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VFH Series

Vertical Form Fill and Seal Machine

Operating Manual

Thank you for your purchasing our VFH Series Vertical Form Fill and Seal
Machines, please study the instruction manual before installation or operation the
machines, which will help you understanding its basic abilities, construction,
operation and maintenance etc aspects. Besides, this manual will instruct how to
operate the machine correctly to accomplish best performance, reducing the
malfunctions and prolong usage life.

1All the mechanical devices and structures collocation have been running
tests well already before shipping out, please do not change it in random!
2In the case of some machines parts have been customized as requests in
special order, accordingly, this instruction manual might be little
different in some aspects to standardized. please be attention!
3 This manual is instruct us how to do some easy basic setup and
operation with the machine, if you do not understand please feel freely to
contact with us.

IMatters need attention for operation

1Please check if there was any abnormal situation before turn on the machine
every time.
2Prohibiting any bodyhand, head close or touch with the running parts of the
3Its prohibited to put your hands or any tool into the running sealing jaws
4When the machine is working, it's prohibit to switch the operating buttons or
change parameters setting frequently.
5Please do not run the machine in high speed for long time continuously.
6Please do not let two or more people to operate the machine with different
buttons or mechanics at the same time; The power should be shut down when do
machine maintenance or servicing; Please do communication with each other
when several operators do testing or maintenance, in order to avoid any
accidence by inharmonious.
7When do inspection or maintenance for circuit control, please Keep POWER
OFF! It should be done by the electric specialists, its program locked automatically,
please do not change it optionally.

8If the operators are tired or drunk that could not keep head clear, it' prohibit for
his processing the operations or maintenance; Do not ask any worker to operate
the machine who hasn't been trained or qualified before.
9It's prohibit to change the machines' construction or any mechanical devices
without our companys approve. Please do not running the machine in a
non-suitable condition.
10Our machines' insulating & grounded resistances all conform to Chinese
national standard, if the machines havent run for a long time, please power on for
heating up at low temperature for 20mins approx. to avoid the heating parts
getting moisture.
11Below conditions are not suitable for installation the machine:1Too high or
low temperature, narrow space; Suitable temperature condition:0-45Humidity
Without congealed water1090%RH value.2
Earthquake source place
Close to vent of air-condition/ventilator;4
Existing corrosive gas or dusts which
is unsuitable for machines' running and maintenance.

Caution: Please read above instruction and following!

IIUsage and Features
1 Application and Characteristics
Our machines are designed to achieve for cost-effective, reliable, high-speed, non-stop
performer especially suitable for packaging various food, non-food granules and some other
stickless powder, such as sugar, cereal, beans, rice, potato chips, tea, snack foods, ground
coffee etc.
2 Single Chips Control board for simplifying the operation; Colorful LCD for visual display
3 Adopt limitless speed adjustor for wider range, packing length is controlled by stepper motor
to guarantee the cutting position.
4 Film auto tracking, length registered by photo sensor.
5 Independent temperature adjustment.
6 Applicable to equip with Date Code, Gas-Flushing Device, Strip Pack device etc optional
equipments for high requirements.

IIISpecification and main parameters

Main Parameters
1Max. Packing Bag Sizemm(Length * Width)Depending on various models
2Max. Packing VolumeDepending on various models
3Packing Speed2090bags/min
4Voltage220V/50HZ, 1 ph
5Total Power1.2KW
6Machine SizeL*W*H Depending on various models
7Machine weight 300KG approx.
8Packing Film Material: Various types of heating sealable laminated films namely
PE/BOPP, CPP/BOPP, CPP/PET, PE/NYLON, aluminum foil based can be run on
the machine
Please note there is printing mark on the roll film, its width should be 5mm and
length 10mm.
Besides, there should not be any words, logos appear close to the printing marks
and make sure the ground color must be big different with the mark to avoid error
signal detected by photoelectric eye.

LCD Control Panel Operation

2Photoelectric Eye (Sensor)
3Inching Switch
4Confirm Key (Menu Key
8LCD Screen, it displays packing quantity, length, width, speed and status.

