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. Look out! That wall … .a) will collapse; b) is going to collapse; c) will be collapsing; d) is collapsing.
. The thieves … the stolen goods behind a cupboard.a) hide; b) hidden; c) hid; d) hided.
. I don’t like that dress. … do you mean, the one over there?a) What; b) Which; c) Whom; d) Who.
. Nobody enjoys … as we do.a) himself; b) oneself; c) him; d) themselves.
. You want your friend to carry your bag for you.a) Need you carry my bag for me?; b) Must you carry my bag
for me?;c) Shall you carry my bag for me?; d) Would you carry my bag for me?;
. To study in … Paris is one of … most challenging things for … painter.a) -/the/a; b) -/-/the; c) the/the/an; d)
. I’d rather you … mention it to my parents.a) hadn’t; b) don’t; c) didn’t; d) don’t.
. I wish the committee … on their agenda instead of putting it off.a) will agree; b) agreed; c) agrees; d) agree.
. If only you … me earlier!a) had told; b) told; c) have told; d) would tell.
. He is … the cleverest boy in the school.a) quite; b) much; c) far; d) by far.
. The teacher made me … behind after school.a) to stay; b) staying; c) stay; d) had stayed.
. You will soon … to living in the city.a) be used; b) get used; c) use; d) used.
. Put … your gloves. It is very cold outside.a) on; b) up; c) in; d) away.
. It’s high time you … your flat.a) will redecorate; b) redecorate; c) redecorated; d) have redecorated.
. If he had some money, he … on holiday.a) could go; b) can go; c) will go; d) went.
. She … a doctor when she … medical school. She thinks she … in a hospital for most of her career.a) is going to
become / will finish/ will have probably worked;b) will be becoming / finishes/ will have probably worked;c)
will be becoming / will finish/ will have probably worked;d) is going to become/ finishes/ will probably work.
. Paul was angry with me … using his car.a) because; b) at; c) about; d) for.
. The shop I want to go is on the … of the city.a) outskirtes; b) outskirts; c) outskirt; d) skirts.
. A friend in … need is … friend indeed.a) -/ the; b) - / -; c) -/ a; d) a/ a.
. They … for three hours when they stopped for a rest.a) were driving; b) have been driving; c) had been driving;
d) drove.
. World War II broke … in 1939.a) up; b) out; c) down; d) into.
. She became a teacher, …?a) didn’t it; b) isn’t she; c) doesn’t she; d) didn’t she.
. The … bicycles are in the garden, where they left them.a) boys’; b) boys; c) boy; d) boy’s.
. I woke up so late that I … had time for breakfast.a) harder; b) hard; c) hardly; d) hardest.
. Many people were watching while the film … .a) had been shot; b) was shooting; c) was being shot; d) has
been shot.
. My luggage … in the car already.a) had been; b) will be; c) are; d) is.

Give him … job to do. b) despite. d) an easyer. c) however. 88 . 90 . Jack … whether he was late for the meeting. 89 . d) in spite of. c) a more easily. b) said.a) Although. d) was saying. c) you helped. He’s only a child. d) you helped me. But for …. … he was tired. .a ) your help. c) asked.a) a more easy. b) an easier. we wouldn’t have found our way. b) you to help..a) told. Andy went tot the party.