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NATCA ZDC January 2010

Congratulations to our New January 2010
Tim Hardison President
Ken Burton Vice President Not yet a signed up to the BBS? Go to and register
Michael “Iggy” Irving Secretary today! At the very top of the home
page is a link to “create an account”.
Doug Picard Treasurer To sign up you will need your
NATCA ID #. To obtain your ID #,
Lia Keith Training Rep please see your Area Rep, President,
Vice President or Webpage
Dan Glancey Area 1 Rep Administrator.
Jamie Makers Area 2 Rep

Rex Jackson Area 3 Rep

Jim Vitola Area 4 Rep Facebook Group

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Mike Skubon Area 5 Rep group now called ZDC NATCA.
Please join! We already have 70
Chris Lloyd Area 6 Rep members!
James Fazekas Area 7 Rep

Brian Shallenberger Area 8 Rep

Robin French TMU Rep

Bill Blackmer Staff Rep

Message from the President

Wow, it’s already January 2010, and time for our first Ken and I have moved our offices into the area
newsletter of this year. I want to thank you for your connected to the Representative’s office in the
vote of confidence in Ken and I, it is truly an honor to NATCA trailer; and along with the newly elected
serve each and every one of you again! I want to Executive Board we are getting up to speed and
thank Chrissy for all of her hard work in putting this settled in. We have much work to do and many
newsletter together and also say thank you to all of challenges ahead. I am encouraged after having
our volunteers who are working hard in many several meetings with Mr. Arrasmith. I believe we
different capacities to serve you and our Union every
day! Continued on Next Page
NATCA ZDC January 2010

Message from the President

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will be able to work together to accomplish many attention and training. Please try to take advantage
good things for you the controller. We will not agree of these opportunities when they become available.
on everything, but it is an encouraging and promising Our National and Regional Leadership have
start to the New Year. committed to working with us to provide training
and include us on Regional and National work
We plan to offer as many training opportunities to groups.
you as possible throughout the year. By the time this
letter is published, we will probably have already had If you have not signed up yet please sign up on the
our first major training session held at the Holiday new ZDC NATCA website
Inn Carridoc Hall. Our National President, Paul Watch for information on our next meetings and
Rinaldi, National Executive Officer, Barry Krasner, NATCA events. I am looking forward to getting to
Regional Vice President, Phil Barbarello and Contract know many of you better, and serving you over the
Team Member and FACREP of the New York next two years. Remember, you are NATCA! Be
TRACON, Dean Iacopelli agreed to come conduct a involved; let your voice be heard!
training session on our new Contract and speak on
other NATCA issues. I am grateful to them for Tim Hardison
taking the time to come provide us this personal

Legislative Update: FAA Reauthorization

Doug Picard
The Fiscal Year 2010 Federal following along as closely as before, All of these hearings can be
Aviation Administration but there have been no major watched on the respective
Extension Act, Part II (HR 4217) changes that I am aware of, since the Congressional Committee
was passed by The House on two different versions passed the websites.
December 8th and then by The House and Senate last year. We
Senate on December 10th. The prefer the language of the House I am sure we will see more
President signed on December version. hearings in the year to come by
16th and became Public Law 111- both of these Committees.
116. There have been a couple of
hearings in the past two months.
This extends the funding and One with the House Transportation
expenditure authority of the and Infrastructure Subcommittee on
FAA until March 31, 2010. This Aviation, October 28th, NEXTGEN:
is part of the reason for some of A Review of the RTCA Mid-Term
the hiring freezes and lack of Implementation Task Force Report.
funds to spend on other items. Panel 2 had Dale Wright of NATCA
testifying. There were also two
There are still disagreements hearings by The Senate Commerce,
going on over fees. Hopefully Science and Transportation
after Health Care gets finished Committee, December 1st, on Pilot
they will move forward on this Fatigue and December 10th on
legislation. I have not been Oversight of FAA Safety Initiatives.

