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OSHAcademy 48-OSH Manager Course Comprehensive Exam

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Total Marks = 100

Passing Marks =70%

Duration 2 Hours

Starting Time ________


Date __________

2. Safety should be primarily the responsibility of the safety director and/or the safety committee.
a. true
b. false
3. According to the text, which of the following is not a question a manager should ask first before considering discipline?
a. Have I provided appropriate safety training?
b. Have I provided adequate discipline?
c. Have I provided proper safety supervision?
d. Have I provided adequate resources?
4. According to the text, to build a high level of trust between management and labor, accountability must be:
a. applied consistently at all levels of the organization
b. reviewed by the safety committee
c. applied immediately after the violation
d. understood by all
5. Which of the following is a behavior typically rewarded in a reactive safety incentive program?
a. complying with safety rules
b. reporting injuries
c. withholding injury reports
d. reporting Hazards

7. Which of the following is not a proactive behavior that helps prevent or minimize the negative impact of injuries and
illnesses in the workplace?
a. complying with safety rules
b. reporting hazards
c. withholding injury reports
d. making suggestions
9. Which cause category is ultimately most responsible for accidents in the workplace?
a. management system weaknesses
b. hazardous conditions
c. unsafe behaviors

OSHAcademy Sample Exam Questions and Answers - Confidential
d. lack of common sense
10. What is a major weakness of the walk-around inspection?
a. it takes too much time
b. it isn't conducted often enough
c. it requires experts
d. it looks only at conditions
11. Once the sequence of events has been developed, what is the next step in the accident analysis process?
a. surface cause analysis
b. root cause analysis
c. determine appropriate discipline
d. write the report
14. You are a supervisor. You implement changes, but they usually fail. The most likely reason is that:
a. you're failing to train
b. you're failing to send an email
c. you're failing to enforce the change
d. you're failing to educate

17. This person is considered by most to be the father of Total Quality Safety Management:
a. Peter Drucker
b. Howard Trump
c. W. Edwards Deming
d. Bill Gates
19. According to Deming, this is the most important requirement when implementing a Total Quality Safety Management
a. instituting continuous safety education and training
b. expressing constancy of purpose
c. driving out fear in the workplace
d. purchasing safe materials and equipment

20. The primary idea behind Total Quality Safety Management is that improvement should occur _____:
a. continually
b. often
c. regularly
d. just in time

Bypass the gatekeepers b. Why is it important to discuss the results of a survey with the CEO? a. trainer d. Which of the following would NOT be the focus of an effective safety committee meeting? a. the safety committee performs the role of a _____. each of the above is a benefit 8. fault-finding b. ability to conduct safety inspections b. Reduce misunderstanding c. Conducting safety inspections 10. More likely to get top management support d. discuss safety issues regularly with employees d. All of those reasons listed are important . Accident investigation procedures d. Quality of accident reports 4. supervisor b. Gives decision makers ability to choose b. unsafe behaviors c. lack of common sense b. Which of the following is the least common cause of all workplace injuries and illnesses? a. hazardous conditions d. safety training c. help correct safety program weaknesses d. Gives the decision maker control over the corrective action c. Provide goodies at the meeting 7. In the most effective safety cultures. Which of the following would be the least useful training subject for safety committees? a. Which of the following is a positive benefit of a well-trained safety committee? a. a. Which of the following are important reasons for providing options? a. Evaluate and report safety statistics c. Takes unknown factors into consideration d.OSHAcademy Sample Exam Questions and Answers . inadequate safety management systems 14. Safety committee rules and procedures c. All of the above are important 15. History of safety committees in the USA b. cop 11. Report injuries b.Confidential OSHAcademy Course 701 Final Exam 3. improve safety awareness c. consultant c. Safety program status d. What can the safety committee member do personally to best shape positive attitudes about the safety committee? a.

Emphasize the employer's moral obligation d. The JHA established no accountabilities b.OSHAcademy Sample Exam Questions and Answers . The process takes less time c. Emphasize the employer's social obligation 17. Emphasize the employer's legal obligation b. Emphasize the employer's financial obligation c.Confidential 16. The procedure take less training . Why is the Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) considered superior to the safety inspection in reducing workplace injuries and illnesses? a. If the decision-maker is only doing safety to avoid OSHA citations. The process analyzes conditions and behaviors d. which of the following would you emphasize in a safety committee recommendation? a.

