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FALL 2015

Steps to Admission


Here. CAMPUS VILLAGE BUSINESS TOWER WASHINGTON SQUARE HALL SJSU Overview 3 . from the classics to emerging fields. Undergraduate students have the opportunity to participate in groundbreaking research projects funded by organizations like NASA. But SJSU offers students more than a degree. along with a focus on service-learning and an international student body. This spirit. the National Science Foundation and Intel. you have access to all that Northern California has to offer. helps prepare students to be responsible global citizens. Spartans believe that dreams are achieved through hard work and PHOTOS: Sharon Hall Photography imagination. Our faculty members are leaders in their fields. you are giving yourself an opportunity to discover who you want to be and how you want to change the world—for yourself. Responsible citizens also know how to have fun: Division I athletics and nearly 400 student organizations—from art to archery—connect you to thriving student life on campus and beyond. For those of you whose ambitions align with the region’s legendary entrepreneurial spirit. passion and resilience: a community of Spartans! As the founding campus of the California State University (CSU) system. your family and your community. learning is put into action. San José State is proud to have a long legacy of social and civic engagement. San José State has grown since its 1857 inception into a major metropolitan university offering 134 academic disciplines.SJSU Overview When you apply for admission to San José State. campus programs like the Silicon Valley Innovation Challenge nurture ingenuity and support budding businesses. At San José State. and our award-winning faculty members educate far beyond the classroom. global alumni network provide you access to internships and job opportunities with some of the world’s foremost companies. Established Silicon Valley partnerships and a vast. When you become a Spartan. you are applying to join a unique community of individuals bound together by their shared creativity. From our home in bustling downtown San José. from Santa Cruz’s famous beach breaks to the majesty of Yosemite National Park and San Francisco’s Golden Gate.

you can take online courses for credit from other California State University campuses. 9 While you study here.000 applications from prospective students for fall 2013. 8 Go Spartans! SJSU student-athletes set an all-time record high grade point average (GPA) for the fifth year in a row (58 percent earned a 3. GENDER ENROLLMENT STATUS Part-time 23% Full-time 77% AVERAGE AGE 22. setting a new SJSU record. Davidson College of Engineering was ranked second last year by U. author Amy Tan. 51% 3 SJSU is the top supplier of education. the world’s high-tech capital.000 new and returning international students enrolled for fall 2013. bike and car share programs. are leaders in sustainability with our 11 Spartans comprehensive recycling program.0 GPA or higher). and business graduates to Silicon Valley. computer science.6 soon enjoy an expanded Student Union and Spartan Complex. Yosemite National Park and San Francisco. 5 Our School of Journalism and Mass Communication was one of only two California universities ranked among the top 50 nationally last year by U.7 UNDERGRADUATE 29.7 CREDENTIAL Derek Muaava Communication Studies . while having fun nearby in the Pacific Ocean. 49% 4 Our Charles W. GRADUATE 31.S. News & World Report. you get the best Silicon Valley has to offer. Oracle co-founder Ed Oates and former NFL coaches Dick Vermeil and Bill Walsh. 10 You’ll and a new Student Health and Counseling Center. 2 Distinguished SJSU alumni include actors Coby Bell and Omar Benson Miller. News & World Report among bachelor’s and master’s degree-granting public engineering programs in the West. 6 SJSU received more than 52. and new buildings in progress designed to meet LEED standards.4 • SAN JOSÉ STATE UNIVERSITY • STEPS TO ADMISSION • FALL 2015 SJSU Points of Pride 1 As a Spartan. 7 Among your fellow Spartans are 2. engineering.S.

AND FEES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE • 5 Did You Know… As of Fall 2013: STUDENT BODY 31. sjsu.S. DATES. 7% 47% Other California Counties 1% Outside California Did You Know.278 16% Graduate 83% Undergraduate STUDENT TO FACULTY RATIO 30:1 24:1 17:1 LOWER DIVISION UPPER DIVISION GRADUATE COURSES AVERAGE CLASS SIZE 36 students students 27 13 LOWER DIVISION UPPER DIVISION GRADUATE COURSES students Have a general admissions question? Post it in the comments on RACE/ETHNICITY Asian 33% Student Outreach and Recruitment One Washington Square San José.. 2% Credential .ALL INFORMATION. TEST SCORES. CA 95192-0014 <1% American Indian 3% African American White 24% 9% Foreign National 9% Other Hispanic 22% WHERE DO SJSU STUDENTS CALL HOME? Santa Clara County 45% Outside the Tweet your question to @SJSU_ES on Twitter Follow Enrollment Services on Instagram @SJSU_ES Looking to make the most of your SJSU experience? We offer nearly 400 student–led organizations. a thriving fraternity and sorority community and excellent leadership development opportunities.

