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ii) Name of the units and addressiii) Telephoneiv)Name of the promoterConstitution of the firmQualificationsFAMILY BACKGROUND- BUSINESSMAN

SIMRAN SUPER MART STORE is an online grocery store
that will deliver day-to-day items at the doorsteps of the
customers. The idea of the online store came into inception

because of the busy life style of the urban nuclear families.
The customers can order anything available in the store
through the Internet.
SIMRAN SUPER MART STORE is the first of its kind in the
country. There has never been a local Internet site that deals
with day-to-day items. The closest things to its competitors
are the physical grocery store and departmental stores.
We will be the first company that will guarantee delivery
within one hour. It’s like flipkart, which delivers goods but
also lets the customers to choose the products they want on
the internet. Our main customers are the working class
people living in a nuclear family. These are the people who
have a busy schedule and they don't have time to go for
shopping for the daily use products such as groceries. The
number of working class women is getting larger due to the
changing lifestyle. They don't have time to go and search for
these things. Our service will benefit our customers such
that the time they saved for shopping for these products shall
be utilized to spend more time with their family and kids. So,
we intend to focus those nuclear families and provide our
service to their door steps in an affordable price.

The most economical promotional measure in this case is door to door advertising. The total market demand for the 23 products that SIMRAN SUPER MART STOREis going to deal with is Rs. The most use of our service can become a permanent member and can get special discount. Our service is the first of its kind in the country and we intend to take advantage from this. privilege product delivery. Due to the degrading security system and limited night life in gurgaon. The company is also planning to advertise in local FM stations a few times in a month. we grasp this opportunity to provide our service to those groups. use of pamphlets and brochures will be the secondary promotional measures. However it is also worth nothing that because our product is a new one people will not know that much about it at first. people are encouraged to organize parties at home.Also our night service focuses on the parties at home. 718693920 per year. So. .

LOCATION SIMRAN SUPER MART STOREwill focus only one heavily populated area of the Gurgoan(MG Road) in the first five years of year of establishment. Thus the market areas for the product are the areas where these families are located. MARKETIBILITY AND TECHNICAL FEASIBILITY The urban population having average purchasing power and fast-paced life-style mainly consumes these ready to use products. The service will be extended to other areas of the Gurgaon after 5 years and within 10 years the service will be extended to the whole of the city. The suppliers are also located in the valley Gurgaon. .

SALES FORECAST Year Sales Forecast (in %) First year 48 Second year 60 Third year 80 Fourth year 100 Fifth year 100 SELLING PRICE .

Potato 64. Lays 40.35 Frozen Meat: 1.22 Groceries: 1. Dalmot 15.35 2.5 2.03 . Cauliflower 29.36 3.The selling price of our product will be calculated using the "Cost-Plus-Method". Green Leaves 9.27 3. Dry Meat 45.25 4. Peanuts 150.A summary of products and their selling price is given by the table below: Products Selling price/unit Snacks: 1.15 5. Cheese Balls 10.52 Milk 23. Buff Sausage 117.

Ruslan Vodka 158 4. Carlsberg 200.41 6.92 3. Blue Riband 136.13 7. Royal Stag 168. Sanmiguel 181.53 2. Real Juice 21.2. Rio 21.07 Cigarettes 99.36 .44 Cold Drinks 21.48 Fruit Juice: 1.42 5.07 2.04 3.07 Alcohol/Beer/Wine 1. Chicken Sausage 140. Frooti 21. Red Wine 737. Tuborg Beer 181.

The customer will order the product and click on the location on the map provided in the site itself along with a written address. The delivery boys will . The list of available goods and their price is provided in the site. The service process is described as follows: First the customers will log on to on the Internet. Whenever the system receives an order it will place a notification alarm to the computer administrator. The computer administrator will in turn notify the delivery boys about the order.PRODUCTION PLAN AND FINANCIAL FORECAST There will be no production involved in the business.

collect the ordered items from the store and will deliver the goods in their motorcycles. The delivery boys will receive the payment on delivery. FIXED ASSETS REQUIRED Fixed Assets Requirement (Production) Sno. Fixed Quantity Rate Amount 2 60000 120000 Assets 1 Motorcycle 2 Furniture 3 Refrigerato 1 20000 40000 40000 30000 60000 r 4 Computer Total 2 240000 .

The per month depreciation expense for production assets is Rs. The annual depreciation expense is Rs. Assets 1 Motorcycl Value Rat Depreciatio Depreciation/mon e 12000 10 n per year th 12000 1000 . 29800. Life of fixed assets (Production) Sno Fixed . 2484. Thus. Therefore the total depreciation per month is Rs. The per annum depreciation expense for production asset is Rs. 2417. 67.LIFE OF FIXED ASSETS The life of motorcycle and equipment is 10 years and life of furniture is 20 years. the depreciation for equipment and vehicle is 10% per annum and for furniture is 5% straight line method is used to calculate the depreciation. 800. 29000 and depreciation expense for office assets is Rs. The per month depreciation expense for office assets is Rs.