8.LCD Screen

Mic-Computer Auto Bagger



Length1 6 8


Weight6 0g

Front Vibratingoff

Speed6 5

Rear Vibratingon






Operation Instruction:
2.1Start/StopKEYWhen power on, Press Start/Stop KEYit go into working status, the motor
is running at the same while, LCD status display Start. Press Start/Stop KEY againthe
machine stop and LCD status display Stop.
2.2 Photoelectric Eye KEY: Turn On/Off the electric eye to track the printing mark on the films,
its status displays in the LCD for your switch directly.
2.3Inching Switch KEY: Press Inching Switch Key, the main motor running in inching but the
machine doesnt in working status, release the Inching Switch Key, the main motor stop.
Below four buttons
setting up job.


ESC is applicable to switch various Menu/ functions

2.4 Confirm KEY: Menu SwitchEnter and Confirm function. Such as: Press Confirm Key into
the main menu, then press + or - to move the cursor and press Confirm into the
parameter setting up, until you press ESC to return and the system will record present data
2.5 + KEY: in the menu to press + to go up rows, in the figure status to press + to plus
1in the Power status to switch turn on or offin the Stop status to press + to go into the

Color mark orientation menu

2.6 - KEY: in the menu to press - to go down rows, in the figure status to press - to
minus1, in the Power status to switch turn on or offin the Stop status to press - to go into
the Auxiliary menu
2.7 Esc KEY: Return or the Stop status to press ESC for two seconds, the bag
packing stepper motor in inching running, Keep pressing ESC it will be inching running
Its available to change the parameters in the menu when the machine is on running. Its
data will record automatically after the machine be power off,

Operation Procedure for Rapid Access:

1 Power on the machinethe Screen display information as following:
Mic-Computer Auto Packing Machine
P-SW (Photo sensor)on
L(Length):150 T-SW(temperature control):on
Weight: 5 5g F-VIBR(front vibration):off
Speed: Stop
B-VIBR(Rear vibration):on

Please noteThe machine is available function to measure the bag length automatically,
when you are using the film which printed with color mark, please ignore the No.2
procedure. Press start directly to measure the film length, the stepper motors speed
will be adjusted automatically.See details at below 4.0 Length Auto Measurement
2 Length and speed adjustment refer to various products
2.1 Press the Confirm key once, it displays as below:

Cursor on

Main Menu
Bag Packing Parameter Setup
Screw Feeding Setup
Count Clear
Auxiliary Switch
C-ADJ (color adjust)
Modulus Setup
2.2Press Confirm key into Bag Packing Parameter setup page, it displays as:
Bag Packing Parameter Setup
Length:0 1 5 0
Speed Adj: 5
P-SW(photo sensor): OFF
OFF Kilobit Setup Position.Unit: mm
2.3Press Confirm key
Modulus setup: 0 9 5

Length: 0 1 5 0
Speed Adj: 5
Strip Pack: OFF
Modulus setup:0 9 5

Cursor on

2.4Press + or to adjust to get the length as needed.

2.5 Press Confirm key again into Length centile position setup. Take a instance, if the
packing length is 185mm, so please set it to be 0 1 8 5. When the length has been setup, please
press ESC return to bag length parameter setup page. It displays as below:
Length: 0 1 5 0
Speed adj: 5
Photo sensor: OFF
Strip Pack: OFF
Modulus number: 0 9 5

2.6 Press move to speed adjustment, it displays as below:

Length: 0 1 5 0
Speed adj: 5
Strip Pack: OFF
Modulus setup: 0 9 5

Cursor on

Press Confirm, into Speed Adjustment, it displays as below

Length: 0 1 5 0
Speed Adj: 5
Strip Pack: OFF
Modulus Setup: 0 9 5

Cursor on

Press + or to adjust the speed, its range from 0 F, total is sixteen levels. But the
highest level will be different up to various packing lengths. The system will low the speed
automatically if the operator set too high speed. Press ESC to return.
2.7 Press move to photo sensor setup, Press Confirm to set ON or OFF, it displays as
Length: 0 1 5 0
Speed Adj: 5
Strip Pack: OFF
0 9 5 sensor ON or OFF,Press the P-SW key of the panel to
to switchSetup:
the photo

Press + or
active directly.PS Note: It unavailable to active this function if the film without printing mark

design. Press ESC to return.