Electrical Engineering GENERAL ENGINEERING BS. Preparation for Teaching (Single Subject) Child and Adolescent Development BA. Communication Studies. Biological Science. English. Preparation for Teaching BA. Industrial and Systems Engineering MECHANICAL ENGINEERING BS. Preparation for Teaching BS. Computer Engineering BS. Preparation for Teaching BA. Creative Arts. Preparation for Teaching . Art. Concentration in Animation/Illustration BFA.6 • SAN JOSÉ STATE UNIVERSITY • STEPS TO ADMISSION • FALL 2015 Degrees DEGREES AWARDED 2012/2013 5. English BA. Art. CHEMICAL AND MATERIALS ENGINEERING BS. Child and Adolescent Development. African-American Studies Animation/Illustration BS.206 BACHELOR’S 2. Materials Engineering CIVIL ENGINEERING BS. Preparation for Teaching BFA. Environmental Studies. Industrial Design BFA. Software Engineering (Jointly with Computer Engineering ) BFA. Concentrations in • Art History and Visual Culture • Studio Practice • Studio Practice. Business Administration. Aerospace Engineering BIOMEDICAL. Concentrations in • Accounting • Accounting Information Systems • Corporate Accounting and Finance • Entrepreneurship • Finance • General Business • Human Resource Management • International Business • Management • Management Information Systems • Marketing AEROSPACE ENGINEERING BS. Concentrations in • Career Writing • Creative Writing BA. General Engineering INDUSTRIAL AND SYSTEMS ENGINEERING BS. Child and Adolescent Development BA. Aviation Engineering Biological Sciences BA. Communicative Disorders and Sciences BA. Anthropology BA.59 MASTER’S Education BA. Preparation for Teaching Environmental Studies BS. Communication Studies BA. Biomedical Engineering BS. Biological Science. Environmental Studies BA.27 Economics BA. Chemistry. Civil Engineering COMPUTER ENGINEERING BS. Environmental Studies. Graphic Design BFA. Art. Environmental Studies BS. Art. Concentration in Biochemistry BA. Software Engineering (Jointly with Computer Science) ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING BS. Concentrations in • Digital Media Art • Photography • Pictorial Art • Spatial Art BS. Life Science. Chemical Engineering BS. Biological Science BA. Interior Design BS.351 MASTER’S African-American Studies Computer Science BA. Organizational Studies Art and Art History BA. Concentration in Animation/Illustration Creative Arts Anthropology BA. Behavioral Science 4. Chemistry BS. Creative Arts BA. Software Engineering Chemistry English and Comparative Literature BA. Computer Science BS. Economics Aviation Behavioral Sciences AVERAGE YEARS TO COMPLETE DEGREE 2012/2013 Design BA. Chemistry BS. Concentration in Design Studies BS. Preparation for Teaching Communication Studies BA. Economics BS. Mechanical Engineering SOFTWARE ENGINEERING BS. Concentrations in • Energy • Environmental Impact Assessment • Environmental Restoration and Resource Management BA. Concentrations in • Ecology and Evolution • Marine Biology • Microbiology • Molecular Biology • Systems Physiology Business BACHELOR’S 2. English. Art.

Linguistics Mathematics BA. Preparation for Teaching BA. History Music and Dance BA. Preparation for Teaching BS. Applied Mathematics. Theatre Arts BA. DATES. Preparation for Teaching BA. Physics BA. Mathematics BA. Concentrations in • Computer Electronics and Network Technology • Manufacturing Systems Geology BS. Theatre Arts. Meteorology BS. Journalism BS. Spanish BA.ALL INFORMATION. TEST SCORES. Creative Arts (Interdepartmental) BA. Concentrations in • Applied and Computational Mathematics • Economics and Actuarial Science • Statistics Nursing BS. Film and Theatre BA. Concentration in Climate Science BS. Earth Science Global Studies BA. Recreation BS. Nursing Nutrition.html Ezra Santiesteban Business Degrees BA. Preparation for Teaching BA. Physics. see http://info. Chinese BA. Radio-Television-Film Undeclared Freshmen only World Languages and Literatures BA. Dance BFA. Concentrations in • Recreation Management • Therapeutic Recreation History Hospitality Management BS. Concentrations in • Dietetics • Packaging Philosophy BA. Concentration in • Health Services Administration BS. Music. Social Work Sociology BA. Social Science. Public Relations Justice Studies BS. Psychology BS. Preparation for Teaching BA.sjsu. Biological Sciences. Industrial Technology. Health Science. including graduate degrees and credentials. Athletic Training Linguistics and Language Development BA. Health Science BS. Life Science. Preparation for Teaching Journalism and Mass Communications BS. Concentrations in • American Studies • Asian Studies • European Studies • Liberal Arts • Middle East Studies • Religious Studies • Creative Arts (Interdepartmental) • Creative Arts. French. Preparation for Teaching • Cross-Cultural Studies in Mexican and American Education BA. Spanish. Physics Political Science BA. Music BM. Dance . Global Studies Health Science and Recreation BS. Japanese BA. Preparation for Teaching BS. Recreation. Philosophy Physics and Astronomy BA. Preparation for Teaching Social Sciences – Interdisciplinary BA. Geography BS. Forensic Science. Humanities. Radio. Sociology BA. Social Science. Tourism and Event Management Humanities BA. Kinesiology BS. Nutritional Science BS. Sociology. Food Science and Packaging Earth Science BA. Preparation for Teaching (Single Subject) BA. Advertising BS. Mathematics. AND FEES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE • 7 Geography Meteorology and Climate Science Technology BA. Concentrations in • Biology • Chemistry Kinesiology BS. Preparation for Teaching BS. Meteorology. Nutritional Science. German BA. Social Science BA. Preparation for Teaching (Multiple Subject) Social Work BA. Psychology Science Education BA. Political Science Psychology BA. Kinesiology. Geology BA. Concentrations in • Composition • Jazz Studies • Music Education • Performance BA. Gender and Sexuality Studies For a complete list of degrees. Preparation for Teaching BS. Justice Studies BS. Concentrations in • Community Change • Race and Ethnic Studies • Social Interaction • Women. Physics. Hospitality. French BA. Liberal Studies.

