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Get listed. Get an offer. Get moving.

Selling your home with Lyon

Thank you for considering Lyon to represent you in the sale of your home.
Our agents have been the trusted advisors to millions of clients during our 65 years as the Sacramento
Regions premier real estate company. Through decades of different housing markets, we have
achieved success by maintaining a clear focus on three things:

For our clients: we deliver results and service satisfaction.

For our agents: we provide ongoing training and progressive business tools.
For our communities: we deeply invest in the regions we serve.

This steady focus is the outcome of our business culture. More than 900+ Lyon agents in 17 offices
throughout the region work within a culture of innovation, education and excellence. Our resultsdriven nature is balanced by family values integrity, trust and respectinstilled by our founder,
William Lyon, in 1946.
Real estate is more than selling and buying housesits about great people working together to build
communities, create wealth and fulfill dreams. Youll find those great people in Lyon agents and
employees, and in our mortgage, insurance and home warranty providers. Were dedicated to
evaluating your needs, selling your home and providing the guidance and answers you deserve
throughout the process.
By selecting Lyon to represent you, you receive the benefits of a national broker with access to global listings,
valuable home search tools and professionally trained agents, delivered with the in-depth knowledge,
accessibility and expertise of a local leader. Its our promise to provide you with The Lyon Difference.
We look forward to serving you as our customer.


Table of Contents

Guiding you through the Selling Process

Lyon Comes Out on Top
How Does Lyon Stack Up?
The Selling Process
Bringing More Buyers to You
Capturing Online Buyers
Meet our Partners
Who Typically Pays What in Your County?
Making a Good First Impression
Moving Checklist

Lyon Comes Out on Top

Not only are

we on top, our
market share is
Lyon ranks #1 in total
sales in the greater
Sacramento region
for homes
$300,000 and above.

Let our team of real estate professionals

assist you with your sale or purchase.

Get Listed. Get an Offer. Get Moving.

Market share based on Trendgraphix reporting of total sales volume and units in Placer, Yolo, 
El Dorado and Sacramento Counties from 1/1/13 to 12/31/13, all property types.

How Does Lyon Stack Up Against Franchise Brokers?

Local Company Global Dominance
YesLyon is a local company. And with our referral network, Leading Real Estate Companies of the
World, we outsold the top national franchise real estate firm by $71 Billion Dollars in 2012!
Thats because were not limited to a franchise name when referring our clients. Our network is comprised of over 500 of the best independent firms with 120,000 sales associates in 40 countries
around the world. Why limit yourself when you can work with the best-of-the-best?
Lyonleading the wayyesterday, today and tomorrow.


2013 Home Sales Volume

Volume shown in billions of dollars



Leading Real Estate
Companies of the World


Coldwell Banker
Keller Williams
Century 21
Berkshire Hathaway

Realty Executives


Better Homes & Gardens



*Actual member statistics for LeadingRE and

estimates for other networks using average
sales units per agent and average sales price for
firms in each respective network from published
sources for 2013 production. Data is updated
yearly each May.


Keller Williams

Century 21

Keller Williams




Real Living

Coldwell Banker

Lyon Real Estate & Leading Real Estate Companies of the World






The Selling Process

The following outlines the

basic steps involved in the
sale of your home. Your Lyon
Agent will be able to educate
you about the many details
involved at each stage as
they relate to you and as you
move through the process.

Start here
Contact your Lyon REALTOR:


Review comparable sales to determine list

price, as well as marketing strategies.

MLS Media Advertising

Review & Negotiate Offers:

Your Lyon REALTORwill present all offers
to you and negotiate acceptable terms
with the buyers agent.

Escrow Opened with

Title Company:
Facilitate Inspections:
Buyer will determine which
inspections they wish to have

Buyer deposits earnest money into

escrow account.

Buyer Submits Loan Package:

To lender with all necessary
documents in order to secure a loan.

Preliminary Report:
Inspections & Disclosures:
All disclosures, including Preliminary Title
Report, will be approved by all parties.

Negotiate Repairs:
If applicable with contract terms
repairs will be negotiated.

Issued in response to application

for title insurance.

Remove Contingencies:
Including loan, inspections & disclosures;
as determined by contract.

Sign Escrow Documents:

All parties will sign the necessary
documents at the title company &
determine where to wire proceeds.

Loan Funding:
Lender wires funds to the title company.

Record/Transfer Title & Close:

Property Deeds are recorded at
County Recorders Office.

Underwriting & Appraisal:

Lender will review buyers files in underwriting
if a loan is obtained. Appraisal completed
to confirm value of property.

Bringing More Buyers to You

Takes a winning marketing strategy

Lyons innovative marketing programs provide maximum

exposure for your property in the marketplaceacross a
variety of mediaattracting qualified buyers and getting
your home SOLD.

