice b Histogram
Choice c Multiple bar chart
Choice d Pie chart
[4] Cumulative frequency distribution are represented in graphic form by
Choice a Histogram
Choice b bar chart
Choice c Ogive curves
Choice d scatter plot
[5] The mean systolic blood pressure of 100 individuals is 128 and SD is
16. then percent coefficient of variation equals
Choice a 0.16
Choice b 0.125
Choice c 12.5
Choice d None of these

Choice a Choice b Choice c Choice d Mean CV Mode Range .5 Choice d 8. The average wage of 60 workers in morning shift is 4. Then the average wage of 40 workers in the evening shift is Choice a 35 Choice b 38 Choice c 36 Choice d 27 [7] Consider the following table. 5. 9. 8. 6. 10. median equals Choice a 40 Choice b 8 Choice c 22.5 [9] Data was recorded on number of seeds per fruit for two new varieties V-1 and V-II. 40.[6] The average wage of 100 workers in a factory running in two shifts of 60 and 40 workers is 38. Data on time spent by a fox at a food source Time in minutes Frequency 11-20 2 21-30 15 31-40 12 41-50 10 51-60 7 61-70 3 71-80 1 Total 50 Frequency curve of the above data is best described as Choice a Choice b Choice c Choice d unimodal symmetric bimodal and asymmetric unimodal and skewed to the right [8] For the data set {9. 7. 8}. For determining better variety the appropriate measure is . 8.

In this case which average is appropriate? __________ Choice a Mean Choice b Mode Choice c Median Choice d Combined mean [13] In variance.3. The second number namely 3. Choice a Choice b Choice c Choice d Mean Mode Median geometric mean [12] Data is recorded on diagnoses of patient seen in emergency department of city hospital.1.7. if each observation is increased by 10 then SD will change to Choice a 35 Choice b 5 Choice c 2. 1. the average distance of the individual observations is calculated from Choice a A.M. which average is appropriate?______________. Choice b Median Choice c Mode Choice d SD [14] The relative measure of dispersion is Choice a Range Choice b coefficient of range Choice c SD Choice d variance [15] Standard deviation of 20 observations is 25. it is a pure number and no units are needed Choice d depends on the value [11] For following data on survival times. 2.5 .3. 2.2. 38. is measured in units of Choice a years Choice b squared years Choice c nothing.[10] Distribution of ages of college students has mean 23 years and sd

y and z is 7 and average of x and y is 5.M and S.Later it was found that an observation 45 was misread as 54.25 Choice c appropriate Choice a A.D Choice c r(A.5 Choice d 45 [19] A library has 800 books.5.M and mode Choice b A. It gives that value of ‘c’ is ___________.6 Choice b 43. The corrected average is Choice a 34.5 Choice d none of a.Choice d 25 [16] The average of 5 observations is 20. The average cost of 600 books is $4 and the average cost of remaining books is $5. B) Choice d mean deviation [21] Scatter diagram is useful for showing Choice a dispersion Choice b central tendency . When a constant ‘c’ is added to each observation the average changes to 24. use of -------. b and c 20] To compare consistency of two players A and B. Average cost of a book is Choice a 4 Choice b 4. Value of z is Choice a 7 Choice b 8 Choice c 11 Choice d 4 [18] The average of 10 observations is 35.6 Choice c 35. Choice a 20 Choice b 4 Choice c -4 Choice d 24 [17] The average of numbers x.

15 and 120.d. interval.00 . correlation coefficient. Choice d all of these [25] For two data sets of 10 and 20 observations values of mean and standard deviations are respectively 100. ratio [23] I have a frequency distribution of students by their religion.00 Choice b -1. C. mode Choice d nominal. t2 hours at v2 kmph. mode Choice c mean. 20. It makes no sense to prepare Choice a cumulative frequency table Choice b cumulative relative frequency table Choice c percentile rank table Choice d any of the above [24] Statistics is a science of study of characteristics of Choice a an individual Choice b an average behaviour of all individuals in the sample Choice c population characteristics using sample data.Choice c Choice d joint variation association [22] Find the odd man out Choice a range. The average speed of the car for entire journey is Choice a (v1t1 + v2t2)/2 Choice b (v1+v2)/2 Choice c (v1t1 +v2t2)/(t1+t2) Choice d (v1+v2) /(t1+ t2) [27] If everyone paid income tax equal to 10% of income. s.25 [26] A car runs for t1 hours at v1kmph.67 Choice d 306.V.33 Choice b 2250 Choice c 341. value f r for income and tax paid will be close to Choice a 0. Combined variance of the two data sets will be approximately Choice a 18. median. Choice b mean..

50.60 [30] Which of the following is NOT a similarity between correlation coefficient and standard deviation? Choice a based on all observations Choice b range of possible values is limited Choice c widely useful Choice d none of the above [31] Find the odd man out a) range. 40. 51.60 Choice b c Choice d 1.d.55.43.00 none of the above [28] Select the pair with the strongest relationship.60 Choice c 40.60 Choice d 40. 50. interval.58. ratio . correlation coefficient. s. median. b) mean.V. Choice a height and weight of newborn infants Choice b height and weight of basket ball players Choice c height of adults in inches and in centimeters Choice d heights of twins [29] Decide without calculations which set has largest variability (all have the same mean namely 50) Choice a 40.50. mode c) mean. C.49.. mode d) nominal.