8 • SAN JOSÉ STATE UNIVERSITY • STEPS TO ADMISSION • FALL 2015 How to Apply Use your full. Because you will use this number so frequently. . Confirm your email address and update if necessary. Set the password to access your MySJSU account and your 3 SJSUOne wireless account on campus Go to https://sjsuone. Keep this number in a safe and enter the nine-digit SJSU ID you received in Step 2. you will receive an email with your nine-digit SJSU ID included. enrollment appointment. such as admission. You are responsible for monitoring your progress at 1 Fall 2015 Semester: Wednesday.sjsu. Make sure your personal information is current—your email address is critical! You will be notified via this email address when a new message or ‘to-do’ item has posted to your MySJSU account. If you allow someone other than yourself to fill out the application. EOP (Educational Opportunity Program) EOP is designed for undergraduate students who are considered California residents or AB540 students with a history of low-income (as determined by the FAFSA or CA Dream Act Application) and from an educationally disadvantaged background. Choose one of the two options listed to set your password for the first time. 4 Sign SJSU communicates almost entirely by messages and ‘to-do’ items posted to your MySJSU account. You don’t want to miss this email. You will receive an application confirmation number: this is your receipt. November 30. you are still accountable and responsible for meeting all requests for information and deadlines. financial aid. fees. See the “EOP” section for more details. This nine-digit number will be your primary university identification throughout your career at SJSU. Check your MySJSU account at least once a week for important and timely notices. be sure to set your filters to accept messages from the @sjsu. Also. make sure to put it in a safe. You must be part of the first generation in your family to earn a four-year college degree (siblings with a bachelor’s degree are acceptable). and you must take action by posted deadlines! Failure to do so will result in your application being your MySJSU account 5 Check MySJSU is the main method of communication used throughout the application process and your time as an enrolled student. This includes financial aid forms. This same process will allow you to reset your password. Apply to SJSU at csumentor. for an email with your SJSU ID in five to seven business days 2 Look Five to seven business days after applying at CSU Mentor. October 1–Sunday. legal name consistently on every application and every document you submit. in to your MySJSU student account at http://my. it is your proof that you submitted the application by the deadline. transcripts and test scores. 2014 (11:59 pm) THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THE APPLICATION DEADLINE(S). If you are interested and feel you meet this submit your completed EOP application via CSU Mentor with your admission application. Make sure the spam filters on your email account are set to accept email from @sjsu. Lost SJSU ID or password? Click on the yellow “Set/Reset Password” button at http://my. but accessible place. Click on the blue “MySJSU Sign In” button and enter your nine-digit SJSU ID and the password you created in Step domain. and transcript information and deadlines.sjsu. Avoid using nicknames as this will lead to delays in application processing and admission notification.sjsu.

edu/registrar/forms. January 15. must reapply for admission.html Former Students Returning (FSR) Note: Former students returning may gain admission priority by completing and obtaining departmental approval for the Petition for Re-Admission as a Former Student Returning (FSR). San José State gives preference in the impaction process to “local” applicants. Learn more about impaction at http://info. change of major is never guaranteed and is by petition only. meeting the minimum CSU requirements does not guarantee admission to SJSU. The deadline to reapply for Fall 2015 is Sunday. and admission requirements currently in effect. and will not consider your alternative major in the admission process. attend orientation. Open University attendance does not count as Regular enrollment. The deadline for submitting the FSR petition is Michaela McLean Psychology Meshal Alshahrani Mechanical Engineering How to Apply Former students who have not attended SJSU as a Regular student for the past two consecutive semesters. For information regarding eligibility and completion instructions. you are a “local” applicant if you will graduate from a high school in Santa Clara County. and registration will all be based on your choice of major.sjsu. conditions. You must also enter an alternative major on your application to SJSU. your mandatory orientation. There are no exceptions to this deadline. 2015. download the Re-Admission Petition form at sjsu. FSRs taking classes through Open University must also reapply. you are a “local” applicant if you will earn the majority of your transferrable units at a college located in Santa Clara or Santa Cruz counties. Once you are admitted. After you are admitted. For transfers. 2014. Meeting Minimum Requirements Admission to San José State is competitive in all majors. DATES. AND FEES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE • 9 Choose Your Major Carefully You cannot change your major during the admission process. . and who have not been granted a leave of absence. Transfer students may not apply as an undeclared major. We will use this information for advising purposes only. Due to this shortfall.ALL INFORMATION. SJSU continues to have more qualified applicants than available new student spaces. November 30. TEST SCORES. For freshmen. advising. and meet all deadlines.

