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For National rejuvenation China must revive its own culture, introducing Western
ideas only to stimulate its cultural renaissance. Xi Jinping, President of China said
China must return to her ancient rich cultural heritage as foundation for
modernization. A nation without cultural roots is without soul.
China is a very open society right now it is inundated by political, religious, cultural
and tradition ideas from the West. To prevent the over domination of Western ideas,
China must be discriminate in the introduction of Western ideas so the national
rejuvenation policy introduced by Xi Jinping not be dislodged by the on slaughter of
Western thoughts. Recently the Chinese cultural reinforcement campaign launched
by Xi Jinping is timely and necessary. Despite a barrage of Western media criticism
comparing to the campaign of old excessive reeducation by Mao, Xi Jinping s
campaign is not at all a negative anti-intellectual campaign but a positive campaign
to reinforce China national cultural rejuvenation. Xi Jinpings approach is
reconstructionary and not revolutionary compare to Mao.
I am 75 years old, as a Chinese American scientist educated and lived in the U.S. for
over 60 years, I have unique positive perspective about China and is in full support
of Xis leadership in the coming Xi Jinping era. The following are suggested dos and
donts for discussion purpose on Chinese national rejuvenation:
1) China must insist on the development path of socialism with Chinese
characteristics under communist party leadership.
2) China must revive ancient wisdom that are applicable to modern day culture
and philosophy. As Xi Jinping well put China must build the new on old
values. A nation without cultural roots is without soul.
3) Confucian teaching provides moral value to achieve sprirtual quality and
peace of mind on this earth. There is no need to introduce Christianity to
China with its superstition of holy trinity and the non sense of afterlife heaven
and hell. Achieving self cultivation is to elevate our soul on this earth. Thus
our soul in the form of invisible energy will continue on this earth after we
passed away.
4) China must continue to modernize and innovate. Science is universal and
does not just belong to the West. Every country has its own unique
advantage to innovate. Continue to innovate means modernize. The idea
that only the U.S. can innovate is absolute nonsense.
5) China must continue to strengthen its media and cultural export so as to tell
a better Chinese story to the world.
6) Modernizing the ancient silk road is Xi Jinpings grandest vision vitalize
ancient culture and increase world connectivity. It will increase world trade,
growth of the landlocked developing countries and benefit the whole world.

7) China must promote Chinese traditional festivals such as seven-seven, Yuan

Xiao, Tuan Wu and Ching Ming to enrich Chinese peoples life and to reduce
the commercialization of Valentin Day and Halloween Day in China
8) China must not be tempted to follow U.S. liberal democracy. China has its
own teaching in harmony and democracy. China should follow the allencompassing harmony renaissance and 8 socialist core values path to build
a better life for her people!!
Francis C W Fung, PH.D.
Director General
World Harmony Organization
San Francisco, CA