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Payroll Administration

Pay Roll
Interview Questions and Answers

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. ¾ Base pay ¾ Overtime ¾ Leave ¾ Bonuses ¾ Retroactive pay ¾ Pro-rated pay ¾ Shift earnings ¾ Non-cash payments 3.Payroll Administration 1. What are the four components of the payroll procedure? ¾ Gross computation ¾ Determining deductions ¾ Calculating Net ¾ Generating payments and documents 2. List some benefits and deductions ¾ Savings. List some components of gross pay. ¾ Loans. ¾ Medical plans.

¾ Infotype 0014. What do wage types do in payroll processing? ¾ Assign employee payments and deductions. They have developed a stand-alone system that processes taxes for payroll systems through an interface. Recurring Payments and Deductions. ¾ Union dues. 6. ¾ Indicate whether it is a payment or a deduction. ¾ Perform integrity checks through use restrictions. ¾ Infotype 0015. 5. Additional Payments . ¾ Control payroll programs with a high degree of flexibility. ¾ Charity 4. List the three general payroll infotypes.Payroll Administration ¾ Garnishments. GA. What function does BSI play in SAP HR Payroll? BSI is a third party vendor located in Atlanta. ¾ Infotype 0008. Basic Pay.

. FI/CO. ¾ Assign employees to collective agreement provisions.Payroll Administration 7. What are the main integration points between HR Payroll and other SAP modules? Benefits. Time Management. What five objects make up the payroll corporate structure? ¾ Personnel area ¾ Personnel sub-area ¾ Employee groups ¾ Employee subgroups ¾ Employee subgroup groupings 9. What three roles do the employee subgroup groupings perform in payroll processing? ¾ Assign employees to common personnel accounting rules. ¾ Assign default wage types to employees. and Travel Expenses 8.

Payroll Administration 10. When the payroll runs it will select all employees that have been assigned to a payroll area. i. .e. 12. 11. 13. Infotype 0001 (Organizational Assignment) is used to assign payroll areas. monthly. What purpose does the ABKRS feature perform in the Payroll submodule? It defaults employees’ payroll accounting area based on country modifier (MOLGA) and employee subgroup (PERSK). How are pay scale types and pay scale areas used in SAP? Payscale types define the sector of industry for which the collective agreement is valid. What function does a payroll accounting area serve? Groups together like employees for the payroll run. What is the purpose of a period modifier? The period modifier defines the period in which payroll accounting is conducted. Payscale areas define the geographic area. etc.

. TRUE/FALSE: The user should exit payroll and make corrections to master and time data if employees are rejected during the payroll run. ¾ References personnel calculation rules and wage type information. TRUE/FALSE: Employee records are locked during a payroll simulation. 16. FALSE 17. What three purposes does the payroll schema perform? ¾ Gross and net calculation of pay.Payroll Administration 14. the payroll should have been exited prior to this release. ¾ The blueprint for RPCALCX0. 18. 15. What is the name of SAP’s payroll driver program? RPCALCX0 where the X represents the country specifier. When is the control record’s current payroll run incremented by one? When payroll is released for a payroll accounting area.

What is the program name to transfer the payroll file to FI/CO? RPCIPO00 20. 21. 19.assigned based on the person’s assignment indicator and valuation table. What is the table that stores wage types? T512W 22. . Basic pay.Payroll Administration FALSE. employee group (PERSG) and employee subgroup (PERSK). Set to corrections and fix within module so counter is not advanced again. ¾ Indirect . ¾ Payroll Program .determined by payroll program based on specific time data. What purpose does the LGMST feature perform in the Payroll submodule? Assigns default wage types based on country modifier (MOLGA). List and describe the three ways to valuate wage types. ¾ Direct .assigned manually in infotype 0008.

¾ Create statement. ¾ Payroll results evaluation ¾ Payroll transfer to FI/CO ¾ Payroll Account . List four of the subsequent payroll period activities.Payroll Administration 23. and ¾ Period unrelated activities 24. What are the responsibilities of the payroll control record? ¾ Define current payroll period. The process of accounting for changes in personnel master records affecting previous payroll periods. ¾ Payment of funds. ¾ Defining earliest retroactive accounting dates. 26. ¾ Run payroll. Define retroactive accounting. List the steps to the payroll accounting run. ¾ Locking master and time data. 25. ¾ Subsequent payroll period activities.

List data which FI/CO must coordinate with HR for successful integration? ¾ Creation of organizational accounting structure. 28. . What is the role of a cost center in payroll accounting? They enable more detailed cost information for an organization. Which infotype is used to allocate personnel costs to multiple cost centers? Infotype 0027.Payroll Administration ¾ Payroll Journal 27. ¾ Determination of automatic account assignments. ¾ Cost centers specified in infotype 0027. ¾ Clearing cost centers defined for RPCIPO00. ¾ Creation of GL accounts. ¾ Determination of related primary cost elements. Time Management. Cost Distribution. ¾ Master cost center designation in infotype 0001. ¾ Activity allocations and cost distributions in infotype 2002. Organizational assignment. Cost Distribution 29.

Payroll Administration ¾ Fixed cost centers defined for RPCIPO00. What function does RPCIPO00 serve in payroll accounting? It actually transfers the HR_CALC payroll file to FI/CO. 30. . Which schema is required to evaluate the payroll results? X500 where X represents the country specific identifier. 31.

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