we will withdraw your application for admission. English 4 years required Composition and literature ☐ c. Your path to admission at SJSU starts now…. Each step affects the next step in the enrollment process. or equivalent . If you have an extreme hardship or unusual circumstance that may cause you to miss one of our deadlines. Listing your scores on your application will not satisfy this 2 years required One year of world history and one year of U. TEST SCORES. Anjana Singh Health Science (combination of Grade Point Average and SAT/ACT scores) Your admission to SJSU is based on a combination of the grades you earned in the approved courses (listed in step 2) during your sophomore and junior years and your official SAT/ ACT scores. intermediate algebra. Visual and Performing Arts ☐ g. For instance. Minimum Eligibility Index (EI) To be considered for admission. 2014 OFFICIAL SCORES ACT/SAT Scores (official) Deadline $35 (to rush scores) EOP FEBRUARY 1. This combined score (eligibility index) is used to determine whether or not you will be admitted to SJSU. Laboratory 2 years required (3 years recommended) One year of biological science and one year of physical science. 2015 FIN MAY 1. graduates of California high schools or residents of California. music or dance. Elective 1 year required Select from areas a–f (above) or from other approved college prep “A–G” courses. Please note: The SAT/ACT writing portion is not used for admission or placement purposes at SJSU. theatre/drama. Request to have your official scores sent from the testing agency. Admission is provisional. 2015 English (EPT) and Math (ELM) Placement Tests – Last Day to Take Tests $36 for both $18 for either EPT or ELM JULY 15... 2015 Financial Aid Priority Deadline MAY 1. 2014 Application Fee/ Fee Waiver Form Deadline 2014 MAY 1 $ MARCH 2. 2015 Intent to Enroll Deadline $250 Orientation Fee Freshman Housing Requirement and Priority Application Deadline $50 Application fee $600 Deposit AL MAY 2. government ☐ b. Mathematics 3 years required (4 years recommended) Algebra. Failure to do so will result in your application being withdrawn. history or U.S. Nonresidents who are not graduates of a California high school must have a minimum eligibility index of 3502 using the SAT or 842 using the ACT. December 22. 2014 22 3.31 CR MATH COMP Freshmen Your path to admission at SJSU starts now…. DATES. as defined for tuition purposes. or integrated mathematics ☐ d. 2014 Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) Application Deadline $ Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) Documents Deadline DECEMBER 22. we can assist you before action is taken on your account. (The SAT institution code for CSUMentor is 3594.500 or more.10 • S A N J O S É S T A T E U N I V E R S I T Y • S T E P S T O A D M I S S I O N • F A L L 2 0 1 5 ALL INFORMATION. Before you apply. and you will not be able to attend SJSU in Fall 2015. 2014 Application Period $55 DECEMBER 22.or better in courses approved to meet the admission requirements listed below. All required high school courses must be completed by the end of the spring semester prior to fall admission. 2 GPA 1 Earn a high school diploma. both with lab 2 years required Study in the same language 1 year required Select a year-long course from immediately! 3 Submit SAT or ACT test scores by Monday. 4 Meet or exceed the Minimum Eligibility Index 1037 ACT Meet all Deadlines If you miss an SJSU deadline. We will deny admission for missing or receiving failing grades in any of these courses. Complete the required high school courses with grades of “C-” or better. and is subject to verification of final official high school transcripts. ☐ a. Language other than English ☐ f. geometry.) No exceptions! Submit your official scores by the deadline. Freshman applicants are required to submit SAT (critical reading and math) or ACT composite scores from a test taken no later than November 2014. 2015 Final Transcripts (Postmarked) Deadline 2015 FALL FALL FALL WINTER WINTER SPRING SPRING SPRING SPRING Test Prep Classes and ACT/SAT Exams $$ College Visits/College Applications $$$$ AP Exams $$ • Holiday Gifts • Winter Formal $$ Senior Pictures $$ • School Ring • Yearbook $$ Senior Prom $$$$ Graduation Parties $$ Senior Trips $$$$ Senior Year Potential Costs Please note that senior activities such as the ones listed can cost a total of $1. This way. Remain fully engaged to successfully complete the admission process for Fall 2015.S. history/U. A list of approved courses can be found at ucop.S. 2015 DECEMBER 15. understand that you will be required to complete multiple steps in order to enroll successfully at SJSU. must have a minimum eligibility index of 2900 using the SAT or 694 using the ACT. The CSU eligibility index is calculated by using either the SAT or ACT as follows: SAT (sum of scores in mathematics and critical reading) + (800 x high school Grade Point Average) -or(10 x ACT composite score without the writing score) + (200 x high school Grade Point Average) AVERAGE SCORES SAT It is best to contact us with your questions or concerns before a deadline. AND FEES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE • 11 Freshman Admission Requirements ACT SAT SUBMIT EOP OCTOBER 1 – NOVEMBER 30. Print your high school transcript now and verify that you will graduate with grades of C. based on self-reported data and official test scores at the time of application. your SAT/ACT scores are used to determine if you must take one of the placement tests: Entry Level Math (ELM) or English Placement Test (EPT). History/ Social Science Science ☐ e. contact admissions@sjsu.

