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Insh'Allah before we start the seerah to build up even greater eagerness and mot

ivation, we will study the prophet PBUH's specialities.

So where to begin when we describe the one whom Allah has chosen above the entir
e creation. How is it possible to do justice when Allah says "We have raised up
your rememberance and mention". And indeed whenever Allah is mentioned, the prop
het SAW is almost always mentioned straight after. When Allah himself called him
"rahma-tul-lil-alameen". The embodiment of rahma (mercy). Indeed the prophet PB
UH's sending is mercy. His message is mercy. His teachings are mercy. He is ever
ything associated with mercy.
We begin by mentioning some of the names of the prophet PBUH, and he had many na
mes. Some scholars wrote up to 250 names for the prophet PBUH.
The name Muhammad is mentioned 4 times in the Quran - the name Ahmad is mentione
d 2 or 3 times, on the tounge of Isa AS in the Quran "I am going to tell you of
a prophet coming after me - his name is Ahmad". Both names come from "hameda". A
nd "hamd" means to praise - but not any type of praise. Rather "hamd" means to p
raise not in return for someone who has done a favour for you, but instead it is
the highest possible level of praise. It is praise because he is worthy of bein
g praised simply because of the inherent characteristics of the person. That is,
he deserves to be praised for who he is. An object of perfection - he is worthy
of praise. And he has these two names: Muhammad and Ahmad, both come form "hamd
". Why? Because Allah, the angles, all the prohpets, every single one of mankind
praises him. Indeed muslims non stop every second; and non muslimsa alike - the
y praise his character and qualities. So he is praised by everything in creation
. There is no human before, now or after who is praised more than the prophet PB
In a long sahih hadith it's narrated that on the day of judgement, everyone will
know that Islam is the truth but of course it is too late to believe now. And s
o the people will go to Adam AS and tell him "Oh Adam, you are our father and Al
lah blew his ruh into you, do you not see the situation your children are in?" T
hey will ask him to go to Allah to start the reckoning and ask for forgiveness b
ut he will say "I commited a sin I should not have done and I'm worried about my
self" - and so he will say "Naf see" meaning go to another person. Then humanity
at larfe will then go to Nuh AS, but he will also say "Allah told me not to ask
anybody to be saved, and I asked Him to save my son and I disobeyed him". So Nu
h AS is also worried about himself and will say "Naf see". Then they will go to
Ibrahim AS will give the same response, that "I made 3 lies" even though they ar
en't lies but he is just so worried. One of the lies were when he said "the big
idol did it" to his people after destroying the idols (where he wasn't lying, bu
t trying to make a point and give dawah). Another was when he said "I am sick" w
hen his people went out of town and he said "I don't want to go with you" - only
so he could destroy the idols. And lastly when he called his wife "his sister"
i.e. in islam, only to save him from the king. Then all will go to Musa AS who w
ill also make an excuse "I killed someone in anger". Isa AS will also say he is
not worthy because of the people that follow the trinity etc. And then they will
all go to the prophet PBUH and beg him to be an intercessor and representative
to go in front of Allah for all of humanity. To do what?! To begin kyama. Just t
o begin it. Because the day is so hard they will say "whatever comes let it come
- this tension is too much". So they will beg the prohet PBUH and he will say "
ana laha ana laha" - this is my job. And because of this all of humanity will pr
aise him. And he will be given "al makaam al mahmood" - the highest station of p
raise ever.
And to be specific: Ahmad means the highest quality of praise, Muhammad is quant
ity of praise - and so together its the highest and most continous praise. Indee
d Muhammad was given to Musa because the largest ummah of true muslims after our
ummah is indeed the bani israeel and therefore they were given a name that was