2.8 After above three steps operation, press ESC, the system will record the parameters
automatically. Press ESC again return to Main Menu.
PS Note: Above setup pages will return to Main Menu page without operation within 30
seconds, none data be recorded then.
3Press Start, the machine start to run, Speed shows Start word first and return to Speed
after two sachets be packed, then you learn the running speed of the machine.
4When replacing different lengths of films, the cutting position on the film will be changed,
maybe not exactly fall on the marks, then you could press enter into Mark Orientation page,
to pressor to adjust the cutting position until exactly fall on the print marks.See the
details at below4.1Mark Orientation
5Weight AdjustmentApplicable to Screw Filling System
5.1 Function: To adjust the target packing weight to accurate the powder packing.
5.2 Method: Press ConfirmMain MenuScrew Filling Setup:

Screw Filling Setup

Weight: 0 0 6 0 g
Length: 0 3 9 0
Gravity: 0 0 6 . 5
Speed: 3
Screw Motor: On
Its setup is basically same to Bag packing parameter setting up page.
Brief introduction as below:
5.3 Weight is the target packing weight, range from 1 to 9999g. Like 60g is set up to
5.4Length display is screw motors running lengthunit: mm, its also applicable to be treated
as weigh fine tuning.
5.5 Gravity it means the motor running length needed for weighing 1g weight. Range from 0.1
to 999.9. Its formula is length display divide actual weight to obtain the figure. And the
Actual weight is to scale one packed bag to get it.unit: g
5.6Speed adjustment is applicable to adjust the screw motors running speed, when the
packing weight goes down, the system will low the speed automatically.
Below situation require to adjust the motor speed by manual:
When the motor is running powerless which should adjust the motor speed to be lower.
When the packing weight is going up, the system wont speed the motor up, if you find the

screw running too slow and the packed weight is smaller much, which able to speed up the
motor properly.
5.7Screw Motor switch, since some models machine are without screw filling system, so it will
switch to be OFF
Tips: When packing a new product, please refer to below procedures:
Refer to 5.3 instruction to pre-set the target weight
The Gravity which you have packed before is able to be a reference.
Pour the powder into the hopper to start the machine, after five sachet packed then weigh
them by scale to obtain the average weight (unit: g).And through Length display divide the
average weight to get the actual Gravity, to reserve one decimal figure (like 7.5) to set.
Start to run packing, now the packed weight should be almost the same with your set, if it was
still got some deflection, please do fine tuning the gravity until the weight is same as you set.
Usually, 0.6g tolerance is acceptable, because products viscosities are different which will be
effected, please kindly understand.
When the machine is on Start status, press P-SW into the Gravity adjustment, then to
press or to do fine tuning. PS Note: If you press P-SW it will change the photo sensor
setting when the machine is on STOP status .
Please take a note for recording the gravity data, since similar products gravities are almost
the same for setting up.

More operations and other functions

4.0 Auto length measurement
4.0.1 Please turn on the Photo Sensor Switch function Press START that the system will
measure the packing length automatically and running at a proper speed for working. (Please
note: the film should printed with marks for tracking by photo sensor, then we turn on the photo
sensor and active this function)
4.0.2 Tips: If you find the speed is too fast or slow when using Auto Length Measurement
functionToo fast speed will wrinkle the packing films, too slow will effect the packing speed.
Press Confirm into Main Menu-Bag Packing Parameter Setup-Speed Adjustment to
change the Speed Level by manual to run a proper speed.

4.1 Mark Orientation

4.1.1 Function: To make sure its cut fall on the printing marks exactly.
4.1.2 Method: Press into Mark Orientation page:
Mark Orientation

4.1.3 When you change different lengths films, the cutting position might not be exactly fall on
the printing marks. So you could press or to adjust cutting position properly.


