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American Cultural Studies

The Southwest
1. The states of the Southwest are: ____________Nevada, Arisona, New Mexico,
Texas, Oklahoma___________________________
2. 2. Explain the geographical variety of the Southwest. Humid lands in eastern
Texas, dry prairie in Oklahoma, mountains and deserts in Arisona and New
3. Explain the cultural variety of the Southwest.
4. Two important parts of the Southwest’s economy are _minerals__________ and
5. In Oklahoma, the US government organized a ______race_____ that started at
noon on April 22, 1889.
6. Who were “boomers” and “sooners”?The boomers were those who won the race
legally, and the sooners were those who had hidden beyond the starting line and
won the land ilegally
7. What were the hardships of the first settlers on the Great Plains? the settlers built
houses from sod-blocks of soil piled like bricks
8. What is the “Dust Bowl”?A period of severe dust storms in Oklahoma and 9 other
states in 1930`s.
9. The word that may best describe Texas is ____big_______.
10. Texas has a unique history. Explain. Texas was a part of Mexico, than it was a
separate state for ten years
11. Texas jokes are based on the fact that Texans are ______too proud of their
12. At the beginning of the 20th century, it was not believed that there was
___oil________ in Texas. Today, Texas produces about _____1/4______ of
America’s ___oil________.
13. What is “Tex-Mex”? It is food in Texas, inspired by Mexican cooking. Very hot
and spicey
14. What is chili?beef+spices+tomatoes, beans etc
15. What are missions?Buildings where Spaniards carried on religious work,
especially that of converting Indians
16. Which city is famous for its missions?San Antonio
17. What is the Alamo?
18. People often think of all cowboys as white Americans. Actually, the first cowboys
were ___Mexican________.
19. Describe the cowboy’s life.Their job was to take care of cows and get them to
market. It was full of adventure, but often hard and boring
20. What are cattle drives?Texas ranchers found out that they can get more money for
their cattle in other states, so cowboys took the cattle along trails from Texas to
Kansas and further
21. What are rodeos? It is a sport that includes calf roping ,bull riding and
22. ________Las Vegas___ is a center of gambling in America.
23. Why was Las Vegas nicknamed the City of Lights? Because there is so much
neon light from casinos

White sands national monument. There are signs that humans lived in the Grand Canyon ___4000________ years ago. Who are the Pueblo Indians and what are their most important characteristics? They are Native Americans. They are very attached to the land on whichthey have lived for so long . Petrified Forest 27.24. The Grand Canyon was formed by the ___Colorado river________ in the state of _________Arisona__. 25. Arizona’s most famous ghost town is _____Betatakin______. What are ghost towns? Huge dwellings built by Indians around 900-1200 AD and then suddenly abandoned 28. Name five places that should be visited. conquered by the Spaniards in the 1500`s. 29. Arizona and New Mexico are known for their beautiful scenery. 26. Painted desert.