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Marketing Mix
Carbonated Drinks
Section A Group 1
Ankit Bansal M016-14 | Apurv Gupta M021-14 | Avneet Pal Singh – M02214
Girija Joshi – M030-14 | Pranav Patil – M043-14

The soft drinks industry is Rs.14000 crore industry in India. The broad
bifurcation can be made as cola and non-cola based drinks. The lemonbased drinks enjoy a greater market share than cola-based drinks, with
the remaining being occupied by orange-flavoured and other drinks.
In this project, we shall study the marketing mix for five major brands
belonging to soft drinks industry, namely Coke, Pepsi, Sprite and Fanta.
1. Product
Under the ‘product’ heading, we shall be describing each of the brands
comparatively on the following parameters:

Customers’ expectation
Product differentiation
Market share

In terms of customers’ expectations, Pepsi and Coke are found to be
preferred because they belong to the “classic drinks” category. Thumbs
Up, which is high on caffeine is preferred for consuming along with
alcoholic drinks. While Sprite, a simple non-cola drink, is the ultimate
thirst-quencher, Fanta serves as a respite from regular flavours in a
good way.
Each brand survives in the market only because of its distinguishing
characteristics. Pepsi and Coke are ubiquitously available across the

so that it becomes easy to penetrate them. the competition existing in that and by now Sprite has been able to capture most of the market. These margins are quite significant for their bottom-line 3. People started opting for sprite as a change from these regular drinks. or combo offers at eateries are common. Place In this part of the marketing mix. We shall examine . offers on family packs. Although direct discounts are rare. Broker Warehouse Distribution  and Vending & Food Service System. cans of different capacities and family packs. Fanta’s orange-flavour is its biggest differentiator. threats from other beverages there etc. Hence these prices are sensitive subject to market. that give an added impetus to the sales figures. 2.Direct Store Distribution. Packaging for all the brands is more or less the same – available in plastic and glass bottles. Distribution channels rural areas The hub-and-spokes model is being used by the Soft Drink companies to penetrate the rural India Market. Price These soft drinks are introduced in new markets at lower prices. we will focus on the distribution channels and logistics of the soft drink products and industry. This obviously boosts up their sales. Retailers enjoy significant margins of 15-20% on these soft drinks for the shelf space they offer. Hybrid channels that imply how cold drinks are available at all big fast food chains as combination offers can be studied to look for the incentives that companies offer these drinks. ThumsUp has always been depicted as an adult’s drink and that fetches it a good market. The distribution channels are categorized as the ones being used in  Distribution channels in urban areas For the Urban Areas 3 types of distribution systems are being used.

• Sales advertising and marketing:  Celebrity endorsements  Advertisement through emotions • Direct Marketing: campaigns. • Regular on-pack promotions. We will try to showcase the huge coverage area of these cold drink companies in India. bill boards and hoardings • Ad analysis Key points –  An insightful study of current trend of declining demand for cola    drinks and increasing demand for lemon-based soft drinks Philanthropy projects undertaken Brand image recovery upon the pesticide fiasco Influence of local drinks and competition faced to beat them Increasing emergence of energy drinks that have made inroads  into drinks industry . 4. Several kinds or styles of marketing are adopted for the same as mentioned below. title sponsors • Indirect advertisements: CSR initiatives • POS : TV commercials. Poor connectivity of roads and transportation problems in rural places pose a problem for sales and distribution The hub and spoke model is extensively implemented by Pepsi and Location of the company owned and franchisee owned bottling plants. print media advertisement. Promotion Promotion of a product becomes an integral part of its marketing strategy. • Special promotions in festive season. Distribution centers and retail outlets across India.the advantages and disadvantages of this model.