4.1.4 The figures mean the printing mark moving length. (Unit: mm). It decreases or increases
1mm when you press once or .
4.1.5 TIPS:
Pick up a packed sachet to observe the cutting distance with the printing mark from up to
down, if the mark closed to up cutPIC.Aso please press to increase the orientation
figuresif the mark closed to down cut (PIC.Bplease press to decrease the orientation

When the mark is far away to the cutting position, in order to avoid the film wastes, please
stop the machine first, then do Mark Orientation adjustment to increase or decrease a
proper figure, and later to turn on the machine to do fine tuning.
If there should be a big figure to adjust, please just keep pressing the or for seconds,
its figures will up or down promptly!
4.1.6 Press ESC to return.
Caution: When you picking up the bags, please ensure they have fallen down to
ground already, its prohibited to hand in the sealing jaw to take the bags directly.

4.2 Language Choose (Chinese & English)

4.2.1 Method: Press Confirm into Main MenuPress Move to No.6 row System Setup; Then
press Confirm again into below picture:
Language Choose: English
Stop to delay0
Length MeasurementAuto

4.2.2 Press Confirm move the cursor to language choose /EnglishThen press + or for
4.2.3 Press Exit return to Main Menu to complete the operation.

4.3 Count Clear

4.3.1 Method:

Press Confirm into Main Menuthen Press

press Confirm again to enter:

to choose NO.3 row of Count Clear and

Count Clear:
Count SaveOFF
4.3.2 Press Confirm the count will be clear and show OK.
4.3.3 Count SavePress move the cursor to Count Save:
Count Clear
Count SaveOFF



Press Confirm to turn on the Count Save and press Confirm again to turn off.
4.3.4 Press Exit to return.
4.3.5 Function of Count Save: If you would like to record the machines packing amount at this
shift, please turn on the Count Save before you shut down the powder, thats ok. When you
turn on the machine, it will display the packing amount for last shift working. Provided you keep
turning on the Count Save, the amount will be accumulated.

4.4 Auxiliary Function:

4.4.1 Method:
Press in the panel directly
Press Confirm into Main Menu, then press
Confirm again enter into:

to choose No.4row Auxiliary Switch, Press

Temperature Control: OFF

Gas-Flushing: OFF
Front-Vibration: OFF
Rear-Vibration: OFF
4.4.2 Enter into above page to press

or + to move the cursor to choose and press Confirm to

4.4.3 When the cursor move the Front-Vibration Rear-Vibration, to press Confirm into below
picture to turn on or off, its strength is adjustable.
Front-Vibration: OFF
Strength Adjustment: 0

4.4.4 Press ESC to return.

4.5 Color Adjustment
4.5.1 It functions to adjust the words color darkness in the LCD for watching clear.
4.5.2 Press Confirm into main menu, Press move to row No. 5 color adjustment.
Bag Packing Setup
Screw Filling Setup
Count Clear
Auxiliary Switch
Color Adjustment

Press Confirm to enter

Color adjustment


4.5.3 Press + to be darker and to be lighter.

4.5.4 Press Confirm to record, it shows OK
4.5.5 Please do not adjust over ground color which make you couldnt read the words properly.
If you did, please press reverse key to back or press ESC to quite the setting.
4.5.6 If you did a mistake record for the color darkness to unavailable to read the contents,
please try to re-set as below: Press Confirm onceand press fourth, then to press Confirm
once again, last, please keep pressing + until the words appear clearly.

4.6 Strip PackThis is a optional device as customized

4.6.1 Press Confirm into main menupress Confirm again into bag packing setting up, then


to move to row No. 4 Strip Pack, Press Confirm enter into:

Strip Pack Quantity: 0 3
Strip Pack: OFF
Strip Pack Delay: 5

4.6.2 Enter into above interface to press Confirm into Strip Pack Quantity setup, Press + or
to set up and ESC to return.
4.6.3 Move the cursor to Strip Pack Switch to turn on or off by pressing Confirm.
4.6.4 Strip Pack Delay is adjusting the cutting coming out time.

