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Mary’s Catholic Church
February 08, 2015

P.O. Box 70
Malta, MT 59538

Fr. Cory Sticha-Pastor

(406) 654-1446
RE Center : (406) 654-1311
(406) 654-1467

Mass Schedule:
M. Feb. 09: Malta—

5:30 PM: No Mass
Feb. 10: Malta— 8:30 AM: No Mass
Feb. 11: Malta— 8:30 AM: No Mass
Feb. 12: Hi-Line–10:00 AM: No Mass
Feb. 13: Malta- 8:30 AM: No Mass
Feb. 14: Malta— 5:30 PM: For the r epose of the soul of Dick Mor r ow r /b The Howell’s
Feb. 15: Dodson- 8:30 AM: For the r epose of the soul of Michael Gr ant r /b The Ulr ich’s
Malta—10:00 AM: For all par ishioner s
Saco— 12:15 PM: For the r epose of the soul of Bill Mar ks r /b Helen Depuydt

Saturday, February 14- 5:30 PM

Sunday February 15—10:00 AM

Michael Fr ed Er eaux
Volunteer s
Altar Servers: Paul VanHoudt
Anne Boothe & J ulie Howell

Lana Ulrich
Tamala Abrahamson & Lexis Shipman
Jim& Mary Brady & Diane Liebel

Paul VanHoudt
Hospitality: Volunteer s
Gift Bearers: Volunteer s

Lana Ulrich
The Abrahamson Family
The Abrahamson Family

Lay Ministers, please come early and greet and hand out bulletins.

Sacred Heart Ministries
Lector: Iris
EHMC’S: Wendy & Ter r i
Gift Bearers: Sar ah Wilson
Church Cleaning: Bonnie Lankfor d

Lay Ministers, please come early and greet.

Email Addresses at St. Mary’s
(just like the parish website):
Parish office: office@SaintMar ysMalta.or g
Fr. Cory: fr cor y@SaintMar ysMalta.or g
Lana: lana@SaintMar ysMalta.or g
Brenda: br enda@SaintMar ysMalta.or g

Mardi Gras Dinner
February 14, 2015
5:30 PM - Malta City Hall
Cajun Buffet Dinner
Dessert & Beverage




Includes betting

A Nite At The Races
7:00 PM

horse racing that’s been videotaped using five cinematography cameras
and narrated from start to finish by many
America’s top-rated announcers. We’ve
captured all the suspense and close-up
action that will enable your organization
to recreate the atmosphere of being at the

For Ticket Information:
Brenda Rummel 301-0936
Proceeds benefit St. Mary’s
Pilgrimage to World Youth
Day in Krakow Poland 2016
Prizes for Winners

Tickers are available at all
the banks in Malta

Silent Auction
50/50 Drawing
Door Prizes

Child care at the Religious Ed
Center @ $10.00 per family

We are in need of any help you may be
willing to give. Before the event: decorating, help with food prep., or donations for
silent auction & after for cleanup.
Thank You for your consideration

Sacred Heart-Dodson
Lent 2015

February 18, 2015

Sacred Heart Parish will be serving soup & bread on
Mondays during lent.

Collection for the Church in

2/23 –Terri & Bonnie L. Soup & Bread
3/2—Laura & Wendy –Soup & Terri -Bread
3/9—Bonnie W. & Leona—Soup & Myrna —Bread
3/16—Patty & Iris—Soup & Sharon—Bread
3/23—Tammy & Sharon—Soup & Jessica—Bread

3/30—Kay & Laura—Soup & Leona—Bread
We will be offering a bible study using “The Gift of
Repentance” as our study guide. Times and dates are
under consideration.
For further information please call:

Central & Eastern Europe
For many in the churches of this area as well as parts
of Asia, the aftermath of 70 years of Soviet rule is
still felt in the form of poverty, infrequent pastoral
care , and lack of buildings in which the faithful may
worship. Your support is needed to fund grants that
strengthen the Church and promote ministries for
children and families, create affordable housing, and
provide cultural and
spiritual education.
Thank you for your generosity.

Bonnie L.—383-4339

Stewardship Thoughts
February 8, 2015 - 5th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Operation Rice Bowl
This Lent :
Help feed the hungry in Africa.
Hungering for the Journey: Join our parish community—and more than 13,000 Catholic communities
across the United States—in a life-changing Lenten
journey with CRS Rice Bowl. You may pick up your
families rice bowl in the back of the church. Remember your Lenten sacrifices
change lives.

"Rising very early before dawn, he left and went off
to a deserted place, where he prayed...He told them,
'Let us go on to the nearby villages that I may preach
there also. For this purpose have I come.'" - Mark
1:35, 38
In today's Gospel reading we see a perfect example
of stewardship. Jesus gives His time to do all that
God wishes - healing the sick and preaching. Yet,
Jesus also makes time to be alone in prayer. It is
through prayer, spending time with God, that we find
the strength to do what God wishes us to do. Be sure
to find time every day to be with God.

