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Author “International Trade and the Successful Intermediary “
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Any changes to the offer made , rejects the offer unconditionally.
Payment Tolerance -/+5% Quantity Tolerance -/+10%
Any changes whatsoever to the actual offer basis is a rejection of the offer
Unless stated differently all offers are made by " Seller acting on behalf
undisclosed principal "



000. a further USD$1.00 per MT is discounted from price offered.680.95 PER MT PAYMENT SOUGHT : SEE COMMENTS NON CUMULATIVE REVOLVING : 2 SHIPMENTS IN ADVANCE TRANSHIPMENT : ACCEPTED BY BUYER: BARGE BOL : SAMARINDA PACKAGING : IN HOLD MARKINGS ON BAG : NIL PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE (LDD): LDD: Late Delivery Discount: If coal as "AD" falls below 6100 GCV Av. to all suppliers . Buyer please return signed offer to above Agent providing the offer and not FTN Exporting. Accordingly. end buyers and all others please be advised in accordance with URPIB Rules of association it a dishonourable act to circumvent a SMICE Agent or those attached to such to which FTN Exporting will not accept to consider an offer being returned to us directly unconditionally and without exceptions. Penalty USD$1. Anyone attached to the SMICE Agent securing a principal has their interests automatically protected by FTN Exporting Australia as Per URPIB Rules 2013. If Barge does not arrive on time monthly along side Mother vessel.00 Per MT discount applies.000 MT PER MONTH PORT OF LOADING : ANCHORAGE AT EAST KALIMANTAN PRICE USD$ MT : USD $66. This offer is filed into the FTN Exporting data base. ensuring any attached agent securing an end buyer.000 MT 1 YEAR PERIOD -/+10% MONTHLY SHIPMENTS : 40.640.NAME EMAIL REG No : : : NAME OF END BUYER Offer Sent To: BUYER TAKING POSSESSION OF COAL AUTHORISED AGENT and CIRCUMVENTION NOTICE Representatives of FTN Exporting are privy to the nature of business herein. PAYMENT BASIS ACTUAL CONTRACT VALUES :USD$31.000 of 12 month contract NON CUMULATIVE REV PAYMENT :USD$2.00 PER SHIPMENT .000 AVERAGE -/+10% PER SHIPMENT DELIVERY MODE : FOB INCOTERMS BARGE BOL : SAMARINDA INSURANCE FOR BUYERS : BUYER MUST SECURE/PRODUCE INSURANCE DELIVERABLE QUANTITY : 480. continual protection of all future interests. OFFER BASIS OFFER ADVISED BY SELLER : FTN EXPORTING AUSTRALIA DATE OF OFFER : 3 MAY 2013 TRANSACTION CODE : 12FT-NANM-006DP VALIDITY : 7 DAYS FIRST COME FIRST SERVE PRODUCT NAME : THERMAL COAL BLACK 6100/6300 GCV AV (AIR DRIED ) PRODUCT ORIGIN : INDONESIA CONTRACT QUANTITY : 40.00 PER MT FOB REG BARGE: SAMARINDA OFFERED :FIXED CONTRACT PRICE BENCHMARK PRICE : N/A LESS DISCOUNT : N/A BENCHMARK USED : N/A 1ST DELIVERY : 10TH JUNE 2013 IRREVOCABLE TRANS DLC : YES PREFERRED AT BEST PRICE TRANSFER FEE : AT COST TO BUYER CONFIRMED NON TRANS DLC : ALLOWED: AT ADDED COST USD$2.

No CFR/CIF available.REVOLVING SET VALUE X 5 :USD$5. Collection on DLC is for quantities actually delivered in where every single shipment shall stand as an independent delivery. Buyer lodges a top 300 world ranked bank as a UCP 600 endorsed Pre advised Transferable Irrevocable Documentary letter of credit non cumulative revolving for 2 shipment values in advance at all times in where the credit supports 12 month contract value. SELLERS BANK NAME OF SELLERS BANK WESTPAC MELBOURNE AUSTRALIA AS ADVISED ON CONTRACT DELIVERY DOCUMENTS 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) SELLER’S INVOICE : DECLARING ALL DEBITS AND CREDITS AS PER INCOTERMS BILL OF LADING :MADE TO ORDER FTN EXPORTING AND ENDORSED IN BLANK NOTIFY CONSIGNEE.CONTRACT DLC TO SUPPORT TOTAL CONTRACT VALUE BY IT EXPIRATION DATE PAYMENT REQUIRED Best Price Application : Once contract is signed. (2) The total amount offers on contract will be delivered in 40. to which pre advised status is removed leaving a fully active credit.One original copy Barge BOL secured at Melak to initiated DLC collection procedures carry 7 days DP collection application ensuring barge is along side Buyers mother ship before DLC collection is applied for. from DLC issuance date made for collection "at sight" of clean documents for each delivery FOB BARGE . GCV and Sulphur content as per the Melak Base Coal offer as a benchmark guiding specification of all other coal being offered in where a tolerance factor of-/ +10% is allowed to prevail to the below Melak specifications. (3)BARGE BOL FROM REGISTERED VESSEL : SAMARINDA . CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN FOR BUYER ACCOUNT AS PER INCOTERMS 2010 DELIVERY RULES CERTIFICATE OF STOCKPILE ANALYSIS OF QUALITY/QUANTITY EXPORT PERMIT The buyer must ensure insurance is taken before 1st delivery payable in his own country. then a Pre advised IDLC CONFIRMED CREDIT AS confirmed to Sellers bank or corresponding bank to the sellers bank . If end buyer does not want to advise a transferable credit . seller releases to owner verifiable disclosure certificate of our supplier/exporter as specified on contract.000.00 IN ADVANCE AT ALL TIMES.The buyer shall arrive at anchorage or before delivery date . All Transfer and Pre advising fee's for the account of the end buyer.000 MT -/+10% shipment lots at will every 30 days. Ship use its own cranes to load vessel. Seller has right if delays are apparent to secure coal form other near by mines of same or better quality.Barge shall pull along side. at end buyers expense will be required in where an added USD$2. Once Pre advised credit is advised and accepted. and be assessed accordingly for each collection on DLC applied for.280. COMMENTS AND SPECIAL CONDITIONS (1) The seller is offering coal as harvested emanating from one base mine situated near Melak Indonesia for barge delivery of 250 Kilometres to mother ship at East Kalimantan.45 per MT applies to the offer price for added expenses. Pre advised status is removed on the same basis in the manner previously stated. AVERAGE MAIN SPECIFICATIONS (Full Specs on contract) PARAMETER TEST METHOD RESULT . The seller is assuring Moisture.

