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Warid Telecom Internship Report

Executive Summary
Chapter No 1
Introduction of Report
i. Purpose of Report
ii. Purpose of Study
iii. Scope of Study
iv. Limitation of Study
v. Advantages of Study
vi. Methodology of the Study
a. 1.6.1
Primary Data
b. 1.6.2
Secondary Data
Chapter No. 02
Introduction of War Id Telecom
i. Warid Vision
ii. Warid Mission
iii. Management Profile
iv. Share holders
v. Sheikh Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahayan
vi. Sheikh Suroor Bin Mohammed Al Nahayan
vii. Abu Dhabi Group
viii. Major Investments
ix. Board of Advisory Committee
x. Executive Committee Member
xi. Commercial
xii. Technical
xiii. Operations and Support
xiv. Wateen Telecom
xv. Consultant
xvi. Warid Divisions
Chapter 3
Product and Services
i. Customer Service Centers
ii. Business Centre
iii. Scratch Cards
iv. Zem Scratch Card PINs
v. Denominations
vi. Zem Pre-Paid Connections
vii. Zem Tariff
viii. Zem Per Second
ix. Zem Per 30 Second
x. Zem Per 60 Second
xi. Zem 321
xii. Zem 12 to 9 All Night
xiii. Zahi Post-Paid Connections
xiv. Zahi Features
xv. Value Added Services
Chapter No 4
i. Competitors Analysis
ii. Zong
iii. Telenor
iv. Ufone
v. Mobilink (Orascom)
Chapter No 5
SWOT Analysis

i. Current Scenario
ii. Opportunities/Investment
iii. Long distance and international license opportunities
iv. Strengths
v. Weaknesses
vi. Opportunities
vii. Threats
Chapter No 6
i. Marketing Strategies
ii. Promotion Strategies
iii. Advertising
iv. Incentives to consumers
v. Personal selling
vi. Placement Strategies
vii. Channels
viii. Al Distribution -Warid Mobile User
ix. Al-Warid- Dealer -mobile User
x. Pricing Strategy
xi. Pricing Objectives
xii. Customer oriented price
xiii. Cost oriented price
xiv. Competition oriented price
Chapter No 7
Mardan Warid Telecom Franchise
i. Introduction of Mardan Warid Telecom Franchise
ii. Management hierarchy
iii. My Job in Mardan Warid Telecom Franchise
iv. Customer Service Officer
v. Sales force
Chapter No. 8
Findings and Recommendations
List of Acronyms
Global System for Mobile communication
Short Messaging Service
Multimedia Messaging Service
General Packet Radio Service
Wireless Application Protocol
Internet Protocol
Subscriber Identity Module
Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats.

All praises to almighty Allah who grant me the courage, spirit and patience to a
ccomplish is task and every task of my life, and all the respects be for our bel
oved Holly Prophet, Muhammad (P.B.U.H) whose life is a model of guidance for all
the humanity.
I would like to mention the support of my loving parents and brothers who have a
lways been remembering me in their prayers and encourage me to be a true Muslim
as well as to achieve excellent academic education which is the building block o
f my future life.
I would like to extend my thanks to the all members of Franchise who trusted me
and gave me much a position through which I can utilize the knowledge which I ha
ve learned during the BBA (H) program.
At the end and foremost I am thankful to my Supervisor, who was very kind and gr
acious I provide me all opportunities of guidance, direction and assistance when

ever required.
Executive Summary
As an internee I had fulfilled not only BBA requirement but learned a lot of app
lications of the concepts which I had learnt during my perusing BBA Program. Ope
rations determine the viability of a business entity, its efficiency and effecti
veness accounts for the overall success the organization. At Mardan Warid Teleco
m Franchise (Warid Franchise) there are total four actions. Strategic Management
responsibilities lie at the shoulders of the director. The Manager does the job
of implementing all the strategies on ground.
At sales I really applied my knowledge of 4Ps, Targeting and segmentation. Custo
mer Services department is supposed not only to satisfy the customers for their
queries but to strive for a bit of customer delight as well. I keenly observed t
he Service line and timing of different Promotions relative to competition, some
of them were reactive and other proactive moves made by the organization to gai
n a competitive edge