with intermediate algebra as a prerequisite Complete your four basic skills courses as early as possible. 2015 Final Transcripts (Postmarked) Deadline 2015 PA R TIA L MARCH 1. AND FEES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE • 13 Transfer Admission Requirements SUBMIT EOP OCTOBER 1 – NOVEMBER 30. 2014 Application Period and Deadline $55 DECEMBER 15. 2014 Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) Documents Deadline Application Fee/ Fee Waiver Form Deadline 2014 MAY 1 $ MAY 1. and subject to verification of final official transcripts. it will be too late for us to help you. 1 2 Earn Enough Units to Reach Junior Status (upper division transfer) Meet the Following Criteria by the end of the Spring 2015 term No college freshmen. It is best to contact us with your questions or concerns before a deadline. Transfer Associate Degree 3. we will withdraw your application for admission.sjsu. and you will not be able to attend SJSU in Fall 2015. One course in oral communication ☐ 2. One course in written composition ☐ 3. 2015 Financial Aid Priority Deadline Intent to Enroll Deadline $70 Orientation Fee FIN MAY 1. One course in college-level mathematics or quantitative reasoning. including Spring 2015 coursework. This way. To learn more visit your California Community College Transfer Center or visit adegreewithaguarantee. understand that you will be required to complete multiple steps in order to enroll at SJSU.12 • S A N J O S É S T A T E U N I V E R S I T Y • S T E P S T O A D M I S S I O N • F A L L 2 0 1 5 ALL immediately! Be in good standing at the last college or university Check out SJSU’s transfer planning website at http://transfer.13 Alexandra Lamb Justice Studies . contact admissions@sjsu. 2015 Housing Priority Application Deadline $50 Application fee $600 Deposit PRIOR TO ENROLLMENT (Recommended) Writing Skills Test (WST) $38 AL JULY 15. The four basic skills courses and 60 transferable semester units (90 quarter units) must be completed by the end of the spring semester to be eligible for admission to the fall term. Each step affects the next step in the enrollment process. Please note that admission is provisional.. have different processes and deadlines. If offered admission to SJSU. including four basic skills courses: At SJSU. ☐ 1. 2015.00 or better in all transferable courses. Transfers Your path to admission at SJSU starts now…. TEST SCORES. to be eligible to enroll. One course in critical thinking ☐ 4. we can assist you before action is taken on your account. you must complete the multi-step intent to enroll process by AVERAGE SCORE GPA Meet all Deadlines If you miss an SJSU deadline. Earn a college grade point average of 2. 2014 Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) Application Deadline $ EOP FEBRUARY 1. transfer students must attend orientation and submit official transcripts. Complete 30 semester units (45 quarter units) of general education. Students with the AA-T or AS-T degree who do not meet SJSU’s impaction standards are not guaranteed admission in a specific major or campus. a California Community College student who has earned the Associate in Arts degree for Transfer (AA-T) or the Associate in Science degree for Transfer (AS-T) will receive priority admission consideration into a similar baccalaureate degree program during the impaction process as long as the student meets all the admission requirements. For instance. but will receive priority admission consideration to the local CSU campus and to a program or major that is similar to their associate degree. 2015 – MAY 1. the student will only be required to complete 60 additional prescribed units to earn a four-year degree. or applicants seeking a second bachelor’s degree (except for those entering the nursing program) will be admitted. May 1. sophomores. You must earn a “C” or better grade in each basic skills course. based on self-reported data at the time of application. If admitted. 2015 MARCH 2. Complete 60 or more transferable semester units or 90 or more quarter units. You will not be allowed to register until we have a transcript showing that you have passed the four basic skills courses. 2015 Work in Progress (Partial) Transcript Deadline 60 LAST DAY OF SPRING TERM 2015 Complete 60 Transferable Semester Units/ Four Basic Skills Courses Your path to admission at SJSU starts now…. 2015 DECEMBER 22. Please note: other colleges. Before you apply. If you wait until after the deadline. Remain fully engaged to successfully complete the admission process for Fall 2015. DATES. If you have an extreme hardship or unusual circumstance that may cause you to miss one of our deadlines. even in the CSU.

