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Executive Summary

This report which is showing the produce a 12-month marketing plan of Canon company.
The company is now facing huge competition from its competitor worldwide, especially
in Japan where it has lost market leadership. Due to the decreasing profit margin and
threat of losing market share, the company has decided to come up with new innovate
Printers PIXMA (example model: MG6240) which will help the company in improving
its profit margin and sustaining market share in UK and worldwide. The report is divided
into 5 parts which areas follow
Introduction to Canon
Situation Analysis segment
Marketing Plan
Marketing Objective
Marketing Budget

Introduction section focuses on the opening to the company, its main goals and
recommendations of the marketing plan. The second part inspects the business overview
(situation analysis) of the company in UK. For this purpose analysis, Core competencies
and SWOT analysis of the company has done in UK and analysis the environment and
factors effecting new product development. The third part is Marketing Plan. For this
purpose product information has analysis to assess the marketing objective strategically.
The marketing plan focuses on the market segmentation, target market, positing,
differentiation and market mix for new product and its implementation at global level.
The fifth section forecast the marketing budget for the new product.

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8.and its net income in 2009 was $1. Introduction 3 2. is a Japanese multinational corporation that specializes in the manufacture of imaging and optical products.1 SWOT Analysis 3 Strength 4 Weaknesses 4 Opportunities 4 Threat 4 3.Table of Contents Contents 1. Canon is the one of the leading company in the world doing business in Australia.2 Pricing Strategy 7 5.2 Positioning 6 5. According to the (Canon 2010) the company net sales were $34. 9. Marketing mix 7 5.879 (Data Monitor 2010). the company headquarter is in Tokyo. Implementation 8 6. Japan and it employees are 168. Budget 10 Evaluation of Results References 12 9 11 1. Market Segmentation 6 4.1 Goals 5 4. including cameras camcorders photocopies steppers and computer printer. China.883 million in 2009. Japan.431million. Introduction Canon Inc.1 Schedule for Product Implementation Plan 7. Introduction to the new product 4 3. Page 2 of 12 . US and Europe.1 Target Market 6 4.1 Product 7 5.4 Promotional Strategy 8 5.5 E-Business Mix globally 8 6. Situation Analysis (Business overview) 3 2.3 Distribution Strategy 7 5.

1 SWOT Analysis Strength  Goodwill and strong market position  3rd patient holder company of Globe  Diversified Product line  Automated Machinery and Robots for Production  Product diversification (cameras camcorders photocopies steppers and computer printer)  Purchased Order Based Production System Weaknesses  Customers Concentration  Decrease in Profit Margin 2007-2010  Huge Dependability on HP for Manufacturing Laser printers Opportunities Page 3 of 12 .204 patents in 2009 Canon is the brand leader in different parts of the world.1%due to increased cost sale and pound deprecation.Canon UK (2009) group loss for the year 2009 after taxes was 2. 2. Canon is one of the leading companies in world with 2. According to the Reader digest (cited in Canon 2009 press release) Canon is vote as most trusted´ in 13 countries out of 16 in the Europe for 9th consecutive times and number one in UK. Situation Analysis (Business overview) 2.0 million and gross profit margin declined by 7.

Introduction to the new product 3. China and other Asian markets  Demand for Printers  Medical and digital commercial printing Threat  Dollar-Yen Exchange Rates  Government and large supplier contracts renewals  Evolving Trends 3.  High-Performance Wi-Fi All-In-One Page 4 of 12 . jfs PIXMA MG6240 is a High-Performance Wireless All-In-One with Intelligent Touch System for simple. quick operation combined with stunning design & offering superb photo lab-quality printing.