activities d. they eliminate causes b. conditions. behaviors c. Post security guards b. Which of the following is an example of a root cause of an accident? a. systems. Which of the following is a way to secure an accident scene? a. a sleepy employee 9. Why should we phrase expenditures for corrective actions as "investments"? a. any of the above 7. to evade OSHA violations 2. conditions. systems 11. Which hazard control strategy is considered most effective? a. systems. a. to improve safety management systems b. they represent a drain on the budget . engineering controls 14. Place warning tape d. they result in lower mod rates c. to determine liability of the victim c.Confidential OSHAcademy Course 702 Final Exam Name ____________________________ Student Number _________ Date __________ 1.OSHAcademy Sample Exam Questions and Answers . behaviors b. work practice controls b. Surface causes describe hazardous _________ and unsafe ____________. elimination of the hazard d. an unguarded machine d. they result in potential returns d. Post warning signs c. administrative controls c. a defective tool b. to determine disciplinary actions d. What is an ultimate purpose of the accident investigation? a. a poorly written policy c.

higher than d. one-half c. double . a.Confidential 16. The indirect (uninsured) costs for accidents will usually be __________ the direct (insured) costs. lower than b.OSHAcademy Sample Exam Questions and Answers .

except? a. recognized hazards d. d. exposure. probability d. conducting random drug tests c. The OSHA Act of 1970 states that the employer is to provide a workplace free from _________ _______ that are causing or are likely to cause death or serious physical harm. b. enforce compliance with safety rules 6. performance b. unknown conditions 3. Supervisor d. Employee 2. probability. the unsafe behavior. Owner b. Hazard control strategies attempt to reduce ______________ or _______________: a. Any of the above . 8. exposure c. c. unsafe behaviors c. One supervisor is failing to enforce safety rules. According to Thomas Anton. May not result in system improvements. All of the following are mandated employer responsibilities. provide personal protective equipment b. Indicates a lack of management competence. c. hazardous conditions b. severity 7. d. An employee complains about a hazard. What are the results when a "fix the blame" culture exists? a.Confidential OSHAcademy Course 712 Final Exam Name ____________________________ Student Number _________ Date __________ 1. A unique hazardous condition or unsafe/inappropriate behavior performed by one person. Which of the following describes a system design weakness? a. a. what key person bears the greatest responsibility and accountability for implementing the safety and health program? a. conduct safety training d. Manager c. Training does not include written tests or skill demonstrations. the hazard. b.OSHAcademy Sample Exam Questions and Answers . May destroy the morale of the employee.

"adequate" safety supervision is detecting and correcting hazards and behaviors __________. Reporting hazards in the workplace. According to the text. 17. Level four . negative reinforcement c. Level one b. Every culture is a culture of consequences: a. positive reinforcement b. The other-center leader who is followed because of what he or she does for his or her followers is displaying what level of leadership? a. increase compliance behavior b. before injury or illness occurs c. Enforcing compliance with safety rules. in a planned manner b. improve voluntary behavior. Which of the following consequences are epidemic in both public and private sectors today? a. True b.OSHAcademy Sample Exam Questions and Answers . d. tough caring c. The number of accidents in their department. punishment. etc. mamby pamby b. tools. equipment. and administering requisite discipline d. Attendance rosters are considered adequate technical safety training documents. c.). decrease mandatory behavior. false 19. a. False 11. Level three d.Confidential 10. Level two c. decrease discretionary behavior c. b. d. extinction 22. a. d. true b. cold ruthless 14. Which of the following is an inappropriate accountability measure for supervisors? a." is most likely to be made by a person demonstrating a ______ _________ leadership style: a. that violate OSHA rules 13. Positive reinforcement is necessary to: a. Providing resources (materials. tough controlling d. 18. The assumption that "workers can't be trusted.

Takes credit for department's performance c.OSHAcademy Sample Exam Questions and Answers . not hurt . Which of the following describes a characteristic of "the boss" (level one) leadership? a. Try's to help. Willing to do the grunt work d. Trusts employees b.Confidential 23.

an evaluator is most likely to look at this component of the system: a. structures b. inputs c. A ___________ may be thought of as an orderly arrangement of activities and related procedures which implement and facilitate the performance of a major activity within an organization: a. if you deal with the _______. a. a. the ________ do not arise. process d. system design c. if a program doesn't exist. causes. program b. plan c. processes d. system performance d. According to the text. outputs 12. solutions b. which of the following is not one of the four basic components (SIPO) of all systems? a. processes d. the human resources manager b. system performance d. symptoms. we may have a _____ _____ problem. According to the text. inputs b.OSHAcademy Sample Exam Questions and Answers . system 3. system process b. To determine the "effects" of the SHMS. safety management is likely to be more effective when the safety manager reports to: a. we may have a ______ _____ problem.Confidential OSHAcademy Course 716 Final Exam Name ____________________________ Student Number _________ Date __________ 1. If a program exists. a. system outcome 11. people c. OSHA compliance officer c. symptoms c. system outcome 8. causes d. solutions. the maintenance supervisor 4. the operations manager d. outputs 7. but people are not following its guidelines. problems. system process b. system design c. According to the text. Bottom line. problems .