Purpose of Report
The students of Mardan Institute of Management Studies arc required to undergo a
n internship program in any national or international organization of repute. Th
is is an essential academic requirement. To fulfill this academic requirement, 1
have done my internship in Mardan Warid telecom Franchise, a fully authorize fr
anchise of Al-Warid telecom located on Mall Road Mardan K P.K Pakistan.
I am required to submit an internship report to university of Peshawar that is p
roperly evaluated on the basis of their description and analytical capabilities
by internal and external examiners.
Purpose of Study
The purpose of the study is to work in real life situation and to apply managing
me it skills, which we have learned in the last two years of our BBA In this co
ntext its objectives are:
To analyze Franchise operations i.e. operational analysis, marketing ana
lysis etc.
To develop concrete and feasible suggestions.
To improve report writing skills.
3 Scope of Study
There are different franchises in all over K.P.K and as well as in all Pakistan
Al Warid, so it is difficult to cover all aspects of organization within limited
time so the study is confined to the important areas only.
4 Limitation of Study
In this branch the staff is mostly graduated who docs not contain management ski
ll; therefore, there are difficulties in gathering information. Non availability
of information due to secrecy of the franchise is an influencing limitation tha
t suffered the study. Facts and figures, which otherwise might be equally import
ant for analysis, but not having a direct bearing on the conclusion arrived at t
his study, have been ignored.
5 Advantages of Study
The information given in this report will be useful for anyone who is interested
in knowing about franchise operations in General. It will contribute to the bod
y of knowledge regarding the telecom sector.
Methodology of the Study
This report endeavors to have a comprehensive research methodology. Both primary
and secondary data were used thus completing the report. The tools used were:
6 Primary Data
1. Personal Observations.
1 Interviews with franchise personnel

Secondary Data
1 Brochures of the Al-Warid.
2 Franchise Manuals of Al-Warid.
3 Annual Report of Al-Warid.
4 Internet
Warid Telecom has implemented a new and modern corporate identity as a result of
the dynamic changes taking place in the telecom industry in Pakistan. With a re
flection of a new strategy, our aim is to he perceived not only as a telecommuni
cation operator of voice services, but also as a universal provider of comprehen
sive communications services for both residential and business customers. Warid'
s corporate identity seeks to reflect the changes in telecom sector in relation
to helping customers keep pace with rapidly changing technology in the field of
communication, and to harmonize the customers' perception of our brand with the
quality and range of our services. Our objective is to provide optimum level of
support and care through our highly skilled and motivated team of professionals
and through maximum network coverage and clear connectivity that we have committ
ed to provide.
Warid Telecom takes pride in being backed by the Abu Dhabi Group, one of the lar
gest groups in the Middle East and the single largest foreign investor group in
Pakistan. It has a diversified business interest in the institutions that have e
njoyed commercial success as a result of its strong financial resources and exte
nsive management expertise.
Warid Telecom decided to opt for GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) te
chnology as it is the global standard for digital cellular telephone service. GS
M networks support enhanced data applications and more than 1 billion customers
in 109 countries are using this technology. Warid Telecom would be launching its
cellular services based on 900 and 1800 GSM technology, in order to optimize th
e utilization of frequency, thus ensuring the highest quality and service.
1 Warid Vision
"To be the leading national communication provider with a strong international p
Warid Telecom's brand values include:
i. Quality - the best available
ii. Simplicity - easy and user friendly
iii. Innovation - providing cutting edge technology and solutions
iv. Honesty - providing openness and fairness
v. Friendliness - sensitive to customer needs
Warid Telecom believes in working with strategic partners and employees for long
term relationships.
As a consequence of the above, Warid Telecom is looking for the following to del
iver its vision:
vi. Strategic vendors and partners to assist in rolling out these services in a
timely and efficient manner with a focus on turnkey solutions and premium propos
vii. Strong partners to assist in launching these services and creating effectiv
e sales & marketing / business development opportunities in order to gain operat
ionally and financially.
viii.Consultants and experts to help deliver this vision
ix. Well rounded employees who wish to become part of this adventure
Warid Mission
Wand's mission is to enter new market segments, expand the cellular market throu
gh high sales, capture significant market share and consequently achieve unprece
dented revenues
2 Management Profile
The appointed management team of Warid Telecom has substantial expertise in the
field of communication services and infrastructure, both domestically and intern