. Two delivery boys will be hired for the day and two delivery boys will be hired for the night. a computer administrator will be hired for the day.667 or 4 Computer Total RAW MATERIALS AVAILABILITY Raw materials are purchased from the wholesalers and producers. The computer work will be handled by the owners at night.e 0 2 Furniture 20000 5 1000 83.3333 60000 20 12000 1000 29000 2416. NUMBER OF LABORERS There will be two shifts for the delivery boys.33333 3 Refrigerat 40000 10 4000 333.

PRODUCTION OVERHEAD EXPENSES Production Overhead S.00 2 Repair and 1000.No.00 and 4500.00 .00 Water 5 Depreciation 4416.00 Maintenance 3 Allowance for food 4 Electricity 13000.67 6 Fuel 2190. Description Amount (Rs/month) 1 Indirect Labor 25000.

000.500.No.00 2 Registration Cost 5.7 Rent Total (Per Month)" as a sole trading private firm. PRE OPERATING EXPENSES S. Description Amount (Rs.00 .00 62606.) 1 Survey Cost 2.67 FORMS OF BUSINESS The business will be registered under the name "Pasal. Here the owner will act as investor as well as Director of the company.

000.00 Cost 5 Other Miscellaneous Expenses 1.000.00 Development Cost 4 Transportation 2.00 .000.3 System 20.

Fixed Quantity Rate Amount 4 750 3000 Assets 1 Telephone Sets 2 Furniture 10000 Total 13000 Depreciation Life of Fixed Assets (Administration) S. However some furniture and equipments will be required for the efficient running of the managerial functions.No. Fixed Assets Value Rate Depreciatio n per year .FIXED ASSETS FOR OFFICE MANAGEMENT The company will not have a big office as such. Following are the fixed asset requirement for office management: Fixed Assets Requirement (Administration) S.No.

00 Rs .00 4 Communication Expenses 5000. ADMINISTRATIVE EXPENSES Administrative Expenses S. Description Amount (Monthly) 1 Owner's Salary 30000.67 and furniture 3 Internet Expenses 5000.00 2 Depreciation of office equipment 66. 67.1 Telephone 3000 10% 300 Furniture 10000 5% 500 Total 13000 Sets 2 800 The per month depreciation expense for the office management fixed assets is Rs.No.

92 Administrative Expense/Month 46787.00 6 Refreshments 5000.00 7 Amortization 220.59 Administration Expenses/Year 561451.5 Stationary Expenses 1500.08 FINANCIAL PLAN Fixed Capital .

500.95 FINANCIAL PLAN AND LOAN REQUIREMENT We have decided to take a loan of Rs. 30.00 Project Cost 1011432. The calculation for the total project cost is given below.Fixed capital = Fixed assets for operations + fixed assets from office = 240000 + 13000 = Rs.95 3 Pre-Operating Expenses 30. 1011432. Particular Amount 1 Fixed Assets 253000 2 Working Capital 727932. 7.000 from the bank and the rest are the contribution of the owner. .95.5 is Rs. Total Project Cost S.00 Thus the total amount required to start the business is Rs. 253000 Pre Operating Cost The total pre-operating expense calculated from section 3.

00 .00 20000.500.Loan-Equity Mix S.n Particulars o Owner’s Loan Total Equity Amount 3000.00 120000.95 500000.00 Expense 10000.00 4 Computer 60000.00 40000.00 120000.00 60000.00 C Working Capital 227932.00 727932.95 D Pre-operating 30.00 3000.00 A Fixed Assets (Administration) 1 Telephone Sets 2 Furniture B Fixed Assets (Production) 1 Motorcycle 2 Furniture 3 Refrigerator 40000.00 30500.00 20000.00 10000.

Total 281432.000.17 100. 72. 76.83 72. BREAK EVEN POINT FOR FIRST YEAR (BEP) Annual Sales = 4. New Delhi. 276 . 57.99. 000 + 3.050.00 1011432.9 5 Percentage 27.95 730000.00. 56.00 SECURITY FOR LOAN Owner has a land at chattarpur. 40.25 Annual Variable Cost = Annual direct labor cost + Annual cost of raw materials = 2. which can be kept as collateral having market value of Rs.

131.20.25 = 7407816.51.050. 60.56.= 3.31.04 + 5.21% x 45699050.08 + 1.00 X 100 = 16.61.451. ROE (Return on Equity) Net profit after tax ROE = Owner sEquity * 100% ' .400 = 15.05 The BEP in terms of sales quantity cannot be calculated for multi product costing. 48.64. 276 Annual Fixed Cost = Annual Production overhead + Annual administrative expenses + Annual marketing expenses + Annual Interest expenses = 7.12 BEP % = (Annual Fixed Cost * 100%)/(Annual Sales – Annual VC) 1564131.12 = BEP (Sales Amount) = BEP % * Annual Sales = 16.000 + 1.25−36048276.

05 X 100 = 92.3462603.48% .1 = 3744036.