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I am renewed, authorized and cleansed by the authority of the Holy
Spirit within me. My steps are ordered, guided and blessed.
I am a worthy vessel.
I am a willing vessel.
I have been shaped and modeled by God's love.
I am available for God's love to be accomplished as me.
I am equipped with the skill, the knowledge and the ability to carry
out the life assignments which God has given to me with love.
I now go forth peacefully, joyfully and lovingly.
I am bestowed with an abundance of good things in all of my affairs,
and in every aspect of my world.
I now go forth with the blessed assurance that I shall never again
forget that it is the Spirit of the Father of life, and the Mother of
life that has anointed me.
For this I am so grateful!
And So It Is!
Rev. Dr. Iyanla Vanzant