Share holders
1 Sheikh Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahayan
His Highness Sheikh Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahayan - Member of the Royal Family of A
bu Dhabi, Minister for Higher Studies and Chancellor of the University of Al Ain
. His Highness Sheikh Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahayan is the Chairman of the Company
and takes keen interest in the management of Warid Telecom.
His Highness Sheikh Nahayan is the Federal Minister for Higher Education and Sci
entific Research for UAE and is also Chairman of Union National Bank, Abu Dhabi,
Chairman & Director United Bank Limited, Pakistan, Chancellor Al Ain University
and President at the Higher Colleges of Technology, Abu Dhabi. His Highness is
also the former Chairman Bank Alfalah Limited, Pakistan.
2 Sheikh Suroor Bin Mohammed Al Nahayan
His Excellency Sheikh Suroor Bin Mohammed AI Nahayan Chamberlain of the Royal Am
iri Courts and Member of the Royal Family of Abu Dhabi
His Excellency Sheikh Suroor Bin Mohammed AI Nahayan was the Governor of UAE Cen
tral Bank for the last 10 years and a major shareholder of Abu Dhabi Commercial
Bank. He is a member of the Royal Family and holds interest in Bank Alfalah Limi
ted and United Bank Limited in Pakistan.
His Excellency Sheikh Suroor is the major shareholder of Abu Dhabi Commercial Ba
nk, Abu Dhabi, and UAE. Other interests include shares in joint stock companies
as well as interest in commercial and real estate properties both in UAE and abr
oad. His Excellency Sheikh Suroor also owns the five star Hotel
Abu Dhabi Group
1 Major Investments
i. Bark Alfalah Limited: Fully licensed commercial bank in lak istan with over 7
0 branches in all the major financial centers of the country.
ii. United Bank Limited: A leading commercial bank in Pakistan with a vast branc
h network of approximately 1,100 branches including 23 international branches, a
ffiliates and representative offices in UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Yemen, Egypt, Iran,
Switzerland, UK and USA
iii. Alfalah Exchange Company: Fully licensed exchange company in Abu Dhobi
iv. Iranian Sanden Industries PJS Co: A joint venture with Sandcn Singapore to m
anufacture car air conditioners in Iran. The project has the capacity to produce
up to 300,000 air conditioning units per annum.
v. J.C. MacLean and Co.: Manufacturers of high quality furniture
vi. Neo Pharma LLC: Manu facturers of pharmaceutical products
vii. National Telesystems and Services (NTS): A joint Venture with Bin Jaber Gro
up Ltd. and Thales International Middle East Holding S.A.L.
viii.Al Jazira Management Mall: Management joint venture
ix. Abu Dhabi Vegetable Oil Company: Manufacturer of edible oils
x. Nama Development Enterprises: Representation of leading companies in the UAE
in the field of oil and gas, engineering, equipment suppliers, consultants etc.
xi. Wholly Owned Properties and Companies
xii. Le Royal Meridien Hotel, Abu Dhabi, previously known as the Abu Dhabi Grand
Hotel, is a 5-star hotel in the heart of Abu Dhabi. It will soon be offering 30
0 deluxe rooms, suites and other facilities.
xiii.Dhpbi Contracting: A special category construction company
xiv.Dhabi Drilling Offshore Rig operations in collaboration with Scdco Forex
xv. Al Ain Palace Hotel: A 4-star hotel in Abu Dhabi
xvi.Dhabi Enterprises Leasing: Leasing a number of groups and real estate proper
ties across Abu Dhabi.
5 Board of Advisory Committee
i. H.E Ali Bin Salem Al Owais - Board Director and Advisor to the Chairman
ii. Bashir Ahmed Tahir-Vice Chairman & Member of Advisory Committee:
6 Executive Committee Member
An Executive Committee has been created to define and deliver Warid Telecom's vi
sion and business initiatives. The member s etc
i. Harnid Farooq- Chief Executive Officer