NATCA ZDC January 2010

Torrey Reich, ZDC NATCA Safety Rep

We have talked about the Unsatisfactory Condition Until then, I want each of you to know how this
Report (UCR) process in previous installments of process will work for us. First of all, it is not
Safety Matters, and we have discussed that process mandatory for employees to file a UCR via SMIS.
several times on our local BBS. The process has The SMIS is set up to allow you to view the progress
been broken for a long time, and we have been of your UCR filing; however, in order to use the
working around that broken process filing carbon system you must be on an FAA computer, and you
packet UCRs the way we have since Eve had her must have an FAA email address.
first taste of apples. However, it has become such a
cumbersome process; most controllers have been NATCA advises bargaining unit members not to use
ignoring it all together. Last month, new strides their personal email addresses for this purpose;
were made in the way we will now file UCRs, and I therefore, if you wish to file a UCR in this manner,
hope these changes will encourage you to do so. you will need to contact Tim Call in the training
department to get set up with an FAA email account.
NATCA has just settled a national grievance with Once you have done this, login to
the FAA concerning their failure to provide an (only available on an FAA
Article 7 briefing on UCR Order 1600.6B, which was computer), and follow the instructions at the bottom
unilaterally implemented on September 26, 2008. right side of the page where it says, “Use this UCR
For nearly two years, the reporting, sharing, link to access the form for reporting unsatisfactory
processing, and tracking of UCR information has workplace conditions.” Fill out the form, print it
been done by the agency using their new Safety before you submit it, and forward a copy of it to me.
Management Information System (SMIS). Those of
us who have perhaps the best viewpoint into the 1. If you are reluctant to file by using an FAA
daily operation of the NAS, have essentially been email address, or you simply do not wish to
shut out of this process. As part of our settlement obtain an FAA email account, this is what
with the agency, the agency agreed to distribute a you need to do: Complete UCR Form OA
jointly developed question and answer sheet 1800-1, located in Appendix A of UCR Order
concerning the filing of UCRs, procedures, 1800.6B. You can get this form from me,
supervisor responsibility, and the UCR policy to all your area rep, or online at:
NATCA bargaining unit employees.

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NATCA ZDC January 2010

Safety Matters
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NATCA’s request for bargaining unit members to
share their UCR filings are twofold; it is so we can:
2. Make a copy of the UCR, give it to me, or (1) monitor and track various trends occurring in
forward it to me through your area rep. I our facilities; and (2) analyze how the FAA is or is
will then forward it to our Eastern Region not responding to various UCR events, particularly
Safety Rep. in areas relating to unsafe conditions created by
staffing or personnel matters.
3. Submit the UCR to your supervisor so
he/she can enter it into the SMIS. Make sure I want to encourage each of you to file a UCR
the supervisor provides you with a UCR anytime you identify unsatisfactory conditions
tracking number along with a copy of your within the operation. We have the best perspective
report. on these issues, and our concerns need to be voiced.
It is important that we stay involved in the process,
4. Keep a copy of the report for your records. and it helps make our working conditions better.

ZDC NATCA Logo Contest

Have any ideas for our new Local logo? Submit your entries via email to by
March 1st. If you win, not only will you have the bragging rights for creating our logo, you will
also win a $250 gift certificate to the NATCA Store.

NATCA Benefits

NATCA Benefits Partner Steve Kippenberger will be at the Contract Training on January 20th
and at ZDC on January 21st in the NATCA trailer. NATCA has partnered with American
General to provide life insurance coverage to members.

NATCA ZDC January 2010

What’s Happening?
Contract Training ss

Contract Training
Wednesday, January 20th
9:00 am – 7:00 pm
at The Holiday Inn
Leesburg at Carradoc Hall
1500 East Market Street
Leesburg, VA 20176
Open to all ZDC NATCA Members. Find out what we’ve been fighting
so hard for over the past three years and learn what your rights are!
Scheduled to attend are: Barry Krasner and Dean Iacopelli (contract team
members), Phil Barbarello (Eastern Region Vice President), and Paul
Rinaldi (National President). Training will take place on Wednesday,
January 20, 2010 from 9:00 am – 7:00 pm.

Solidarity Meeting

Solidarity Meeting
Monday, February 22nd
@ 5:30 pm
at The Holiday Inn
Leesburg at Carradoc Hall
1500 East Market Street
Leesburg, VA 20176
Join your fellow NATCA members from the local area for a Solidarity
Meeting on Monday, February 22, 2010. There will be a reception at 5:30
pm with the meeting starting at 6:00 pm. Scheduled to speak: National
President, Paul Rinaldi; Executive Vice President, Trish Gilbert; Eastern
Region Vice President, Phil Barbarello, and National Legislative
Chairman, Steve Weidner.