Scripture Readings
Feb. 09—Gen 1: 1-19, Ps 104: 1-2a, 5-6, 10, 12, 24,
35c, Mk 6: 53-56
Feb. 10—Gen 1: 20-2:4a, Ps 8: 4-9, Mk 7: 1-13
Feb. 11—Gen 2: 4b-9,15-17, Ps 104: 1-2a, 27-28,
29bc-30, Mk 7: 14-23
Feb. 12—Gen 2: 18-25, Ps 128: 1-5, Mk 7: 24-30

Feb. 13—Gen 3: 1-8, Ps 32: 1-2, 5-7, Mk 7: 31-37
Feb. 14—Gen 3: 9-24, Ps 90: 2-4c, 5-6, 12-13, Mk 8:
Feb.15—Lv 13: 1-2, 44-46, Ps 32: 1-2, 5, 11, 1Cor
10: 31-11:1, 22-23, Mk 1: 40-45

New to the Parish?
Welcome! We’re glad you’ll be joining us! If you
would like to register with the parish, please fill out
this form and drop it in the collection basket. You
can also bring it by the parish office or send it to us.
Phone number:
Email address:
Current parishioners: you can use this form to notify
us of any change of address or phone number.

Safe and Sacred—
Child Protection Program
Information For All Volunteers
As of Feb.1st, Safe & Sacred Program replaces Virtus. This education must be completed by June 29,
2015. Flyers are in the back of the church with
full directions—all facets may be done online in
about 1 hour.

Symbolon Classes
Adult Education
1st, 3rd, and 4th Tuesday Evenings
At 7:00 PM
Church Basement
Brenda Rummel—301-0936 or

Please keep in your prayers:
Catholic Women’s No Host Luncheon
Every second Friday of the month
1:00 PM at the Great Northern
Dining Room.
Next Luncheon, Friday, March 13, 2015
All Catholic Women Welcome

Jerry Depute, Sandy Lett, Cyndee Kavanah,
Gaylord LaFond, D’Andre Haag, Corky LaBrie,
Gloria Coombs, Marion Holman, Andy Otteson,
Travis Lamb, Judy Korsbeck & Family, Karen
Boos, Bud & Wilma Mavencamp & Family, Gary
Schlieve, Celya Salsbery, Mike Matthews, Jory &
Skyanne Schipman, Julie Howell & Family, Mark
Newby, , Eli Murray, Doug Goodheart, Linda
Berg, Terry McKeon, Nate Simon, Kenny Ulrich,
Gerry Williams, those from our local area serving in
the military, and the Poor Souls in Purgatory.
Anyone who needs to have prayers said for someone
can call: Brenda Rummel at 301-0936; Jean Niebur
at 654-2822. Names will be listed in the bulletin for
one month unless specified.

Pope Francis Prayer Intentions
Universal: Pr isoner s
That prisoners, especially the young, may be able to
rebuild lives of dignity.

Adoration of the Blessed
Sacrament 9AM to 4 PM
Join us on 1st Friday, March 06, 2015

Evangelization: Separ ated spouses

“Can you not spend one hour with me?”
(Mt 26:40)

That married people who are separated may find
welcome and support in the Christian community.

Mass Intentions
As Catholics, we have a long tradition of having Masses celebrated for those we wish to offer up in prayer.
The Mass is the ultimate form of prayer, and each Mass is celebrated for an intention. We ask $10.00 per
mass intention.
Please consider having Masses celebrated for family and friends on special occasions and anniversaries, as
well as those who are in need of prayers. Masses are also encouraged in memory of those loved ones who
have died, especially on the anniversaries of their deaths. Contact Fr. Cory for more information!
Follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

Twitter: @SaintMarysMalta

St. Mary’s PCCW Meeting/ Cleaning
After Mass on February 8, 2015

Care and Share 2013/ 2014

Church basement
Due to the success of the Sock Drive we will
continue to collect socks for our brothers and sisters
in need.
Thank you ladies for sharing your time & talent!

(Received by Diocese as of Sept. 2, 2014)
$ 24,401.00
$ 3,996.00
$ 1,680.00


$ 12, 956.36
$ 1, 527.00
$ 445.89

Thank you for your support of

Care and Share!

Knights of Columbus

Mar. 06—Fish Fry

Mar. 13—Fish Fry

March— 1st Degree Initiation

KC Meetings : Every Second Tuesday Evening

Collection Totals For Last Week




2, 016.51

$ 2, 721.58











6:30 PM Rosary

Confessions: Satur days 4 - 5 p.m., 1/2 hour before
daily Mass (Mon.- Fri.) or by appointment
Anointing of the Sick: Please contact Fr . Cor y as
soon as possible for anointing.

Parental sessions are required.

Marriages: Six month couple pr epar ation per iod
required. Please contact Fr. Cory before scheduling
marriage date.

Baptism: Normally celebrated at Sunday Mass.

To reserve the Parish Basement or other St. Mary’s
facility, please contact Fr. Cory or Lana at the Parish
Office (email

Any announcements for next Sunday’s bulletin need
to be in by 11:00 a.m. on Wednesday