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TECB 213 Course Outline

Special Semester, 2013/2014

College of Foundation & General Studies (CFGS)
Contact hours


Technical Communication
TECB 213
3 per week
Bachelor Degree

This course mainly prepares students how to write experimental research reports for publication
in English. It helps students with general guidelines for their science writing and also who need
to write a dissertation or thesis.

This course is specifically designed for engineering students who need to improve their technical
or scientific writing skills. Students will be introduced to the science writing conventions in
terms of organization, structures, grammar and vocabulary. These writing conventions will be
covered for each main section of a research report or paper: Abstract, Introduction, Materials and
Method/Methodology, Results and Discussion.
At the end of the course, students will be able to:

Search for reliable information using online databases.
Cite information correctly with IEEE format in writing.
Identify vocabulary used in writing a science research paper.
Write a concise, precise, and grammatically correct scientific research review.


1. Glasman-Deal, H. (2011). Science Research Writing: For Non-Native Speakers of English.
London: Imperial College Press.
2. Anderson, P.V. (2011). Technical Communication: A Reader-Centered Approach (Int. Ed.).
Boston: Wadsworth Cengage Learning. (Chapter 6)

1|P age

The instructor reserves the right NOT to accept any late submissions! Attitude Students are expected to come to class with a positive attitude and to view teaching and learning favorably. may be regarded as absent unless special permission has been obtained from the instructor. Students are expected to arrive punctually. Students are expected to catch up with the missed class by getting the notes. irresponsible classmates etc. mechanical or technical problems. Students. You are expected to wear your student ID throughout classes and when consulting your lecturer. Class participation Each student must be actively involved in any class discussions by asking or answering questions. to prepare for the class lecture and to submit original work on time. handouts and any homework assignments ready. who arrive late or leave before the class is over. Excuses such as forgetfulness. before the next class. Any excused absences must be accompanied with a valid medical certificate and/or letter from the College or Department. voicing opinions and offering constructive criticisms. 2|P age . will not be entertained. 2013/2014 Attendance Attendance is compulsory. Dress code Students are expected to observe the University dress code during classes throughout the semester. Students are expected to maintain at least 80% attendance throughout the semester. Presentation of materials prepared by another person is seen as a cheating attempt and is cause for possible failure in the entire course.TECB 213 Course Outline Special Semester. Otherwise disciplinary action can be taken against the student including being barred from the class & all evaluations (including the Final Exam). Plagiarism Students are expected to submit their own original work to the instructor.

Civil.5 Spacing IV. and how do you think those interest will affect your life? 3|P age . Title Name Date of Submission The assignments should be typed in accordance to the following formatting: I.TECB 213 Course Outline Special Semester. 12 points III. questions or problems that most deeply interest you. your own intellectual interests. Writing Assignments Guidelines Assignment 1 (10%): Diagnostic Essay. Manuscript Drafts and Submission Guidelines All assignments are due in class in hardcopy on the date listed and should be submitted on email. II. as well. Particularly. 1. Assignments should all have the following details: I. or Computer & Communication) to facilitate the writing of assignments. 2013/2014 Assessments Class Participation = Writing Assignments 5% = Oral Presentation 45% = Final Exam = Total = 10% 40 % 100 % Forming Group Guidelines All group members should be from the same program (Mechanical. 1 inch margins VI. this assignment requires you to address what scientific issues. III. individual work Write about yourself. Electrical & Electronics. IEEE referencing style (for assignments 2 and 3) VII. A4 size paper V. Electrical Power. Times New Roman II. Both hardcopy and electronic version should be in Microsoft Word format. approximately 400 words.

TECB 213 Course Outline Special Semester.1 Writing the Introduction I 3. 2013/2014 Assignment 2 (20%): Critical Review. 8 minutes to present and 2 minutes to answer questions. Choose a research topic that you know something about or interests you. Your presentation is a critical analysis of the components and the language use in the abstract. you are required to write a scientific review on the current research development in your field. Online Databases Anderson’s Chapter 6 3 3/3-9/3 3. The presentation should be in PowerPoint Slides with point forms only. Your writing MUST include all the components introduced to you in the class. Assignment 3(15%): Results and Discussion. The time allocated is 10 minutes.2 Writing the Materials & Methods Glasman-Deal’s Unit 1 Glasman-Deal’s Unit 1 Glasman-Deal’s Unit 2 Assignment 2 (20%) Due . Oral Presentation Guidelines (10%) This is an in-class oral presentation on the abstract of a current research article of your choice.2 Documenting Your Sources & IEEE Citations Training at the Library. Read the articles to gain an understanding.1 Course Overview 1. pair work For this assignment. approximately 1200 words.1 Writing the Introduction III 4. Week Tentative Weekly Schedule Topic Remarks 1 17/2-23/2 1. group work For this assignment.2 Writing the Introduction II 4 10/3-16/3 4|P age 4. 400 to 600 words. You are not allowed to exceed 8 minutes.2 Gathering Reader-Centered Information Anderson’s Chapter 6 Assignment 1 (10%) Due 2 24/2-2/3 2. you are to write the results and discussion section for an incomplete research article given by your lecturer. or else you will be stopped and marks will be deducted. look for 10 research articles written on the topic.1 Continuation: Reader-centered Information Gathering Process 2. Then. You are also required to apply the grammar and writing skills taught.

TECB 213 Course Outline Special Semester. 2013/2014 5 17/3-23/3 5.1 Writing the Results & Discussion 6 24/3-30/3 6.1 Writing the Conclusion 6.2 Writing the Abstract 7 31/3-6/4 Oral Presentation 8 7/4-13/4 5|P age FINAL EXAMINATION Glasman-Deal’s Units 3 & 4 Glasman-Deal’s Unit 5 Assignment 3 (15%) Due Oral Presentation (10%) Due 40% .