(Priority consideration for EOP applicants will be given to those who complete and submit their FAFSA or California Dream Act application by Sunday. Learn more about Early Start at sjsu. Those who do not complete their Early Start requirement before the fall term begins will be withdrawn from their courses and unable to attend SJSU in the fall. Tiffany Wang Communications Marynel Rapinan Business Nicholas Ayala Business .14 • S A N J O S É S T A T E U N I V E R S I T Y • S T E P S T O A D M I S S I O N • F A L L 2 0 1 5 Support Programs Early Start Program The Early Start Program is designed for admitted freshmen who need to improve their skills in English and mathematics before the start of the fall term. 2015. EOP provides a community. February 1. Your EOP application must be submitted by Monday. Please note: The CSU admission application deadline is separate from the EOP application deadline. with their admission application. December 15. First generation students are the first in their family to earn a bachelor’s degree. and a small grant for eligible students during their undergraduate education at SJSU. Students with an Early Start requirement will be notified in late May. All students who qualify as a California Resident or AB540 student from an educationally disadvantaged and low income background are encouraged to apply by submitting a completed EOP Application through csumentor. Their parents/guardians cannot have earned a bachelor’s degree in any country (siblings with a bachelor’s degree are acceptable).) Learn more at sjsu. The program is intended to help students begin university study with a higher level of academic preparation and aid them in completing their remedial classes within the one year limit. February 1. You must also have two EOP recommendation forms submitted on your behalf by Sunday. support services. after the final round of ELM and EPT results have been EOP (Educational Opportunity Program) EOP is designed for first generation college students with a history of low income and from an educationally disadvantaged background.

March 2. 2015. You must file an affidavit (sjsu. 2015 priority filing deadline for Fall 2015. The form is available Thursday. March 2.324 $7. The form is available Thursday. DATES. Fees Are Subject to Change The CSU makes every effort to keep student costs to a minimum.html Financial Aid Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is used to apply for financial aid to help cover the cost of attending SJSU. 2015 priority deadline at caldreamact. The Dream Act is the result of two bills.ALL INFORMATION. however.810 $13.714 $25. 22.456 Miscellaneous/Personal $1. visit sjsu. The FAFSA form asks for SJSU’s six-digit code.667 THE NUMBER OF STUDENTS WHO RECEIVED FINANCIAL AID FOR THE 2013-14 SCHOOL YEAR Students who apply for financial aid through the FAFSA will view a personalized Student Aid Report online. Eligible AB 540 students (including students with undocumented immigrant status) qualify for the state grant programs that make up the California Dream Act of 2011. which is 001155. It takes about two weeks to respond to your initial application and three to four months to complete the entire process. The California Dream Application form asks for SJSU’s six-digit code.364 $1. Apply by the $1.ed. to increase or modify any listed fees. TEST SCORES. Fees listed in published schedules or student accounts may need to be increased when public funding is inadequate.00 per unit. university grants.826 Tuition Fees $7.324 $7. state-administered financial aid. The Financial Aid Office will post requests on your MySJSU account for the documents required to complete your file in order to determine your financial aid eligibility.020 Total * In addition to all mandatory state and local tuition fees.606 $23. 2015 at fafsa.826 $1.050 Transportation $1.826 $1.364 $1. or will do so as soon as you are eligible. without notice. funding for many programs is limited so you are encouraged to apply as early as possible. Applications are still accepted after March 2.pdf) with SJSU stating that you have filed an application to legalize your immigration status. Print this report for your records.598 $11. In-state tuition for certain non-residents of California (AB 540 provisions) If you attended high school in California for at least three full years and graduated or earned an equivalent degree. you may be eligible for resident (in-state) tuition. which is 001155. non-residents of California pay $372. Complete the California Dream Act application by the Monday. CSU must reserve the Costs California Dream Act Application . For more information visit sjsu. Assembly Bill 130 (AB 130) and Assembly Bill 131 (AB 131).364 Books and Supplies $1. January 1. AND FEES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE • 15 Costs Average costs for nine-month academic year for full-time undergraduate students Costs With Family Campus Housing Off Campus Room and Board $4. All CSU listed fees should be regarded as estimates that are subject to change upon approval by The Board of Trustees. these bills allow undocumented and documented students who meet certain provisions of AB 540 law to apply for and receive private scholarships funneled through public universities (AB 130). January until the date when instruction for a particular semester or quarter has begun.494 $ To learn more. and community college fee waivers (AB 131).324 $16. Together. even after initial fee payments are made. You will need to show proof of attendance and graduation.