4.7 Tetrahedron Pack SetupOnly applicable to Tetrahedron sachet packing machine

Tetrahedron sachet is a new launched packing method, which mounted with East West &
South North dual direction sealing jaws, they are motion running alternately to achieve
tetrahedron sachet.
4.7.1 Tetrahedron color proofread
Function: To make the fourth sealing jaws correspond to the exact packing patterns.
Method: Press Photo Sensor if you found the sealing jaws correspond to incorrect packing
patterns after you start the machine, the screen will display Tetrahedron color proofread
and the packing film patterns will exchange once now.
4.7.2 Tetrahedron pack setup
Press ConfirmMain MenuTetrahedron Setupit shows as below
Tetrahedron Setup
Packing Method: Tetrahedron
Sealing Close Time: 5
Packing Method: Tetrahedron and Pillow Pack by option usually to choose Tetrahedron In
case that only require one pair horizontal sealing jaw do motion, please set pillow pack.
Sealing Close Time: Adjustment for horizontal sealing jaws close time. In case that the sealing
sachet was leak which is able to lengthen the sealing close time. But, setting up too long sealing
close time will burn the film or slow down the packing speed.


4.8 Emergency Stop

When suffering any emergency situation, please press Emergency button at once, the
system will stop running immediately, Including the main motor, bag packing stepper motor
and screw stepper motor
Caution: The most safety way is to shut down the general electric power!

4.9 Bag Packing Motor Inching running

During the STOP status, to keep pressing ESC for 2 seconds to inching running the packing

4.10 Stop to delay

Function: To keep the cutters open when machine is stop in avoid to burn the films.
Method: Press Confirm into main menuSystem setupStop to delaypress + or
adjust the figures.


4.11 Length Measurement Methods

Methods: Press Confirm into Main MenuSystem setupLength Measurement
Mostly it was set up to be Autoin case that some films were got much spot which
operator to set up in Manual

require the

Maintenance & Inspection

1Maintenance and clean the main everyday or every shift:
1Please clean the machine after packing work.
2Please shut down the machine first and ensure the heating parts cooling down before
3Dont spray water or steam on machine directly when cleaning.
4Main Parts should be cleaning:
*If the products scraps fell down or accumulated on the conveying lines, please eliminate by
air compressing or other solutions.
*If there were some film scraps left on the sealing jaw or parts, please use the copper brush
which smeared with silicone oil to brush them off.
* Use soft cloth to clean the surface of the machine.
2Keep maintenance and inspection monthly:
1Lubrication for the primary camshaft and bearing;
2Lubrication for the transmission gears and chains;
3Please check the tension between the transmission chain parts and belts if they were
tighten enough;
4Please check if the fixing screws or caps was loose, then please tighten up.
3Please inspect following in every half year:
1Please check if the belts of transmission parts were wearing, or should replace with a
new if wearing too much;
2Keep inspecting the wearing parts and replace them on time;
3Please check if the wires were connected well to the clampers and fixing the loosed
wires; Please check if there was dusty or spot on the circuit board and use clean & dry
compressed air to clean. Please do shut off the power before above operation.


We are kindly hoping if the operators are insisting to do maintenance and clean everyday,
inspection at regular intervals to actuate the machine performance best efficiencysafety
productionkeep long term well running ability. Thank you for your supporting!

6.1 Photo sensor failure
When the screen displays photo sensor failure and send out DiDi sound warning,
please adjust the photo sensors sensitivity properly. Too high or low sensitivity will cause
above failure.
If the packing length set up to be different with the actual bag length which will cause failure
as well. Otherwise, this machine was designed with Auto Length Measurement Function,
when you are going to pack the films which printed with marks, please go to Main
Menu-System Setup to choose Auto Measurement as Auto On, its able to avoid the
packing length setting error.
6.2 Travel failure
When the screen display Travel Error and send out DIDIwarning sound please
check the film-pulling signal proximity switch.
6.3 Screw motor not running
Because some models machine are without screw filling device, we set a switch for the
screw motor, please take a check if it is turn off
6.4 Malfunction situationStepper motor is running slowly all the time.
6.4.1Check if the six wires of the stepper motor were falling off.
6.4.2Check it the ESC key was lodged in.
6.5 Malfunction situationUnavailable to measure the length automatically.
Solution: Press Confirm into Main Menu System Setup Length Measurement to be set up
to be Auto

P.S Note: since the various model machines are improving &
updating all the time, the operation in practice might be little
different with this manual, please kindly understand!