fitting to them - because they were a large quantity. But Ahmad was given to Isa
becaue he had a very small nation of true followers but they were very pious an
d had large quality of faith. They were totured and persecuted. The romans kille
d them - they combed their skin with combs of iron etc. But they were truly devo
ted. So they were given the name Ahmad.
As to his third name, the prophet PBUH explains it himself: al mahi means to wip
e away, and the prophet PBUH says Allah is the one whom through allah will wipe
away kufr. Indeed the arabian penesila was emersed in kufr, but within 20-30 yea
rs islam major 60-70 years, islam reached china and andoloos. Al mahi - the one
who erases and defaces kufr.
Al hashir - that mankind will be resurrected at his feet (right after him). this
shows the prophet is the signalling of the DOJ. in fact, his sending is the fir
st sign that the DOJ is very close. an al hashir;another interpretation is that
he will be the first person to be resurrected and then everyone else thereafter.
indeed the prophets will be resurrected first, then the salehoon and shuhada, a
nd then the rest of the ummah. an al hashir - the one that will signal the DOJ;
both by his coming and actual resurrection.
Al aaqib - the successor, the one cuts off, the one comes at the end. and by thi
s it means he is the last prophet.
Nabi-u-rahma- the prophet of tawba (forgiveness).
Nabi-u-tawba - the prophet of tawba and source of repentence. meaning by believi
ng in me and following me people will be forgiven.
Nabi-ul-mulahim - the prophet that will signal lots of trials. and indeed the bi
ggest trails the world will ever see (the dajjal, the three major earthquakes, t
he coming of the mahdi and isa bin maryam) will occur in this ummah.
Kasaais - something that only he was given and no other prophet was given. His u
nique characteristics. Some scholars have listed up to 50 unique and specific bl
essings. Some of these include:
1. (Obviously) He is the final prophet (no prophet has been the final and Allah
chose him to be the final: "the seal and the end of the prophets").
2. The prophethood of the prophet had been decreed even before Adam AS existed;
before the ruuh was blown into the mud.
One sahaba asked him: "When were you given prophethood by Allah". The prophet SA
W said "When Adam was between the mud and the ruuh". In other words, Adam was no
t yet combined with the ruuh and teen! Before the ruuh was blown in Allah had al
ready decreed.
3. Only prophet to have been sent for ALL of humanity - even to the jinn. Someon
e can say Adam and Nuh were sent for all of humanity. But Adam and Nuh were both
exceptions that happened as an expection; in that, Adam was the only human and
naturally the only humanity and his children. And the same goes for Nuh: there i
s only group, nation, community of people in the whole world so it was just a co
incidence. its not as if Nuh/Adam were intended to be sent for humanity - its ju
st that is how it happened. and not only this: he was sent to the jinn. "night o
f the jinn" - muslim jinns came to mecca.
4. "Allah has helped me with ru'ub - that Allah will inflict into my enemies fea
r even before I reached them". This is for him only - when he went into battle,
people became terrified of him even before he reached them. "Allah struck fear i
nto my enemies for the distance of one entire month".

5. He has been given the largest ummah: in a hadith he said he saw an ummah "as
large as the eye can see" and asked "maybe this is my ummah". but he was told "n
o this is musa's". And then he saw another ummah even larger than that - blocked
his vision and he was told "this is your ummah".
And in another hadith he said to the sahaba "Do you wish your people should be 1
/3 of jannah?". "Would you be happy if i told if your people is 1/2 of jannah?"
They said allah-ak-bar. The prophet said "my hope is that our ummah will be 2/3
of the people of jannah!".Subhan'Allah, there is close to 2 billion muslims on t
his earth. compare this to all the muslims who came before! How few must they be
?! The actual bani israeel, and followers of Isa etc. So when you look at this i
A you can just imagine.
And he is speaking at a time when there are maybe only 1500 muslims on earth - 2
,3 million christians - thousands of jews! When he said it, it was a miracle in
and of itself.
6. He has been given the most powerful miracle - mircale of the Quran. There is
no miracle that compares to the Quran. one thing demonstrates this: look at any
other miracle. The splitting of the red sea; when Isa resurrected the dead; but
the quran is a mircale we can recite; indeed the message is the miracle and the
miracle is the message. Its a living mircale - there is no miracle that compares
to this miracle.
7. The night journey of heavans and earth - no other prophet while alive on eart
h did such a journey. even when Allah spoke with musa - it was the divine speech
given to musa while musa was on earth. But the prophet was the only human to ha
ve been called up to the presence of Allah. And the prophet undertook a journey
no one else. Even Jibraeel said "this is where it ends for me - I can't go any f
8. He is the leader of all of humanity. He himself told us this "i am the sayid
(the one who is in charge of - the leader) of the children of Adam". Sayid here
means he is the master, the perfection of humanity and he deserves to be the lea
der and indeed he will be the leader on the DOJ.
9. The prophet SAW will be the first to be resurrected - the first to grave to o
pen up when the second trumpet is blown will be the prophets SAW. This explains
his name Al-hashir. and he will be the first to be clothed.
10. He will be given the largest howd - a pool which is square in shape. And it
is so large that one side of it is as if is from mecca to san'a - which is the e
ntire arabian penesila.
11. The kauther - the main river of Jannah and all rivers of Jannah split from t
hat. Its as if the people of Jannah will drink water from the gift of the prophe
t SAW (surah kauther).
12. He will be the first to cross over the sirat - first to guide his ummah to J
Annah - first to knock the doors on Jannah - he will be first human to ever ente
r - the one on whose name the gates of Jannah will open. the angel will ask "wh
o is it?!" ... "to you I have been commanded to open". so it his name that will
be the permission to open up the gates of jannah. so the very first step to ente
r into jannah is the right step of the prophet SAW followed by his ummah (even t
hough we are the last ummah). and we will be asked to enter along with him... ev
en though we are the last chronoligcally.
13. Allah has blessed him with the highest level of jannah. al firdois fil a'la.
The most pinnacle. Some scholars say the higher up you go, the less the people.
Indeed there will be no crowding, but the higher up you go fewer and fewer peop

le will be there. There will come a point where the whole plane of the jannah is
meant for only one person. It will be the greatest jannah ever made. And it wil
l be immediately underneath the throne of Allah. This is called al-fadheela. The
prophet said "this fadheela is a level of jannah that Allah has chosen for only
one of his servents" and then he said modestly "I hope that i am this person".
But there is no other human other than him to be qualified for this position.
Even those who mocked him, ridiculed him, drew diagrams will be praising him on
the DOJ and in the akhira he will be given al waseela and al fazeela.