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"What Is Ayurvedic Medicine?

by Dr. Nishal R.
(Copyright © 2015)
Medicine is a science that has existed since the beginning of time. Every
living being experiences illness, disease, and injury. And every living being
desires relief when in such times. Since mankind originated, there has always
been a means of treating disease. However, in recent times our species has
gone down the wrong path of treatment. We look at most illnesses as a bunch
of symptoms that require relief rather than a looking at the underlining
causative factors.

A patient may ask "how did i get lupus?" or "how did i get an auto-immune
disease". And the doctor will reply "the cause is unknown". But is that really
true? Did we miss something? Perhaps we have diverted our attention from
the very basis upon which all living beings are sustained, aka our diet. Oh no,
not this diet thing again, everyone says that! Where is the evidence behind
this diet theory?

Let me give you a scenario. You eat something that is loaded with
preservatives, and other harmful ingredients and on top of that, the food is
not properly cooked because you wanted "fast food". Now, this meal goes
into your gut and has a hard time digesting. Undigested particles remain and
begin to ferment as a result of little or no fiber. Now suddenly you eat another
meal and during digestion, some of those fermented particles get absorbed
into your bloodstream. They then go to the tissues requiring maintenance
and bond with those tissues. Now we have morbid material building up in
your tissues. Lets say this tissue is MUSCLE tissue. Now this goes on, and it
also builds the secondary tissue of muscle which is skin. Now one day you
decide to eat something that gives your immune system a boost, like a glass
of fresh orange juice. Suddenly your immune system wakes up and realizes
that the muscle tissue is made of morbid material which shouldn't be in your
body. Now what? Your immune system attacks BUT, this is your muscle
tissue! And the secondary tissue is a problem too. What happens? Your body
decides to attack and attempt to form the tissue in a different way. Perhaps it
decides to use Collagen type 1. Now what do we have? Now we have
SCLERODERMA, aka an auto-immune disease. A diseases which is claimed to
have "no known cause" in allopathic medicine. This, my friends, is the beauty
or understanding medicine from an "Ayurvedic" perspective. This is the

All things that exist are made up of these five elements. Ayurveda states that the body is made up of "Bio-energies" which regulate all physiological processes: Vata.Kapha is of the water and earth element and is responsible for the anabolic processes and moistness. for example. When these elements fall out of balance. When these three bio-energies increase or decrease. water. it results in disease. Ayurvedic medicine is based on the 5 elements : Earth. and Pitta. "Veda" means science.evidence behind the "bad diet" theory.Vata is of the air element and governs all movements including the nervous system's electrical impulses and consciousness itself. Kapha. what is "Ayurveda" or "Ayurvedic Medicine"? The literal translation of "Ayurveda" is "The science of life" "Ayu" means life. . "Ojas" which is responsible for strength and vitality as well . It is responsible for the catabolic processes as well as color. . and ether. movement and electric impulses are a result of the "moving" quality of air. all hard things (bones. In addition to this there is "agni" which is for the overall digestion and immune response. . enzyme activity and digestion are part of the fire element. It is one of the oldest known medical sciences on earth dating back to around 5000 BC.Pitta is of the fire element and is a little watery. and the hollowness of organs and structures are due to ether. In the body. air. disease occurs. etc are made up of earth. all liquids are associated with water. nails. So. fire.

The third and most important factor. Primarily. Don't get me wrong. Ayurveda states that the body is made up of 7 Tissues: -Plasma -Blood -Muscle -Fat -Bone -Marrow -Reproductive fluid. urine and sweat make up the waste products. "purisha. even if an actual diagnosis cannot be made (which happens more frequently nowadays). ear wax. and sveda" aka "feces. its nature can give us a good understanding of the processes occurring inside the body. There are far less limitations and far more options in Ayurvedic medicine. most people believe that if your illness is not an emergency condition. other waste products like dandruff. if you're .as resistance. pale colored stools can indicated a bile duct blockage. The answer is simple: The waste product is the final product. Anatomically. This together with the major and minor organs make up the anatomical understanding of Ayurveda. And "prana" which is responsible for consciousness and the presence of life itself. then the best option is Ayurvedic Medicine. Semi-solid stools or frequent loose stools can indicated a problem related to pitta. rheum. However. mutra. an Ayurvedic Physician can administer treatment based on that itself and have a successful result. smegma. and therefore. by knowing the involvement of these bio-energies etc. as well as dried nasal mucus are just as important. The great thing about Ayurvedic medicine is . For example. which diagnostically determines close to everything is the waste products. Now you must wonder "what on earth is so important about waste products". Infact.

This is the beauty of Ayurveda.. That's if you are thinking in terms of Allopathic medicine... However. Nishal R. The Ayurvedic belief is "treat the cause".having a heart attack. By cleansing the body we can remove the morbid material and return to equilibrium. It always has been. By rejuvenating the body we can restore health and youthful vigor even in old age. the best way to cure it or prevent a heart attack. if you have been diagnosed with heart disease. we can eliminate the disease. is with Ayurvedic Treatment. When it comes to chronic diseases. (Copyright © 2015) . the best option is allopathic medicine. Dr. Keyword "nearly". finding a cure is nearly impossible. Finding treatment that doesn't ruin the rest of your body from the harmful side-effects is just as difficult. and it probably always will be. By treating the cause.