Daniel Ross

NT1310 HW6
Contractors Requirements: The contractor must be certified to install the
infrastructure components being provided and show proof thereof. The contractor must
be an authorized reseller of the networking and infrastructure components quoted and
show proof thereof. All work will be supervised by a Registered Communications
Distribution Designer (RCDD) during all phases of the installation. The RCDD must be
available on site to technicians and installers any time the work is being done.
Purpose: The purpose of the lab installations is to provide a functional
specification for a network system, including cabling and components and required
network devices. The intent of this is also to provide adequate details and criteria for the
design on this technology network system. The contractor shall provide cables, network
equipment, and components necessary to construct an integrated local area networking
infrastructure. The contractor shall be responsible for the installation of the technology
network systems as defined in the Cable Plant. This document provides specifications
to be used to design the installation of a networking infrastructure and associated
equipment. The contractor shall furnish all labor, materials, tools, equipment, and
reasonable incidental services necessary to complete an acceptable installation.

Work Included: Work shall include all components for both a horizontal and riser
data cable plant from workstations outlet termination to wire-room terminations. All cable
plant components, such as outlets, wiring-termination blocks, racks, patch cables,

Cable Plant: Each cable shall be assigned a unique cable number. 4 and 16Mbps Token Ring. Data backbone cabling ANSI/TIA-568-c compliant 850nm laser-optimized 50/125 micron multimode fiber-optic cable network is to be the backbone between the . The data cable plant is designed to support a Gigabit FTTE computer network. the contractor shall install four separate color-coded patch panels. installed. Intent: This network cable system design will provide the connectivity of multiple microcomputers. In the telecommunications room. FDDI. and the wallplate information outlets will be documented using the patch panels color and the patchpanel number.intelligent-hub equipment and wireless access points will be furnished. and regulations of any other governing body having jurisdiction. The data cabling plant and components shall carry a manufacturersupported 10-year performance warranty for data rates up to 1 Gigabit. Each wall plates information outlet shall use different patch panel. The scope of the work includes all actives needed to complete the wiring described in this document and the drawings that will be made available during the mandatory walk. The installation shall be in accordance with the requirements of the National Electrical Code. and others through the network cabling and topology specified. and terminals through a local area network New Building RFP environment.through. printers. a and tested by this contractor. Each designated network interface outlet will have a capacity to support the available protocols. asynchronous 100 and 1000Mbps Ethernet. state and local ordinance.

material. This cost is not to include any changes in hardware or patch-panel quantities. bid submission dates.equipment room and any telecommunications room. The detail is to include itemized unit pricing. Testing of optical-cables will be done using Optical-TDR meter. and hardware costs in an itemized fashion. There is also to be a scope of work provided that details all of all the functions to be provided by the contractor for the project. Bidding Process: All work is to be completed based on the dates from the agreed schedule Bidding Process: All work is to be completed based on the dates from schedule given. cost per unit. The optical patch panel will be configured to the amount of strands terminated at each location. All telecommunication room shall have 4 strands of multimode fiber-optic cable between the telecommunications room and equipment room. . All fiber must be FDDI and 1000Base-SX. Prospective contractors are requested to please submit these questions in writing. and expected project-start and completion dates. Questions and comments are welcomed. and extended prices for each of the material and hardware components as well as the specific labor functions. All fibers will be terminated using SC-type connectors. All bids must be submitted in triplicate.compatible. Each bid is to list labor. to add or delete outlet locations is to be included in the pricing format. Dates on the schedule will include walk-through dates. A cost. per outlet.