Programming is designed around student interests and often has a component tied to a SJSU academic department. To apply for University Housing visit housing. Residence in University Housing or the International House (I-House) satisfies the freshman on-campus housing requirement. October 1.sjsu. serve as an extension of the classroom. May 1. the greater your chance of receiving your hall preference. Within the residence halls. 3. The sooner you submit your completed license agreement and initial payment. 2014. intramural sports. International students do not qualify for financial aid. Campus Village The Freshman Housing Requirement Priority Application deadline is Friday. Appeals for exceptions to the housing requirement will be reviewed after admission. and a wide range of other campus to download a housing application and submit the following: 1. We encourage you to complete the application and submit payments as soon as Financial Aid and Housing If you plan to live on campus and will need financial assistance to do so.629 COMMUTERS . community service. Your room/apartment assignment will be made on a first-paid. cultural events. If you are a freshman required to live on campus. You may also complete your online housing application and submit payments any time after this date as long as space remains available.649 CAMPUS RESIDENTS 27. (See the financial aid section for more details). recreation and dining facilities. the residence halls are just minutes from classes. Located on the main San José State campus. Applications are available at sjsu. Students who live on campus have the opportunity to get involved in social gatherings. 2015. and downtown. you must complete your online application (electronically signed license agreement and $50 application fee) and submit the $600 initial payment by Wednesday.16 • S A N J O S É S T A T E U N I V E R S I T Y • S T E P S T O A D M I S S I O N • F A L L 2 0 1 5 Housing University Housing Services We strive to provide supportive and affordable residential learning communities that promote academic success and individual development. A $600 initial payment Room/Apartment Assignment The online housing application is available as early as Wednesday. 2015 to be included in the first round of housing assignments. Students interested in living in the I-House must send a separate application directly to the I-House. we offer a variety of communities to bring students together who have similar interests. A $50 non-refundable application fee 3. A completed online University Housing application 2. the library. Our living-learning communities help ease the transition to college life. Freshman Housing Requirement Freshmen who graduate from a high school located in a city outside a 30-mile radius of campus are required to live on campus their first year. April 1. Residence at International House meets the freshman housing requirement. first-served basis after April 1. you should apply for financial aid prior to the March 2 priority application deadline. and increase awareness of community responsibility.

undergraduate. International House The International House (I-House) is a co-ed residence for 70 U. residents range in age from 17 to 35 years of age. SJSU I-House is located two blocks from campus and is a large comfortable home featuring friendly interaction among students of many cultures. **Meal plans are required for all freshmen living in University Housing or the International House (I-House).386 5-day included in rent 7-day meal plan available Internet. utilities. and International students $13.476 5-day included in rent 7-day meal plan available Internet. TEST SCORES. I-House offers a one-semester contract and stays open year-round with per diem rates during summer and winter breaks. Basic Utilities & Cable Building B “CVB” Campus Village Suites Building C “CVC” Contact housing. as well as use of a fully equipped kitchen.302 5-day included in rent 7-day meal plan available Internet. internet access and computer equipment.ALL INFORMATION. residents have the opportunity to choose a roommate and designate a preferred room. Basic Utilities & Cable High Rise: four-bedroom units typically for freshmen $13. Basic Utilities & Cable Joe West Hall “The Classics” High Rise: traditional dorm typically for freshmen $11.S. Hoover & Royce Halls “The Bricks” “The Classics” Three-Story Building: traditional dorm typically for freshmen $11. All furniture. DATES. furnished units with a 10-month contract. As much as possible. study in a wide variety of programs offered on the SJSU campus. and English language programs. TV. and enroll in 408-924-6570 *Rent amounts are subject to change and are based on double occupancy. AND FEES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE • 17 Housing Options Description Rent Meal Plan Included in Rent Campus Village Apartments High Rise: studios. are included. Residents represent approximately 30 countries.336 5-day included in rent 7-day meal plan available Internet.476 5-day included in rent 7-day meal plan available Internet. After the first semester at the International House.sjsu. four and five-bedroom units typically for transfers $13. In UHS-frontdesk@sjsu. three. Apply directly to the I-House. There is no application fee. Basic Utilities & Cable ihouse@sjsu.S. and international students attending San José State. International House Housing . roommates are matched according to compatible interests and personal habits. Basic Utilities & Cable International House “I-House” Large residence near campus with 70 408-795-5600 sjsu.