employer flaw 25. the effect of a _________: a. evaluates inherent value of employees within the system c. ask the employees to _______: a. aims at program improvement through a modification 19. explain them 18. evaluate the process b. at the same time. employee flaw c. Inspecting hazards in the workplace is considered one of the many SHMS ___________: a. relies on the standards of design to distinguish a program's effects d. assessment 21. higher cause b. except: a. Which of the following is not listed as one of the four basic strategies of an evaluation? a.Confidential 13. identification d. Bottom line: each cause is. outputs 22. assesses the effectiveness of an ongoing program b. evaluation b. recite them c. evaluate the design c. inputs c. deeper cause d. evaluate the intent .OSHAcademy Sample Exam Questions and Answers . find them d. evaluate the results d. To assess how well the worksite safety and health policy is communicated and understood. analysis c. and how well the disciplinary system is working. structures b. remember them b. This process judges the worth or effectiveness of the safety management system: a. processes d. All of the following are characteristics of evaluation.

plan to eventually install better alarms 11. site specific c. Which of the following should be conducted to identify physical and chemical hazards in the workplace? a. Employee Assistance Plan (EAP) 3. Fire Prevention Plan (FPP) d. as often as necessary 8. employee evacuation during a fire or emergency d. a. Which of the following criteria must be met for OSHA to require an emergency action plan? a. and alarm systems should be ___________. before each emergency d. safety inspection c. Why do EAP reviews and updates need to occur often? a. Voluntary Prevention Plan (VPP) c.Confidential OSHAcademy Course 717 Final Exam Name ____________________________ Student Number _________ Date __________ 2. fire extinguishers are required and provided b. Emergency action plan evacuation policies and procedures. What is the immediate plan if your workplace does not have adequate emergency alarms? a. annually c. brainstorming session d. floor wardens will notify all employees. contract for external warning devices d. so that OSHA does not cite us 12. hazard assessment b. b. generic d. job hazard analysis . run through the workplace yelling "get out!" c. The EAP goes hand in hand with the ______.OSHAcademy Sample Exam Questions and Answers . Violence Prevention Plan (VPP) b. a and c above 5. outdated EAPs are of little value d. a trained employee fire brigade c. weekly b. a. a. standardized within the community b. OSHA requires quarterly updates b. approved by OSHA 13. to make sure we are ISO certified c. It is a good idea to hold practice drills ______________ to keep employees prepared. emergency reporting. a and b above e.

oversees emergency procedures. advanced 17. when an employee is initially assigned c. 5 b. and directs the shutdown of utilities or plant operations if necessary. response and evaluation. when the OSHA inspection cycle changes b. a. test the 911 emergency response system regularly d. one warden for every _____ employees should be adequate. 20 d. This position assesses the situation to determine whether an emergency exists. a. EAP coordinator c. place poster at strategic locations around work c. responsibilities and actions does NOT need to be understood by ALL employees? a. brief b. EAD coordinator 24. when an employee's responsibilities change d. reporting procedures d. continually remind workers what to so b. a. basic c. highest ranking responder d. alarm systems 22. What must you know if you are assigned to stay behind to shut down critical systems during an emergency? a. HSE manager b. how to give the "all clear" 19. evacuation procedures c. Evacuation warden d. conduct a thorough assessment of the workplace 18.OSHAcademy Sample Exam Questions and Answers . 10 c. where to call in the order c. highest ranking employee c. Generally.Confidential 16. evacuation warden b. Chief Evacuation Officer (CEO) 23. specific d. who to rescue b. notifies and coordinates with outside emergency services. Who assumes the incident command role and is responsible for directing all emergency response activities? a. 30 25. Which of the following EAP topics. What is the best way to protect yourself and others from emergencies? a. when to abandon the operation d. In which of the following situations should the EAP be reviewed with all employees? a. when the EAP is developed or changed . shutdown procedures b. Most EAPs address ________ emergency planning.