ii. Marwan Zawaydch - Board Directo

iii. Parvez A. Shahid - Board Director
iv. Tar.q Malik - Member Executive Management Committee
v. Warid Telecom's main focus and strength is its employees. Warid Telecom belie
ves this will be its key differentiating factor and recipe for success. The key
management team includes:
7 Commercial
i. Naveed Saced - GM Sales & Marketing
ii. Farrukh Hayat - GM Distribution & Payphones
iii. Muneer Farooqui - GM Customer Services
iv. Zoha Imam - GM Quality Assurance & Affinity Marketing
8 Technical
i. Muhammad Iltaf - GM Engineering
ii. Shahid Saeed - GM l.T
9 Operations and Support
i. Tar veer Khan -Director Operations
ii. Zafar Iqbal - GM Human Resources
iii. Abdul Aziz -GM Finance
iv. Shahzad Rauf -GM Procurement, Logistics and Special Projects
10 Wateen Telecom
i. Taiiq J. Qureshi - GM WLL
ii. Tayyab Shaft -GM LDI
i. Peter Morgan - Launch Director
The Board Advisory Committee, along with Warid Telecom's experienced management
team aim to establish Warid Telecom as a premium communications provider through
state of the art technological equipment, through competitive pricing strategie
s and introduction of innovative products and ideas. Their experience will enabl
e Warid Telecom to become a powerful player in the communications business. Keep
ing in mind the limited number of talented professionals in the market, Warid Te
lecom expects to have a clear advantage in this respect over its competitors.
11 Warid Divisions
ii. Finance
iii. Human Resources
iv. Engineering
v. Information Technology
vi. Strategic Planning
vii. Quality Assurance
viii.Customer Services
ix. Procurement, Logistics & PMO
x. Sales & Marketing
xi. International Roaming
xii. Legal
xiii.Administration Services
xiv.Government Relation & Regulatory Affairs
xv. Corporate Sales & Affinity
xvi.Internal Audit & Risk
Product and Services
Al-Warid is the firm providing digital communication facilities in the country.
It offers the various packages and scratch Card. The firm primarily dealing is o
nly cellular links (digital communication services), although it is focused on v
arious customer groups and categories.
3.1 Customer Service Centers
3.1.1 Business Centre
i. Karachi
ii. Clifton
iii. Nazimabad

iv. Business Arcade

v. Centrum
1 Quetta
i. Jinnah Road
2 Lahore
i. 1-k
ii. Spencer Building
iii. Gujranwala
iv. Sethi Marriage Hall
v. Sialkot
vi. Paris Road
vii. Faisalabad
viii.Abdullah Pur Canal Road
ix. Multan
x. T 1 -Nusrat Road
xi. Islamabad
xii. Blue Area
xv. Murree Road
xvii. Terminal Mall Road
xviii. Peshawar
xix.University Road
xx. Al-Warid's Products and services are currently included pre-paid connections
(Zems), post-paid connections (Zahi) and scratch cards to their customers.
Scratch Cards
1 Zem Scratch Card PINs
Re-charge your Zem Prepaid account with Scratch Card PINs. Scratch Card PINs mak
es sure you get the balance you want in your prepaid account at all times. Now y
ou do not have to suffer any more because of the unavailability of the scratch c
ards of your choice.
1 Denominations
Zen Scratch Card PINs are available currently in the following denominations.
i. Rs.:100
ii. Rs. 250
iii. Rs. 500
iv. Rs. 1000
2 Zem Pre-Paid Connections
Zem is prepaid service that allows you freedom from monthly bills and gives you
complete control over your cellular expenditure. You decide in advance when and
how much you want to spend. Load a scratch card whenever you want to and start t
Zen Tariff
3.4.1 Zen per Second
Charges (Paisas)
Friends & Family
On-Net (Warid to Warid)
Off-Net (Landline)
Off-Net (Other mobile)
Zem 111 International
Zone 1
Zone 2
Zone 3
Zone 4
International Regular Rates
Zone 1
Zone 2
2 Zen per 30 Second.
Charges (Rs.)

