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Yes indeedy.

The most famous would be from the Gates of Firestorm Peak - the Vas
t Gate, an invention of elder elves in a time long since past. Leicester's Gap i
n the Ethereal Plane is also known to lead to the Far Realm. In the reality of t
he Great Wheel, prolonged Far Realm exposure creates a region known as a cerebro
tic blot, which infects the border of the Region of Dreams and begins to taint a
nd warp lesser life in the area. Powerful and extensive blots warp higher forms
of life as well, and entities of the Far Realm may leak through. Laws of physics
may "wobble" a bit in these areas.
On the Far Realm side, a gate to the Great Wheel is like a light in the deep dar
kness; tiny and pinpoint, but it attracts attention. The nature of any possible
"inverse taint" caused by the Great Wheel is impossible to nail down, since it w
ould be diffused across the infinite layers of the Far Realm.
I'm going to delve into speculation here, though; the Far Realm is by nature imp
ossible to chart or map. "Regions" can be discussed, though, insofar as their "n
earness" to a fixed portal or planar entry point. These are not stable, but rath
er exist contingent on a brush with the Great Wheel.
So, first you have Proxima, the margin of the Far Realm closest to a continuous
planar link. The Vast Gate counts as such insofar as the Far Realm is disconnect
ed from conventional time and so this portal is effectively a continuous link. T
his is the region most commonly described, the realm of the Amoebic Sea and the
horrors discharged into known reality. That's right; everything commonly experie
nced, all the squamous tentacles and disorienting soup of insanity, that's the m
ost hospitable the Far Realm ever gets. Being located near a continuous link, Pr
oxima is "filtered" by the incursion of reality to appear comprehensible to mort
al senses. Note that in this case, when I say "comprehensible" I mean "you look
and see things," not "it makes any degree of sense."
Approxima is the margin that forms around any instantaneous or terminal incursio
n; smaller and less stable than Proxima, this region is most notable for the rep
ulsing current in antireality that slowly drags intruders back out through the p
inhole puncture they caused. Ostensibly, this bungee cord effect should make App
roxima safer, but if you believe that then you've never been dragged backward th
rough a pinhole.
Next up is Mesia, the region where reality's incursion begins to fail. Xaxox is
located in Mesia, constantly refreshed by Daruth Winterwood's maddened work. Mes
ia is where the supposed "facts" of the Far Realm themselves begin to slip away.
This margin fills with those entities that combine curiosity with caution, pres
ences that are far removed from the penetration point itself but are near to it
in thought. Mesia is severely taxing on the mind and body; reality wanes severel
y here and very little can be done to protect from that.
Distalia is the farthest of what can even semi-seriously be called the "safe" re
gions, and can run perilously thin at times. This margin often floods with the n
othingness beyond, sucking the unwary well outside any possibility of retrieval.
Recognition begins to plummet off here as any veneer of reality mutates into wa
rped abstractions and the native entities shrug off their incursion-inflicted fo
rms. Distalia is effectively the glimmer of light in the darkness for the lords
of the Far Realm, and those that did not project forward into Mesia to observe a
n incursion will likely impose their presence here, should they be at all intere
Finally, Ultimon is a... not so much a region as a borderline. Ultimon represent
s the terminus of reality's influence and the effective event horizon of the Far
Realm. To enter Ultimon is to give up any reasonable hope of escaping the stran
ge plane, and marks you for certain doom. The mind cannot interpret the nature o
f Ultimon.