which of the following is NOT one of the purposes of a Fire Prevention Plan? a. voice and sensory c. flood spaces containing combustibles 8. According to the text. temporal and voice b. Strobing Discharge d. Fixed fire extinguishing and suppression systems are commonly used to ________. managers c. voice and sirens d. Dry chemical depletion Method b. Portable Respirator d. Which method is used to protect against deep-seated smoldering fires that may re-ignite? a. comply with OSHA standards 2. Emergency Response Procedure c. sensory and horns . Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) 10. a. audible and tactile b. supervisors d. plan administrator b. a. A _____________ for each extinguishing agent should be available in the workplace. audible and visual d. sensory and visual 11. protect employee evacuation routes c. eliminate causes of fires b. Total Flooding Applications 9. According to the text. Halon Suppression c.OSHAcademy Sample Exam Questions and Answers .Confidential OSHAcademy Course 718 Final Exam Name ____________________________ Student Number _________ Date __________ 1. prevent fires in office areas d. OSHA inspectors 7. prevent loss of life and property c. storage container b. restrict entry into confined spaces d. Which of the following are the most effective means producing audible alarms? a. protect valuable or critical equipment b. who is responsible for determining FPP policies and making sure adequate hazard controls are provided? a. Which of the following are the two most common types of fire alarms in the workplace? a. visual and tactile c.

such as wood and paper. heat c. Class ___ Extinguishers should be used on fires involving flammable liquids. penal. except: a. A b. D 15. C d. water d. fire prevention housekeeping b. a. Which of the following should be included in FPP training? a. Hazard Communication Plan d. a. four 20. use of portable fire extinguishers d. such as grease. At least ____ exit route(s) should be available in a workplace to permit prompt evacuation of employees and other building occupants during an emergency. all of the above 24. a. B c. three d.Confidential 13. or correctional facilities 21. oxygen b. B c. Each of the following is a component of the Fire Triangle. oil. to keep looters out of the building c. Environmental Management System c. Class ___ Extinguishers will put out fires in ordinary combustibles. When located in mental. alarm systems and evacuation routes c. fuel 14. etc. C d. Emergency Action Plan b. when employees are thought to be stealing b.OSHAcademy Sample Exam Questions and Answers . From which plan would you train if all employees are required to immediately evacuate if a fire occurs? a. when approved by ANSI standards and/or top management d. gasoline. one b. two c. Which of the following is allowed? . A b. When may an exit door be locked from the inside? a. D 19. HAZWOPER Plan 23.

appropriate extinguishers are placed within 75 feet of travel . use of hangers to place extinguishers on walls b. dumpsters next to concrete walls d. annual checks of fire extinguishers are conducted d.OSHAcademy Sample Exam Questions and Answers . extinguishers are conspicuous (easy to see) c. combustible items stored in exits b.Confidential a. storage near electrical panels 25. chained/secured storage of compressed gas cylinders c. Which of the following need NOT be checked as part of the FPP evaluation? a.

Employees should not permit unauthorized employees or non-employees to ride in company vehicles. a. take photos b. promise to be professional 12. a. both a and b 11. all ages 5. when conveyed in the performance of duty b. a or b above . The “one driver. one vehicle” strategy tends to instill in the driver a ___________. Motor vehicle crashes are a leading cause of death and injury for ______. inspect the vehicle d. a. swear an oath of allegiance b. manager d. At the scene of an accident. sign an acknowledgement form d. To formally document that training has been accomplished and that drivers understand their responsibilities. sense of ownership b. cross your heart and hope to die c. when authorized to ride by the supervisor c. sense of appreciation d. carry a valid driver's license c. employee b. women 25 and older c. all those under 30 d. those 18 and younger b. the investigator will typically to which of the following? a. It is the job of this person to establish policies for the periodic inspection of assigned vehicles. EXCEPT: a.Confidential OSHAcademy Course 719 Final Exam Name ____________________________ Student Number _________ Date __________ 1. each driver should _____. when it is convenient to do so d. supervisor c. draw a map or sketch c.OSHAcademy Sample Exam Questions and Answers . take measurements d. safety officer 6. attend annual driver refresher 9. all of the above 8. a. sense of responsibility c. report vehicle accidents b. Which of the following is NOT listed in the text as a responsibility of the vehicle operator? a.

sign a pledge to drive safe c. a. road testing d. all driver applicants who will require a Commercial Drivers License (CDL) should ____ prior to an offer of employment.Confidential 14. projected cognitive ability c.OSHAcademy Sample Exam Questions and Answers . According to the text. depend on submitted resumes . which of the following training policies is appropriate for "problem drivers"? a. national statistics b. initial training 19. a. pay a deposit to cover accidents d. A key area in the selection process is to _____________________ for new and existing employees. establish qualification standards d. failed to anticipate and act prior to the accident c. complete a blood test 18. determine general aptitudes b. remedial training b. A preventable collision is one in which the driver _____________. established company goals and standards d. complete a road test b. The driver performance review should measure the driver's actual results against ________. failed to do all that could be reasonably expected b. all of the above 15. failed to predict and react to the accident d. a. a. According to the text. discipline c. rely on employee interviews c. failed to pay adequate attention to road conditions 20.