Friends & Family

On-Net (Warid to Warid)
Off-Net (Landline)
Off-Net (Other mobile)
Zem 111 International
Zone 1
Zone 2
Zone 3
Zone 4
International Regular Rates
Zone 1
Zone 2
3 Zem Per 60 Second Charges (Rs.)
Friends & Family
On-Net (Warid to Warid)
Off-Net (Landline)
Off-Net (Other mobile)
Zem 111 International
Zone 1
Zone 2
Zone 3
Zem 111 International
Zone 1
Zone 2
Zone 3
Zone 4
International Regular Rates
Zone 1
Zone 2
Zem Per 60 Second Charges (Rs.)
Friends & Family
On-Net (Warid to Warid)
Off-Net (Landline)
Off-Net (Other mobile)
Zem 111 International
Zone 1
Zone 2
Zone 3
Zem 12 to 9 All Night
Charges (Rs.)
Friends & Family (Warid to Warid)
On-Net (Warid to Warid)
Off-Net (Landline)
Off-Net (Other mobile)
Zem 111 International
Zone 1
Zone 2
Zone 3
Zone 4
International Regular Rates
Zone 1
Zone 2

12 to 9










4 Zahi Post-Paid Connections

Zahi is post-paid service that has a monthly billing system i.e. you will receiv
ed you are bills through yours post address.
Want a worthwhile Postpaid Package?

With Warid's unique billing system, you only get billed for a call on a 30 secon
d basis when calling from Warid to Warid, Warid to PTCL landline and Warid to In
ternational Zone 1 & 2, instead of the existing per minute charges. This is not
applicable on Off-net (Warid to other mobile operators) numbers in Pakistan.
Package Silver Gold
Emerald Sapphire
Activation Tax 150
Monthly Line Rent
1,000 1,750 2,500
No. of Friends & Family Members
Monthly VAS Subscription
5 Zahi Features.
Caller Line Identification (CLI)
This service enables you to identify callers at your discretion
Conference Call
With Conference Call, you can teleconference with 6 people simultaneously. You c
an create conference calls with on-net (Warid to Warid) and off-net (national) n
Call Waiting & Call Hold
Handle two calls at a time with your Warid phone. You can be on one call while t
he network will alert you about another incoming call. You can put the first cal
l on hold while you answer the second call.
Call Divert
Whether you're unable to take a call, driving outside the national coverage area
, traveling abroad or are busy, you can divert your calls to any other Warid num
Short Messaging Service (SMS)
With SMS you can be as discreet or as creative as you like. Hither way, sending
a .message is quick, reliable, and confidential and if you want it to be...great
Value Added Services
Missed Call Alerts
With this service, whenever your phone is busy, switched off or out of coverage,
you can rest assured that as soon as you arc back in coverage, you will be inst
antly informed about all your missed calls via SMS.
Instant delivery of Missed Call Alerts upon subscriber availability Alerts carry
calling party's name if number is saved in subscriber's phone book one alert pe
r missed call, ensuring ease of returning calls Permanent storage of Missed Call
Alerts for future reference.
Voice Mail
Voice Mail allows you to receive your voice messages even when your mobile is sw
itched off, you are outside the coverage are or are busy. You can relieve these
messages for free from your Warid phone at your own convenience.
Picture Messaging & Multi-media Messaging Service (MMS), With MMS messaging is f
un, colorful and musical. Add pictures, animations, polyphonic & MIDI sounds, ev
en video clips to messages and show the world how amazing communications can be.
Surf Now (Mobile Internet)
Surf now gives you the flexibility to browse the internet on your mobile phone o
r laptop anywhere you are. So, whenever you arc on the internet, simply setup th
e internet connection from your GPRS/WAP enabled handset. Please note that both
your handset and website need to be WAP enabled for this service to work.
Warid presents the most powerful 64K SIM. Apart from the special WARID menu, the
64K SIM gives its users added flexibility to store up to 500 numbers and 50 tex
t messages. No other SIM in the market offers this amount of storage space. Prep
aid customers can replace their standard 32K SIM with the 64K SIM by paying a re
placement fee.
Warid Zone