Powerful Resources to Market Your Home

Lyons recognizable yard signs draw attention
and generate calls throughout the area.
Professionally hosted open houses,
advertised on, and in
area newspapers to attract more buyers.
The power of over 900+ Lyon Agentswho
are immediately notified of your new listing
through our internal marketing programs
provide you with a large network for potential
An individual property website is created
for your home with a unique URL. Each website
includes neighborhood information and up to
25 photos of your home.
Customized upper-end listing program
includes distinctive marketing materials,
striking signage and Internet exposure on WSJ.
com, and

Newspaper advertising to promote

your home. Area publications include The
Sacramento Bee, Inside Publications, Gold
Country Media, and more.
Our in-house international relocation
department provides our selling clients
with access to relocation buyers through
our affiliation with Leading Real Estate
Companies of the World.
Promoting your home through our digital
email campaigns helps it receive the
exposure it needs to reach active buyers.
Direct-mail programs advertise your home
to your surrounding community.

Capturing Online Buyers

With 92% of buyers beginning their home search
online, Lyons internet strategy puts your home at the
forefront of their search.

Our website receives 240,000 unique visits yearly and 550,000

property searches a month.

Home Finder Program

Customized search technology automatically sends email alerts

to buyers when your propertys details match their search

Featured Listings

Lyon has partnered with to enhance all Lyon listings.

Your property will be presented with more detailed information,
more photos, and get more online exposure.

Open House Search includes an open house search for all Lyon listings,

making it easy for buyers to view your home.

National Home Search

Your home appears on the websites of over 500 brokers in 50

countries through the National Home Search.

Online Exposure*

Luxury Listings

*This represents a partial list.

Thinking About Buying?

Lyon Real Estate provides the convenience of one-stop shopping for many home-buying
services. In addition to the increased efficiency of coordinating all services in one place,
Lyons business partners share our commitment to superior quality and customer service.

VITEK Mortgage Group

(800) 570-5300

VITEK offers the power and resources of a mortgage banker with in-house underwriting and funding,
plus the product diversity of a broker. Each Lyon office has a VITEK loan consultant onsite, making it
easy to meet and move forward with financing the purchase of your home.

Purves & Associates

(800) 681-2025

Purves & Associates provides the highest quality insurance-related services and expertise. Their company
philosophy is simple: earn your business by providing honest, professional advice and quality insurance

Fidelity National Home Warranty

(800) 862-6837

A Fidelity National Home Warranty (FNHW) provides both the homebuyer and seller with peace of
mind when it comes to repairs and/or replacement of a homes major systems and appliances. FNHW
offers superior customer service, including quick response time and efficient solutions for homeowners
problems and needs.

First American Home Buyers

Protection Corporation

(800) 444-9030
First American Home Buyers Protection has the experience and strength of a leader in the home
warranty industry, providing reliable, innovative and affordable home warranty plans. The Service
Department is available 24/7 and accesses a large network of prescreened contractors and qualified
technicians that provide fast, friendly service.

Who Typically Pays What in Your County?

Closing Costs are allocated between buyer and seller on the basis of tradition, but are
subject to negotiation in the sale of the real property.

Who Pays What

in Your County

Escrow Fees

Title Fees
County Transfer Tax
(Owners Policy)
(per thousand)

City Transfer Tax

(per thousand)

El Dorado

Buyer-Seller 50/50

Buyer-Seller 50/50

Seller pay $1.10



Buyer-Seller 50/50

Buyer-Seller 50/50

Seller pay $1.10



Buyer-Seller 50/50

Seller pay
Auburn 50/50

Seller pay $1.10



Seller pay

Seller pay

Seller pay $1.10

Buyer-Seller 50/50
Sacramento $2.75

San Joaquin

Buyer-Seller 50/50

Buyer-Seller 50/50

Seller pay $1.10


Buyer pay

Buyer pay

Seller pay $1.10

Seller pay
Vallejo $3.30

Buyer-Seller 50/50

Buyer-Seller 50/50

Seller pay $1.10

Seller pay
Woodland $1.10



Updated August 2014

Making a Good First Impression

How to prepare your

home for sale

Buyers usually decide within two minutes whether they like your home and they start forming their
opinion before they even walk in the front door. The first impression is often the lasting impression.


Its smart to ask yourself if your home is as presentable as it can be for a faster sale at the best price. A good rule to follow is to
improve cosmetic aspects of your home, which will improve your chances of selling. Avoid making major changes unless they
will increase the value of your home more than the cost of the improvement.

Prepare the Exterior:

Manicure your lawn, trim shrubs, and sweep walks.

Paint your house if necessary. This can probably do more for
sales appeal than any other factor. If you decide against painting,
consider touching up front shutters and window frames.



Prepare the Interior:

Make your kitchen bright and attractive.

