Making the most of the museum experience

Debra Lauterbach Anne Lock Ricardo Yi

People come to art museums to learn about art.

But museums can be overwhelming.

It can be hard to remember details of what you’ve seen.

Though people want to remember.

Visitors must balance learning about art with spending time actually looking at the art.

Goals Enhance art appreciation Integrate with museum experience Make museum experiences personal and meaningful

Target Audience Adult with an interest in art, but no formal training Have only basic knowledge of art iPhone users

Learning Goals:
• Understand and use the vocabulary of art • Recognize the elements of design and explain how they are being used in a given work of art • Discuss works of art in a historical and cultural context • Recognize master works of art • Recognize and be able to differentiate between the major styles of art and the major artists within each style

Plan Create an iPhone application to use while at an art museum