Your Warid SIM comes with a special WARID menu. This menu offers a bundle of ser
vices. Now you don't need to remember key words or short codes to access informa
tion any more. Key words have already been pre-coded in your SIM card, allowing
you to get information...easily and swiftly.
Competitors Analysis
There are four major competitors in Pakistan including
i. Zong
ii. Mobilink
iii. Telenor
iv. Ufone
1 Zong
Zong is the company that launched cellular technology and introduced mobile tele
phony in Pakistan. Since then both our customers and Zong have come a long way i
n terms of the way Pakistanis communicate. From the basic one-to- one voice comm
unication, customers can now enjoy short messaging (SMS), picture me.' sages, po
lyphonic ring-tones, conference calling, call forwarding and a host of other fab
ulous services
Telenor is one of the largest mobile operators worldwide with ownership interest
s in 12 mobile operators across Europe and Asia, constituting a total subscriber
base of 82.7 million at year-end 2009.
Telenor is Norway's largest telecommunications company and one of the fastest gr
owing providers of mobile communications services worldwide. Telenor is also the
largest provider of TV services in the Nordic region. J.n 2009, 57% of the Grou
p's revenues were derived from the mobile operations. Telenor has mobile operati
ons in some of the world's fastest growing markets, and the home market, Norway,
is one of the most advanced in the world today. Group revenues for 2009 reached
NOK 68.9 billion - a growth of 14 per cent compared to 2008. At year-end 2009,
Telenor employed 27,600 people (man- years) - 16.700 of whom were employed outsi
de Norway.
PTML, a 100% owned subsidiary of PTCL was established to operate cellular GSM 90
0 services. The company commenced its operations, under the brand name of Ufone,
from Islamabad on January 29, 2001. Ufone expanded its coverage and has added n
ew cities and highways to its coverage network. Ufone ne w covers-over 100 key c
ities and prominent highways across Pakistan providing the customers best qualit
y service and value for money.
With a total current investment of over $350 Million, including a recent contrac
t of $161 Million for expansion & capacity for 2008-09, PTML believes in solid c
ommitment to growth, security & reliability. Currently, with a market share of o
ver 24%, and an aggressive commercial plan, the customer base has more than trip
led from the last fiscal year to over 4.5 million subscribers.
4 Mobilink (ORASCOM)
Holding S.A.E. ("Orascom Telecom") or ("OTII") was established in 1998 and has g
rown to become a major player in the telecommunication market in the world. OTH
is considered among the largest and most diversified network operator in the Mid
dle East, Africa and Pakistan. It is a leading mobile telecommunications company
operating in seven emerging markets in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia h
aving a population under license of 460 million in total population with an aver
age penetration of mobile telephony rate across all markets of 8%. Orascom Telec
om operates GSM networks in Algeria ("Djczzy"), Egypt ("MobiNil"), Pakistan ("Mo
bilink"), Iraq ("IraQna"), Bangladesh
("Banglalink"), Tunisia ("Tunisiana") and ZiBBAbwe ("Tclcccl ZiBBAbwe"). Orascom
Telecom subscriber number reached over 20 million subscribers as of June, 2009.
Orascom Telecom's operation in Pakistan, Mobil ink, started its operations in 19
94, and until early 2001, had a market share of 40%. In April 2001, OTII took ov
er management control of the company and as of June, 2009; Mobilink served more
than 7 million subscribers, representing a market share of approximately 61% of

total mobile subscribers in Pakistan.