20sec  Auto Duplex  Full HD Movie Print  PIXMA Cloud Link 3. Page 5 of 12 . such as the Nikon has adopted the low cost strategy which is creating difficulties for the Canon to retain its customers. min 1pl quality  ISO ESAT speed 12.Ultimately the profit margin which is declining 2009-2010.Objective strategically with market situation we see that the company is going to offer new product in current market to sustain its market share . to capture competitor share and to activate in-active user so the product offered has new improved quality and features .1 Goals  Maintain the market  To increase the market share by 5% in 1 year  To increase the profit Margin The main objective for launching this product is to strengthen the current market share of UK to its competitor Secondly this product will help in increase the market share and ultimately the profit margin which is declining 2009-2010. this product focuses the whole market and Canon has adopted the cost leadership strategy for this product. up to 9600dpi.3 color ipm  10x15cm photo in approx. the product can achieve its growth stage in 4 to 5 months and can reach at maturity stage in 7 or 8 months and may be declined over 14 months due to new technologies and development The market of UK is very saturated with lot of customer with different types of products and strategies.5 mono/9. Intelligent Touch System  6 Single Inks.The product life cycle is expected to be 14 to 18 months.

Versatile media handling.g. in geographic sense UK has been selected. If we talk about geographically this printer targeting all age groups.e.g. Target market for Canon Printers (example:PIXMA-MG6240) is its existing consumer market for Canon Printers Series: PIXMA which canon has already sold many of them . secondly UK has strong distribution channel which can be easily use to launch the product in UK and across the Europe. Cloud printing. e. Enhanced connectivity. Versatile media handling. advertise and market your product. Canon PIXMA MG6240 can be like. Advanced Software. 4. Majority of the sale to every business is from this income group.2 Positioning Positioning is how the product is different in the customers’ minds. its price is reasonable £200 which is easily accessible to all income groups as well. where Canon has its offices in London. Birmingham.1 Target Market This target market of this product is done on the basis of variety of information. hence the product will attract the existing customers and new customers as well.4. The company knows what customer wants and reasons why customers are buying Canon . 4. Simple navigation. Page 6 of 12 . Surrey making it easy to launch and manage the product. Market Segmentation Successful market segmentation can be achieved by satisfying the existing and the potential customers in a clear defined market. Positioning is the new technique to communicate.and this new product features and innovation will target the existing customer by driving them to upgrade their product with new one and will help in attracting new customer. Canon is market leader in the UK and Western Europe with market share of 57. As the company is market leader in UK and Europe so this will add value to the new product and will aid the new product to foundation in achieving the 5% of the market in 1 year. best green company and different other brand in industry.15 in 2008 The company has won the ³most trusted´. Livingston.

and professional network and local distributors.1 Product Ideal for photo enthusiasts. The product will be sold through the Canon UK online store.5. Page 7 of 12 .20% in Asia and 51% in Latin America .3 ipm for color 5. 5. Marketing mix 5. Canon's class leading FINE print head technology. The demand for Canon PIXMA MG6240 is increased due to the quality of results.2 Pricing Strategy The purpose of launching this product is to help Canon UK to improve its profit margin. with minimum 1pl ink droplets helps provide a stunning photo-lab quality 10x15cm borderless print in approximately 20 seconds. Plus impressive ISO ESAT speeds of 12. Canon is enjoying the fastest network of distribution.3 Distribution Strategy UK has one the world best and fastest distribution channel in the world.5 ipm for mono documents and 9. Canon UK introduced Partner Net dedicated IT reseller website in 2011 where Canon resellers can access the Canon’s sales and marketing tools this will be used for distribution. delivers up to 9600dpi print resolution for exceptionally detailed color photos and grain-free images. sustain its existing market share and to increase its market share in UK and globally especially in potential markets which showed significant increase in digital printer market like 25% in East Europe. this high-performance 6 ink All-In-One. Canon’s new product distribution will be according to the Canon existing network and procedure. Canon has developed fast distribution network for availability of its products in time. Canon eBay outlet.

