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ME: Tell me about fisherman and their occupation.

The fisherman is so called wanderers migrate place to

place and settle down in the areas where surplus fish
resources are available. So before 300 years, we started
to reside in nochikuppam, which fulfilled our
ME: Why dont you permit government to take
census records?
Long back tsunami devastated our place, only now
government paying measures to reconstruct it. Thus we
decided to lead our life on our own style and we least in
need of government support.
And under their schemes few families are benefited and
the rest of the family life is still a question mark.
And under the leadership of some political leaders, nonfisherman community live in and around our area is
offered with a living space within our community but our
people still in suffering state. The government is least
bother about our community; we are merely considered
as a worm and chopped by authoritarians. So, finally we
chosen our own path and we decided to live accordingly
ME: whats your obligation to government?
Our obligation is we need brick houses with basic
facilities, which we are lacking now.
ME: Is this land legal?

No, but as per Indian Independent Act 1947 introduced by

Nehru , if the people resides in a land for more than 18
years, the land automatically belongs to the resident .
Government in the name of legalization acquired our land
and still a proper legalized paper was not issued.
ME: How many families reside here?
Here around 10,000 families are living here.
ME: Is any primary school nearby?
Yes, we have primary schools near santhome church and we are
creating awareness about education and sending people to
studies rather than fishing.
ME: Is fishing is done either weekly or daily basis?
We people go for fishing both weekly and daily basis.
Fishermen who goes for fishing daily leaves the shore by midnight
1-2am and reach the land by 7-8 am in the morning.
Fishermen who fishes on weekly basis purchases the groceries
that are required for one week and they will cook and eat in the
There is no prober warning for the Cyclone/ other diaster
ME: What kind of proof you have here for living?
We have ration cardand Aadhar card.
ME: how many houses are there in one row?
In newly constructed row, 80 houses are there whereas in old one
24 houses are there.

ME: Is toilet facilities available in the houses?

No, we use seashores for toilets.
Gents use seashores and ladies use bathroom near sea shores.
ME: Why cant you use common toilets?
Common toilets are not clean since the government does not take
enough measures to clean it and there is no water flow in the taps
since we used to fetch the water and use it.
ME: What are the facilities available for water?
For drinking water we use cans and metro water is used for other
domestic purposes.
ME: Is metro water frequent?
No we get water in one day interval.
ME: How houses are built?
Houses are built with sheets and mats which were used for
constructing tents in the mountain areas. Mats are laid on the roof
top to insulate us from heat rays.
ME: Only fishing people lives here?
The area is decided into Nochikuppam and Nochinagar.
Nochikuppam only fishermen resides here whereas Nochinagar
where painters and others survive.
ME: do you have Panchayat board?
We decided to form a board once the buildings are constructed.
ME: What all the requirements you have?

Since 270 square feet is not sufficient for us we need 350 square
feet house.
We need community hall, market to sell the fishes, parking facility
for the buyers, toilets.
ME: What is the daily wages of fisherman?
Depending on the season, they will earn 1000rs and more.
ME: Do you need to pay for electricity?
No, it is free of cost
ME: Is hospital facilities available?
Yes, it is available near mylapore.
ME: will cooperation lorry come to clean the garbage?
Yes, lorry comes to clean the garbage once in a while.

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