2015 ☐ EOP (Educational Opportunity Program) Documents Deadline SUNDAY. DECEMBER 15. OCTOBER 1–SUNDAY. 2015 ☐ Complete Admission Requirements END OF SPRING 2015 ☐ Final Transcripts Deadline POSTMARKED BY WEDNESDAY. 2014 e on all legal nam Use your ted to ts submit documen atch the elps us m h it – U JS S ores. test sc to documen ou submit rmation y other info cation. rly ams as ea ement ex r fo Take plac T P rE le – ELM o as possib and the ts n a c li p ap Freshman licants. MAY 1. JULY 15. 2015 ☐ Work in Progress (Partial) Transcript Deadline (Transfer Only) SUNDAY. DECEMBER 22. 2014 ☐ ACT/SAT official scores (Freshmen Only) MONDAY. 2014 ☐ EOP (Educational Opportunity Program) Application Deadline MONDAY. MARCH 2. 2015 ☐ English (EPT) and Math (ELM) Placement Tests– Last Day to Take Tests (Freshmen Only) SATURDAY. and ts. p ransfer ap WST for T . MAY 2. 2015 Fraternity brothers: Kevin Falleiro Mechanical Engineering Christopher Schott Business Stay eligible! We will verify that you are CSU eligible – make up any missing requirements immediately. NOVEMBER 30. JANUARY 15. FEBRUARY 1. ☐ Application Fee/Fee Waiver Form MONDAY. MARCH 1. DECEMBER 22. MAY 1. 2014 ☐ Petition for Re-Admission as a Former Student Returning (FSR) Deadline THURSDAY. 2015–FRIDAY.18 • S A N J O S É S T A T E U N I V E R S I T Y • S T E P S T O A D M I S S I O N • F A L L 2 0 1 5 Admission Checklist Important Dates & Deadlines ☐ Application Period and Deadline WEDNESDAY. your appli Check your MySJSU account – it is the best way for you to stay on track for deadlines and requirements. MAY 1. 2015 ☐ Intent to Enroll Deadline (Sign up for Orientation) FRIDAY. 2015 ☐ Freshman Housing Requirement/ Priority Application Deadline FRIDAY. 2015 ☐ Financial Aid Priority Deadline MONDAY.

html Maps/Directions to SJSU Early Start Program 408-924-1601 Financial Aid and Scholarship Office sjsu.sjsu. religion or lack thereof. Registration (Office of the Registrar) Veterans 408-924-2564 Advising Intent to Enroll http://info. International House (I-House) 408-924-5920 Bookstore ihouse@sjsu.sjsu. This policy applies to all SJSU students. medical condition. 408-924-2129 academic. gender. Questions regarding this policy should be directed to the director of the Office for Equal earlystart@sjsu. Important Dates & Checklist Contacts .edu 408-924-6570 Athletics International Students and Scholar Services Testing Office English and Math Placement Tests (EPT/ELM) Writing Skills Test (WST) 408-924-6000 voice/408-924-5990 TTY Payments and Refunds sjsu. ethnicity. sex. citizenship 408-924-2129 Facebook facebook. 408-924-2564 Parking Purchase parking permits online only 408-924-5972 Orientation (Transfer) aec-info@sjsu. faculty and staff programs and activities. 408-924-6299 SOAR-AD-0813-35K-V1 Contact us! We are here to help you through the process! Non-Discrimination Policy: San José State University does not discriminate on the basis of accent. national origin. staff and departments. If you have other needs regarding 408-924-1601 Tutoring and Mentoring Services Peer Connections international-office@sjsu. marital 408-924-2587 Twitter http://twitter.sjsu. Transportation Solutions Accessibility Fees and Tuition (Bursar’s Office) All San José State classes are wheelchair 408-924-5980 Tours of SJSU (virtual tour of campus) orientation@sjsu. Learn more at admissions@sjsu. CA 95192 | 408-924-1000 | EOP (Educational Opportunity Program) 408-924-2786 Transfer Planning http://transfer. genetics or veteran’s status. 2014 San José State University San José State University | One Washington Square | San Jose. please contact the Accessible Education Center (Formerly Disability Resource Center).com/sanjosestate Outreach 408-795-5600 Admission Counseling Assistance with the admission process 408-283-7500 Housing transportation@sjsu. visit 408-924-7433 Tuition and Fees (Bursar’s Office) 408-924-5680 Parent Information 408-924-2637 Orientation (Frosh) Contacts. 408-283-7500 Admission 408-924-1800 Instagram Class Schedules http://instagram. sexual uhs-frontdesk@sjsu. ancestry.For a complete campus directory of maps/directions sjsu. outreach@sjsu.

NetApp. Inc. Inc. City of San José Deloitte LLP Los Angeles eBay Inc. PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP Qualcomm Incorporated San José State University SAP SE ShoreTel Sony Symantec Target Corporation Wells Fargo Bank Connect with fellow Spartans facebook. Oracle Plantronics PMC-Sierra. AT&T Bank of America Santa Cruz Boston Scientific Corporation Broadcom Corporation California State Board of Equalization Cisco Systems. Inc. Inc.Top Hiring Employers of SJSU Students San Francisco California Overview Aerotek Altera Corporation Anritsu San José @SJSU on Twitter @SJSU on Instagram FRONT COVER Lin Sao Education Bryce Lewis Business Ashlyn Acosta Communication Studies . Inc. McAfee. Grant Thornton LLP Hewlett-Packard Hitachi Data Systems Corporation IBM Intel Corporation Intuit Juniper Networks Kevin Condon Economics Kaiser Permanente KPMG LLP Lam Research Lockheed Martin Marvell Semiconductor. EMC Corporation Ernst & Young LLP FireEye. Inc. Inc.