which has more than 500 million active users worldwide. Page 8 of 12 . so it will be bring tough competition from the rival after launching this product. Twitter. and can effect the company overall profit margin and consumer segment as well. direct email and product review blog. consumer magazines and it online store on eBay.5 E-Business Mix globally For e-business the company will firstly use its global website for TV ads. The purpose of this promotion is to increase the declining sale. PR . If company is successful in attracting the targeted income groups and market as stated above it can achieve its marketing objectives. and Google. press release. it blog and product review world wide. and other sources for promotion on web would be face book.The UK regulation for environmental protection and other laws related to employment. and Google are also having huge traffic which can be targeted for increasing the company sales. competition.4 Promotional Strategy The main focus of the promotional strategy for this product is on e-business. The company has contracts with large supplier and government making it very competitive to retain contracts in the time of renewal. news paper and consumer magazines for promoting as part of it marketing mix. Canon will use its website for promotion. Samsung. sponsorships. which is not posting any new post currently. and can be easily targeted using it face book page. The company will focus on the social network website including face book. YouTube. however it will include TV sponsorship and digital billboard. its products will be mainly promoted and sold on website. Secondly. newspapers. Twitter. profit margin and to sustain market share. 5. Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive Packaging waste WEEE and ROHS Regulation if the company is not following it can get fined and be taken to the court. Nikon are doing the similar PIXMA MG6240 and camcorder business. 5. YouTube. Canon major competitors Sony.

6.Mar - May Jul- Mar -Jul Sep May Pre-launch preparation Marketing Manager and staff discuss the marketing strategy and its implementation Acquisition of resources to produce PIXMA MG6240 . ensure production capacity Development of website Development of the distribution channel Training of marketing staff Launch Launch PIXMA MG6240 Promotion-Advertising Campaign Post-launch Monitor and control (weekly basis)cost effective to interpret market share and sales revenue Page 9 of 12 .1 Schedule for Product Implementation Plan Product Implementation Plan Sep- Nov Dec Nov .Dec Feb Feb . Implementation 6.

Upgrade content of the website 7. The product is expected to be launched in Nov 2011.000 (200£ Per each*10. This budget is Page 10 of 12 .000 News/Magazine Exp 220.000 Rent 160.000 The total budget for marketing plan of this product cost 1110000 and the net operating income is 890000.000 Total Expense Net Operating Income (100000+80000+120000+50000) 1.000) Expenses Wages and salaries 100.000 890. 2012 Revenue 2. Budget Canon.000.000 Online Sales Platform Exp 300.110. Inc Planning Budget (Euro) For the Year Ended September 31.000 Digital Advertising Exp 280.000 Freight-out 50.

Inability to predict environmental reaction ( competitor. after marketing and launching of the product the performance will be judged on the sale and the forecasted marketing budget will be evaluated against the actual budget. achieving operational efficiencies throughout the company. 8. behavior.3 Refocusing the strategic plan and move on 1. price war. and then to refocus what things that is our company really need to do Page 11 of 12 .2 Why Strategic Plan Fail: 1. government intervention) Over-estimation of resource competence ( can the staff.forecasted for marketing of product through different method.1 How to measure Success? The key factors in achieving profitability are increasing revenues by: 1. 8. and processes handle the new strategy. Try to figure it out the company’s core competencies It will basic our company SWOT Analysis. fighting brands. Evaluation of Results 8. 3. equipment. 2. 2. Failure to develop new employee and management skills 8. packaging and pricing strategies through channel distribution 3. implementing well-planned product. Failure to understand the customer needs and wants. implementing multi-segmentation strategies in the company’s major markets to target distinct market clusters divided by competitive intensity and socioeconomic levels. trend.

.canon.2. http://www. References> [Accessed 27. Reengineering (Structurally Changing) Processes Focuses on fundamentally changing how work is accomplished.. Retrieved January 28. Oxford. form Business Source Complete (University of Wales). A. Data Monitor (2009). Global photo market on an upward> [Accessed what it is ‘’good’’ at.> [Accessed27.gfk. form Business Source Complete (University of Wales). 2011. January 2011]Data Monitor (2007)./index. GFK (2010). January2011] Canon Press Release. January2011] Canon Press Release. 2009. and what the future will be like 3.> [Accessed 27. Retrieved January 28. 2011. form Business Source Complete (University of Wales). Data Monitor (2010)..<http://www. <www. <http://www. Canon Company 2006. MA Canon Company Profile. January 2011] Page 12 of 12 . Handbook of CRM :Achieving Excellence in Customer Management. 2009. Canon Company Profile. Retrieved January 28. Shaping and anticipating the future Organizations start out with few assumptions about the business itself.