France. Seller is conducting business internationally on behalf of an undisclosed principal in accordance with acceptable English and European Rules of Agency. owner and or supplier . (2) 6. URC522 (Uniform Rules for Collection ICC publication numbered 522) English foreign law contract governance. Acceptance and delivery.Contract and DLC issuance 15 days is allowed. RULES OF TRADE: 1. Offer and price valid once contracts are signed. PROCEDURES: a. Davide G. PPIC TYPE :Verifiable details of stockpile. Intermediaries assisting on this transaction agree to apply FTN exporting URPIB (Uniform Rules and Practice for Intermediaries and Brokers) Rules of Trade.0 KG SAMPLE FROM MINE (AR) AND LATER AT STOCKPILE (AD) TAKEN 25 MARCH 2013 BY WORLD RECOGNISED CARSURIN LABORATORY IND. 1st delivery is 30 days there after or less. This offer is legally binding once accepted upon the issuance the draft contract via the internet has occurred in where the contract does not conflict with matters applied in this offer.Internet PDF and or facsimile documents allowed to apply up to formal contract signing time. Formal hardcopy of contracts issued by courier mail. SELLERS DECLARATION I . product. trademark application.45 D 4239-12 D 5865-11a Min 6100/Max 6300+ D 409/D 17. This offer is an agreement. DAVIDE GIOVANNI PAPA 3 May 2013 . Document Presentation. DLC issuance and PPIC. 2. General insight :Offer . English language applies. Collection and finally Next delivery.000 MT RATE -/+5% ALLOWED. Offer once accepted is legally binding subject to draft contract issuance. Offer and Contract. UCP600 (Uniform Custom and Practice for Documentary Credit issuance as per ICC publication 600) Rules of Delivery as per “Incoterms 2010” in accordance with ICC Paris. FURTHER SAMPLING TAKEN EVERY DELIVERY. A Papa of FTN Exporting Melbourne Australia as Seller do hereby make this offer with good and honourable intent. 4.07 AD AD (AIR 44 COMMENTS BY SELLER (1) TRANSHIPMENT ALLOWED FROM BARGE TO OVER SHIPS RAILS MOTHER VESSEL. (3) MINIMUM PARTIAL DRAWING ON DLC AT 40. 3. b.56 AR AD 1. Transaction remain in force with PDF advised signed documents while awaiting hard copy contract return.TOTLAL MOISTURE WEIGHT% MOISTURE PER SAMPLE% TOTAL SULPHUR WEIGHT % GROSS CV K/CAL/kg (AD) DRIED) GROSS CV K/CAL/kg at MINE D 3302/D 3302M-12 D 3174-11 10.

Offer is subject to final contracts.Whole document must be returned. Literage BOL shall be considered a transhipment document if loading is to a mother ship . Is Certificate of Origin Required: Yes( ) No ( ) PAYMENT WILL BE ADVISED BY PRE ADVISED TRANSFERABLE IDLC ( ) PAYMENT WILL BE ADVISED BY PRE ADVISED CONFIRMED IDLC ( ) NAME OF DLC ISSUING BANK: (Must be issuing bank of the supplier) Name of Bank: Address: Country: . 2. End Buyer please scan sign and return as PDF after rescanning. right for buyer to reject goods later may not be valid. to inspect goods. Transhipment allowed. TN EXPORTING AUSTRALIA BUYERS ADVICE AND DECLARATION (ACCEPTANCE ) Mark with (x) as required.Australian Business Number ABN:B2144654K OTHER IMPORTANT MATTERS 1. If buyer decides to be at port of loading.

Buyer may lodge credit to the sellers (Westpac bank ) Bank in Melbourne Australia in where all corresponding fee's and transferable fees are for the account of the end buyers. the end buyer may advise a non transferable credit in where such MUST be advised to sellers bank at higher value and carrying confirmation of the sellers bank or confirmed by a corresponding bank to the seller bank at the higher added price of goods offered. or representative of such do hereby sign this offer with good and honourable intent as accepted subject to the issuance and arrival of the supporting sales contract. CORPORATE NAME NAME OF IMPORT MANAGER POSTAL ADDRESS AFTER HOURS CONTACT PHONE BUSINESS HOURS PRIVATE EMAIL WEBSITE SIGNATURE /SEAL / DATE/ OR HAND APPLIED SIMILE End of Offer . Please issue draft contract for our consideration within 2 days of returning this offer. ANY COMMENTS THAT WE SHOULD BE INFORMED ABOUT FOR OUR FUTHER CONSIDERATION END BUYERS DECLARATION I / We the said end buyer named on this offer taking possession of goods. If the end buyer does not want to issue a transferable irrevocable DLC from a top 300 world ranked bank.