Orascom Telecom has positioned itself as a leader in the region for its diverse
GSM operations, with various GSM support and Internet operations. One of Orascom
Telecom's main strategies is to create its own non-GSM subsidiaries to act as a
support for its regional GSM operations. OTH has achieved this by dedicating fi
nancial, technical, and management resources for its subsidiaries. This includes
network support and installation of GSM operations, equipment procurement, hand
set procurement and distribution companies, value Added Services, and Internet o
OTH is dedicated to provide the best quality services to its customers, value to
shareholders, and a dynamic working environment for its nearly 11,000 employees
1 Current Scenario
Four Cellular Players already in the market. Two new GSM licenses have been awar
ded. License fee set at a whooping USD 291m. Additional Investment is required b
y all companies to expand and improve their networks.
Obtain one of the existing cellular companies. Valuation could range between 8-1
2 times earnings. Additional capital would be required for expansion, and licens
e renewal fee of USD 291m for all but two of the recently non-operation companie
s will have to be paid.
Obtain one of the long distance and international licenses, which will require i
nvestment of 3-5 years of US$ 50M to US$ 400M+ plus an additional US$ 10 million
performance bond. Partnerships will be required with right of way providers suc
h as Railways if fixed line infrastructure is to be developed. Alternative can b
e to use satellite and IP networks to establish a domestic long distance us ng V
oIP technologies.
i. Low production cost
ii. Availability of infrastructure
iii. Liberal policies for IT investments
5 Weaknesses
Graduate Staff
Weak Branding
Regional & Domestic Political Instability
Weak economy & corporate profiles
Customer Confidence
6 Opportunities
i. Market Size
ii. Privatization & liberalization of IT growth
iii. Govt. IT operations & projects
iv. Innovation
7 Threats
Ad hoc Decisions Form
Political Instability
Warid telecom uses the following marketing strategies.
1 Promotion Strategies
Al-Warid started out with an aggressive promotional came back relying mostly on
Print media and out-door advertising. In the monopolistic competition not very h
eavy budget for advertising is set aside. The key points in Al-Warid's promotion
al programs are:

Sign board
Transit advertising
Shelter advertising
Promotional services three essential roles it informs, persuades and reminds pro
spective customers about a company and its products and it influences recipient'
s feeling, belief or behavior.
2 Advertising
Al-Warid has a very well established marketing department, which emphasizes on a
dvertisement through different ways like:
i. Newspaper
ii. Posters
iii. Neon sign boards
iv. Electric board
v. Advertisement through television.
vi. Internet
vii. On promotional activities Al-Warid spends millions of rupees annually.
3 Incentives to consumers
In promotional activities they provide incentive to customers like the customers
will get free airtime if he convinces his friend to use Al-Warid.
4 Personal selling
Beside their sales department Al-Warid is maintaining a separate sales force, wh
ich goes door-to-door and different offices in order to increase the sales volum
e and promote Al-Warid as well. Ratifying all miss-conceptions and convincing th
em about benefits which they can get from Al-Warid.
Placement Strategies
6.5.1 Distribution Channels
A distribution channel consists of set of people and firms involved in the trans
fer of title to a product as product moves from producer to ultimate consumer or
business user. The intangible natures of Al-Warid service created special distr
ibute requirements. There are only two channels of Al-Warid service.
i. Al-Warid to mobile user.
ii. Al-Warid to Dealer to mobile user.
2 Al-Warid Mobile User:
As Al-Warid service is intangible, the sales activities often require personal c
ontact with customer and also require feedback regarding their service, complain
about product from their customers.
Dealer - Mobile User:
3 Al-Warid
These customers whom are missed by above direct channel, Al-Warid user their dea
lers as middlemen to reach these customers the same service which they could hav
e indirect channel. These dealers are fully authorized by Al-Warid and also prov
ide them technical and managerial services. These dealers also provide customer
services like handset maintenance, spare parts, batteries, charge and other tech
nical services.
5 Pricing Strategy
Maintaining its monopoly in digital technology, Al-Warid does not go for keeping
its packages tariffs low. Still it has competitive prices and also has designed
a few packages for less frequent users. Starting from the sale and purchase cel
lular phone sets, pricing includes the security deposits in order to get connect
ed and then the monthly.
Placement Objectives
1 Distribution Channels
Management fixes the price on three methods of pricing:
Customer oriented price.
The Pricing of the service is fixed on the consumer-oriented basis. The purchasi
ng power of a consumer belonging to a certain target segment has been kept in mi
nd at the time of fixing the price.
3 Cost oriented price:
Al-Warid also fix price on the basis of expenditure of product and taxes of the
government. This has been done after comprehensive break even analysis with prop
er costing and forecasting.

