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I. Match each sport with the place where it is played a court, a track, a course, a ring,
a pool, a pitch, a circuit, a range, a rink.
a) football
(b) swimming
(c) golf
(d) athletics
(e) tennis
(f) volley-ball

(g) basketball
(h) boxing
(i) shooting
(j) skating
(k) car-racing
(l) (horse) race

II.Match each sport on the left below with two pieces of equipment on the right.
a) ice hockey
b) archery
c) golf
d) tennis
e) badminton
f) boxing
g) car-racing
h) horse-racing
i) cycling
j) shooting
k) winter sports
l) gymnastic

parallel bars/mat
gloves/gum shield

III.In what sports are the following phrases heard and what do they mean?
a) Theyre off!
f) On your marks..Get set.
b) Seconds out!
g) Three-nil
c) Fore!
h) A bulls eye!
d) Its a foul, ref!
i) Four faults
e) Forty - love
IV. Choose the correct variant for each of the following spaces:
1. This year your team are the..favourites to win the cup.
A) firm
2. The team has practiced hard so that I could..the trophy.
A) regain
B) replace C)restore
3. They won match after match so they .for finals.
A) fitted
4. His poor standard of play fully justifies hisfrom the team.
A) ban
B) exception
C) exclusion
D) rejection
5. Mutu was .....from the field for kicking the referee.
A) brought off
B) sent off
C) put off

D) taken off

6. Chivu scored four our team won the cup.

A) aims
B) games
C) goals
D) scores
7. The fan shouted at the ..of his voice.

A) head

B) height

C) top

D) limit

8. The the football match became violent and the tean was disqualified.
A) public
B) customers
C) spectators
D) observers
9. The .appreciated it was a foul and give us a free kick.
A) controller
B) director
C) leader
D) referee
10. Manchester United are playing .Birmingham this Sunday.
A) against
B) facing
C) opposite
D) with
11. Our team won particularly because they had been trained by a good .
A) coach
B) director
C) teacher
D) instructor
12. The players seem to be in a good.
A) cut
B) figure
C) shape

D) style

13. I advise you not to.the referees decision.

A) condemn
B) conduct
C) contest
D) refuse
14. Our team faced the relay races.
A) attack
B) competition
C) contest

D) enemies

15. Melinte took the just five metres before the finishing line.
A) advance
B) head
C) place
D) lead
V. Translate the following sentences:
1. Inotatorii s-au aplecat pregatindu-se pentru start.
2. Va trebui sa intrerupem partida.
3. Manchester a preluat conducerea in primele 5 minute ca apoi sa fie invinsa cu 2-1.
4. Unul dintre jucatori a fost exclus din echipa chiar inaintea sferturilor de finala.
5. Este nevoie de mult curaj pentru a fi pilot de Formula 1.