reduction in injury costs b. a. d. It's preferable to allow a _______ between implementation of a change and the follow-up evaluation. All of the above 6. They work only as long as people behave. Detect obvious risk factors c. It's most effective when ergonomic control efforts start by targeting those problem conditions that are common to the entire facility. programs that minimize the cost of accidents c. False 7.OSHAcademy Sample Exam Questions and Answers . The checklist usually fails to provide an effective formal and orderly procedure for screening jobs. They require diligent management. a. Interviews workers and supervisors b. c. False 12. a. itself. only reduce exposure. They eliminate the hazard. They do not eliminate the hazard.Confidential OSHAcademy Course 722 Final Exam Name ____________________________ Student Number _________ Date __________ 1. Jobs in which current cases have been identified should receive immediate attention. Jobs with elevated rates of low back musculoskeletal disorders often also have higher risks for acute injuries due to slips and trips. 11. False 5. programs that help to prevent accidents d. a. Which of the following is an advantage of engineering controls? a. month d. year . aggressive accident investigation 4. a. A proactive approach to ergonomics would emphasize ______. week c. Use checklists for scoring job features d. day b. b. True b. The walk-through observational survey should include which of the following? a. False 10. True b. True b. a. True b.

True b. b. a. employers should provide training to employees regarding ______ and ______ of MSDs. False 14. Reporting signs and symptoms d. self-treating 15.OSHAcademy Sample Exam Questions and Answers . reporting. outside experts who conduct ergonomics training should do which of the following? a. d. signs and symptoms. Become familiar with company operations. self-treating. All of the above 18. Tailor instruction to address specific concerns and interests of worker groups. Following work procedures and practices c. c. reporting b. According to the text. Understand relevant policies and practices. Employees can best participate in the health care management process by doing which of the following? a. Following safety and health rules b. reporting c. rewarding d.Confidential 13. All of the above . According to the text. a. Medical management prevents impairment and disability through an effective early return to work program. identification.

Confidential OSHAcademy Final Exam Answer Keys COURSE 700 1b 5c 9a 13 b 17 c 2b 3b 4a 6c 7c 8c 10 d 11 a 12 a 14 d 15 c 16 d 18 d 19 c 20 a COURSE 701 1c 5a 9d 13 c 17 c 2d 3a 4c 6c 7d 8a 10 b 11 c 12 b 14 d 15 d 16 a 18 b 19 a 20 d COURSE 702 1a 5b 9a 13 c 17 a 2d 3c 4d 6c 7b 8c 10 c 11 c 12 a 14 c 15 b 16 c 18 b 19 c 20 d COURSE 712 1 c 8 d 14 d 2 c 9 d 15 b 3 b 10 b 16 c 4 c 11 b 17 c 5 d 12 a 18 a 6 b 13 c 19 d 7c 20 a 21 c 22 d 23 b 24 b 25 b .OSHAcademy Sample Exam Questions and Answers .

Confidential COURSE 716 1 d 8 c 14 d 2 c 9 c 15 a 3 c 10 c 16 b 4 b 11 d 17 a 5 c 12 b 18 b 6 d 13 d 19 a 7b 20 c 21 c 22 c 23 a 24 a 25 d COURSE 717 1a 2c 3e 4a 5d 6b 7c 8a 9d 10 b 11 c 12 b 13 a 14 c 15 c 16 b 17 d 18 c 19 a 20 b 21 a 22 b 23 c 24 c 25 d COURSE 718 1 c 8 d 14 a 20 d 2 b 9 d 15 b 21 a 3 b 10 c 16 a 22 b 4 d 11 a 17 c 23 d 5 b 12 a 18 c 24 b 6 a 13 c 19 b 25 c 7a COURSE 719 1 d 8 d 14 c 2 c 9 d 15 a 3 d 10 d 16 d 4 a 11 c 17 b 5 c 12 d 18 a 6 d 13 b 19 a 7b 20 c COURSE 722 1 c 8 c 14 a 2 c 9 c 15 d 3 d 10 c 16 b 4 a 11 b 17 a 5 d 12 c 18 d 6 b 13 b 19 a 7a 20 b .OSHAcademy Sample Exam Questions and Answers .