4 Competition oriented price:

Al-Warid management always keeps in mind the competition. They are facing from o
ther mobile phone services their prices are competitive flexible enough to adopt
able to fluctuation in the competition prices.
Introduction of Mardan Warid Telecom Franchise
Mardan Warid telecom Franchise is an exclusive franchise of Warid telecom locate
d on Mall Road Mardan K.P.K Pakistan, start it operations from May 2005.
Management hierarchy
i. Director.
ii. Manager
iii. Finance Officer
iv. Customer Service Officer
v. Sales Force
My Job in Mardan Warid Telecom Franchise
I have done job with the following positions during my internship.
1 Customer Service Officer
Customer Services department is supposed not only to satisfy the customers for t
heir queries but to strive for a bit of customer delight as well.
i. Sim blocking and reactivation
ii. GPRS and MMS activation
iii. Customer service agreement form
iv. Customers queries
v. In-house sales 7.3.2
Sales force
At Sales I really applied my knowledge of 4Ps, Targeting and segmentation. I kee
nly observed the Service line and timing of different Promotions relative to com
petition, some of them were reactive and other proactive moves made by the organ
ization to gain a competitive edge. Their major responsibilities were:
i. Personal selling
ii. Wholesale to dealers
iii. Business to Customer information dissemination

8.1 Conclusion
i. The General manager Warid is usually given very little regarding sanction of
advances and over draft whereas the responsibilities are numerous.
ii. The marketing efforts at the Warid franchise are less disciplined and there
are no integrated efforts from all the staff members. The mobilization of deposi
ts is mainly considered as the responsibility of the General manager but the res
t of the staff is usually least interested
iii. The Warid has been applying he modern concepts of management and marketing
at both micro levels. The interior and exteriors of the Warid have been changed
but the staff of the branch has been found less motivated towards the organizati
onal objectives.
iv. Employees of the Warid are fed up with there work they feci bore from their
daily work especially the manager.
v. The decision-making is still centralized as the middle and low level manageme
nt is not taken into confidence.
vi. The. Promotional policy of the Warid was observed as without any specific di
rection. Though the bank has defined its mission and vision but no specific plan
has been designed so far.
vii. The Warid staff has been found as less satisfied with bank policies and the

recent retrenchment in the bank has created unrest and panic.

viii.Most of the employees working in this branch arc not much familiar with com
puter. They just know how to use their part of software if any problem comes in
the computer they can't fix it.
ix. The relationship between the employees of the Warid is not that good because
of which the whole environment of the Warid becomes less favorable for work.
x. Miss utilization of office utilities, especially the telephone.
The Warid General Manager should arrange a training program for its exis
ting employees to help them perform their duties more effectively.
The re should be a proper platform provided to its employees from where
they can help the management in achieving its objectives.
The Warid should appoint customers relation officer where the volume of
work is too high. This will give an impression to client for personal relationsh
ip. This will help in improving the image of the bank and hence will attract mor
e clients.
The existing customers of the Warid are of the opinion that customer ser
vices are not up to the mark. According to them customer services provided by Pa
ktel, Telenor, Mobilink Ufone etc., are far better than Warid services. There mu
st be a separate information counter in this Franchise of Warid. So that as the
customer enters in he can clearly sec someone who would help him.
Warid is a well-known organization in the market. Their market standing
is strong as their competitors.
The Warid must ensure the participation of the staff in all promotional
activities of the franchise to this end the company must adhere to the policy of
fringe benefits rapid promotion of capable management and official. The old age
benefit of the company employee must be increased to motivate fee staff
i. Kotler .P. (2002); Marketing Management
ii. Al Warid Telecom Franchise Nowshera Cantt
iii. Warid telecom
iv. Warid telecom document.
v. History and background of Warid telecom (unpublished)
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