Clean the ventilating hood in the kitchen.
If the kitchen floor is worn, put down new flooring. Replace
any loose tiles.
Remove any appliances that you keep on your counters.
Clean counters make the room look larger.
Repair dripping faucets.
Use special cleaning products to remove stains from toilets,
bathtubs, sinks, and showers.
Have all plaster in top shape. Cracks or visible seams in
drywalls are easy to x.
Check ceilings for leak stains. Fix the cause of the damage,
repair the ceiling, and paint.
If you have a replace, clean it out and lay some logs in it
to make it look inviting.

Prepare for a Showing:

Refer direct inquiries you receive about seeing your

house to your Lyon Agent to take advantage of his or her
professional skills in selling your home.
Be courteous, but dont force conversation with the
potential buyer(s). Ask your Lyon Agent if your presence
is necessary.
Never apologize for the appearance of your home.
Make sure your Lyon Agent knows where you are so you
may answer questions, but do not tag along.
Let your Lyon Agent discuss price, terms, possession and
other factors with the potential buyer(s).

Inspect the roof and gutters, and make necessary repairs.

Consider putting flowers outside the front door.
Repaint the front door if necessary.

Wash windows.
Replace broken glass.
Mend torn screens.
Check to see that all windows open and close.
Replace burned-out light bulbs. Use brighter light bulbs.
Make sure every light switch works.
Clean and polish floors, and nail down any cracking boards
or stair treads.
Straighten up the closetsget rid of excess items. Use air
freshener to eliminate musty odors. Lubricate any sticky or
squeaking doors.
Clean out your attic, basement, and garage. Dispose of
everything you are not going to move, and package everything
you wont need until youre settled in your new home.

Turn on indoor and outdoor lights. Open room draperies

and shades to let in light. This makes rooms appear larger.
Neatness makes a room look bigger. Avoid clutter.
Avoid having dirty dishes in the sink or on counters.
Keep any toys in the childrens rooms.
Keep the radio, stereo, and TV off or turned way down.
Take pets outdoors when your house is being shown.

These guidelines create a good first impression - and prepare your home to sell.

Moving Checklist

Before You Leave

Address Change
Give forwarding address to the post office.
Charge account and credit cards.
Notify subscriptions: notice requires several weeks.
Inform friends and relatives.
Cancel any automatic payment or direct deposit arrangements.
Transfer funds and arrange check cashing in new location.
Arrange credit references.
Notify company of new location for coverage: Life,
Health, Fire, and Auto.
Utility Companies
Notify gas, electricity, water, telephone, fuel, garbage,
and cable TV.
Register in school.
Transfer school records.
Arrange for day care.
Medical, Dental, Prescription Histories
Ask doctor and dentist for referral; transfer needed
prescriptions, eyeglasses, X-rays, etc.
Obtain birth records, medical records, etc.
Consult a veterinarian about moving your pet.
Obtain all records.
Ask about regulations for licenses, vaccinations, tags, etc.
Remember to
Empty freezer; plan use of food.
Defrost freezer and clean refrigerator. Place charcoal
inside to dispel odors.
Have appliances serviced for moving.
Clean rugs or clothing before moving; have them moving
Clean and/or repair furniture and curtains.
Plan for special care needs for your children and pets.
Check with your moving provider on insurance coverage,
packing and unpacking labor, arrival-day method, and
time of expected payment.

Assemble first-day items: soap, toilet paper, pencils, paper,

toiletries, bath towels, utility knife, scissors, trash bags, etc.
Obtain relocation package from your Lyon Agent or
Chamber of Commerce in your new city.
Arrange for storage.
Find out about tax-deductible moving expenses.
Obtain all personal records from lawyers and accountants.
Assemble packaging materials.
Have car checked and serviced for the trip.
Pack a day or two worth of extra clothing in case of delay.

On Moving Day:
Make a list of every item and box loaded onto the truck.
Carry enough cash or travelers checks to cover cost of
moving services and expenses.
Hand-carry jewelry and documents or use registered mail.
Carry an assortment of toys for the children if needed.
Let a close friend or relative know your schedule and
route you will travel, including overnight stops; use
them as your message headquarters.
Double-check closets, drawers, and shelves to be sure
they are empty.
Turn off all appliances and lock all doors and windows.
Leave all old keys needed by new owner with agent or
Let the movers know where you can be reached.
At Your New Address:
Check off all boxes and items as they come off the truck.
Install new locks.
Check on service of gas, electricity, water, telephone,
garbage, and cable T.V.
Check pilot light on stove, hot water heater, and furnace.
Have appliances checked.
Ask mail carrier for mail he or she may be holding for you.
Apply for state drivers license (or just address change
ID needed).
Visit city officer and voter registration.
Register car within 5 days after arrival in state or a penalty
may be paid when getting new license plates.
Obtain inspection sticker and transfer motor club

Arrange for medical services: doctor, dentist, veterinarian, etc.