Please Note: All members are invited to attend both events. It is requested that you
sign up (in the NATCA trailer) so that the venue can have an accurate head count .

NATCA ZDC January 2010

Training Update
Lia Keith, Training Rep

We have lots going on in training right now. One of We have 6 new people since the last newsletter!
the biggest issues is the Raytheon contract problems Make sure to welcome them when you see them!
with the FAA. The training department upstairs has Bay 3 – Zachary Payne, Jeff Peachey
been told to cut everyone’s hours by 30%, they Bay 6 – Nolan Cutler, Reggie Jackson
accomplished this by shutting down on Bay 7 – Jaymi Steinberg, Thomas Sweeney
Wednesdays and Fridays. This will impact
everything from ERAM to Dside and Rside classes.
Ray Mittan has said he intends to keep the classes
We have been having issues with skill enhancement.
running and on schedule.
If you think your trainee needs skill enhancement,
We have had several new CPCs since the last please write a request for it on your training sheet
newsletter! Congratulations to all! and follow up with a written letter to your
Bay 1 - Christian Gonzales, Julie Wilson supervisor. I will make a template and add it to the
Bay 3 – Marcel Fort bbs to print out.
Bay 4 – David Downum, Adam Kelley, Akesha
Bay 6 – Juan Quin
Bay 7 – Rob Dorn
Bay 8 – Joe Poloski

Area Updates
Transition Area Update
Jamie Makers, Transition Area Rep
First I would like to congratulate our maps are where they need to Here’s what I can tell you. The
our newest CPC Mr. Ben Dengler. be. As most of you know by now, Stabilization Plan was designed
Ben has done an outstanding job the maps offered in ERAM are not to stabilize what was left of Area
for us. His experience and adequate. They lack many area 2 for approximately 18 months.
professionalism have been a great specific details needed to do our A Long Term Team was to be
addition to the Transition Area. jobs safely and efficiently. Mark assembled and tasked with
Thank you Ben (applause!). I has also set up shop on our new redesigning ZDC airspace.
would also like to thank Alex local BBS for not just the During the redesign, the team
Trzebiatowski, Dave Fort and Transition Area, but for all areas. would determine the fate of the
Dave Smith for stepping up and You can find these forums under Transition Area. So that’s where
coming to the Transition Area. I ERAM. we’re at, waiting. And
can assure you the area looks depending on how far ERAM
forward to you all certifying! Now the Transition Area gets pushed back, it could take
Thanks guys. continues to be a “fluid” situation. longer than expected. So for
What happens to us? Where will those of us in the Transition
Mark Trent has been appointed as our sectors end up? When will Area, we’ll continue to wait until
the area’s ERAM Map this all happen? Nobody can it’s time to move on. Kind of
Representative and has been really answer those questions yet. like, “Groundhog Day”.
working very hard on ensuring Rumors are running rampant.

NATCA ZDC January 2010

Area 5 Update
Mike Skubon, Area 5 Rep

Happy New Year ZDC and Bay reasonable in-trail spacing. As for worked out with ground stops
5, I am looking forward to a new other centers, they see times and and other TMU initiatives. I also
year under an agreed upon their TMU controllers see times. spoke with the NATCA safety rep
collective bargaining agreement. We will likely be held to the (+1) – and alternate area rep from the
So far there has not been much to (-1) times at the feeder fixes. ZNY area that works the Dixie
do other than the Non- sector. She is bringing up our
prime/wish lottery round I was the area rep in Bay 1 when concerns at a ZNY E-board
bidding. We have to start they started the CLT TMA and it meeting this week.
looking at the ERAM issues and was a major distraction. The
suggestions for each area. The situation with the JFK traffic is ZBW starts live TMA for JFK
area reps have forwarded names potentially much worse due to the traffic into ZNY on February 8th.
of members from each area to number of sectors involved and ZDC starts “shadowing” JFK TMA
take on the task of working on the restricted and warning areas on the same date. I am not sure
area specific ERAM problems that affect Bay 5 to the north. when we go live. I will have more
and modifications like mapping There are many problems with the information on this soon.
issues. The national ERAM MOU system that results in having to
provide TMA metering as well as As for Bay 5, please consider any
has been signed so we are fully
in-trail spacing because the feeder needed changes to existing maps,
cooperating with ERAM again
center sectors and approach procedures or anything else you
The next issue will be TMA for controls will not take stacks come up with. I have asked
JFK. This will be the first TMA regardless of the TMA times. Martha Rush to assist to compiling
airport that area’s 5, 6, 7, and 8 and preparing any needed
will have to feed to another I have asked Steve Dorman (ZDC changes that we might want to so
CENTER. The only other case in TMA NATCA lead) to set up that I can initiate the change
ZDC is the TMA feed of CLT meetings between area’s 5-8, ZDC through the appropriate ZDC
traffic from area’s 1 and 2. I can TMU and ZNY Dixie sector to office. Chris Northrupp is the Bay
assure you that the TMA we do work out the expectations and 5 ERAM person so feel free to pass
into approach controls like IAD, requirements. I will also contact on any ERAM concerns related to
EWR, and PHL is a piece of cake the rep from ZBW to see how they Bay 5 to him. Otherwise please
compared to TMA into another deal with feeding ZNY the EWR forward any other Bay 5 ideas in
center. The approach controls do TMA traffic from the north. The writing to Martha
not see times and don’t really rep said that it was quite “nasty” ( or
care as long as you give initially until some kinks were myself at .

NATCA ZDC January 2010

Aviation History: The Starting Point of the FAA

Mark Trent

climb to 21,000. The controller told the dispatcher

“unable” due to the United being at 21,000. The
TWA then asked for, and received, a clearance to fly
1,000 feet on top of the clouds (essentially VFR). An
assumption here is that the tops must have been at
20,000 feet. That would have put the TWA at the
same altitude as the United, and both of them off of
the airway, as the United is thought to have
deviated closer to the canyon to give the passengers
a better view, while the TWA deviated around a
Hello fellow ZDC coworkers. My name is Mark build-up. Since there were no voice recordings, no
Trent, and I am a controller in Area 2. I will be CVR’s, or Radar, much of what is known is
attempting to write a recurring, but brief column speculation. It appears that the cloud build-ups
about Aviation History, in which either human played a big part in it, though.
factors played a role in an accident or incident – or
an ATC procedure was implemented or changed in It is interesting to note, that up to this point,
light of it. Many of the myriad of rules in the airspace had been jointly controlled by both the
7110.65 were created after-the-fact. Yet, the .65 military and the pre-cursor to the FAA, the Civil
never reveals what event caused it to become rule or Aeronautics Administration. Additionally, the
procedure. airspace was mostly a mix of Federal Airways
(using NDB’s) and large, uncontrolled sections of
The topic I will cover today is the starting point of airspace, including the airspace over the Grand
the FAA: The Grand Canyon mid-air collision: Canyon in Arizona.

On June 30, 1956, a mid-air collision occurred over In light of this accident, Congress allocated $250
the Grand Canyon between two commercial million dollars (nearly two billion dollars in today’s
airliners (A TWA Lockheed Super Constellation and economy) for new radar systems, more control
a United Airlines Douglas DC-7). Both were in towers, and more personnel. Despite this, two more
radio contact with air traffic control, but not mid-air collisions occurred after the Grand Canyon
directly; they relayed through their airlines’ accident, and so the FAA was created in 1958.
dispatch office. There was no Radar in that area of
Arizona at the time. Both flights had departed LAX US Aviation is full of historical events that have
within 3 minutes of each other, bound for different helped shape the ATC system we have today. It has
Mid-West destinations. however, not been without enormous cost – both in
lives and equipment.
The TWA was originally flight planned to cruise at
19,000 feet, while the United would be at 21,000 feet. I have a short list of topics; however, if you have a
A build-up of clouds developed in front of the suggestion or idea, I’d like to hear it.
TWA, so the pilot radioed his dispatch to request a
Thanks for reading!

NATCA ZDC January 2010

Reloaded Sports Day

Our Sports Day is still on Tuesdays from 3:00

pm – 5:00 pm at the Dulles Sports Plex in
Sterling, VA. For info on the facility visit:
or see Justin Beisel in Area 1.

Fun Fact

Washington Center opened it’s doors on April 1, 1937 at the Washington

Hoover Airport which is now where the Pentagon currently resides. The
Center then moved to Hanger 6 at Washington National Airport. On
April 28, 1963, it then moved to it’s current site of which the land was
donated by the citizens of Loudoun County.

Washington Hoover Airport Hanger 6 at Washington National Airport

NATCA ZDC January 2010


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